Steynian 299


~ HE BEGS TO DIFFER: The estimable Mark Mercer– “Christmas is a secular holiday” .. Behold a truly liberal and fair-minded man (with a real Ph.D., to boot!) with an open mind, charitable and reasonable heart, giving a real alternative to the militant MultiCultis and their Anything-But-Jesus Agenda. Dr. Mark even declares himself not convinced of the reality of God (pure atheism is impossible, since it requires a certainty and knowledge about everything– which is a divine attribute, not a human one). Would that the humourless orcs at the HRC might see some reasonable wisdom here.. but, alas, poor Dr. Mark has been caught in associating in public and on the interwebs with known freespeechers, so his helpfulness may be fatally compromised in the current environment. Said Mercer, Mark even dared to question HRH High Utopian Krista Daley (pboh) of the All-Holy Nova Scotian HRC. Tsk, tsk.

However, it is surely one of the wonderful things about Freespeecherism that all of us true Canadians– Christian, Jew, Muslim, Unsure, of all backgrounds and political strips– a veritable diverse and inclusive rainbow of persons, if you will– can mutually respect one another, work side-by-side, and see the crucial importance to everyone else of the matter of Free Speech, and the freedoms of Canada now and for generations ahead. Go ahead, ye Multi-Cultis, and envy our actual unity and cooperation.. no coercion required, you will note.

minimercerYet also saith Binks to his friend Professor Mark– well, no. Of course, it IS possible to enjoy the trappings and inessentials of something, and refer to it by the name of the original festivity. I might construct a holiday in which I enjoyed unwrapping empty boxes, but really enjoyed the paper, ribbons, bows, and suchlike. The point is: it’s not about the wrappings, but the gift.

The leftovers and accretions of Christmas traditions are actually incidental: holly, trees, Yule logs, the timing: these are remnants of the evangelical approach of European missionaries to pagan cultures; take up and transform what’s there, because Jesus is the fulfilment of ancient religion and pagan philosophical longing, and unless the custom or incidental was positively evil (say, human sacrifice, divination, etc.), then the rule was The More The Merrier. An anti-religious culture which wants gifts but not the gift-giver, like a thankless child piled deep in loot on Christmas morning, is a problem and a question, not a solution. MultiCulti Winterval Festive Ceremonies of Light and Sharing are sad and lame because they are specifically suppressing something real, opposed to something made up to not offend anybody except traditional religious believers.

Retooling ancient good things to comfort ourselves– in our own image– is to unwill a given good, to forget a real thing known, which confronts us with essential things which must be pondered, received, or rejected. Else, we live in a sub-pagan ignorance, beneath even the Socratic wisdom of “Know Thyself” and “The unexamined life is not worth living.” As such sheeple, we are ever more prone to wolves in HRC clothing, or bully-politicians, or the cozy coma of technology and big-screenism, or the passing stupid of the moment. After all, the HRCS were eating people up for years before Ezra and Mark got moving on the matter.

Of course, all of us like the goodies first and foremost and not the giver– the good things of life and creation, and not the Creator– but that’s one of the fundamental questions of human nature, sin, and redemption which Christmas calls us to ponder: not forcing but welcoming us; breaking in upon us like the claim that unto us a Child is born, for us and our salvation. ~



Other Matters

~ THE BINKLINGS REPORT that once neighbourhood friend of theirs has been tallying up his X-Mas Shakedown already, and thusfar the precious little darling has a $800.00 tally of family-to-him presents alone. Of course, those doesn’t go down well with the Binklings, being normal children, but less than that, because we don’t do the Coma-In-A-Morning “rend and tear it’s all over by 9am” Christmas thing. Since they were 3 or so, instead of that daze, we’ve done The 12 Days Of Christmas, being the Eve thereof, and through to ‘Old Christmas’ or Epiphany on January 6th. Presents, presents, presents, for 12+ Days! It takes us out of the Hateful eye-flashing teeth-gnashing elbows of death at the local Mall-topia-plex; we can shop AFTER the terrible deadline day; we savour and give thanks and take time, and sometimes have friends and relatives over for suppers and the giftie-thank afters. Christians can hardly complain of the GlutMas season if we do it ourselves, unheeding. 12 Days. Just enough feasting and giving and receiving. Muwahahahaha! ~


