Steynian 284


~ ASIDE FROM THE DARK FUN of letting Perfessor Dr. John Miller repeatedly beclownify himself on teh intertoobs via his blogsite and comments on other blogsites, the real questions still remain.

(1) Clearly, for some in the legacy media & chattering classes, the intertoobs are an irritant, and an illegitimate contribution to the task of journaling events, history, and opinion. Journalism™ is a holy priesthood, guarded by the gatekeepers in Journalism™ school, behind editor’s desks, to those who take on the proper mindset as to the dignity and suitable progressivist bias appertaining unto the true disciples of holy Journalism™.

(2) That new media is taking over from old media– that I can watch Pajamas Media TV, Pat Condell or Mark Steyn on YouTube, read fresh-to-the-moment comment on the American scene, MidEast politics, or Canadian issues– then fact-check that myself and then write about it on a blog as a citizen-journalist– it’s just not authorized. That ‘proper’ journalists and academics with loads of learning also ‘slum it’ in the blogosphere with the weenies and foaming-mouth types, instead of hanging with their peers– well, we all have dirty secrets and bad habits.

(3) That younger people especially, but a lot of middle-aged and older people find the alternative new media more informative, balanced, educational, and more enabling for their role as informed citizens aware and active in political matters in their local, provincial, and national spheres, without waiting to gather up the crumbs that fall from the old-media table informing them as to their expected views and proper opinions, pre-chewed for the masses for easy digestion– well, that’s in bad taste, and obviously part of the dumbing down of discourse and the extremification of views. Gosh: reading the Globe and Mail, but through the lens of Ezra Levant’s blog-observations? It just makes your head hurt!

(4) It doesn’t make sense. Dr. Miller is plainly an old-school academic and journalist, rather awash in the interwebs and the fast-response, the open give-and-take of blogging, of opinion and news and such moving quickly– even in response to views he thought safely uttered in the context of a real-world symposium. Sideswipe Steyn– wink, wink, he’s not a real journalist, and he makes stuff up; and that Ezra? Not worth acknowledging, let alone giving credence to, and his popularity amongst younger obviously intelligent university students when there was an honest-to-God old-skool Journalism Prof like Miller right there, with his official halo and proper attitudes and everything? Clearly Ezra is a Nazi or White Supremacist.. and that questionable non-Ontario University a possible hotbed for hate, wrong-think, and– gasp– non-liberal persons! At Ryerson they know how to break the spirit of such maverick extremists– or flunk them mercilessly until they submit and mouth the dusty platitudes that have been the poison for the old-media networks, newspapers, and magazines.

(5) The thing is, the old media already is largely one opinion. Young people have been soaked in it, indoctrinated it, been fed on CBCism along with their mother’s milk. When they want to think outside the box, progressivism is the two-generations old geezer-stuff: conservative or libertarian or old liberal views have the spicy tang of forbiddenness, risk, something new and different and challenging to the status quo. For that, the web delivers, period. You make and report your own news; or when you’ve read old-media, you can get many other takes on the same issue or even with the click of a mouse-button, often by people on the scene, or better-educated and informed– or more open-minded– than the old-media guardians.

Just Say No!! Too fancy!

The response? “Forsake the temptations of that new media, you silly young persons! Put aside that pimped-out high-speed info-vehicle for the Model-T of the legacy media! Feel the extreme 40mph+ Flivver thrill-ride for yourself! The smooth hand-crank, the open-air comfort!”


Sorry, but that car has long ago left the garage. Instead of railing, insulting, or flinging thinly veiled abuse at Steyn, Levant, or his critics, perhaps Dr. Miller (a) should allow comments on his blogsite; (2) he should engage in serious and civil discourse with the people presently engaging him, none of whom are idiots, but who do object to being told they are, or worse; and (iii) he might want to ask: Instead of rejecting and mischaracterizing the tension between old and new media, he might want to ask (as indeed the Dean of Journalism at King’s College did, during his introduction and welcome to the Symposium in Halifax) how journalists generally and Journalism schools in particular need to refocus and retool to prepare their students for the present and future of journalism in a new-media age.

Perhaps the new media has much to learn from the old– hence the healthy involvement of cross-speciality journalists and academics and smart people from all walks busy online, and offline: some learning and credentials do matter: not all opinions are created equal, and the blogs can be an echo-chamber betimes. Perhaps old media has much to learn from the new: fact-checking, a range of opinions, fairness and balance, timeliness, new tools for journaling current events, views, and our times for times yet to come.

But what do I know? Never went to journalism school, myself. Drool. Twitch.


