Steynian 281

“This “good man” was involved in ACORN blackmail schemes. With an attempt to fraudulently undermine the Second Amendment by gaming court rulings. He got rich off of schemes that led to the mortgage crisis — then stood by and let others fix it in order to keep his hands clean during the final stages of an election. He has thrown in with race hustlers,”reformers” who believe that domestic terrorism was a valid form of expression, odious foreign potentates….”

~ Protein Wisdom ~

154125108v2_350x350_front~ ELECTION’S OVER! EVERYBODY MAKE NICE! Er, nope. Congrats? OK. First black Prez-Elect. Right.. wish it had been Thomas Sowell. World party. utopia is closer. Pass me the Pepto Bismol.

But its more important now than before with such a President elect that concerned people get all the details on this unknown quantity ‘Obama’. Release the records, now. Spill on Rezko, Ayers, Wright, the credit card & ACORN thing. After all, fellow credit card users, since the big cards write off a certain percentage every year for fraud, we’re all paying for all those weird Obama donations. A. Hitler, Ima Deadvoter.

I get it: McCain was gracious in defeat: that’s his job. He lost. But the Obamastrem media isn’t suddenly turning on their new Messiah and start doing the job they’ve been betraying lo these past 48 months and more. Bloggers, new media, all the people who smell various rats still must keep doing what those well-paid TV and newspaper people should be doing. No doubt once the feet of clay appear, some media will get all brave in a year or two and do their thing, but we really need to know now what’s the sitch.

For Instance

(1) Did he promise the Paleostinians of Hamasistan they could have Jerusalem? World War 3.5, anybody? What other little promises has he made in passing to people presently unknown?

(2) Voter fraud, credit card fraud. If hanging chads in Florida could occupy the media for months (with no evidence in the end), then all the real evidence they’re carefully stepping around and over should be a breeze. Some of these contests were close: did the voters get ACORNed?

(3) Deep background. Imaginary crimes of Palin? Let’s get a full warts-and-all biography and CV of the president elect. America elected a walking cover-up. Medical & academic records; all published work. Any friends & allies and colleagues. Right down to the bikini-wax, Barack.

(4) All his special friends & connections. The LA Times video tape of him praising Khalidi. Every piece of paper, video, and media on this guy, now. Who he owes what to. The full deets on the Chicago machine.

This is not about refighting the election. This is about completing the work undone before America recklessly chose a bad man with scary views who spent a lot of effort trying to cover up and silence people who were only seeking to let Americans know who they were voting for. This work has to be done now, because after January 20th, we will very likely see such an assault on American free speech as would make our Canadian censors pass out in body-wrenching waves of ecstasy to even contemplate.

Ruin The Soup?

It’s like this: if he’d been who who he pretended to be, then congrats, the right lost, and let’s get ready for ’12. But this is a manure-soup. Exactly how much poop would you like in your gourmet soup? We got taint; dirty politics. It isn’t politics as usual: that was Prez-elect Hillary Clinton. This is the morning after God-knows-where, with the new tattoos, in bed with some stranger, the Tequila still buzzing in your head, and unknown deeds and words the night before.

This was not a clean and honest victory: the exact opposite, in fact. And– sorry FauxCon Obama-buddies– it’s nothing to do with being ‘the nutroots right’ to ask simple questions that thusfar the Obama Campaign has fought to not answer. The nutroots insinuated that Sarah Palin was an incest-mom, or a porn star; the fact-checking new media just want to know the very same facts that all other candidates for president had to release, and that the old media have let slip past because they’ve gone all Utopian thumb-suckers for Obama!

Massive Fail

Sad to say, there was only ever one ‘First Black President of the U.S.A.’ moment, and the Democrats sullied it. Forever. No take-backs. Good job blowing your own moment, guys. “Hurray! We just elected.. some guy.. who smiled a lot.. and told us he’d fix everything.. um.”

Please beg to differ, and tell this addled Elf that he’s terribly, terribly wrong. But I feel like I just watched a mugging and beat-down, and a lot of bystanders weren’t helping, they were cheering. ~

“[T]he left can always muster more raw political energy than the opposition, since it is their life. They’re just going with the flow, whereas for the rest of us, politics is a distasteful distraction that we mainly engage in to prevent the left from destroying the country. To paraphrase Eliot, we have no hope of actually prevailing, only of perhaps recapturing and holding a little ground and then passing it on to the next generation.”

