Stupid Sayings Redux

We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself“?

Duh. Sounds like someone who never met a bear or had appendicitis.

Any sensible non-Utopian should rightly and deeply fear the Obama Scam winning the Presidency. Fear partisan politics as enforced national policy. Fear Blue Shirt truthsquad tactics and messianic government. Fear playing communist games with the engine of the world economy. Fear what all the bad people will do when the world cop goes AWOL with social engineering, redistribution, and other communistical experiments on people.

Fear is not the worst thing. Bad people with bad ideas and power to do bad things?– much, much worse than a little fear.

Today and tomorrow the world holds its breath. Heaven itself seems watchful.

If Mr. McCain wins, it will be a very near thing, and all the Utopians will not be happy, and the new president will have to sort out a nation more divided and more entrenched in a state of political cold war than ever before. The increasingly extremist Democrats bear the burden of blame, but so do slack Big-Gov Republicans, and conservatives who’ve been dropping the ball in the culture wars.

David Warren says:

The United States is on the verge of electing a man whose sweet promises include an end to rising sea levels, and the change you can believe in. Should he win, and should his party form the supermajority in the U.S. Congress that is currently predicted in the polls, we can be assured of at least four years of American self-destruction — probably on a scale beyond that of the Carter presidency — with consequences to the entire free world.

Look at all the souls who gather in the mass rallies for this eloquent demagogue! We have seen this kind of thing so many times before in history. People believe because they want to believe. But when their faith is transferred from God, to politicians; and when their rational judgment is suspended, from the illusion of hope — well. My own earthly prayer is a simple one, that Truman will somehow defeat Dewey, in this instance, letting us return to our real problems, with whatever our wallets still contain.

Hear us, O Lord, in heaven thy dwelling place.

And let all the people say ‘Amen!’.


By Larry West

2 thoughts on “Stupid Sayings Redux

  1. Hi there!

    I’m Larry West, and I just wanted to say it’s awesome you used my piece! Its one of my favorites! 😀

    But could you please credit me with a link to my website for the image? I don’t mind people using it, but I would like some credit. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Larry:

      My bad– that one was on somebody else’s site with no back links.. what I usually do is link the picture directly back to the source, if I know it.

      Thanks for being calm and cool about it– no theft or hurt intended on this end: it’s an awesome piece– does it come as a tee?


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