Steynian 285

~ OKAY THEN– JUST FOR A MOMENT, we may allow ourselves a brief moment of highly embarrassing victory dance in our clogs, and a tootle of the Elven Crumhorns. Mark Steyn looks over the past year from where we were to where we are in the HRC/ Freespeechers wars, and says we’ve had some good news and small victories.. “Slowly but surely, we’re winning.” Huzzah! Tootle, tootle!

The long days of blogging, uncertainty, the pain of staying morally and politically awake when the sweet, sweet slumber of soft tyranny beckons: it’s worth it. Your readership matters; your letters and giving and words of encouragement and buying books and gear and wearing tee-shirts and speaking out and getting educated and all the rest. It’s one front in many-fronted civilizational civil-war, with other enemies looking on an planning our conquest and/ or demise, but here we are. Huge thanks are due to Ezra “The DeNormalizer” Levant, and Mark “The Saucy Infidel” Steyn, and all the other folks who’ve taken time from work, family, recreation, and other worthy projects to fight hard on this. We can make a difference– and we must keep on making that difference. The fight is far from over here, and is just beginning in earnest in the U.S., under The O Who Must Be Obeyed.

Canada: Fear Us!

That got this elf thinking: what is Canada’s purpose, under God? In the two great conflicts of the last war, Canada was like the Hobbits in Lord of The Rings. We’re not huge and mighty, but we fight well above our weight. We turned the front in WW1, and pushed the Germans back, and began the end. In WW2, we had (by war’s end) the 3rd largest navy, and fought the bulk of the U-Boat war; we had the factories of Britain’s war effort; we took on the toughest tasks; in Western Europe post-D-Day, the toughest Germans often surrendered rather than face the “tough bastards” in green with the grim faces and wry attitudes.

Canada has often been a difference-maker, ready at the right time kind of thing. Perhaps we’re meant to be that again in the big battles facing the 21st century: against Islamism, political correctness, the collective loss of nerve and memory that seems to be in the air. Could it be that once again, Canadians are called “For such a time as this” to lead, fight the hard battles, and lead the world, despite our small size and recent goofy soft-socialist past After all, we’re ahead of EUSSR & Obamian Utopianism: we had our dose of that dementia starting in the late 1960s. Nationalization? Out-of-control debt? Socialized medicine? Media & thought-control? Been there, done that, on the way to recovery.

The 21st Century: will Canada Lead The Way? Back to sanity! Onwards into the truth! If our past is anything to go by, it’s more than likely, if we keep fighting the small battles to bring Canada back to intellectual, political, and economic sanity. Nobody– and I mean NOBODY– should get to play soft-fascist, without being held to account, held up to ridicule, truth-telling, and spanking. ~



Mark Steyn

“A recent American study reported that many editors and reporters simply do not trust their readers to make good decisions. Let’s be clear about what this means. This is a polite way of saying that these editors and reporters think their readers are too stupid to think for themselves.”

~ Rupert Murdoch ~

~ DOCTORED MILLER: “That’s the great thing about the self-appointed “Journalism Doctor”: When he diagnoses you, he provides his own second opinion”; and “The Professor responds” …. (Steyn)

~ MARK STEYN looks back at the HRC case against him, one year later …. (fivefeetoffury)


“He’s all about liberal white guilt, and he’s all for reverse discrimination(…) I call him a sixties hippie who doesn’t understand how condescending he comes across. Not to whites, I mean – to them he comes across as a bore or a fossil. I mean how he comes across to minorities: he treats them like simple children who are unable of achieving success without some sort of hand-out.”

