Steynian 288

Word From The Canucki Resistance
Word From The Canucki Resistance

Odds & Ends

~ SUPPORT Steve Janke! …. (kennethhynek)

~ BREEDER NEWS: Congratulations to Mike Brock.. word has it Pete & Sonja Vere are also soon cruelly parading their hetero extremist bona fides …. (girlontheright)

~ IN REMEMBRANCE— C.S. Lewis, Scholar and Spiritual Writer, R.I.P. Nov 22, 1963.. yes, JFK Day, too …. (novascotiascott)

~ CAP’N YIPS: “Stupendously Cool: “Direct image of a multiple planet star system. Wow.” …. (captainyips)

Mark Steyn

~ MARK STEYN: “I didn’t think I could like Sarah Palin more than I do, but the nancy boys at MSNBC bleating all over the screen about the Great Turkey Carnage is hilarious.” …. (instapundit)

~ WHY MARK STEYN earns the big bucks …. (fivefeetoffury)



(Again); Levant Acquitted after Republishing Letter by Pastor Previously Found to Be “Hate Speech”– “It’s legal for a Jew like me to publish [Boissoin’s letter]. It’s illegal for a Christian like Rev. Boissoin to publish it. That’s sick.” …. (Various)

~ OVER AT SDA, comments ensue …. (sda)


~ HE TOLD YA SO: “Pope Spoke About Imminent Market Collapse Back in 1985” …. (

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— It’s character, stupid; Preparation for spiritual battle; Give Sohardwardy a break!; Anti-Christian bigotry at the CHRC?; RCMP investigation into CHRC ends; Harper government urged to back off thought crimes; Brian Lilley on why social conservatives should not be thrown under the bus; The kind anonymous donor; Great Binks post– a must read; Shared public space and who’s likely to be headed to the camps; Apocalyptic is right–what’s ahead for our society– and a prescription for the soul …. (

~ EVIDENCE against CHRC leads to the USA, where the RCMP can’t follow up, does Jennifer Lynch care? Criminal Complaint against CHRC: Evidence leads to the USA, where the RCMP can’t follow up. RCMP won’t investigate further; CHRC gets a Free Pass from the RCMP …. (MaD, Socon)

~ ALERT THE QUEENSTAPO! VDH: young North American men are getting “gay-er” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ HERE IT COMES— Eric Holder Calls For “Reasonable Restrictions” On Internet Speech (video at linked site); Goodbye, First Amendment?; “Free speech? Come on. How will that promote tolerance?” …. (Various)

~ AFTERMATH: Spencer elected “Best Infidel Blogger” in landslide, pledges “New Deal” for Infidel Bloggers …. (

~ BEING HARASSED about sexual harassment training …. (

~ THE FAST FREEDOM, by William L. Saunders: “Why religion must be free, not tolerated” …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ FREE SPEECH Motion M-446 Is Now M-153 …. (

~ QUEEN’S U roles out the conversation police slash party planners; and “Ain’t being progressive at Queen’s today just oh so wonderful?”; Universities — Outposts Of Censorship …. (Various)

~ SHUTTING DOWN Dissent, By: Paul M. Weyrich: “The movement to muzzle talk radio – and to edit pastors’ sermons” …. (frontpagemag)

~ CHRC AGENT Provocateur Won’t Be Charged …. (

~ DIOGENES: “If a hate crime takes place in a forest, and nobody hears it… In San Francisco’s Castro district, a handful of homosexual activists were peacefully chanting slogans when they were set upon by a mob of angry fundamentalist Christians, who surrounded and hounded them, shouting obscenities and threatening to kill them. One woman was thrown to the ground and kicked. Police intervened in time to prevent further violence, and escorted the small group out of the area, with the mob howling threats all the way” …. (

~ TODAY we are all not Jews like Ezra. Homosexual Agenda Wicked …. (

~ FUN WITH ANTI-CHRISTIAN HATE— “No suspects have been identified yet in the case of a bomb left on the doorstep of a Campus for Christ worker in Langley, British Columbia” …. (

~ SMARTER THAN THOU: “The National Post is the only place where you will read Liberal Party leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff declaring Canada, and in particular, the Canadian government, to be actively racist”; Evidence? Who Needs Evidence? …. (stevejanke, dp)

~ EUROPE’S Multiculturalists: Reaching for the Marmalade Skies …. (brusselsjournal)

