Steynian 280 — Post-Election-O-Rama


~ EXACTLY WHY MUST YOU read every link on Free Canuckistan? Because they’re the very best of links lovingly hand-picked from the best of websites. Grabba cuppa. ~

~ WORD FROM the Vatican: “May God enlighten Barack Obama.” ~

~ ROBERT JAGO— he of “Canada’s Top 25 Political Blogs – November”– kindly let us know that Free Canuckistan is NOT bottomed out on his list.. it’s merely 26th. It’s that darned Michael Geist! Geeeeeeiiiiist! ~

~ WISDOM VIA Mark Shea: “I didn’t vote for him. But he’s my President and I hope he does a good job.” – John Wayne”. Read the whole thing. ~

“Look, I expect to be one of the most severe critics of the Obama administration and the Democrats generally in the years ahead (though I sincerely hope I won’t find that necessary). But Obama ran a brilliant race and he should be congratulated for it. . . . God bless America, and may He guide Obama to be the best president possible.”

~ Jonah Goldberg ~

~ THE AMERICA which so many there and abroad revile has just elected a man of partial black background as President. Let those critics now ask where else are such things possible? And let the Democrats realize it’s ALREADY a great country, not a great-country to be. Congratulations, America, in that one respect. Too bad it had to be someone (unlike Martin Luther King, a Republican) who stands for all that would cripple, demean, and revile the principles and people that have made and do make the U.S.A. a great nation. Not in Saudi Arabia; or China; or Moscow: this is still (for the time being) America. Now the world waits to see what the new President shall do with this historic opportunity. ~

~ ACORN & VOTER FRAUD.. huge donation irregularities.. Obama & Ayers.. Obama & Wright.. Obama & Rezko.. dead issues, now the Messiah has overcome? Just asking. Saith Steyn: “The problem for us is more basic – the Dems control the language on such issues (“count every vote”, etc), and they’re much better at demonizing. Why did McCain talk about Ayers but not even mention Wright? Because he was terrified someone would point a finger and cry “Racist!” And in four years’ time the Democrats’ media-cultural-organizational advantage on such subjects will likely be even greater.” Refighting 2008 won’t help. It’s Day One of the next campaign. ~

~ I TRIED TO WATCH the Morning CNN/ Democratic Party News, but the smirks and post-obasmic giggling were just too much (J.D. Roberts, Christiane Amanpour, the lizard Carville). This really is a religious experience for liberals: the Messiah has come. Ding, dong, the Bush/ Satan is almost dead. Utopia ahead. Democrats rule, and nobody can say a thing. Eww. ~


Mark Steyn

“.. [J]ust to be clear: I’m not indulging in the same somewhat moist-eyed congratulations as some of our colleagues. I extend my congratulations mainly in the same sense that elderly British veterans of my acquaintance like to express their admiration of the marvelously innovative ways their Japanese captors found to torture them. The President-elect ran rings round our side, and found many novel ways to torture us.”

~ Mark Steyn ~

~ THE STEYN— THE DAWN OF THE OBAMA ERA: HIS MAJESTY’S LOYAL OPPOSITION– Conservatism and the years ahead – plus Winning and losing; THE DAWN OF THE OBAMA ERA– HOW THE G.O.P. GOT HERE– Mark & Co comb through the rubble of last night – plus Surged out; McCain, the base and the turnout; His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and Winning and losing ; ELECTION NIGHT LIVE! Mark and his National Review colleagues cover all the action, from the first exit polls to the victory speech …. (MS)


~ THE EZRA: How will he govern?; Now what? …. (ezralevant)


~ NS SCOTT— Halifax Free Speech Debates; Restricting speech on the road to utopia …. (NSCOTT)

~ IMAGINE THAT! Ryerson pro-censorship Journalism Prof John Miller has a bias against white people …. (MaD)

~ MEDIA PROF shocked to learn that folks actually read… the media! …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ REWRITE! The freedom of historical debate is under attack by the memory police. Well-intentioned laws that prescribe how we remember terrible events are foolish, unworkable and counter-productive …. (guardian)

~ SOCIETY TO BLAME! HIV infections among gay men rising in Scotland …. (

~ THE FBI REPORTS: Religious Hate Crimes Down in 2007 …. (CP)

~ LIBERAL FASCISM Marches On In Free World: Australia Plans To Censor Internet …. (

~ MARSUPIAL on the loose: There’s a APB out for Wendel the wallaby. Wendel got out of his pen in the Ottawa area the other day, and was recently spotted somewhere in Quebec …. (scaramouche)

WOOF! MEOW! Barking mad: Owners of obese dogs and fat cats could face jail under controversial new British rules …. (

~ A VIDEO FROM the “Yes on 8″ campaign demonstrates the kind of vandalism, petty larceny, and even physical violence that’s been driving the campaign to entrench homosexual “marriage” in California …. (


~ SNIFF. Today we are all fundamentalist Sikhs with kirpans not allowed into federal courthouses …. (dustmybroom)

Utopia Now!


