What’s ‘Binky’?


“Binky” is the goofy name I chose for video games, to amuse my easily amused self with Sid Meier’s Pirates or Wing Commander, or Silent Hunter I, II, and III.

Of course, a ‘binky’ can also refer to a baby-blanket or pacifier.. but since I’m neither cuddly nor comforting, that’s not the point.

It’s not impossible for people to find out who I am.. unless you’re a journalism professor?.. but that’s not the point: look at the work, not the elf. Ponder the thoughts, not the boring biography; laugh with me, work with me, but it’s not the ‘Me’ that counts. In previous public work I had lots of chances to get media-attention and all that ego-boostage. Whatevers. Himself Above will reward or punish: I’m just an unworthy servant, doing my duty, and having fun besides.

Yes, some people consider the elf-shtick a needless distraction and such. However, It’s profoundly my approach– and provides some minor drollery to me– and it’s my blog. If you want to copy the elf-free news only and post it somewhere, fill your boots. If it’s personal details you hanker after, there’s that little blurb I did a while back.


Binks, WebElf

P.S. Tootle the crumhorns with vigour! Steyn post on Binks posting about Ezra pantsing A Journalism Prof. False modesty, patting self on back ensues. Hat-tip the geezer Scott, who’s offering generous amounts of high-quality stuff on the recent Symposium. Bz.

2 thoughts on “What’s ‘Binky’?

  1. Anybody know why Steyn’s website isn’t working today?

    Saith Binks: He’s had some sort of formatting error popping up a few times today that isn’t allowing the rest of the page(s) to load.. or maybe the Obama pre-Government is implementing the Fairness Doctrine™ a few months early.

  2. Dear Binks,

    I am writing regarding the brother of your grandmother, Flight Sergeant Grenville Gordon Stanley RCAF. I am writing on behalf of Kevin Hunt, curator of Wings Museum in England. He and others have located the Halifax bomber remains that your great uncle was on and are erecting a memorial in honour of that flight crew. They are looking for relatives to attend this memorial service in 2014. It looks to me like you should be one who is invited to attend. Can you help me out with more information and likewise I can reciprocate.

    Rob Ferguson

    ps: I was at a similar memorial service this last May, 2013 for my uncle whom I am named after and was very satisfied with the respect and dignity bestowed upon the flight crew that the memorial and what it represented to both the locals and the relatives who attended.

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