~ THE SHAM OF SEX HARASSMENT TRAINING: “It’s little more than politically correct indoctrination.” I’m shocked, shocked to hear this …. (instapundit)

~ DALRYMPLE— “Pot, Meet Kettle: Vulgarity is for rightists, say vulgarians on the left” …. (

~ INTELLECTUAL freedom in Canada: Freedom does not evolve. It revolts! …. (

~ OUR SICKADEMIA: What’s in a Professor …. (

~ JAY CURRIE: “I’m a Christian – albeit of watery Anglican faith – and I think these words are reprehensible but they are also important to read. Which means they are important to publish. If, after you read them you feel like beating up a homosexual, ask yourself what Jesus (not Mohammad) would do”; In Other News …. (jaycurrie)

~ IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: “Suicide linked to ‘The God Delusion’ …. (kennethhynek)

~ BERNIE FARBER suggests it would have been ideal if CHRC wifi hijacking investigation had been covered up …. (

~ JIM JONES worked for a Human Rights Commission, too …. (rightwingnews)

~ YES, IT HAS GOTTEN that bad, thank you: “What, did Canada’s HRCs come south for the winter?” …. (

~ P2BC: “On the liberal-left’s political correctness front: PC police turn “big brother” into reality” …. (p2bc)

~ CELESTIAL JUNK— “Fight Like a Canadian” …. (

~ SAME-SEX MARRIAGE and its threat to religious liberty, by Jennifer Roback Morse …. (

~ ARE REDHEADS a protected group under Section 13? …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ RETARDS & CRIPPLES & SUCH LIKE.. Babies Perfect and Imperfect. by Amy Julia Becker: “A mother of a child with Down syndrome reflects on flawed humanity and full humanity” …. (firstthings)

~ IBA WINNERS announced!; Announcing the Winners of the 1st Annual “Infidel Blogger Awards” …. (kennethhynek, blazingcatfur)

~ PROPOSITION 8 supporters pay!; Why does the US media refuse to cover anti-Proposition 8 violence?; Keep an eye on the new gay rights projects; More “Tolerance” From Perverse Crowd …. (Various)

~ FREE TO BE YOU & ME: “Yet another instance of anti-Muslim hate at the Toronto Star as Canadian citizen journalist/freedom feminist Khadija Abdul Qahaar who is Canadian and full of Canadianity is routinely described by her kafir name “Beverley Giesbrecht” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ UTOPIA DAY: “Ukrainian Famine and Genocide Memorial Day Nov 22” …. (MaD)

~ SHAIDLE: “It’s been a day or two since my co-author called me up to chat about guns, so” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ RIGHT GIRL: “Economics and Energy” …. (girlontheright)

~ DIRECTOR BLUE: “Some call it Fascism ” …. (

~ CONTROLLING who provides our internet access …. (xanthippa)

~ GAY BROWNSHIRTS on the March; A modest proposal: perhaps it is time for heterosexuals to sue gay websites for not catering to us?; The trouble with pro-gay-marriage mouthpieces …. (Various)

~ NO DANGER of any Section 13 complaints being laid against Big Blue Wave …. (

~ THE TESTOSTERONE CRISIS: “The sweeping Democratic electoral victory has left many conservative Americans concerned about their children’s future. Here’s another reason” …. (americanthinker)

~ “B-BUT IT COMES WRAPPED, IN THE MEAT DEP’T!” Liberal city-dwellers really can be idiots. Farm animals are not pets; meat is not murder. And don’t forget the Turbaconducken! …. (boingboing, neatorama)

~ MORE ON THE Free Speech Debate that wasn’t …. (

~ WELCOME TO soulless evil online, for entertainment …. (

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS: “International lawyers should walk the plank” …. (spectator)

~ WHY WE CALL THEM Human Rights: “Ecuador just gave every virus, bacterium, insect, tree & weed constitutional rights” …. (orthodoxytoday)

THE HRC.. Going Down In Flames?

