Elf Nog & Other Matters

~ ODDS & ENDS, but no news from here today. ~

~ BIRTHDAY? HAH! The Binky has a birth-week! Please consider a wee Amazon.com giftie to the highly esteemed & pressed WebElf Binky of FreeMarkSteyn. Plus, there’s that other December date coming up, of course. If you can’t give, please send prayers, encouraging words, hat-tips and links my way. All most gratefully received. If you can’t stand giving to me, then donate to the blogger defense fund. ~


~ NOBODY KNOWS what will happen next week in Ottawa, but a beyond-scary Obamatastic North America-wide Utopianism is possible. Harper’s bloody-mindedness may cost him everything, and this writer considers it the revenge of his innate conservatism and conscience against trying to be some things to many people, and not a well-mannered conservative standing tall. When you go against your inner self, that self doesn’t blow away: it either hides and comes out zombie-like from time to time, or becomes a vicious opposite of its former self. So converts to progressivism can be amongst the nastiest operators; or so conservatives keep stumbling over their honest versus their political self. Harper falls in the second category, I think. Hence the recent attempt to knee-cap the nanny-teat opposition, or his snubbing of various occasions for what seem like petty political motives. Now that compromised self and conscience may cost all of Canada (and all who voted for Harper) a very great deal indeed. Cheer up: it’s going to get much worse! ~

elfnogElf Nog.. The Very Taste Of Festivity!

~ QUIT YER BITCHIN’.. if you are seasonally inclined, then make the most of Christmas by recalling and keeping Advent. Two months of Christmas is too much: it’s like drinking a bathtub of egg-nog (or, as we have it here at HQ, the infinitely superior Elf-Nog, an adult beverage). We are meant to have Advent as a season of preparation, joy, reflection. We live between the first and second coming of Christ; between our own birth and death.. and judgement.

Seen in that way, Christmas is both itself, and a foretaste of the end/ rebirth of all things. Christmas Joy and feasting begins on the Eve of the Nativity, and extends for  the notorious 12 Days until Old Christmas, or Epiphany, on January 6th, commemorating the visit of the Wise Men to Bethlehem and the Holy Family. So: a month of inward preparation, 12 days of high feasting and praise. Then Sundays of Epiphany.. before long we’re into Lent. It’s a cycle of walking in the footsteps of the Lord, steps up to heaven.

The malls and TV commercials are all about the money– that’s what the channel-button or mute switch is for; and our family does all the Christmas shopping before December. No festive elbows in the ribs over the last toy-of-the-year for this elf. No many thousands of dollars heaped under the tree. No ripping down the tree Boxing Day, either– and we give a little something to the Binklings ever day of the 12 days– no insane paper-rending frenzy for two hours on Christmas morning, and sugar-coma until turkey is served, then whining until the New Year.

It’s Yours To Take

The point is, if we want to ‘take back’ Christmas from the culture and the malls and the generic deChristianized pap that passes for post-Christian observance in our puzzled society, They™ won’t do it for us. Start with the Incarnation of God With Us in the baby Christ, and then build your home customs and observances up from there. And go to church, of course, and in the days after Christmas, too.

Other than that, I have no better news: family, giving, peace are all secondary goods, derived from the Giver Of All Good Things. If we miss that fact, then we merely keep the wrap and ribbons, and throw away the true gift. ~



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