Utopia Now!


It was a red dawn here this morning. “Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.”


We stand corrected.

A flabby and deflated Republican party attempted to take on a Chicago Machine fronting a cipher. The media wing of the Democratic Party brought up the rear.

Four to eight years of unAmerican activities ahead.

If you haven’t bought the book already, go and get it. Jonah Goldberg is the pre-historian of this thing. We’ve officially begun Liberal Fascism 5.0– following on Woodrow Wilson (1.0), then FDR’s New Deal (2.0), on to LBJ’s Great Society (3.0) and the Cultural/ Sexual/ political devolution of the 1960s-70s (4.0).


Expect the unexpected. Prepare for the crazy. Humpty Dumpty has taken over all the King’s Men, and it’s now Humpty rules, and it’s Dumpty time. Walk with caution & wisdom. Sad to say, but Americans are going to get a choking dose of what Canadians have been enduring since 1968. SO much for American Exceptionalism?


The answer to this is not Reaganism of Bushism, but something new which must rise out of the ashes of November 2008. While I agree with Roger Kimball and Mark Steyn that now is the time for a loyal opposition, not rightwing nutrootery or civil war, the fact is we’re not up only against loyal Americans, but  an awful lot of Utopians, and worse.

This is a deadly serious Liberal Fascism 5.0: a grand and costly experiment in American messianic re-socialism, redistribution, repression of dissenting views, repealing the Constitution, and heaven knows what else. This is the counterpart to the Republican/ Capitalist ‘wealth shall set you free’. Black racist Obamunist soft-communism will demand sacrifices, ultimate loyalty, blind faith: the One will bring Changey Hopeyness.  Non-enthusiasts will be pestered, if not re-educated.

In A Strange land

From a Christian point of view, same as it ever was. Here we have no abiding country: we are pilgrims and strangers in a strange land, respecting the laws, praying for the Emperor, and paying our taxes, yet knowing our highest obedience is not to leader or nation but the Lord of All Things. Jesus Is Lord. A Democratic messiah may present special temptations and challenges to keeping our priorities straight, and we may have a calling to stand by the truth when it’s very unpopular and costly, but so be it. Joe the Plumber– persecuted and maligned– is a reminder of Christ the Saviour.. or Jesus The Carpenter, if you will. Victory IS already won over the powers and principalities and passing potentates of this world. It’s not Soviet Russia, or Cuba, or Waziristan.

Meanwhile, we must pray for our rulers– that God’s will be done, even if it’s a judgement on our folly– and as conservatives or libertarians or liberals unpersuaded by the lemming-rush, to stand firm in our views in the marketplace of ideas. This mess is more than political: it is truly existential at a time when the West stands uncertain and divided and confronted by many serious threats.


Many otherwise good folk will be tempted to rush off to be ObamaCons. We are pack-animals, and the social and personal pressure to conform is immense. Obama will increase the pressure to conform in the U.S. — let’s support faithful folk who find themselves so attacked, and continue the culture war, and the work needed to remake a credible conservativism in the face of such opposition.   Conservativism failed itself, and let down the world in North America yesterday.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take a Hitler– as it did with Liberal Fascism 2.0 under FDR– to awaken us from this new crack-dream of Utopianism 5.0. A glowing black spot where Tel Aviv or London or Washington DC used to be. A World War.


Big-Boy Time

Thing is, Obama isn’t into reality, but appearances. All politics may be local, but his neighbourhood just expanded to include the Taliban, Hamas, a bossy China, a nearly-nuke Iran, a jittery Israel, an islamified Europe, and a deeply divided America.

Reality will quickly bite him where the Good Lord split him, and we just hope the body-count doesn’t rack up too high before his common-sense kicks in, if any. This is big-boy stuff, and the lost boy of the broken soul and the smooth smile could end up being Jimmy “Hamas” Carter, 2.0– or the new Neville Chamberlain– but at a far more complicated time. Remember: ‘Utopia’ literally means ‘no where’, since it’s an impossible dream, a fruitless hope.

Otherwise, it’s day one of the resistance.  Subscribe to the good conservative mags, buy Jonah’s book, and Mark’s book, and Ezra’s upcoming book, support the good blogs, get involved. The Glorious Leader is two months from executive power over his proposed USSA.

Slap on the adult diapers, keep smiling, and get ready: it’s gonna get really bumpy, real fast. But cheer up: the future is clear– it’s going to get much, much worse!


Poolside, WebElf World HQ, Soviet Canuckistan

P.S. Maybe more news later today, mebbe tomorrow.

A Map Of Sir Thomas More's 'Utopia'


One thought on “Utopia Now!

  1. Man, just when my day is starting off terribly, and I feel like nothing is going to put a smile on my face, I come across this blog, and I laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and wipe the tears from my eyes and laugh some more. Keep up the good work of making the liberals look like the party of sanity, genius, pragmatism, critical thought, compassion, lucid decision making, social justice, did I mention sanity? Oh keep it up my friend. You should read The Village Voice column about you and your blogger friends, it’s brilliant!
    The Projectionist

    Saith Binks — Dear Projector: Do send along the Village Voice material. Glad to give you some sniggers and giggles. Oh, and enjoy your new Messiah while you can.

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