~ The Ez on The Perfessor ~

~ EZ: POST-CPC CONVENTION: “So what happens now?”; Justice Minister votes against s. 13 …. (Ez)

~ SAITH EZRA: About John Miller.. “As I mentioned in my report from Halifax, Miller’s hatred of Mark Steyn was palpable at that conference. He disparaged Steyn as not a genuine reporter, and “proved” it, by noting that he couldn’t find corroboration for a fact that Steyn had written in a column”; and a correction: “I assumed that he was, in fact a PhD. He’s not. In the sixties, he got a B.A. in English. That’s it” …. (Ez)

~ WE MISSED THIS ONE— Ez: Update from Winnipeg …. (Ez)

~ IT’S OFF TO THE PRESSES! Saith Binks: I don’t know about you, but this elf can’t wait to get his tiny hands on Ezra’s upcoming 60 000 word, 224 page tome “Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights” by Ezra Levant (Hardcover – Mar 3, 2009)– plus a foreword by Mark Steyn! Why not sign up with Amazon to be notified when it becomes available, and then buy it through one of our freespeecher blogs (like Shaidle, maybe)? You, know, even though my awesome proposed cover for the book wasn’t used. Even though …. (



“On January 11, 2008, I was summoned to a 90-minute government interrogation. My crime? As the publisher of Western Standard magazine, I had reprinted the Danish cartoons of Mohammed to illustrate a news story. I was charged with the offence of “discrimination,” and made to appear before Alberta’s “human rights commission” for questioning. As crazy as it sounds, I became the only person in the world to face legal sanction for printing those cartoons.”



“The essential point is that the most basic rights, those of freedom of thought, speech and expression, belong to the individual. That is why we call them intrinsic or human rights. They are rights that inhere in our basic status as human beings. They are our most profound rights, belonging to our character as human beings. And, for that reason, we neither multiply them trivially nor dilute their force and meaning by placing them in piecemeal cohabitation with less fundamental accommodations.”

~ Rex Murphy ~

~ 99% OF TORIES reject HRC censorship; Score One for Free Speech …. (MaD, am770chqr)

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Wow! Good news!; Rod Dreher on Lavender Brownshirts on the March …. (

~ MUST-READ: Be the change you want to see– Kathy Shaidle delivers a spanking: “Because Harry Potter is not a documentary (with updates)” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ NS SCOTT— Call for “more intellectual diversity among journalists”; Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid offending someone; Do religious people have better visual perception?; Swedish leftist: Compel pastors to conduct same-sex marriages; Death threats against Egyptian blogger’s family; More information on Ayatollah Khomeini’s book; Take our word for it: Waiting times are shorter; John Miller: Steyn “does most of his research on blogsites” …. (nscott)

~ UGLY LAWLESSNESS ENSUED— Bash Back! Trashes Mormon Church in Olympia: “We as anarchists are opposed to marriage but we see that this blatantly anti-gay act as a threat to all us gay, lesbian, transgendered and queer folk”; Radical Homosexuals Trample a Cross, Harass a Granny, Crash a Church, and Threaten Joe the Plumber’s Life.” Remember, kids: if people you disagree with exercise their democratic rights in a peaceful and principled manner through accepted means, then you may threaten, injure, and destroy in response to opinions with which you find fault…. (Various)

~ SHAIDLE: “John Miller, j-school prof, seems confused” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SILENCE, INFIDELS! The Rainbow Jihad unfolds in California, and spreads.. “Is it OK to be opposed gay marriage in America today? Does your vote only count if you agree with the liberal left? The answer is no. It’s not OK. To hell with “free thinking.” …. (infinitemonkeysblog)

~ BLARING CATNIP: “This is how it started– Want to see why Section 13(1) has to go?” …. (


~ BRASS BALLS RADIO— : Squared: “Wherein radio people interview radio people, ripping a hole in the time/space continuum”.. FEATURED: “James Cohen and Emrys Graefe of Right or Wrong Radio. You may remember I wrote about them a little while ago. They’re the guys who lost their gig at an Ottawa community radio station for “opining while white” …. (girlontheright)

~ LIBERAL Censorship and Its Roots, by David Limbaugh …. (townhall)

~ THE UK HUMAN RIGHTS ACT: The law that has devalued your human rights. Via …. (telegraph, pointdebasculecanada)

