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~ EVILS IS AFOOT! QUICK! TO THE BINKSMOBILE! There’s a relation between Evil and Stupidity on the one hand, and the passage of time on the other. We get used to all sorts of stuff, which perhaps once we found shocking, intolerable, ridiculous, or even blindingly evil.

There’s a poem out there somewhere about how it happens, usually as a function of time, not conviction. So we can find ourselves in an opposite position, simply because of a clock, not because we changed our minds. Baaaah. Added to that our capacity to ignore unpleasantries, and we have a perfect kind of self-imposed ignorance.

That’s why it’s important to have a conscience grounded on real and good and true things– and not the passing smelly little orthodoxies of the moment– and why it’s important to stand, fight and now be swayed over right an wrong, however comfortable it might be to let go of the rock and drift with the tides. It’s most important to keep our first principles when serious and dangerous change surrounds us, or when people are actively advocating evil, under the guise of expediency, or The Way We Think Now, or Do It Or Else.

The handy thing for the progressive barbarians in side the gate is they are always in the right: no coal in the stocking for them. They get to point everywhere at the evils in others and the world, and repeat their cure-all ‘Utopia!’, and know that if only al lthe bad, stupid, or misinformed would get in line, all would be well.

We live in interesting times. Democracy is damned with ever fainter praise by our elites; a raging civilizational and religious war between a majority of Islam and a wandering Western secularity is under way– both sides having little use for serious Jews and Christians; a West-hating Leftism has taken over many Western institutions; Russia is rising again; China is trying to have an Empire; the U.S. just elected a pig in a poke; England is becoming ever more a police-state; un-integrated Muslim populations threaten the future and self-identity of Western Europe, itself in the grip of a birth dearth. Is fighting for or restoring a lively Western Civ even worth it? That’s the big question, over which all the tiny battles are being fought.

That is: the barn is full up to the windows with a whole lot of manure, with more steaming-hot freshness piling up every day.

To borrow from Winston Churchill again, Western Civ is probably the worst system ever– except all the other possibilities. Of course, political correctness would forbid us even to make such a ‘negative value judgement’– atheist-speak for wrong-think– while considering political correctness to be the highest and most obvious form of thought ever.. and developed in the West. There’s self-contradiction for ya. We’ve now got evangelists for militant secularism, the culture of death, and all-holy political correctness, where once we sent out missionaries with a world-changing and soul-saving Word of Life. Hurray for us.

Endlessly cautionary self-doubt has not made us better, it’s made some of us into traitors: Wormtongue & Gollum.

Hence the chorus of Canucki soft-totalitarians quietly urging the Coalition take-over of Ottawa, and goodies for all. The Obama coup has made the point: take, don’t wait. So we have Canadian politicians and ngos and progressoids and the usual suspects all snuffling around for power and loot, no matter what th means or the unintended consequences. Let’s call it for what it is: anti-democratic; anti-freedom; anti-Canadian; vile and evil majority-be-damned power-grabbery. And they’re more than willing to collaborate with our anti-Western Islamic enemies, to undercut Western Civ once and for all. ~


~ YOU CAN KNOW PEOPLE BY THEIR DREAMS.. not the via discredited Freudian fraud, but what they hope for in their dreams. So the Islamists dream of the golden days past and to come again of The Caliphate. That is, an Islamic state under sharia law run by a benevolent dictator, out wiping up the infidels. Say, the Ottoman Empire before it turned into a bloated Michael Moore after the 1700s and died after World War One.

Of course, it’s an ahistorical and impossible dream, but a powerfully motivating one for societies presently on the low end of a lot of civilizational scales. The fun part is, everybody knows their place, right? Moslems to the front, women to the back, infidels out on the driveway in the cold. The Armenians* got a full dose of Turkish dhimmification for centuries, and it’s still unofficially in place today.

In the late 19th century (before the genocide), it was a kind of racketeering, involving one-sided courts, kidnapping, rape, extortion, no right to self-defence, high and arbitrary ‘taxes’, and confiscation of houses, churches, whole villages and towns. Ah, the good old days!

Full dhimminess is a grinding inequality bent on humiliating individuals and people. Sharia is the dirty end of the Jihad stick. Ask anybody trying to convert from the ‘Religion of Peace’, and the Soviet-style logic will appear: this is paradise, all shall love it; only crazy people don’t love paradise, you don’t love it, therefore you’re crazy. Off to the rehabilitation camp, for your own good.