~ FOR BOXING DAY & BEYOND.. Something Light: Camels, goats, and chickens–oh my! The Binklings were glad this year to give (1) A medical clinic of stuff for our Armenian child (she wants to be a doctor some day), (2) A gift to LifeSite, and (3) A donation to the Aqsa Parvez gravestone fund. Last year it was sports equipment, I think …. (worldmag)

~ COVENANT ZONE— ‘Love one another’.. after reading this– and having been a student of suffering– it reminded me that Christmas is not a spiritual resting-place, but as C.S. Lewis said, rather more like D-Day: the beginning of the final war against Sin, Death, and Hell. Those trans-humanists out there who dream of super long-lived humanoids perhaps forget that for most of the human race, 200 years of trouble instead of the 70-80 appointed to us mortals would leave us like Bilbo and his Precious ring in the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring: stretched, like too little butter on too much bread. Just as there’s only so much Christmas you can take, or festive nog to guzzle or roast beast for the feast, Christmas is a finite sign pointing onwards and upwards to more– infinitely more, and better, and unfading. After all, St. Nicholas is real, right? and in the life of the Saviour he loved and served and set forth as bishop, pastor, preacher, sees his Lord forever in the heavenly city. Santa lives: as I’ve said before, other than that, I have no other good news …. (

Willie Nelson on A Colbert Christmas

“Let us prepare for Christmas, therefore, with humility and simplicity, readying ourselves to receive the gift of light, joy and peace that irradiates from this mystery. Let us welcome the nativity of Christ as an event capable of today renewing our existence. May the encounter with the Child Jesus make us people who do not think only of ourselves, but rather open to the expectations and necessities of our brothers. In this way we too become testimonies of the light that Christmas radiates over the humanity of the third millennium. Let us ask most holy Mary, the tabernacle of the incarnate Word, and St. Joseph, silent witness of the events of salvation, to communicate to us the sentiments they had while they awaited the birth of Jesus, so that we can prepare ourselves to celebrate in a holy way the coming Christmas, in the joy of faith and enlivened by the determination of a sincere conversion.”

~ Pope Benedict XVI ~

~ CHRISTMAS Isn’t Too Good to Be True, Says Pope, “a universal festivity” …. (insightscoop,

~ JOSEPH Ratzinger on Advent and Christmas baking …. (insightscoop)


~ LIFESITE— The Final Stretch: “Our fundraising campaign is in the final stretch. If everyone pitches in before the New Year our readers may yet cover the majority or even all of our expenses for the past year. Have you made a donation yet?” …. (lifesitenews)

Mark Steyn

~ IT’S ALL STEYN’S FAULT: Babies…we need Babies! …. (jaycurrie)

~ STINKING INFIDELS ARE NOT A PROTECTED CATEGORY! — So says the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission; “Human Rights” Commission: OK For Muslims To Say, “Kill Gays” …. (steynonline,

~ CANADA’S NUMBER THREE NEWSMAKER OF THE YEAR! — “The New Hampshire-based neoconservative columnist is not an easy person to like…” …. (steynonline)

~ TREE STRIKES, YOU’RE OUT! Who says you can’t say “Christmas”? …. (nrotc)

~ STEYN ON SCREEN: All the way back to the first ever Christmas film …. (steynonline)

~ A SONG FOR THE SEASON: Mark talks civilizational collapse and seasonal standards with Michael Duffy on ABC’s Radio National: hear the international Steyn Christmas hit, It’s a Marshmallow World!”; You’ve got the “Mark Steyn’s ‘Marshmallow World’ Earworm” fevah! …. (, 5fof)

Ezra Levant

~ WHAT’S THE CJC up to these days? …. (ezralevant)

~ ANTI-CHRC momentum builds in Quebec …. (ezralevant)

~ OUR CHRC: it’s OK to say gays should be “beheaded”, Jews “spread corruption”, Hindus must “be killed”.. CHRC ???’s Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Al-Hayiti!; “Oddly this Islamic bigot’s remarks were published on the Internet and Marc Lebuis from the Quebec blog Point de Bascule filed a complaint to the CHRC…which was rejected” …. (Ez, Ti, Jay Currie)