~ One Cosmos ~

~ BUT YOU’RE A CANADIAN! Actually, some of my forebears were Germano-Dutch merchant captains who were busy in New Amsterdam until the crazies got going. Still have Hasidic Jewish relatives in NYC. Don’t ask. Dad & aunts & uncles & many, many cousins live there. And America is a big deal. As she goes, so goes the world. ~

~ LET’S HOPE the tiresome election-time quality of Stephen Colbert will reverse itself back to tolerable political humour, and that Glenn Beck will find his feet wherever he lands next on TV. Sad to say, CNN pulled a political silencing by booting him off air in the last weeks of the election. Shape of things to come. ~

~ SCARAMOUCHE has a point: Steyn’s America Alone might now best be renamed: “America Supine and Compliant, like everyone else (except maybe for Israel—but that cannot last much longer with a “changed” U.S.)” Yup, the thugs and creeps are already lining up to tackle Mr. Untested, Untried, and Untrue. Mind you, with the U.S. faltering, perhaps the other nations under threat will pick up the slack and shoulder more of the freedom burden. ~


Mark Steyn

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~ PERFESSOR JOHN MILLER BEGS TO DIFFER: “You may be interesting [sic] in reading the other side of the Ezra Levant version of the Joseph Howe debate. Miller blogs at“.. writes, um, John Miller,, who apparently copies the irritating and possibly pretentious Binky-habit of talking about himself in the 3rd person, like Julius Caesar. Or he was pretending not to be John Miller. No idea. Anyhow, he says on his blog: “I’ve spent the last week having my heart ripped out by Canada ’s right-wing blogosphere, and it hasn’t…Click here to read more detail about ‘Armies of the Right’“.. and implies Ezra is a like a White-power idol. Since I was there, do I really need to be told what I should have heard? The good perfessor seems to think so. He says of Ez: “I posted to his blogsite, correcting what he had told the crowd at the Halifax panel as he wielded his laptop at me like a weapon. So far he’s refused to put it up. So much for this so-called champion of the unfettered right to freedom of speech.” In the interests of fairness, he can send along his version of the encounter, and I’ll post it. For the evil RightOSpherical Hate Version, please to visit NS Scott, who has all the main links. UPDATE: In his online account, he says he found the Khomeini quote Steyn used on a number of right-wing sites. No. At the Halifax Symposium, Dr. Miller actually said it was found only on one blog, in one comment. Period. Sorry, perfessor.. no rewrites! …. (Comments, JMiller, NScott)


~ INTELLECTUAL freedom in Canada: Canaries in the coal mine …. (


“Discrimination based on the color of one’s skin is not now the burning issue of our time, however. It’s that we’ve forgotten the value of human skin in the first place. The human skin of the baby in the womb, the human skin of the severely disabled (candidates for “selective” abortion), the human flesh and blood of the elderly, and the bodies of those near death, from whom we cut organs while they are, yes, still, alive—this human flesh is abused and sacrificed on various altars. Resting on the hard-earned laurels of enlightened colorblindness, many have forgotten, or deny, the sanctity of the very flesh about which we say we are so indifferent as to its color.”

~ Mere Comments ~

~ UPPITY PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Deborah Gyapong: “I tried to go to the media lawyers conference that Ezra will be speaking at tomorrow and they wouldn’t let me in. Kinda funny that the professional association we journalists entrust to defending the interests of freedom of speech wants to hold a closed door meeting. This morning the Chief Justice spoke; they dealt with (or will deal with) libel chill later in the day and the so-called expansion of the Fair Comment defence”.. we’d figure i’s bacause she’s one of them there bloggers on the interwebs! …. (deborahgyapong)

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“It is the same with you: you see your enemy who opposes you, who overwhelms you with scathing words, who is harsh in his insults, who pursues you with his hatred. But you are attentive to the fact that he is a human being. You see everything that this person did against you, and you see in him that he was created by God. What he is as a human being is God’s work; the hatred he bears towards you is his own work. And what do you say to yourself? “Lord, be kind to him, forgive his sins, inspire him with fear of you, change him.” In this person, you do not love what he is, but what you want him to be. Thus, when you love your enemy, you love a brother.”

~ St. Augustine ~

Utopia Now! With Hussein & Joey Plugs

“The Republican party is dead. The Democratic party is dead. Neither of them can give you life. They belong to a world that is passing away. What remains is what has been established by God and still sails before the winds and on the tide that obey His voice.”

~ Stephen Freeman ~


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“Unlike Ralph Ellison, unlike Ellison’s Invisible Man by the story’s end, Obama has most assuredly not transcended the injustice of his existential ‘invisibility’. Rather, he is at the stage of wallowing in it. Indeed, if we are to take the novel as our model, he is at precisely the crux of a far greater horror, of which Ellison and all great humanists warn: an inward invisibility. Of becoming a man whom everyone sees, perhaps, but no one knows. (Least of all himself.)”

~ Edward Michael George ~

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The Racial Barriors Have Fallen,
Even KKK Turns Over New Leaf!