~ 2008 UPDATE— Freedom of Speech in the United States: fifth edition, Thomas L. Tedford.. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro …. (

~ BUT MICHAEL: the Germans ARE crazy …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ DECONSTRUCTION: “British boys’ club threatened with funding axe unless it accepts girls and changes name” …. (dailymail)

The origin and nature of human rights

~ PCWATCH— “Censor the Bible!” …. (

~ SAITH SHAIDLE: “But childish name-calling is fun, dammitall!” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ PITCHFORK & TORCHERY— Tolerant, loving gay brownshirt mafia: “Let this be a warning to the Mormon church…”; NYT Promotes Myth That Mormons “Tipped The Scale” On Prop 8 Passage; Boycott Threats Lead to Resignation of Theater Artistic Director Who Contributed to Anti-Same-Sex-Marriage Initiative …. (Various)

~ ‘EQUALITY’ KILLS— “Instapundit says “blame Catharine McKinnon” (who pioneered the legal theory of sexual harassment as a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act) for two recent deaths at the University of Iowa” …. (rightwingnews)

~ DOMINATE: GOOGLE and Europe at odds over privacy …. (

~ CATFOOD: Resolution P-203 Passes – Justice Minister Rob Nicholson Votes Yes – Is This The Beginning of the End of the CHRC’S Stalinist Reign? …. (

~ DER $160M PIKELHAUBE? FEH! “Focus group give “human rights” shrine the cold shoulder: Guess what? Canadians aren’t chomping at the bit to visit a cold, windy, out-of-the-way city in order to genuflect to the concept of “human rights”; Shock! Canadians don’t plan to visit Human Rights Museum …. (Scary, fivefeetoffury)

~ LEFTIST BIGOTRY observed. No tolerance among those who preach it …. (ChiTrib)

~ AMERICAN “Media Reform” And The Assault On Free Speech. NPR Uber Alles! …. (townhall)

~ GOODTHOT U— “SUNY-Binghamton “Abandons Attempt to Suspend or Expel” Student Critic” for critical posters …. (volokh)

~ XANTHIPPE— ‘The Big Picture’ – terms and definitions; Limiting our freedoms – making sense of the ‘big picture’ …. (xanthippaschamberpot)

~ NOMINATIONS for “The Georgies” aka The Infidel Blogger Awards have been finalized and voting is now open. Vote Early Vote Often For Your Fave Infidels! …. (

~ CANADA’S sacred cow begs to be put out of its misery …. (girlontheright)

~ A VICTORY FOR Freedom of Speech: Temple College Reverses Censorship of Cartoon, Nietzsche Quote …. (FIRE Press Release)

~ KILL THE CHRISTIAN, kill the whites, Devin supports Canadian human rights …. (MaD)

~ WELCOME Westboro Baptist Church… Rob Breakenridge has the latest BC Civil Liberties Association position paper on the Westboro Baptist Church, a view with which I heartily concur …. (

~ JAY CURRIE: “Of the Naming of Names” …. (jaycurrie)

~ PRO-GAY RALLIES planned nationwide: Protests in all 50 states aim to pressure California Supremes to overturn Prop. 8 …. (wnd)

~ VIA SHAIDLE— “The rules of political correctness were constructed by your opponents for their own advantage” …. (fivefeetoffury)



~ OUR TAX-DOLLARS @ WORK— “The Ceeb sides with the censors: An “unbiased” Ceeb story claims that the Conservative move to get rid of Section-13 is one sign that the party is “veering to the right”. Notice how it describes the effort to restore free speech” …. (scaramouche)

~ CANADIAN JOURNALISTS may just breathe a little easier now. A November 2007 major ruling of the Ontario Court of Appeal broke new ground in the area of defamation law when it comes to the news media in Canada …. (lawiscool)

~ ACTION DINO— Devin ‘Pachycephalosaurus’ Maxwell “Stupid is as stupid does.” …. (MaD)