“The idea that mankind might find life beautifully easy if only the right laws could be promulgated and the right social attitudes inculcated is a beguiling one. It suggests that dissatisfaction and frustration arise from error and malice, rather than from the inescapable and permanent separation between man’s desires and what the world can offer him. Difficulty, however, cannot be abolished; it is the condition of human life itself. We try to avert our eyes from this truth as we avert them from death itself.”

~ Theodore Dalrymple ~img708shaidle-kathy

~ SHAIDLE: First order of business: a Slavery Button! “I am so ****ing depressed.”; The Parasite States of America; Armed, uniformed Black Panther thugs intimidate voters outside polling station; US throws off old legacy of slavery; embraces shiny new version …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ AND SO IT BEGINS: Medvedev Throws Down a Gauntlet to Obama; Breaking News: Obama Voiced Support For Palestinians’ Right To Jerusalem; Hamas Celebrates Obama Win By Firing 35 Missiles Into Israel …. (GoV, gwp)

~ THE USUAL SUSPECTS: International Rogues Gallery Celebrates Change …. (canadafreepress)

~ PEACE-LOVING Taliban calls on Obama to withdraw troops, thereby ushering in a new “era of peace”; Iranian MP hails Obama, calls on him to adopt “appropriate policies with due attention to global realities”; Why did Forbes spike its story on Iran’s support for Obama? …. (jIwA)

The appeal of Barack Obama reduced to a single photograph

~ LOTS OF SCARAMOUCHE: Perfection election: In his victory speech, Pres-elect Bambi told the adorinig multitudes that “the union can be perfected.”; “Change” is sweeping the planet: Looks like the “change” bug is contagious—and spreading quickly; Be careful what you wish for: Okay, I get it. They wanted change. And with a president who situates himself most comfortably in the nose-bleed section of the far left, change is what they’ll get …. (SCARY)

~ GHOST OF FLEA— Remember. Remember.; from last night: “On the ground” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ KLEIN: Obama makes Palestinians deny he promised Jerusalem. Campaign today in furious conversations with Ramallah, says source claiming officials privately stand by claim …. (therealbarackobama)

~ THE BRILLIANT Thomas Sowell: Illustrated …. (

Video of Police arriving at polling place in Philly, The Billy Club Haven

~ CANNONFIRE: “In politics as in chess, you must look well beyond the next move. Here’s my six-moves-ahead forecast” …. (

~ THE BITTER AFTERTASTE— 1. tens or hundreds of thousands of illegal voter registrations, 2. illegal campaign contributions, including illegal foreign contributions, 3. the press’s performance. Read the details about why this election was publicly and unashamedly crooked …. (

~ CLASSICAL VALUES: Criticism is not hatred: “Rather than start the day by criticizing the president elect, I thought I’d start by criticizing the criticism of the criticism” …. (CV)

~ PREZ ELECT Barack Obama should turn his back on the EU …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ PREZ-ELECT PIG IN A POKE: “Theo Caldwell: The election’s over. Now can we get some answers?”.. “Obama has emerged from the past two years as the most unexamined candidate for the presidency in modern history”; What you don’t know about Barack Obama: Black liberation theology, birthplace, religion still remain question marks …. (NP, WND)

~ BEHOLD HIS WORKS! Obama Works his First Miracle, Stops Jihadism Dead in its Tracks …. (Wz)

~ KEEP UP THE FIGHT! RBO News & Views: The Manchurian Candidate Edition; and “What’s next at RBO? Facts! More Facts! Lots of Facts!” …. (therealbarackobama)


~ CANFREEP— Obama Victory Puts Israel in the Crosshairs …. (canadafreepress)

~ BREATH OF THE BEAST: “Hail to the New Chief.. God Bless our President Elect” …. (


~ TODAY I wear black …. (christianandamerican)

~ GEORGE JONAS: Obama’s change will be what he makes of it …. (NP)

~ ACTION DINO: “Gird your loins, conservatives” …. (MaD)