~ IMMIGRATION minister criticizes anti-immigrant decision by BC’s HRC …. (ezralevant)

~ VIA THE VERE— More human rights spending from “official conservatives” …. (

~ SCOOP: Ignatieff aide improperly ordered crown corp to switch to Liberal ad agency …. (ezralevant)

~ EZRA LEVANT exposes more rot and cancer in the Liberal party of Canada …. (girlontheright)


~ FALSE RELIGION: The Pope is No Socialist …. (

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG: Give yourself my novel for Christmas; Some context for the pro-Saddam shoe-chucker; I doubt this guy is speaking for “The Vatican”; Why government stimulus may not be such a good idea …. (DG)

~ QUEEN OF THE RINGWRAITHS— Jennifer Lynch Speaks… “Ugh she recorded a radio announcement, this woman has no shame. I can’t think of a more coal like gift this Christmas.” Um, Jenn: We don’t want to go to Mordor. Or to make Canada into the Dark Land …. (

~ NATIONAL POST editorial board: The overt bias of Canada’s CHRC thought police by Kelly McParland …. (NP)

~ KER-THUD! Canadian “Human Rights” Commission flunks objectivity test …. (novascotiascott)

~ CHRISTIAN MINISTRY to Disabled Drops its Code of Conduct Under Human Rights Tribunal Pressure …. (MaD)

~ NATIONAL POST: Two-tiered thought police; Human rights commission prosecutes only Christians …. (

~ FREE SPEECH FOR SOME, not all: “Our ideologically-driven federal “judiciary” has made official something that free-speechers figured out a while ago–that if you’re an anti-gay white, male Christian clergyman, you can be prosecuted by the state and silenced for the rest of your natural born days. However, if you’re a Muslim clergyman with similar views (as well as many other “colourful” opinions about non-believers), you are free to bloviate away to your heart’s content” …. (scaramouche)

~ BLOGGERS VS MSM layoffs …. (MaD)

~ HINDUS CELEBRATE Christmas too; Merry Tossmas, If you get a Christmas flyer that doesn’t say so toss it; If one commie kid doesn’t believe in Santa, should he ruin everyones fun? …. (mad)

~ MOUTH-TO-MOUTH with a horse: “Censorship gets CPR from CJC: Canadian Human Rights Commission appointee, Professor Richard Moon, unexpectedly called for the repeal of Section 13—that part of the federal human rights code that allows complaints to be brought because of “hate speech”. Unwilling to drop its security blankie, and seemingly incapable of wrapping its head around such a surprising call (since, clearly, it had been counting on the professor to see things its way), the Canadian Jewish Congress keeps trying to reanimate the moribund steed” …. (scaramouche)

~ ROGER KIMBALL: HELP The New Criterion continue to uphold rigorous critical standards! …. (newcriterion)

~ A PREFERENCE for barbarism …. (ghostofaflea)

~ STRONG AND FREE— Univ. of Manitoba: Giving the Boot To Pro-Life Doctors …. (

~ SOCON: The Nanny State …. (

~ A JEWISH PLEA for Merry Christmas -An Annual BotB Tradition …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS— “Éditorial: Déclaration de Point de Bascule à propos de la plainte renvoyée par la Commission canadienne des droits. “En refusant de même enquêter la plainte de Point de bascule, la Commission s’est définitivement enlevée d’elle-même le droit moral de censurer et d’enquêter, à l’avenir, à peu près tout ce qu’elle a déjà censuré et enquêté par le passé. Car côté « discours haineux », la Commission agit définitivement avec la logique du deux poids deux mesures, taxant de haineux les discours les plus bénins tout en exonérant les discours les plus haineux, et ce, selon les intérêts de sa vision du monde absolument tordue.” – Jean-Jacques Tremblay. 18 décembre, par Marc Lebuis” …. (

~ CHILDREN thrive in religious homes …. (kennethhynek)

~ EUTOPIA: “nice to know at least two people in the EU parliament gets what a snow job the EU is.” …. (girlontheright)

~ LEVERS of power and selective enforcement …. (vladtepesblog)