~ LOOK AT ME! I CARE! Tears of a crowd: David Pryce-Jones comments on the phenomenon of spontaneous public blubbering …. (scaramouche)


~ LINE O’ THE DAY: ‘No downside’ to burning more taxpayer money …. (

~ THIS SHOULD Be Fun: Brock on the Attack, Jackal in a Cringe …. (jaycurrie)

~ DUST MY BROOM: “Conservatives Of the World Unite!” …. (dustmybroom)

~ LIBERALS Clinically Mad, Concludes Top Psychiatrist …. (


~ CATFUR: “If you build it… they won’t come. But somehow $100 Million of your tax dollars did manage the trip” …. (

~ CANADIAN Media Genetic Incest Lottery Winner leaves National Review …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THE NEW BRITAIN— “Doctors in Britain are now roughly in the position of Tsarist generals, scientists and ‘specialists’ in the first phase of the Russian Revolution: necessary but distrusted, hated and feared, and to be eliminated altogether as soon as possible. The British revolution, however, has been carried out neither by the proletariat nor in the name of the proletariat: it is, rather, the revolution of the ambitious but ungifted, of whom there is a gross oversupply. For everyone is persuaded these days that there is only one thing worth having, and that thing is power.” …. (

~ LIARSARECOOL: Consequences of public speech real: Kashif Ahmed, Special to the StarPhoenix …. (lawiscool)

~ YIKES ON TOAST, with extra creepy-sauce: “Google Co-Founders and Über-Dhimmi Ask World to Help Craft Charter for Religious Harmony” …. (Wz)

~ LATE BLOOMER: “You can understand why perimenopausal pole dancer Kimberlee Ouwroulis would be upset when an employer told her her services were no longer required (which sent Kim racing off to the local “human rights” judiciary shouting “agism”)—she only got her start in the peeler biz a few years ago” …. (scaramouche)

~ CANADIAN Tara Singh Hayer – Free Speech Hero …. (dustmybroom)

~ HAROON’S Free Speech Confusion; Is Haroon Siddiqui the dumbest man in Canada??; and “Censorship and sharia: Anything yet on the CJC site condemning the Judenhass at that Somali mosque? No? Then I guess we’ll have to settle for a condemnation from the CJC’s compadre-in-censorship, Toronto Star pundit Harpoon Siddiqui” …. (Various)

~ THE GREATEST news story ever. Ever??!! Yes. Tax-funded grafitti wall gets grafitted by irritated tax-payer …. (fivefeetoffury)


~ GITWIT Poppy pooper: Writing in hard-lefty rag NOW magazine, Susan G. Cole explains why she refused to wear a poppy last Tuesday: “Prior to reading this overheated nonsense, I had thought that Jen Lynch’s was the biggest insult to the dead. All things considered, I now think that Susan wins the “prize” (takes the cake?) for most insulting” …. (scaramouche)

~ DION’S PARTY continues implosionism: “Six Months of Fun: Federal Liberal leadership contender Bob Rae made good on his threat to boycott the party’s first all-candidates’ forum on Sunday after learning it would not be open to the media or the public.” …. (jaycurrie)

~ DAMAGES cheque on the back burner for recent Human Rights case …. (Walker Blog)

~ HATEFULNESS hated! …. (

~ UNTIED NATIONS pimps for “peace”: “What’s the best way for a morally bankrupt international organization in thrall to its largest voting bloc—a Heinz 57 of nations ruled by mostly by tyrants, despots and fanatical theocrats—to get people to overlook its, er, shortcomings? Make a Hollywood hottie its “peace messenger,” of course” …. (scaramouche)

~ FRIENDS OF MEDICARE “encouraged” by Conservative rejection of market-based health care reform: exclusive interview …. (shotgun)

~ JONATHAN KAY on Ontario’s “Roots of Youth Violence: report” — Surprise, surprise: The problem is … racism!.. Or “Racism! is the answer, whatever the question.” …. (np)