~ BRIAN KALT: The liberal temptations of President Obama– “Obama might conclude that he has built not just a majority, but a movement” …. (NP)

~ ILLEGALITIES— Obama flyers distributed in voting booths: Leaflet provides detailed instructions on how to select Democrat …. (worldnetdaily)

~ THE ANCHORESS: “A rare open thread”; and “Good Night, & Good Luck w/ Roundup” …. (anchoressonline)

~ JOHN MCCAIN’S INCOHERENT, C- campaign did not deserve to win the Presidency this year. On the other hand, America doesn’t deserve the punishment an Obama presidency is about to inflict upon us …. (americanthinker)

~ CRUNCHY CON: The poetic symmetry of history …. (crunchycon)

~ PAMELA GELLER: “President Fraud: I have my ideas and strategies for the next phase to take back our party, our principles and our country… but that for tomorrow” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE STEALTHY Obama Swings Iron Fist at Inconvenient Media …. (


~ FOUND: Pre-marked ballots for non-English speakers– Election officials treating matter as ‘extremely serious’ …. (worldnetdaily)

Racist Republican Black Catholic won’t vote Obama

~ AL MOHLER: America Has Chosen a President …. (albertmohler)

Triumph of the Will: Let the Rot Begin

And the very same God
who sustained us so long
has sent us instead a scourge
In the form of Barack Obama,
a malevolent fellow with smarts,
Who took our measure with malice
and gazed too deeply into our hearts.
We hail him the God of Inclusiveness,
this self-promoting know-it-all,
The way Moctezuma mistook
Cortes for the deity Quetzalcoatl!
The Aztecs invited their conqueror in,
and that put an end to their drama,
And tomorrow, America does
the same thing by electing Barack Obama.
Generations to come (if any there are)
will condemn us for losing the scrimmage,
And we’ve no one to blame but ourselves
for the sin of adoring our own silly image…..

~ Spengler ~

~ CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT— Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done; Reactions, Yours And Mine …. (


~ VIA KATE @ SDA— A Message To All Americans Currently Earning over $250K A Year… Canada: Suddenly the Conservative Option …. (SDA)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS: “Freedom now stands alone”.. “What this election tells us is that America voted for change because America is in the process of changing – not just demographically by becoming less white and more diverse, but as the result of a culture war in which western civilisation is losing out to a far-left agenda which has become mainstream, teaching American children to despise the founding values of their country and hijacking discourse by the minority power-grab of victim-culture” …. (melaniephillips)

~ OUR CANUCKI MEDIA— U.S. Election Day Newsquips …. (proudtobecanadian)

~ WELCOME TO THE OBAMA YEARS, hopers. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about them; Bambi’s Kenyan clan get ready to par-tay: They’re planning to sacrifice and then feast on John the goat …. (scaramouche)

~ EVIL OLD GUY Fidel Castro Praises Obama on Eve of Election, Joined by Socialist Allies in Other Latin American Countries …. (lifesitenews)

~ AMERICAN THINKER— Now that he’s won, letting The Great Unifier rule without opposition would be risky and inimical to the American political tradition; I’m not expecting Sen. Obama to deliver on hope and change, let alone on “transforming the world.” …. (americanthinker)

~ JORDAN: Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates Obama’s Victory, “We Consider This an Apology From the American People” …. (Wz)

~ GHOST OF FLEAS: Ringwraith speaks …. (ghostofaflea)

~ THE MOST Pro-Abortion President in History: Barack Hussein Obama to Become 44th US President …. (lifesitenews)

~ TIME IMMORTAL: “So, what can Americans look forward to? I mean, besides partial-birth abortion becoming legal again, higher taxes, “redistribution of wealth” socialism, and assorted other treats? William Ayers as Secretary of State?” …. (timeimmortal)

~ KRAALSPACE: “They went ahead and did it. The Americans voted for a narrow-minded radical race pimp as president. It really wasn’t close” …. (

“Churches (I mean REAL churches, like the Catholic Church – not fake ones like Obama’s and TEC) will have their tax-exempt status withdrawn, in an attempt to starve them into silence. When that doesn’t work, their members will be prosecuted before the federal Human Rights Tribunals, as they are being in Canada, drawing prison terms. Then again, we’ll discover that the Catholic Church (and Christianity) aren’t nearly as widespread in America as polls during the easy, pre-persecution days led us to believe.”