~ GET YOUR LICENSE TO HATE! “An outrageous, but not surprising, decision from the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Or to put it another way, on its own it would not be outrageous, but in the context of every other decision from the federal commission and its provincial cousins, it is most outrageous indeed” …. (am770chqr)

~ THE TRUTH IS UNCANADIAN sez Madam Justice Monique Métivier, great philosophy this country has …. (MaD)


~ NANNY-STATE NINNY ALERT: “Not normal: Hard lefty journalist/failed politician Judy Rebick (so hard and so left that she, a Jew, has participated in that annual campus Zionhass fete, Israeli Apartheid Week) pens a missive to the G & M” …. (scaramouche)

~ JUDEN-WATCH.. “Btw, is Shaidle jewish?” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THE ARCHDHIMMI of Canterbury ‘laughs’ at controversy over Sharia law; Why shouldn’t Christians seek to convert Muslims – and Jews? …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ CANUCKI HELF KARE: I call this “solving the wrong problem”; and saith Scott Geezer Gilbreath, “How exactly does leaning on nurses to work more hours improve the work environment?” …. (kennethhynek, nscott)

~ SOCIALIST PARADISE REDUX— Russia whitewashing Stalin’s legacy …. (novascotiascott)

~ YOUR BETTERS— John Miller gets 150k about grievance industry and doesn’t even have a journalism degree …. (MaD)

For The Umpteenth Time..

..It’s NOT A Blob Of Tissue

~ EN FRANCAIS— Freedom of expression: The Canadian Human Rights Commission refuses to investigate the complaint filed by Marc Lebuis, director of Point de Bascule– “On 11 April 2008, I filed a complaint for “hate propaganda” on the Internet before the Canadian Human Rights Commission against a Salafi Imam of Montreal, Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus Al-Hayiti. The Commission has declined to open an investigation, having found that the writings of the Imam do not expose individuals to hatred or contempt.” 17 décembre, par Marc Lebuis …. (

~ LIBEL TOURISM in the UK is “an international scandal” …. (novascotiascott)

~ INSIGHT SCOOP— “If God is dead, so is reason.” …. (insightscoop)

~ PUNDITA: Thanks to Gay Patriot and Watcher of Weasels;and “Kamikaze 1945” …. (

~ ON IDEOLOGICAL MUZZLES— “The unfairness of “fairness”: Consider the meaning of the word “fairness” when it’s placed beside the word “doctrine”. Like the word “rights” when appended to the word “human,” it actually means the opposite of what it’s supposed to. On the contentions blog, J.G. Thayer explains that there is nothing at all fair about forcing broadcasters to reinstitute a “fairness doctrine” …. (scaramouche)

~ SCIPIO— It is as was written, “There is nothing new under the sun.” …. (thereturnofscipio)

~ A REAL LEADER— The Grand Duke’s Conscience: Luxembourg’s head of State pays a price for upholding civilization …. (

~ A GOOD KNIGHT & KING: “Grand Duke of Luxembourg’s anti-euthanasia stance exposes pseudo-democracy” …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ DENYSE O’LEARY— Intellectual freedom in Canada: Moving toward a reasonable standard of evidence …. (

~ SAD TO SAY: “Christmas brings out the worst in political correctness. While no Muslims have yet actually made any serious complaints about the annual celebration of Christ’s birth, officialdom delights in ensuring that no Christian images or symbols should appear at this time. So a major charity bans Christmas nativity scenes from its public displays, and local authorities try to avoid using the “C word” in announcements of seasonal activities” …. (insidecatholic)

~ TOUCHSTONE: “Faith is feared not because it is divisive, but because it is unitive. It brings men together in a common cause. It directs their energies to the attainment of something beyond the belly. It causes them to sing together, to work together, to pray together, to form a genuine community, a little more resistant than their faithless compeers against the stupidities of the day” …. (merecomments)

~ PONDERMENT: “When is a psychological/mental “sickness” a genuine sickness and not merely the product of prevailing cultural trends?: That’s the question psychiatrists are grappling with as they prepare for a new edition of the master text of human psychological maladie” …. (scaramouche)