~ CLAYTON CRAMER is irritated by the loss of privacy in men’s rooms, caused by the removal of doors to toilet stall doors. Apparently the door removal is being mandated by governments which want to prevent homosexual conduct …. (cv)

~ THE eHARMONY SHAKEDOWN; and Moral Tradition and the Assault of Gay Activists …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ COMMUNIST PARADISE— Beijing admits the situation is “grim” …. (shotgun)

~ ANCHORESS— Christians & Gays & Proposition 8 …. (theanchoressonline)

~ JONATHAN KAY on the Thought Control Six: Queen’s University denies it is embarking on a creepy, Orwellian thought-control program …. (nationalpost)

~ VICTOR DAVIS Hanson: Works and Days – Ten Random, Politicially-incorrect Thoughts 5. California is now a valuable touchstone to the country, a warning of what not to do …. (victordavishanson)

~ OBESE GET two airline seats for the price of one in Canada …. (americanthinker)

~ REFORMED PASTOR: “Will CA Supremes Ignore Vote AND Law?” …. (reformedpastor)

~ SOCON ON Eugenics & ContrAbortion …. (

~ $2BILLION gone.. Stephen Harper reconfirms his government’s commitment to scrap the firearms registry …. (shotgun)

~ RJAGO: “In which an Indian rants about something or other” …. (rjjago)

~ SOCKPUPPET.COM— Law is Cool Podcast: Human Rights Commissions …. (

~ BRAZILLIAN Christian Censored and Fined for Making “Homophobic” Remarks in Book …. (lifesitenews)

~ SHHHHHH! Poll Shows a Solid Majority of Canadians Want Legal Protection for Unborn Children. In related news, 100% of fetuses in favour of protecting the pre-born …. (

~ COPYBOOK GODS: “For years I’ve been joking that environmentalism is a religion for those too mystical, and irrational, to adhere to Christianity” …. (godscopybook)

~ GLOBAL WARMING HOAX Weekly Round-Up, Nov. 21st 2008; Y2Kyoto: And Lo, In The Open Arctic Sea There Came A Miracle; The Green Gravy Train …. (Various)

~ DUST MY BROOM: “Fat ass neo-nazi jackass worries about his stardom”; yup, the neonazoids have been trying to recast themselves as ‘free speechers’ and get a whitewash from hanging about with respectable folks. No thanks, ya greasy Lil’ Hitlers! …. (dustmybroom)

Respect My Authoritah!
Respect My Authoritah!


“Catholics weep over Barack Obama’s words. We weep over the violence concealed behind his rhetoric and that of Joseph Biden and what appears to be that of the majority of the incoming Congress. What should we do with our hot, angry tears of betrayal?”

~ Francis Cardinal Stafford ~


~ DEFLATION: “No more talk of him being The One (Oprah), or a Jedi Knight (George Lucas), or a “Lightworker” (the San Francisco Chronicle), or a “quantum leap in American consciousness” (Deepak Chopra). Instead we have more humble and circumspect conversation about the man. Now he’s merely Abraham Lincoln and FDR and Martin Luther King, combined” …. (instapundit)

~ UPDATED— Racist— n.,adj. 1. Any person who performs any act, holds any belief or makes any statement that negatively reflects upon or adversely affects Barack Obama or his policies, positions, interests, conduct, associates, or holiness. 2. Any act, belief or statement that negatively reflects upon or adversely affects Barack Obama or his policies, positions, interests, conduct, associates, or holiness. Synonyms: conservative; Republican; red state; rural; churchgoer; gun owner …. (nrotc)

~ GET RELIGION— Quinn to Obama: Come worship pluralism …. (getreligion)

~ THE MOST Bi-Partisan President of Our Time …. (

~ OBAMA: Killing Bin Laden ‘Top Priority’ …. (

~ COPY CAT OBAMA rounds out his cabinet–Hillary has accepted Secretary of State …. (uppitywoman08)

~ SPYING: Checking Out ‘Joe the Plumber’ Has Gotten One State Official an Unpaid Vacation …. (pajamasmedia)

~ MUST CONSERVATIVES Rally Round the Messiah? by Bernard Chapin. No — because the left’s vision of “unity” means surrender in the war of ideas …. (

~ NEW MODESTY for coverage of His Royal Hopeness …. (

~ THE PERFECT Obama proves to be stock market poison.. guess this means his chosen bailout was wrong …. (

~ ED DRISCOLL— “Obama Plans to Revive Economy With Tax Hikes & Socialized Medicine” …. (

~ FALLING GAS PRICES worry environmentalists, Obama: “The damned market, it just keeps getting in the way of progress! Which is why we must figure out ways to kill it!” …. (pw)