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~ FRIENDS OF Obama — 2001; Weatherman still “submerged” in 1976 …. (therealbarackobama)

~ GABILLIONAIRE Oprah has her first porta-potty experience! …. (

~ PARTY LIKE IT’S 1964: The morning after the morning after, the Democrats are already preparing to launch their “ambitious agenda”. And by “ambitious agenda” they likely mean an agenda in keeping with the one foisted on the land by LBJ’s Great Society. Same old do-gooder crap that will end up doing great–perhaps even irreversable–damage …. (scaramouche)

~ CHICAGO: Arrests at Obama Victory Rally, Woman Yells “White [expletive], [expletive] McCain–you White Police Can’t do Nothing Anymore”…Then Proceeds to Slap a White Cop …. (Wz)

~ PODCAST: U.S. Election post-mortem …. (nationalpost)

~ SHARIA FINANCE expert warns Obama to avoid Islamic finance …. (


Get Your Blue Shirt Today!

~ GOT SEVERE ODS? (Treatable with common sense)– “I would have enjoyed watching lefty heads explode if McCain had won. But we’re going to see lefty heads exploding anyway; it’s just going to take longer” …. (

~ THE SHOTGUN— Election Encouragement for the Disheartened; What Obama Means to African Americans …. (shotgun)

~ TORONTO [HEARTS] MESSIAH! Picture of the day: Obama dress …. (rjjago)


~ PLANCK’S Constant is my secret boyfriend (shhhh!) …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ DAILY BAYONET.. Lefty Heads Pop in Cali …. (

Election Ode – Won’t Get Fooled Again?

~ MATTHEWS: My Job Is To Make Obama Presidency a Success …. (Wz)

~ MICHAEL GEIST: The Obama Effect on Canadian Tech Policy …. (

~ VIA JIHADWATCH.. “I surely hope that President Obama does muzzle critics of Islam” …. (

~ MANY SO-CALLED “conservatives” were just “Democrats with different friends” …. (5f)

~ VOLOKH: “Even If He Can Stop the Sea Levels from Rising Can He Stop Home Prices from Falling? One of the underreported stories of the election is the direct effect of the popping of the housing bubble” …. (

~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE: Mopping up the Opposition: A Lesson from History. My Two Cents- The Election of Barack (present); Stocks plunge as investors ponder Obama, Russia threatens; Religiously Criminal Thoughts about the Election …. (PCubed)

~ IOWAHAWK Election Analysis: America Can Take Pride In This Historic, Inspirational Disaster …. (IO)

~ WHAT IF BOBBARR had won? A timeline …. (shotgun)

President Babar?


~ JUST ANOTHER post about a terrorist who was ordered deported and gets released in Canada story …. (dustmybroom)

~ CRY-BABY Yemeni child bride wants a divorce. Wants to go back to Grade 4 …. (novascotiascott)

~ WIFE OF Ottawa terrorist suspect says she is going to explode. Metaphorically or not remains to be seen …. (dustmybroom)

~ VIA JIHADWATCH: “A pioneering survey of the ‘stealth jihad’ whose ambition and subtlety threaten the continuity of Western civilization” …. (

~ FREEDOM IN EGYPT: “Free Kareem: Two years for blogging is enough” …. (novascotiascott)

~ COALITION TO STOP Shariah to Protest U.S. Treasury Department’s Efforts to Promote Seditious Shariah-Compliant Finance …. (jihadwatch)

~ NORWAY boasts “one-time-use” hijab …. (

~ SHARIA is a-coming—a prediction you can take to the bank: Why bother waging a “war on terror” when you’re prepared to open your own door and say howdy to sharia? …. (scaramouche)

~ ALGERIAN Mayor Kidnapped, Killed by al-Qaeda… “And yet, the government is more concerned with persecuting peaceful Christians” …. (Wz)

~ LOGICALLY, YES, BUT.. “Catholic cardinal: “If Muslims have places of worship in Europe then it is normal that the reverse should be true in societies where Muslims are the majority” …. (

~ “MODERATE” Muslim Country Bans Magazine for Insulting Islam …. (mypetjawa)

~ THE TWISTING (a parable) …. (jihadwatch)

~ U.S. TREASURY teaches ‘Islamic Finance 101’ .. Advisers, scholars to promote controversial Shariah funding …. (wnd)

~ CANADIAN terrorist suspect: Fear of deportation keeps me honest …. (dustmybroom)

~ UH-OH: UPPITY WENCHES! — “Egypt: Women supporters of Muslim Brotherhood “becoming restless with their subordinate status” …. (JiWa)

~ REUTERS IS NOW acting like CAIR’s Personal Hand-Puppet …. (Wz)

~ DUTCH SCRAP blasphemy law …. (jihadwatch)

~ BAPTIST church posts sign: “God loves you, Allah hates” …. (jihadwatch)

~ A PROMINENT Muslim political activist says many Muslim groups are too slow to clamp down on members who espouse jihad as a political justification to wage holy war against the West …. (

~ FRIENDLY PAKISTAN: Two Christians Accused of Blasphemy After Koran Pages Allegedly Found in Street, Rampaging Muslim Mob Ensues …. (Wz)

~ FAKING IT? Iraq offers religious minorities “insulting” token representation …. (jihadwatch)

~ THE UK ANNOUNCES measures to combat forced marriage …. (novascotiascott)


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