~ COULD SOMEONE please clone Vaclav Klaus and make him PM of Canada? …. (vladtepesblog)

~ TRYING TO ERASE THE PAST, and all festive badthink– “No more “king”, “man”, “son”, “virgin”… and “Lord”. God Rest Ye, Merry Gentle-folk, let no old lyrics bring dismay” …. (

~ THE HOLY SEE: Realism Is Base of Human Rights; Catholic and Muslim leaders have a special responsibility toward youth, to prevent them from falling victim to radicalism …. (

~ LEVERS OF POWER and selective enforcement …. (

~ WHAT A USEFUL Word ‘Taboo’ Is!, by Mark P. Shea …. (

~ INTO THE SPIRITUAL VACUUM— “Quebec’s creepy new curriculum: Mandated program is predicated on the worst possible educational model for young children: the philosopher Hegel’s “pedagogy of conflict.” Paganism and cults are offered equal status with Christianity. Witches “are women like any other in daily life.” …. (np,

~ CONSERVATIVES Debate; Progressives Toss Shoes …. (

Peter Schiff on bailouts on CNN International

~ NEW TOOL for freedom, the anti Jihad and libertarian values! …. (vladtepesblog)

~ DID THE EU Neo-Commies Overplay Their Hand? …. (

~ OK, UM.. BUT— they really were carrying spears! …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ WE HAD IT COMING… Surprise, female-on-male violence is OK after all …. (

~ EVIL PM OF EVIL Harper derided for optimism, then pessimism …. (dustmybroom)

~ WALKER BLOG: “As Christmas rounds the corner, grinning madly with a drunkard’s glint in its eye and a glass of brandy in its hand, I thought why not pay homage to Canada’s Human Rights Commissions? They’ve certainly proved one of the most newsworthy things to hit Canada’s bureaucratic circles in this past year, and I think that deserves some recognition. Of the negative kind, anyway, as the farce continues.” …. (walker)

~ ECO CALENDERS devastating forests to tell you to be enviro friendly …. (MaD)


~ RIGHT GIRL on the Michael Coren Show …. (girlontheright)

~ HRC ON TEH GAY— Canadian Human Rights Commission Ruling Gives OK To “Exterminate The Gays”– Convert to Islam, receive your “Get Out Of Thought Gulag Free” card …. (sda)

~ THE VERY PICTURE of Surrender– UK: Archbishop of Canterbury Says it “Wouldn’t be the end of the World if the Church of England Disappeared”; Church of England to Debate Whether Christians Should try to Convert Muslims …. (Wz)

~ SOWELL WARNS: “The current bailout extravaganza is applying the postponement of reality democratically– to the rich as well as the poor, to the irresponsible as well as to the responsible, to the inefficient as well as to the efficient. It is a triumph of the non-judgmental philosophy that we have heard so much about in high-toned circles” …. (orthodoxytoday)


~ LIBRANOISM: The Fallout, Parxt XXVIII: More charges laid in federal sponsorship scandal …. (walkers)

~ RUDOLPH the Red-Nosed Reindeer was almost grounded at Murrayville Elementary School this week after a parent complained about the classic Christmas song’s inclusion in her daughter’s upcoming kindergarten concert; GASP! A carol at a winter festival!; Coming to a Constructed Faith System Center Near You …. (curtjester, bloviator)

~ FATHER Raymond J. de Souza: A responsible government, acting responsibly …. (np)

~ OUR OWN CRTC may bankrupt Canadian online businesses, reduce choice, and censor …. (shotgun)

Stephen Harper: Economic depression is possible

~ WISDOM FROM FENRIS… “The Storybrook Gardens School of Economics” …. (dustmybroom)

~ SEASON’S GRUNTINGS: A member of the masthead of NOW Magazine, Toronto’s insufferable hard lefty freebie rag, invites readers to have an “inclusive” holiday …. (scaramouche)

~ PROTECTING Free Speech, by Brett Joshpe: “Legislation exists to prevent Islamists and international judges from denying Americans’ speech rights” …. (

CAUTION: Dangerous Extremist

~ VILE & HATE-FILLED Christian U.K. Registrar Loses Right of Conscience on Same-Sex Civil Unions …. (lsn)