~ JUST A REMINDER: For progressians/ soft fascists, words are weapons, tools, things to be exploited and bent to The Purpose– the ends justifying the means, of course. Equality? Not for conservatives. Tolerance? Not for conservatives. Full legal and citizenship rights? Not for conservatives. Diversity? Not for conservatives. Unity? Not for conservatives. Hopey-changeosity? Not for conservatives. Freedoms? Not for conservatives. Rights? Not for conservatives. Full humanity? Not for conservatives. Equality before the law? Not for conservatives. Common courtesy? Full humanity? Unless Utopian progressivism is reined back, and the hard left remembers recent European history, we’re in for increasing dehumanization, marginalization, and less equality under the law for the politically incorrect. See these links as evidence of what’s increasingly common and considered acceptable in our own ideologically polarized Western societies. We are increasingly in an undeclared ideological civil war. The radicals have already taken most of the institutions: they won’t be content until it’s complete thing.

Some Good News

The unanimous CPC vote yesterday on the repeal of Section 13 is a welcome respite, but hardly a turning of the tide. Despite his detractors and the perfectionist socons and others who have little good to say about Stephen Harper, this vote did not come out of the blue. Thanks to all those honest freespeechers, bloggers, politicians, letter-writers, and to Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper. For those of you who like harping, conspiracy-mongering, whining, and are never satisfied with good developments.. well, that’s part of the whole problem in the first place. An attitude adjustment is in order, and a grateful heart for small mercies. Get your big-kid undies on and imagine that the push-back has begun, and Utopianism is not the inevitable outcome of human aspiration, nor is Progressivism the best of all possible ways of thinking and doing politics. If something is broken, you repair and renew it. The radical says “If something isn’t broken yet, you beat away patiently and break it and remake it as Utopia, shedding the deadwood as you go. Sacrifices Must Be Made: especially of other people who don’t think correct thoughts.

Get stuffed, sez this elf. Keep your tinpot messiahs and your tired utopias and your stinky little orthodoxies, thanks. Wake up and smell the reality. FreeSpeechers need to redouble their efforts and use this small victory not as a vacation-spot but a pit stop. Onwards!


~ CATFUR— The Tyranny of Nice – Now featured at the Conservative Book Club!; The Tyranny of Nice — your BEST DEAL — 90% off! (bumped) …. (bcf, 5fof)

Mark Steyn

~ HAPPY WARRIOR: DOUBLE-O BAMA— Man who’s been shaken vs man who’s barely stirred; IN THE CORNER: NO LEG TINGLES HERE– Never glad confident morning already …. (marksteyn)



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~ EZRA SEZ— 99% of Tories reject HRC censorship; Conservative Party votes “overwhelmingly” to repeal hate speech law; Conservative convention: resolution calls for de-fanging CHRC …. (Ez)

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~ JUSTICE MINISTER Rob Nicholson’s amazing journey: In a matter of mere months Canada’s Justice Minister has gone from supporting state censorship, to voting in favour of a measure calling for censorship to be torn down …. (scaramouche)

~ INTELLECTUAL freedom in Canada: Canadian Conservatives vote for freedom …. (

~ SOME VERY GOOD NEWS: P-203 received overwhelming support at a plenary session – and still has to be voted on in full convention session tomorrow.. Essentially get rid of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Unsurprisingly, passed, overwhlemingly. UPDATE: “Just watched the floor vote on CPAC. The motion passed overwhelmingly!” …. (Various)

~ JOHN MILLER’S mind is made up …. (novascotiascott)

~ THEY HAD IT COMING, AFTER ALL.. Churches Vandalized Over Prop 8 …. (orthodoxytoday)

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~ WALKER WRITES: “Hey Binks, just throught I’d let you know that I’ve started up a Facebook group in support of Toronto Life magazine.” …. (facebook)

~ MILLER-WARS: Another reputable reference to the ayatollah’s published sayings.Does this mean Mark Steyn ISN’T all-powerful? …. (novascotiascott)

~ THE NEXT STAGE— “What do you call students who occupy a university by force and destroy an anti-Nazi exhibit? Left-wing activists”; and “Intolerance on modern college (and even high school and junior high) campuses is not new, it is plainly clear, in these supposed bastions of free inquiry. They’ve become politicized to the core. Free speech itself is imperiled by their codes. Professors rule. Conservatives are muzzled. It runs one-way on most campuses, fiercely anti-Republican and, in general if not more so, wildly against all conservatives. What happened to 18-year old Annie Grossmann was perhaps a double whammy, of racism and ideological hate. Either way, or both, it’s reprehensible to its heart-of-darkness core, banality of evil to be deplored by all right-thinking Americans” …. (ghostofaflea, Odx)

~ SOUL-POISON & MIND-ROT: “The goal of “progressia” is to turn all of our brains into relativist mush … into a goulash of morality so blended together that one can’t tell right from wrong, up from down, or bad guy from good. It’s in the terminology; like law abiding citizens being called “unconvicted individuals living in the community” to governments shunning terms like “jihad”, “terrorist”, or “Muslim extremist”. It’s nauseating really … and dangerous” …. (

~ UKRAINIAN Canadian Civil Liberties Association: Deport all ex-KGB veterans from Canada …. (shotgun)

