Steynianism 302


~ WORD FROM NSCOTT— Celine elevated to Companion of Order of Canada (the highest of the dubious ordure): “First Morgentaler, now this, I say that’s adding insult to injury!” And just then a blood vessel went ‘Pop!’ in Mark Mercer’s head… (NScott)


~ OK, SO HERE’S THE THING.. if you were an Orc from Mordor or Isengard, would you know it? If you did, could you understand it as an evil thing to be? that you masters were evil incarnate? That their aims and goals were pure destruction, and you were a less-than-expendable cog? The thing is, orc-think is well-established amongst us all, and even the best and wisest of us are tinged with a little. Progressivism is orc-think. Unrestricted abortion: orc-think. Jew-hating: orc-think. Marxism: orc-think. Liberal Lavenderitis: orc-think. Jihadism: uruk-hai uber orc-think. Socialism: polite orc-think. Recently in Toronto, we had a public demonstration by proud orc-thinkers, yelling orc-thoughts. If we will not awake, stand, and fight back.. then the West will fall. We can enjoy Lord Of The Rings as a book or movie, but neglect the same kind of evils in our streets, on our TV, spouted by our academics and chattering classes. “Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Elves, Men And Dwarves Have Got To Go!” Yeah, just delightful. ~

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Steynianism 301

~ DEPENDABLY NEVER MISSING an opportunity to miss an opportunity, as someone once said of the Paleostinians– so instead of letting Israel implode from the usual political woes & infighting, they toughen Israeli resolve with a wee Chanukkah giftie of 300 missiles. Duh. Saith Ms. Scaramouche: “Yes, that’s right: Jews finally doing what it takes to stop crazed jihadis from bombarding Israelis with rocket fire–3000 in the past year; 200 alone in the weeks following the end of what was laughably called a “ceasefire–is a “genocide.” Of course, truth be told? It’s all an old Jihadi sham– PA leader ‘begged’ Israel to hit Hamas: To world, however, Abbas condemns Gaza strikes as ‘barbaric,’ ‘unnecessary’. “Kill all Jews, One Palestine now.” Get it? Nonetheless, pray for sanity, and a realistic & reasonable resolution– however impossible that has proven, due to MuslimPaleostinian ulterior motives, and endless cruelty to Christians, Israelis & their own people. ~


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Contra Mercerem


Sorry about that.

Against Dr, Mark Mercer’s assertion that liking religion is comparable to being a Celine Dion fan:

(1) God does not think he is Celine Dion; though Celine has sometimes acted like  she thinks she’s divine.

(2) Celine’s mother didn’t want to have her; Mary the Mother of God did want to bear the Messiah, God’s Son. Celine picked her baby from an embryo-farm selection: Mary said “Be it unto me, according to Thy word.”

(3) God is said to be impassible; Celine is insufferable.

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We Few, We Happy Few-UPDATED


200px-azincourt-final_lg~ COMES 2009, AND THE BIGGEST (2) miscalculations of 2007 are still echoing through Canuckistan: the attempted JennLynching of mark Steyn and Ezra Levant. HRH CHRC’s own chosen reviewer gave them a D-, though with a few sneaky recommendations through the backdoor. They’ve been denormalized, exposed, ridiculed, shredded, and yet– like true politically correct jihadists, refuse to surrender or moderate without brute force and continued applications of interweb whup-ass, lovingly served up.

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Steynianism 300


~ FOR ADVENT (that preparatory season for Christmas, and Epiphany), I’ve been reading the Old Testament Prophets, and The Lord Of The Rings (boos, with movie chaser). I’m a book-first guy. The movies are always a “But– who.. hey, they.. oops– did you see what they left out?” Imagination-first, movies second for me.

As I’ve observed somewhere before (a shame when the blog-memory starts going, wot?), the sharpest contrast for this reader between films and original are how good and evil are displayed. Poor Peter Jackson– like any modern– has little use for unalloyed goodness and steadfastness. All the main characters in the movies are mixed, waffling, supposedly ‘realistic’ and flawed characters. So the Jacksonian Aragorn shrinks from his destiny; the Lady Arwen waffles on going or staying, led by her newly selfish and dishonest father Elrond; TreeBeard is a boring “This Is not Our War” waffler; a cranky Frodo has Stockholm Syndrome with Gollum; Faramir is a bully and a sadist; Theoden is an over-cautious touchy jerk; Gimli a clownish laughing-stock.. and on it goes.

Of course, today we’re all supposed to be ‘conflicted’; hiding deep terrible secrets, and the like. So in our stories and our heroes we project ourselves– our modern guilt and weakness and uncertainties– onto better characters than ourselves. For while Aragorn was no wimp, many of our modern leaders and heroes have feet of clay, fatal flaws, and not particularly inspiring characters.

Actually clearly good people make us feel bad, by comparison, as if the point of the whole matter was not offending the fragile and faulty self-esteem of a parcel of narcissists. Jackson did no service to Tolkien’s characters by giving them all a personality-downgrade: call it the Wormtongue treatment, with a side-order of Gollum and a dose of Orc.

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