~ ANOTHER REASON to Loath Them: By now those who read these pages realize that at Cjunk, we hold most journalists beneath contempt …. (

~ WAH! $100 BILLION NOW! WAH! In addition to mass stimulus Jack Layton wants affordable housing and childcare for the nation; Keynes: not dead enough …. (dustmybroom,

~ WE’RE MUCH THE SAME… A Consumer’s Revenge …. (dailybayonet)

~ WONDERING ABOUT The Aftermath Of Proposition 8? …. (


~ CANUCKI PM Faces Test Of Conservatism With ‘Big Three’ Bailout …. (humanevents)

~ UNIVERSITY Announces “Free Speech” Zone.. not the whole campus, of course: that would be crazy-talk! Even Professors Have No Freedom Of Speech On Campus …. (mypetjawa, forlifeandfamily)

~ FEEL THE LOVE: “Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D-CA) demands censorship of conservatives” …. (

~ FEMINISM did not give us free speech; free speech made feminism possible …. (

~ RIGHTS THESE DAYS Are Not Created Equal …. (

~ SURREAL FAITH: The dangerous world of a left-wing fundamentalist– Mark Tooley reviews Shane Claiborne’s new book: Jesus for President …. (

~ KATE @ SDA: What’s The Opposite Of Diversity? University! …. (sda)

~ MR. GRABBY.. Danny Williams magnanimous after massive expropriation; New Brunswick mayor urges province to do a Danny Williams …. (novascotiascott)

~ ICKY! Christian union donates 80 turkeys to CBC’s turkey drive. They’re also sweet on management …. (shotgun)

~ SHOCKA! Chomsky Says Obama Controlled By Da Joooooos! Tin foil hat may be required …. (mypetjawa)

~ SOCIALIST PARADISE WATCH: Pro-Chávez thugs attack students …. (blogfreeworld)

~ DAILY BAYONET: Happy Christmas …. (

~ COMMISSAR Putin and the Death Of Freedom In Russia …. (rightwingnews)

Che Guevara was a murderer and your t-shirt is not cool

~ STIMULUS Canada: we’re all Keynesians now, whether we like it or not …. (

Homophobia run amok!

~ THE SHAIDLE— ‘There are now more Chinese bloggers than American bloggers’ — my latest FrontPage article …. (5fof)

~ MANY & VARIOUS DOOMS-WATCH: Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Massive Breach …. (wattsupwiththat)

~ THOSE Peanut allergies = hypochondriacal middle class hysteria?; When Mommies Flip Out …. (fivefeetoffury, llamabutchers)

~ VIA SHOTGUN: Right or Wrong radio episode 13 – LIVE! …. (shotgun)

Professional atheist Penn Jillette clearly moved by encounter with Christian fan

~ 12 DAYS of Global Warming …. (

~ THEODORE DALRYMPLE delivers a global warning …. (spectator)

~ GLOBAL WARMING HOAX Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 19th 2008 …. (



~ BE VERY AFRAID: Bush Makes Cheat Sheets for Obama …. (uppitywoman08)

~ BLAGOJEVICH Will Get All Of the Emanuel Tapes; 21 Taped Conversations? A Question for Criminal Defense Lawyers …. (hughhewitt)

~ YUCKY CHRISTIAN ALERT! “…an insult to all the queers and non-believers”! President-elect Obama chooses “eliminationist hate preacher Rick Warren to give the invocation at Obama’s Inaguration”; Rick Warren — The reason they’re so surprised is? …. (sda, rbo)

~ ABORTION ADVOCATES Ask Obama to Increase Reproductive Health Funding by More than a Billion Dollars …. (lifesitenews)

~ HUGH HEWITT— “Eradicating the ‘Little Satan'” and Commentary Magazine in the Obama Years …. (hughhewitt)

~ REVERSE! ‘Obama backpedals on Iraq withdrawal’ … and we’re surprised — why? …. (

~ HISSY-FITS! Gay rights advocates upset with Obama …. (kennethhynek)

~ FREDDIE MAC and Fannie Mae Gave Large Donations to Homosexual Activists Just Before Collapse …. (lifesitenews)