~ FIRST THINGS: “Obama’s public remarks on the freedom of religion and constitutional law demonstrate little awareness of the significance of the first freedom of the First Amendment in America’s law and lived experience. Moreover, after more than three decades of the most passionate public debate of these matters, Obama declared during the election that the moral and legal status of the unborn child are questions “above my pay grade.” …. (ft)

~ ACORN’S Night of the Long Knives: By Matthew Vadum: “Karen Inman and Marcel Reid removed for asking about Dale Rathke embezzlement” …. (canadafreepress)

~ COMMIE-BUDDIES: Obama Appoints Castro’s Lawyer as White House Counsel …. (americanthinker)

~ WHAT HAPPENED: VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The challenge is not to water down the conservative message, but to beef it up. “What Went Wrong?” …. (nro)

~ OWNING A GUN? A disqualification in Obama administration …. (hotair)

~ DOES THE OBAMA crowd really love Europe? …. (stoptheaclu)

~ LIBERAL MESSIAH sending his daughters to ritzy private school …. (

~ WELL, THEY’RE NO LONGER USEFUL: Hard left disappointed in Obama …. (pajamasmedia)

~ SLUMMIN’ WITH BARRY: By Michael Bates– “Valerie Jarrett, Habitat Company, premier property managers provide residents with mice, sewer backups and collapsed roofs” …. (canadafreepress)

~ PRO-DEATH Obama Selecting the Most Anti-Life Anti-Family Radicals He Can Find for Administration; The Death of Catholic Culture and the Election of Barack Obama …. (lifesitenews)

~ ALMIGHTY Obama might get rid of daylight saving time …. (boingboing)

~ OBAMANIA Watch: Elementary, my dear Barack …. (hotair)

~ SMELL COFFEE… “As the Obama transition begins to unfold, the public is starting to get a look at what Barack Obama really means when he talks about the “Audacity of Hope.” …. (americanthinker)

~ OBAMA On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Don’t Change? …. (canadafreepress)

~ OBAMA to review Gitmo cases, vows to close down …. (creepingsharia)


~ PREZ-ELECT Obama’s Baseline, and His Silence On the Big 3 Bailout …. (hh)

~ JOHN ROSENTHAL: Obama’s ties to Bertelsmann are a massive conflict of interest yet to be fully disclosed …. (pajamasmedia)

~ HOPE. CHANGE. Obama Says His AG’s First Job Would Be to Investigate Bush …. (

~ A (NOT SO) MInor Point on Obama’s Birth Certificate …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ KATE @ SDA— “Funny how Dems elected a guy to chair Energy and Commerce who opposes both.” …. (smalldeadanimals)

~ OMERICA! “But but but he hasn’t done anything… Messiah Watch: School on Long Island changes name to “Barack Obama Elementary”; They’re Already Naming Schools and Mountains for Obama” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ‘INTELLECTUAL’ LEADERS… or is Obama the next Woodrow Wilson? …. (

~ REGURGITATE: The Obama Cabinet… Where Have We Seen This Bunch Before? …. (

~ CRUNCHY CON— “Obama, food policy and a White House dinner” …. (blog.beliefnet)

~ PONDERINGS: “Wall Street and the Rise of Obama” …. (canadafreepress)

~ VIA SHAIDLE: ‘Summit of the Anti-Americans’ meant to challenge Obama …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ OOPSIES.. Obama’s Cellphone Records Breached by Verizon Employees …. (boingboing)

~ PROGRESSIVES and Obama’s Acceptable Blackness …. (americanthinker)

~ IOWAHAWK— Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah– “The Summer Camp Letters of U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson” …. (iowahawk)

~ GOODTHINK: “Smoking Is Okay– When Obama Does It” …. (rightwingnews)

~ IOWAHAWK: The All New Pelosi GTxi SS/Rt Sport Edition …. (uppitywoman08)

~ JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! The Barack Obama Presidential Coin Collection, Only $9.95 …. (uppitywoman08)

~ MORBIDLY OBESE DOLT TV— “Michael Moore on Larry King last night and he was advocating this very thing. Barack Obama must do what Roosevelt did and take over the ‘Big Three’ as we are facing a national crisis. The government will be in charge. Check this if you can handle the angry spittle” …. (dustmybroom)



~ TROUBLED FORMER STAR Michael Jackson is now a Muslim. Sh-moh! …. (girlontheright, bfw)