It’s a simple system, like all lunacies make a certain kind of sense. Mohammed wasn’t a man interested in the equality of all the children of God: his tribe and followers were best, submit and die, or accept 4th rate status until you die or convert. It’s a kind of anti-human bullying.

To hell with sharia, compromise, or special rules for tiny and noisy minorities bent on mutating us into them. We spent the first 1100 years of Islam beating it up and beating it back– time to start again. Call it the 5th Crusade if you like– the Crusades were a noble and holy defensive war agains the destructive wolves of the desert and their tyrant-god, whatever the flaws of some crusaders or events. ~


* The Binkses support a World Vision Canada foster-daughter in Armenia, which in addition to Turkish & Islamic predation, has suffered natural disasters in the past generation. Why not consider supporting an Armenian child? World Vision s one of the best charities out there.

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Incoming Obama administration director of speechwriting Jon Favreau (L) and a friend pose with a cardboard cutout of incoming Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at a party. (Obtained by The Washington Post)


I Will Not Submit!

Video: Nanny Who Saved Chabab Baby Tells Story

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~ SNIFFPoor soul: Remember the line in the song “Gee, Officer Krupke” from the musical West Side Story—“Hey, I’m depraved on account I’m deprived”? Well, that’s the Toronto Star’s line of thinking re one of the Mumbai butchers (a “gunman” to the Star) …. (scaramouche)

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~ EN FRANCAISCommentaire: Radio-Canada : le minaret des islamistes ? Lamine Foura répond à Jugurten, qui réplique. “Nous avons récemment affiché un article sous le titre “L’à-plat-ventrisme de Radio-Canada devant la propagande islamiste”, une critique de l’émission Second Regard de Radio Canada sur l’Islam. Notre collaborateur Jugurten y analysait les propos tenus par Lamine Foura. Ce dernier a transmis une réponse à Point de Bascule, pour publication. Nous l’affichons, avec la réplique de Jugurten.” 5 décembre, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (pointdebasculecanada)

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~ THE COMING POLYGAMY— and the slavification of women– Rising: Westerners Welcome Harems, by Daniel Pipes. FrontPage– “While pressure may be put on Americans to “tolerate” harems, what will more likely come first is pressure through laws to show religious “tolerance” by not saying anything critical of Islam, or harems” …. (merecomments)

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~ SCARAMOUCHE“How do you go about putting on a Final Solution? No sweat. First, demonize the Jews as an evil which must—must—be extirpated for the good of mankind. Then, go ahead and extirpate it” …. (scaramouche)

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Down With Jihadi Blood-Suckers

Stealing Us Blind So As To Fight Us

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~ BRITISH SCHOOL CANCELS Christmas play because it interferes with Muslim festival of Eid …. (dailymail)

~ UTTER IDIOCY: “The Royal Navy may have been warned not to detain Somali pirates in case their human rights are violated”; in other news, Danish Warship Sinks Pirate Boat …. (Spec, Jawa)

~ ISRAEL MAKING plans to attack Iran without US assent …. (

~ MUMBAI Jihadist To Get Truth Serum In Interrogation …. (

~ CHARITY vs. Dhimmitude, by Mark P. Shea …. (insidecatholic)

~ ANALYSIS: Mumbai attacks mean new challenges for Israel …. (walker)

~ HIPHOPPER BUSTED! Busta Rhymes accused of using Qur’an in new single, branded “racist,” DJ’s suspended for playing it on radio …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HORRIFIC firsthand account of Mumbai terror attacks …. (

~ GEERT WILDERS: ‘Our Culture Is Better’ …. (wsj)

~ HER SATANIC Majesty’s New Dress. In other news, Iran alleges Satan wears tight trousers and high boots, and wipes his bum with his left hand …. (eddriscoll)

~ NEW DANISH Book Draws Jihadist Ire …. (investigativeproject)


~ TANTRUM-WATCH: Osama Bin Lego. Cuz Lego terrorists are a real problem, but real ones aren’t? Toying with the Religion of Perpetual Outrage …. (Various)

Rage Boy & the Chipmunks: “Sharia Don’t Be Late”


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