~ ACCUSED of Academic Fraud? – Cry Racism! “Do people view academic fraud the same way in different countries? We don’t know” …. (

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~ ACADEMIC freedom is under attack in Calgary …. (shotgun)

~ COMING TO a formerly freedom loving country near you… “A few months back your friends, and mine, at the CRTC announced a review of the agency’s internet policy” …. (dust my broom)

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~ ANTI-SECTION 13(1) resolution passes at CPC convention …. (shotgun)

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The New Hollywood

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~ HUMOUR— “GOP Gathers To Summon New Leader” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ FRESH PANIC ALERT— Old & Busted: Global Warming. New Hotness: Global Cooling …. (rightwingnews)


Not Quite An Avalanche, O

~ FEEL THE O-EVIL! “Say It Isn’t So, O! “Six Agencies Illegally Scoured Joe the Plumber’s Records for Dirt, Including Office of the Attorney General, So That Information Could Be Turned Over to National Media.” That’ll teach him! But the bigger question being asked by Americans today is this: Could Obama get a job in the Obama administration?” …. (sda)

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~ AND WHERE IS Mr. Blackwell when you need him? …. (uppitywoman08)


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m1media: Barack Obama couldn’t work for Barack Obama

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~ CHUCK NORRIS— “Obama, Now That You Work for Me (A Letter to the President-Elect)” …. (humanevents)

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~ THE NEW AMERICA On A Witch Hunt Against Woman, Enabled By Barack Obama and His MSM …. (uppitywoman08)


~ BRITAIN FOR SALE? “Beware this Saudi deal to help bail out Britain. It comes with a devastating IOU” …. (JiWa)

~ CANADA, land of refugees and safe harbour for terror suspects …. (dustmybroom)

~ PAKISTAN: Christian doctor accused of blaspheming Islam freed, but in hiding …. (JiWa)

~ SPELL IT WITH ME… t..r..a..i..t..o..r..s.. “Canadian sold debit and credit card software to al-Qaeda”; Canadian al Qaeda supporter kidnapped in Pakistan went to be with the Taliban …. (dustmybroom)

~ SCARAMOUCHE: “Saudis make a pitch for “common human values”: And by “common human values,” they mean Islamic ones, since those “values” emanate directly from what they consider to be the only valid law on the planet, Allah’s law, the sharia. Don’t expect them to come right out and say that, though, since, as my mama taught me long ago, you can catch more kafirs, er, flies with honeyed words about “common values” than you can with acidic truths about the need for everyone to acknowledge sharia’s primacy” …. (scaramouche)

~ UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY President: “honest discussion of the ideology that motivates Islamic jihadists.” Ban defamation of religions …. (JiWa)

~ ZIONISTICAL! A changed bird?: Benjamin Netanyahu has borrowed the look and style of the Saviour’s election website, much to the bewilderment of the New York Times and other lefties; and “Gloomy Glick: Poor Caroline Glick. While other Jews continue to plotz over the handsome young pres-elect and his adorable family (did you know that he’s promised to get his young’uns a puppy?), she refuses to swallow the hopey-changey sody-pop” …. (scaramouche)

~ BELLIGERENT Muslims get last laugh at Swift: Plant must pay $365,000 to Muslims fired for walking off job. Shakedowns and dhimmi idiots go good together …. (JiWa)

~ COPTIC PRIEST JAILED for marrying ex-Muslim woman to Christian man; Coptic Christians, women paying the price of the increasing Islamization of Egyptian society …. (novascotiascott)

~ FEEL THE LOVE: That Somali mosque that was in the news recently for making slurs against Jews and, er, stilettos has been in the news before …. (scaramouche)

~ LOVELY EGYPT: Two Coptic boys, forced to live with father convert-to-Islam, vow hunger strike to the death if not allowed to return to mother …. (

~ A WAR OF WORDS over honour killings– Craig Offman, National Post …. (

~ TOLERANT Somalia: Jihadists flog 32 people for dancing …. (JiWa)

~ VERBOTEN! “Sins of the father: Rahm Emanuel’s Pa said something nutty about Arabs, and now Rahm is apologizing like crazy” …. (scaramouche)

~ BANALITY, REDUX: “Hannah Arendt got it wrong when she coined the phrase “banality of evil” to refer to the Nazis’ modus operendi. However, the phrase is what sprung to mind when reading this—a dry recitation in a Pakistan newspaper of the nation’s repugnant misogyny in action” …. (scaramouche)



4 thoughts on “Steynian 284

  1. Man, Binks, the REAL avalanche is the vast amount of worthwhile empircal and enjoyable media generated and collected at your fabulous site. And my good online compadre Eowyn at the One And Only Shooting Star blogspot too.

    Hey, when will the old MSM kingdom fall, eh?

    35.6% fall in last quarter earnings for the utterly untrustworthy junk of Time Mgazine… Hope it’s time for Time to run out of time and burn.

    All the best from Colonel Robert Neville blogspot in Melbourne Australia.

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