~ EMANUEL Pushed Blagojevich to Appoint Obama Loyalists …. (newsmax)

~ FINALLY, Helen Jones Kelley Resigns Over Joe The Plumber Snooping Incident …. (mypetjawa)

~ DEMOCRATIC DONOR.. They got took, their $$ gone flown; The Ponzi scheme in which we’re all involved …. (pajamasmedia)

~ OBAMA & THE ISRAELI ‘nuclear shield’ option …. (girlontheright)

~ NEPOTISM: Good Thing Barry Wants To Run Washington With Change …. (stoptheaclu)

~ OUT FROM UNDER THE BUS— WCC meets in Washington: “The December 2-4, 2008 board meeting included speaking “prophetically” against the United States in the style of controversial cleric Jeremiah Wright, promoting pacifism as the only acceptable Christian ideology towards war, compelling Israel to yield concessions to Palestinians in the Middle East, and encouraging churches to enlist in Global Warming activism” …. (

~ OBAMA’S FIRST SCANDAL: “It had to happen sooner or later, a scandal so large that even the Obama-media couldn’t ignore it”; O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! It’s PEBO fatigue at last! …. (dailybayonet, realbarackobama)

~ OBAMA’S All-Abortion Transition …. (

~ GOOD OLD BOYS— Blagojevich was bookie, says federal informant …. (walkers)

~ OBAMA SURPRISES, Angers Special Interest Group …. (

~ UPPITY WOMAN WONDERS: “Are the Movey On-ies, Huffies and Kossacks having another Confusing day?” …. (uppitywoman08)

~ PJMEDIA: “The Banana Republic of New York” …. (claudiarosett)

~ THE CANARY Is Singing – The Dimes Are Dropping: “This is better than pennies from heaven. Tony Rezko is trying to get a better deal. So Tony’s sentencing has been delayed by the judge in the case” …. (classicalvalues)

~ OVERNIGHT News from around the Blagosphere …. (

~ THE MIGHTY O: Will his address include the phrase “pay grade”? …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THINGS THAT make you go $&!@# …. (curtjester)

~ DAVID FRUM: Can Obama avoid governing on ‘Daley Standard Time’? …. (nationalpost)

~ C-JUNK GETTING in line? “In Praise of B. Obama” …. (

~ YOUR AWESOME Obama photo of the day; Go enter RBO’s Caption Contest …. (shotgun, uppitywoman08)



~ RELIGION OF.. erasing history: “Destruction of Armenian cemetery commemorated” …. (novascotiascott)

~ THE JIHAD ON CHRISTMAS: Another inch of rope for the British suicide noose. Radical muslim made school inspector; Egypt: “Tension between Muslims and Christians … tend to flare up ahead of Christmas”; Philippines: Muslim Rebels Bomb Christmas Shoppers, Two Killed …. (Various)

~ AQSA PARVEZ’S HEADSTONE UPDATE— “Just a quick post to let you know that Robert Spencer and I are working with the cemetery in Brampton on selecting and purchasing Aqsa’s headstone. It is a process that I will keep you posted on” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HUGH HEWITT— Don Quixote, Miss Havisham, and the Islamists …. (hughhewitt)

~ ISLAM LOVES SLAVERY! Thousands enslaved in Darfur …. (jihadwatch)

~ THE FEARLESS Wilders: As clear as it gets …. (


~ THE NEW GRINCHES— How the Taliban tried to steal Christmas: They’re like Scrooge— with explosives. From the Guardian …. (scaramouche)

~ BOUGHT & PAID FOR? Muslim Congressman’s Hajj paid for by Muslim Brotherhood front group …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ WANTED TERROR SUSPECT IS.. wait for it.. Scotland Yard advisor on Muslim extremism. But we can’t do deep background-checks on minorities, cu’z that’s not Diversity™ …. (blogfreeworld)

~ AND LO, AN IRON VEIL descends on the UN: The UN, which takes its marching orders from its largest voting bloc, the 57-member strong Organization of the Islamic Conference, has once again condemned “defamation” of religion—and more specifically, defamation of what the OIC considers to be the one and only valid religion …. (scaramouche)