~ CANADA SCORES MAJOR VICTORY in bid to Censure Iran Over Human Rights Abuses …. (Wz)

~ SHAIDLE— “They’re not the new Jews. They’re the new Nazis” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ CAROLINE GLICK: Civilization walks the plank …. (carolineglick)

~ BUSYBODY EVILLISTS— UN, Saudis pushing for “Global Blasphemy Law …. (blogfreeworld)

~ ANDREW BOSTOM: “Robert Conquest, Being “Non-Judgmental,” and Jihadism” …. (

~ SADLY, THE AL-Q terrorist training of King Rat David Hicks, provided no coaching in pronunciation, syntax and grammar …. (

~ HAPPY VICTORY IN IRAQ DAY— November 22, 2008! …. (gatewaypundit)


~ STEALTH JIHAD exposed on radio …. (

~ BOYCOTT Durban II! …. (

~ TOLERANT Egypt: Muslims Attack Christian Homes and Shops After Boy Fails to get off his Donkey …. (Wz)

~ TALIBAN KIDNAP Canadian Muslim journalist with a “clear pro-Islamic slant,” accuse her of being a spy. No, she’s an idiotic sympathizer …. (

~ PAKISTAN: Mastermind Behind UK Transatlantic Bomb Plot Killed During US Airstrike in Waziristan, free express elevator to hell, going down …. (Wz)

~ PEACE-LOVING UNTIED NATIONS Will Celebrate Palestinian Day With Jews-Are-Nazis Film …. (

~ US INTEL agencies see stronger, Islamic Turkey in 2025 …. (

~ EGYPT – Christians Arrested, Shops Looted in Village. More persecution news …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE: “Israeli “apartheid” in action: On a visit to the West Bank, Calgary Herald columnist Licia Corbella visited a portion of what anti-Zionists call the “apartheid wall,” and details the impact it has had on lives on both sides” …. (scaramouche)

~ TERROR-LOVING CAIR: Big on the Gimmes …. (investigativeproject)

~ THE PLIGHT of Muslim Women in Australia; Islam: The Force That Will Liberate Women? …. (

~ THAT’S IT! Al Qaeda Guilty of Hate Crime! —Terrorists seen as threat now that they called Obama a mean name …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ REMEMBER— ‘Interfaith dialogue’ = ‘Muslims talk, we listen’ …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ MUST CONSERVATIVES rally around the Messiah? No way …. (pajamasmedia)

~ ZAWAHIRI: JIHAD WILL CONTINUE DESPITE OBAMA, By Walid Phares; Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri and the Risks of Having a Big Mouth …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ MOHAMMED Always Told Me Be Careful Who You Love …. (sda)

~ SHARIA Law Threatens, America’ billboard goes up …. (shotgun)

~ IRAN ARRESTS two cyber-journalists …. (novascotiascott)

~ DUST MY BROOM: “We started the intifada with a rock. Now we have a missile.” …. (dustmybroom)

~ THE HOLY Land Foundation…The Retrial …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ RELIGION OF.. Muslims destroy two churches in northern Nigeria …. (novascotiascott)

~ WAR AT SEA , Part 3: John Batchelor weighs in on the Somali pirates; A pirate speaks: Astonishingly, the Guardian provides space to a Somali pirate, so he can explain how his exploits are actually “heroic” …. (

~ UNHOLY ALLIANCE: Somali pirates ally with Islamists …. (blogfreeworld)

~ SHOULD JURORS be allowed to wear burqas? …. (novascotiascott)

~ ISLAMIC FEMINISTS Fighting Against “Patriarchal” System …. (dustmybroom)

~ OH LOOK, IT’S “Sharing the wealth,” jihad style: Ahoy, Somali pirates. Someone wants to force you to participate in a compulsory redistribution plan …. (scaramouche)

~ THE WAR AGAINST The West –Radical Shia Front …. (hughhewitt)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— A telling juxtaposition: On the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) site—at the top, under the heading “CONNECTING COMMUNITIES FOR THE COMMON GOOD,” there’s a paragraph about the “twinning” scheme. At the bottom, there an ad for “HOME OWNERSHIP THE SHARIA WAY 1-866-GUIDANCE.” …. (scaramouche)

~ HUGH HEWITT: “My new book is a collection of interviews with authors and leaders in the global war against Islamist jihadism.” …. (hh)



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