~ GLOBAL WARMING: Or Hot Steaming Pipes …. (

~nopepsi NOOOOOOOOO! Twitch, twitch.. PepsiCo. gets on the lavender shakedown tour bus. No.. more.. drink… my Pepsi?.. Aaugh! No more Pepsi, Frito-Lays, Quaker Oats, Tropicana, or GatorAde, or this other stuff? Sigh. Let the boycott begin, then: this day, I drink the last Pepsi in the house.. my very favourite soft-drink. Of course, for hard drinks, there’s always Bristol Creme, or uisge-beatha in the Glenlivet or Glenfiddich 18 variety …. (socon, afa, pepsico)

Tonight, a lesson in insensitivity training

“Remember; Only White People Can Be Racists!”

~ GHOST FLEA NERD-TIP: YouTube Pro Trick …. (ghostofaflea)

~ A SERIOUS BLOW To The Credibility Of IPCC On Warming, Climate Change …. (


~ THE LOVEABLE OBAMA sued bank to force it to make bad loans to minorities with bad credit; Or – affirmative action goes real estate! What could possibly go wrong? …. (5fof, sda)

~ TRU-U-U-UST ME-E-E-E! Hussein Obama’s ‘60 Minutes’ interview hoping to restore confidence, as U.S. economy slips into the septic tank; Hewitt- The President-elect, The Markets, and Ending the Panic …. (MaD, HH)

~ LAWBREAKER — “Our brave, new Commander In Chief?.. Never registered for the Selective Service, it seems” …. (

~ THE SLIPPERY O— The Latest on Robert Malley, Obama’s “fired”/not-fired Pro-HAMAS Advisor …. (creepingsharia)

~ CLAUDIA ROSETT— Surviving the Age of Audacity: “Whatever the miseries of the markets, there’s one thing in rich supply – these are boom times for audacity. At the UN, Saudi Arabia has just sponsored a two-day forum on “interfaith dialogue.” Turn on the TV talk shows, and — Good Morning, America – there’s Bill Ayers lecturing Americans on politics. Open the Washington Post, and there’s Eliot Spitzer, opining about excess (ours, not his). And it just keeps coming, whether it’s Reverend Wright (back onstage, with Bill Ayers in the audence), the G-20, GM, that tinpot economist who wants to turn over the remains of your 401K over to the Social Security administration, the bailouts of the bailouts of the bailouts” …. (claudiarosett)

~ PERSISTENT QUESTIONS: ‘Constitutional crisis’ looms over Obama’s birth location– Alan Keyes suit warns America may see ‘usurper’ in Oval Office. Obama camp: Lawsuits by citizens are ‘garbage’ …. (wnd)

~ HIGH TREASON ain’t what it used to be …. (therealbarackobama)

~ ON RICH O-BOTS: “A Slap To Hollywood’s Immoral Face” …. (

~ COMMUNIST PARTY strategist maps out Obama’s agenda: Powerful unions, socialized medicine 1st crucial steps for long-term plans …. (wnd)

~ DON’T WORRY, The Interment Camps Will Be Quite Comfortable …. (eddriscoll)

~ EX-HITLER YOUTH issues dire warning to America: ‘Every day brings this nation closer to Nazi-style totalitarian abyss‘ …. (wnd)

~ VOLOKH— “German Police, Worried About a Violent Backlash, told the professor to move his religious-studies center to more-secure premises.” …. (

~ HUMAN EVENTS: “Our Secular President” …. (HE)

~ DETROIT ANNEXED TO BAILOUTISTAN? “I, for one, have been punished enough. I already own an American car.”; Here is a look at why the Detroit auto industry is going down in flames …. (

~ THE ADVENTURES of Frankman and Doddman …. (


~ THE COMIC’S eternal question: “Too soon…?” Rick McGinnis asks: “What’s so funny about Barack Obama?” Or: will the next Vaughn Meader please stand up? …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ WALKING BACK Fannie Mae’s cat …. (