~ Kraalspace ~

~ OBAMA Receives 77% of Jewish Vote– More Than Kerry …. (

~ RIGHT GIRL— Historic: America elects a black president; As the polls begin to close …. (girlontheright)

~ COLBY COSH: “One thing we can consider proved, anyway, is that it’s still possible to cash in on 60 years of relentless, blind media buildup for the myths of the New Deal. Liberals have displayed genuine, ululating wallet-terror over McCain’s late rally, even though Obama’s protectionism is the single greatest danger to the real-world economy in the months to come, and his political debt to labour unions runs a close second. Many Americans seem to consider Obama an FDR in the shape of a JFK; considering how Roosevelt’s policies prolonged the Depression in the U. S., we must hope that Obama is a better president than they deserve” …. (nationalpost)

~ MARK STEYN’S engaging in hate speech again. His target this time: Goats …. (hughhewitt)

Proud Philly voter tells CNN that he voted several times

~ SHOTGUN: Schadenfreude from a paleo-conservative; A few bright spots for lovers of liberty; Congratulations to Barack Obama; Richard Viguerie on why the Republicans lost …. (shotgun)

~ THE COMING Storm Troopers.. disagree, you racist SCUM? …. (ghostofaflea)

Noted Terrorist Votes For The Revolution

~ MACADAMIA: “Now… the real work begins: It ain’t gonna be easy to climb down from Mount Olympus…” …. (

~ MICHELLE MALKIN: Obama has promised a lot. Now, uh, who gets to deliver? “And the Winner Is . . . Peggy the Moocher” …. (NRO)

~ A REAL Election Choice On The United Nations …. (blogfreeworld)

~ CNN REPORTER Amanpour Compares Today’s Election to Great Moments in Iranian Regime History …. (

CNN anchor takes on Joe the Plumber. Joe wins

~ ONE REALLY has to ask the obvious question: If Obama’s economic policies work so well, why isn’t Detroit a paradise? …. (chicagoboyz)

~ BARACK OBAMA has achieved a “historic” victory, but where will he go from here? …. (frontpagemag)

~ DAVID FRUM: How it Went Wrong for McCain; US Election Myths …. (

~ OBAMA Knew His Auntie Onyango Was Here Illegally …. (

~ MCCAIN’S speech, wordled …. (shotgun)



~ CONQUERED!!! “A mere seven years after Islamic terrorists attacked the United States, the country has been conquered from within. While attacks against U.S. interests can be traced back many more years, the political and demographic changes afoot are unprecedented” …. (creepingsharia)

~ MICKEY KAUS: “I was struck by two lists of virtues used by Obama in his acceptance speech–or rather by two omissions on those lists.” …. (pajamasmedia)

~ BLAZING CATFUR— ObamaHitlerMonkeyLiarTerrorist The Worst, Most Stupid President Ever! 2.0 …. (

~ HEWITT: Congratulations To President-Elect Barack Obama …. (hughhewitt)

~ IMAO: “Now that the election is over, I wonder if we finally get to find out who Obama is. I wonder what he’s like?”; Iowahawk weighs in …. (imao)

~ THE ONION: “Black Man Given Nation’s Worst Job”.. yup, aging 10 years over the next 4 is not for weak men; and “Nation Finally Sh*tty Enough To Make Social Progress” …. (

~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE: “Memo to President Obama from Year 2010”; Slogans for Spontaneous Pronouncements at Victory Rallies …. (thepeoplescube)


~ FRONTPAGE: The Death of Reasoned Discourse, by: Robert Spencer. “Muslims purvey propaganda and hate at East Tennessee State” …. (frontpagemag)

~ SAUDI JUSTICE: “Appeal your verdict, double your sentence” …. (novascotiascott)

~ COMMENTARY: The U.S. Treasury Department is submitting to Shariah – the seditious religio-political-legal code authoritative Islam seeks to impose worldwide under a global theocracy …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ CREDIT CARDS and terrorism: How terrorists use cards …. (creepingsharia)

Global jihad: Coming to a campus near you

~ THE FORMERLY GREAT: Ah the irony ….LGF goes CAIR …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ PACIFIST Spain Is Arming the Enemies of the West …. (brusselsjournal)


One thought on “Steynian 280 — Post-Election-O-Rama

  1. B.O may have found a way into the white house, but the immature euphoria by the people will turn into a state of severe depression very soon. Americans will have a rude awakening that their messiah is really an embodiment of hate.

    And all the Muslims who are in juvenile celebration around the world b/c they think BO is gonna be on their side should also prepare themsleves for a good beating. The New World Order that the elite has been working towards for a long time is in it’s final stages of implementation.

    Y’all have been warned!

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