Why, Look Everyone!..

.. It’s A Smoking Crater Where Their Teeny-Tiny Credibility Used to Be!

Sadly, the clueless wonders at Sockpuppets.com, BigCityGliberal, and the janitor’s closet office of J. Miller, B.A., Ryerson Jurnalizm perfessor cannot possibly enjoy, absorb, or even comprehend the Galactic-class defenestration, fact-check, and ass-whupping administered unto them by one Steyn, M.

Some similarly momentous defenestration or other, in which the City of Prague was thrown out a window, or somesuch.

Anyhow.. just got read the whole thing (Newsflash: sometimes I post links before I read them!). And if you do have sex with a certain special sheep, or marry and sexually abuse a grade 2 or 3 old girl, remember to follow the Ayatollah’s carefully worked out rules for Shi’ite Muslims everywhere.

Rock On, Mark.. rock on.



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