~ THE POCKET-MEDIA: “In her latest combination defense and apology for her newspaper cooking the books to help nudge President Elect Obama over the finish line, Deborah Howell, the Washington Post’s Ombudswoman writes: “Journalism naturally draws liberals; we like to change the world” …. (ED)

~ O WHAT FUN! Play Super Obama World online …. (shotgun)

~ AND YOU THOUGHT Detroit And Banks Were In Trouble …. (eddriscoll)

~ RBO– KLEIN: ‘Fear of Obama’s ties to Ayers because of racism’. Referencing ‘white supremacy,’ Dohrn claims black man ‘not knowable’ to white people …. (rbo)

~ REALITY-CHECK— “Hold On! Gov’t Spending NOT Stimulative!” …. (

~ DISPELLING MYTHS: “Obama Surfed To Victory On Wave Of Black And Youth Votes… Or not” …. (sda)

~ PREZ-ELECT Obama doesn’t have a good answer for the terrorist detention facility in Gitmo, but he’s promised to close it anyway …. (humanevents)

~ DEAR ISRAEL: SUICIDE, PLEASE! “Obama Wants Israel Back to 1967 Borders, Palestinian Capital in Jerusalem & Golan Heights to Syria in Return for “Peace With Muslim World”….Please, try and Stop Laughing” …. (Wz)

~ NOT PAYING ATTENTION, IS IT? “Obama to fail 1st economic test: Future leader of largest free-world market absent from crucial 20-nation meeting” …. (wnd)

~ BUT.. BUT.. “Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami In Iran Friday Sermon: It Would Be Foolish To Think There Will Be Change In U.S. Policy; Our Slogan ‘Down With The U.S.’ Still Echoes”.. via …. (memri, scaramouche)

~ ABOUT THAT Ayers interview on GMA …. (therealbarackobama)

~ ATTENTION O-TOPIANS: “Canadian Health System Ranked Last In Survey”.. socialized medicine: death by rationing & lineups and waiting lists …. (dailybayonet)

~ IRAN PLANNING to Hold Conference on Obama, “his Victory has Brought Hope and Change” …. (Wz)

~ WELL, R.I.P. Obama’s “unshakeable committment to Israel”: It was nice while it lasted (all of, what?, three months). Update: 21 reasons why Barack Obama is wrong about Israel and the Saudi peace plan …. (scaramouche)

~ LOOK AT ME-E-E-E-E! Jackie O(bama)? …. (

~ IN THE FUTURE (2027, that is) every third Toronto criminal will be named “Barack”, and for longer than 15 minutes …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ OBAMA’S ELECTION Hasn’t Brought Harmony/Unity, Only Resentment, Hostility …. (

~ GHOST OF FLEAZ: “If there is hope, it lies in the proles.. Dennis Miller on Sarah Palin’s non-neurotic sex life” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ ANGRY O-BOTS Protesting Church Priest who said Obama Voters Must Repent Holding Protest Signs Saying “Obama is God” …. (Wz)

~ OBAMESSIAH! “And you thought walking on water was an impressive feat: Obama lifts ceiling of dreams for black men” …. (scaramouche)

~ MONOPOLY MONEY: “Another Hockey Stick”; “The election of Obama didn’t cause the market collapse. But worries about his policies have certainly taken it lower than it needed to go and will continue to act as an anchor on stocks until some clarity emerges about the direction he intends to head. The sooner the better on that.” …. (JC, Ed)

~ HUGH HEWITT— The FDIC Targets Foreclosures. How About Home-Buyers? …. (HH)

~ UPPITY WOMAN: “There are times in your life when it’s Ok to say…Oh Sh*t!” …. (uppitywoman08)

~ SENTINEL: “Yep. Audacity. Hope. Change. Peace in our time. Sure. Bring it on, Barry-O!” …. (