~ UNIVERSITY STUPID— Wes Streeting, the president of the National Union of Students (NUS), has taken the time to increase the NUS’s links with the Muslim Council of Britain …. (socialcohesion)

~ POLICE RANSACK Christian homes in Pakistan slum …. (novascotiascott)

~ LET’S DO THE MATH.. Muslim man jailed for 20 years for Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people. Is the life of one infidel only 1/10 that of a Jihadist, then? 240 months = a mere 1.25 months per dead civilian …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ RELIGION OF… Pakistan: Dowry demanded from Muslim captor of 13-year-old Christian girl …. (

~ BRITAIN Convicts Two al-Qaeda Terrorists …. (mypetjawa)

~ STEP ONE… Officials promise to re-build village torched by Muslim mob.Step Two? Learn not to burn churches in the first place …. (novascotiascott)

~ SWEDEN: Melting Pot or Crackpot? …. (brusselsjournal)

~ IMAGINE THAT: Study Finds Over 60% of Muslim Schools in Britain Have Ties to Extremist Groups, Hatred of the West and Jews Widely Taught. Why, it’s just like the prostitution of Western schools to MultiCultism …. (Wz)

~ MUSLIM SCHOLARcondemns the shoe incident …. (shotgun)

~ THE SAN FRAN CHRON— “People Trying to Call Attention to the Threat of Radical Islam are Persecuted Under the Aegis of Islamophobia” Z’lamafobez!! …. (Wz)

~ UBER ALLES! Islamic crescent added to Buffalo holiday display …. (creepingsharia)

~ ‘MODERATE’ Turkey oppresses Christian churches …. (

~ VOLOKH— Ban on Headgear, Including Religious Headgear, in Court …. (volokh)

~ DELIGHTFUL UK Muslim leader praises jihad, condemns “Zionists” on Facebook; More Facebook jihad …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ PUNDITA HAS Thoughts about a blogosphere formal debate on whether the U.S. should disengage from the Middle East …. (

~ THE SOLE OF A FREE SOCIETY: By George Neumayr, via The American Spectator …. (walker)

~ JIHADIST EGYPT: Lawsuit Filed to Have Sunni Islam’s Top Cleric Demoted Because he Shook Hands With a Jooooo …. (Wz)

~ FLAMING INSANITY: David T on the credulous “partnership” between the Metropolitan Police and the Muslim Brotherhood …. (davidthompson)

~ MURDEROUS Glasgow Airport bomber handed life sentence …. (socialcohesion)

~ HERE’S A ‘Classic comics’ version of Mohamed’s sex life. Quite revealing and well sourced …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SCARAMOUCHE: “Charity (and jihad) begins at home: Islam Online has a piece wherein dhimmis bemoan the crackdown on an Islamic “charity” …. (scaramouche)

Stuff NOT Invented By Mohammedans 1

More Here

~ SHOE SHAM: “In his latest tirade, Harpoon Siddiqui, the Toronto Star’s resident shill/apologist for the Islamist perspective, explains why a shoe-flinger in Iraq became an instant folk hero to Arabs this week, whereupon he launches into another round of Victims R Us” …. (scaramouche)

~ THE MONKEY HOUSE Of Saud Wants To Kill Yo Mama …. (

~ THE ANCHORESS— “They do not love Jesus” …. (anchoress)

Stuff NOT Invented By Mohammedans 2

~ ISLAMIST CAIR Declares Jihad on Judge who Tossed Woman for Refusing to Remove Hijab …. (Wz)

~ IRANIAN-BORN Dutchman Ehsan Jami has produced a film which imagines an interview with the Prophet Mohammad if he were alive today …. (mypetjawa)

~ RELIGION OF.. Pakistan “about to become a failed state” …. (novascotiascott)

~ TWENTY YEARS on: internalising the fatwa …. (walkers)

~ A VERY VERY STERN LETTER! Buh bye, pirates: The totally useless UN has just passed another one of its totally useless resolutions …. (scaramouche)

Stuff Not Invented By Mohammedans 3

(1) It is the Jewish Holy Mount
(2) The Dome was a competitive copy of
Constantine’s Basilica
Of The Holy Sepulchre,
using Byzantine forms, and built by Christians

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