The Road Goes Ever On And On…


Comes the turn of another year, and the very day this blog started, one year ago. It’s been a mighty interesting and unexpected journey, with many blessings and new things learnt and said and people met, and web-friends made.. and a few new people who hate The Binks.

Should FreeMarkSteyn keep on? Or back to The more constantly and specifically religious WebElf Report, with some added political flavour? Or shall I add more Christian content for FMS?

Fundamentally, I need to know what you folks think. Already FMS has been morphing from pure politics and suchlike, and while I’m not into alienating folk, it’s most truly who I am: a politically interested and thoughtful Christian.


8 thoughts on “The Road Goes Ever On And On…

  1. I think Shakespeare said it best.
    “To thine own self be true and thenst it shall follow as night follows day to no man can though thenst be false”
    If you adjust what you say to suit those who consume it why not write for the New York Times? The whole bloody point of the blogosphere is some honesty in opinion and thought. This dear friend is the brief golden age of the internet. Before EU bureaucrats and US/Canadian politicians decide it has to conform to official opinion and culture. Australia has already followed China’s lead in some respects that way. The EU is feverishly working on it so Ireland will vote away their national sovereignty in the second EU referendum. This time they wont be so stupid as to let the Irish have alternative sources of information. So for the love of whatever gods you worship just write what you believe in. at the end of the day there is pride in meaning and meaning in art.
    Lots of love for the season and bravery for the year to come

  2. I would like to see you keep up the political side but from the christian perspective. After all despite the attitude that prevails today I think the original intention was to keep the state out of the church not the church out of the state.

  3. FMS must continue, altho under a more appropriate name. And politics these days has become ALL ABOUT restricting some peope to please others so, the “freedom of speech” things is a MUST-STAY.

    Mes deux centimes…!

  4. Please, continue on with the fight for free speech.

    Yes, we have had a few small victories (and the bigger the cases, the more public scrutiny they receive – but the smaller the victory because without publicity, the ‘regular’ people will still go on being oppressed). The public attention is on the HRCs: the iron is hot!

    So, now more than ever, we need to ‘strike while the iron is hot’….

    Because we are nowhere near abolishing these HRC abominations (and that IS what they are) – and with a minority government, there are no guarantees that reforms will take place. If the ‘free speech’ crowd slows down in the efforts to publicize the abuses of these state organs, the ability of the Conservatives to affect sufficient change within their daily operations will be greatly diminished.

    By the way, I very vociferously disagree with Bob Devine’s statement above, that the separation of the church and state was intended ‘to keep the state out of the church not the church our of the state! Nothing could be further from the truth: allowing religions to dictate the policy of the state and institute religious laws to govern the society is precisely the thing which gets people burned at a stake for speaking their mind. Whenever churches control the state, freedom of speech ceases to exist.

    People in Europe recognized this – it formed the very heart of the long fight for human rights, not ‘divine laws’, to be the focus of the legal system. From its very conception, the separation of State and Church was PRECISELY to keep the Church out of the State!

    Now, it is no longer the church interfering with the state (though many priests still try), but the state interfering with the church – with preachers being banned from preaching. It is just as despicable and must be stopped, whatever the cost. But this is NOT the ‘original intention’ of separation between the church and state!

    We must not make the mistake of trading one form of oppression for another. For that is what both of those intrusions are.

  5. Happy Birthday FreeMarkSteyn aka Free Canuckistan!

    I think you need only follow your instincts, because what is interesting to you is likely to be interesting to a lot of folks. And if they aren’t interested in what you are interested in, they should be. So there.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for all you are doing.


  6. I think you should do whatever makes you the most comfortable, Binks. Usually, the more comfortable a blogger is, the more productive he is, and the better content. If this isn’t quite the blog that you feel like continuing, and the WebElf report beckons, then by all means, build up the Webelf Report again. Although I must admit, I will miss Free Canuckistan if it goes.

    By the way, nice Lord of the Rings reference.

  7. I really enjoy the time and effort you take in providing me with a full lineup of great blogs. I truely believe that if we Christians are to survive the assult on our beliefs from the socialist left we must remain POLITICAL. For decades we cowered and kept quiet as people of our faith were abused and neglected by our elected Politicians. Canada’s foundation was built with Judeo/Christian values, if the left succeed in destroying that foundation they will rebuild with an inferior ideology called Socialism and we know that ideology espouses failed dogma of the mentally challenged.

    Politics and Religion need to co-exist or our beliefs may eventually be considered “Illegal”, the CHRC and the various HRCs across Canadian have deemed the bible “Hateful” how much longer before it’s deemed illegal?

    I’m selfish, I hate change and if you retire this blog I’ll have to drink my coffee reading Liberal Blogs, do you want to be responsible for what that’ll do to my grey matter Binks?

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