~ RELIGION OF.. Schoolgirls Attacked with Acid in Afghanistan.. And blinded for life because they were actually going to school …. (blogfreeworld, JiWa)

~ CANADA: Academia All-Star Arrested for Bombing French Joooos …. (Wz)

~ UC BERKLEY: Arab students call Jews “Nazis” and “dogs,” disrupt pro-Israel event, assault Jews …. (JiWa)

~ BREAKIN’ 2: Koranic Boogaloo …. (eddriscoll)


~ OUR EVIL SHRUGS— “People don’t know the plight of Iraqi Christians … Christianity in Iraq is ending. Why aren’t they noticing this?” …. (JiWa)

~ VIDEO: Muslims Cheer Arrival of Sharia Law in Britain While Taunting Pat Condell, “Your Efforts Ended in Vain, Allah has won” …. (Wz)

~ PALISTINIAN CHRISTIANS Suffering ‘Severe Blows’ From Muslims, Muslim Says …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ SCARY MUSH: “It seems to me we’ve heard that rant before: A leader with an irrational obsession about the Jews (he thinks they have to be killed in order to “save” mankind—what historian Saul Friedlander has dubbed “redemptive anti-Semitism”) rants in public about his eliminationist intentions—and, writes Matthias Kunzel, the world heaves a big ho-hum (again)” …. (scaramouche)

~ JERUSALEM: Evidence Shows Muslims Built Temple Mount’s Aksa Mosque on top of a Byzantine Church …. (Wz)

~ HATE CRIMES Stand, But “Honour Killings” Fall; International Campaign Against Honour Killings …. (dustmybroom)

"They Had It Coming!"

~ GLASGOW JIHADI Admits he’s a Terrorist but Didn’t Want to Kill People, “I Just had a Case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome When I Rammed my Jeep Packed With Bombs Into the Airport” …. (Wz)

~ CREEPING SHARIA— “Toppling Democracy with Democracy”; and Islamic Indoctrination in U.S. Prisons …. (creepingsharia)

~ MORE PIECE(S) in Islam– The interesting part about the following is the term “registered” …. (


~ DUST MY BROOM: “Larger Then Life: Confessions of a boy band Imam” …. (dustmybroom)

~ LET THEM EAT RULES! “Hamas priorities: The people of Gaza, so we are told, are starved for fuel and food. Hamas’s solution: more sharia” …. (scaramouche)

~ JIHADI UNDONE— “But the most curious kidnapping that occurred in Pakistan’s northwest has gone largely unreported. The Taliban kidnapped a Canadian journalist named Beverly Giesbrecht. CTV described Giesbrecht as “a Web magazine publisher in British Columbia who adopted the name Khadija Abdul Qahaar after converting to Islam after 9/11.” …. (sda)

~ THE UNFULFILLED Dream: A Truly Islamic World …. (creepingsharia)

~ TOLERANT SAUDI-TV: Muslims are the Only Ones Capable of Saving the Human Race From Total Annihilation due to the West’s Moral Corruption …. (Wz)

~ SMELLS LIKE FATWA! “I Reject Islam and Love Israel”– An ex-Muslim writes about how he rejected the hate and intolerance with which he was brought up …. (jihadwatch)

~ BREAKENRIDGE: “Our Man in Kabul” …. (am770chqr)

~ SCARAMOUCHE: “Where’s ex-Bev?: The “revert” who runs the jihadunspun website is still missing somewhere in in the wilds of Pakistan. But don’t worry. Our government is moving heaven and earth to secure her release” …. (scaramouche)

~ HINDU JIHAD: 5,000 Christian families have had their homes burned or destroyed in Orissa. Christians to blame …. (MaD)

~ SHAKEDOWNS & FALSE-FRONTS: Islam and Charities in the USA …. (creepingsharia)

~ TERRORIST Hamas Does PR — using Western wire services …. (jihadwatch)

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