We Few, We Happy Few-UPDATED


200px-azincourt-final_lg~ COMES 2009, AND THE BIGGEST (2) miscalculations of 2007 are still echoing through Canuckistan: the attempted JennLynching of mark Steyn and Ezra Levant. HRH CHRC’s own chosen reviewer gave them a D-, though with a few sneaky recommendations through the backdoor. They’ve been denormalized, exposed, ridiculed, shredded, and yet– like true politically correct jihadists, refuse to surrender or moderate without brute force and continued applications of interweb whup-ass, lovingly served up.

Mrs. Binks once again fed the book-monster this Christmas, including Sharpe-author Bernard Cornwells newest Azincourt, his gripping take on the Battle of Agincourt. He recalls the wonderful salute invented by the English archers, in the face of the failing French assaults. Having tasted the power of the English longbow before, the French nobles offered gold bounties on the arrow-fingers of English archers. When the low-born archers at Agincourt saw the French nobility falling– and retreating– they waved their un-chopped bow-fingers in what has the become the classic two-fingered ‘Up Yours!’ salute.

My mostly English Grannie used to use that salute when she was being naughty, with a little “Thh! Thh!” and a little grin.

Thanks to all the good folk— bloggers and readers, Jews & Gentiles and Undecideds– who wrote encouraging notes over the past week or so. Do take a few minutes to read them. You are the ordinary folk who– as at Agincourt– help take the stuffing out of the high and mighty, the arrogant and the powerful, who in our time don’t wear gilded armor or ride mighty horses– but still consider themselves the masters of all things, and people.

So as we look toward the ongoing battle for freespeechery in 2009, we’d like to offer a great big warm, sincere, heart-felt spirit-of-Agincourt double finger salute to the HRCs, the CHRC, the CIC, and to all their enablers,  hangers-on, sympathizers, and political and bureaucratic masters.



“Thh! Thh!”

P.S. If the forgoing seems a little to combative for the ‘season of peace, love & flowers‘, the actual Biblical quote (pace, King Jamesians) was never only “Peace On earth, good will to all men wymn‘ (Luke 2:14). Go and read it.

“Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace to men
on whom his favor rests.”

Or in the original Greek:

Δόξα ἐν ὑψίστοις θεῷ καὶ ἐπὶ γῆς εἰρήνη ἐν ἀνθρώποις εὐδοκίας.

After all, without the qualifier, God would willy-nilly be blessing good and evil and indifference; freedom and slavery, love and hate. The open-handed gift of God is the Christ-child, and all who shall know true love and freedom and truth found in him. His Kingdom is of self-giving love, and the world’s rules turned upside-down: of God’s own life shared with whose who believe. Herods and Pilates and this-worldy powers and principalities and Leviathan and the claim to power without God or goodness or truth– all that is to be cast down, and the humble exalted. If it sounds stupid, it is: like the claim that God came to us in diapers, born of one of his own creatures, and laid in a feed-trough. So be it. For God has overthrown the wise and mighty things of this world, and exalted the foolish and weak. ~

~ THE BINKS on angels, or not. ~

~ NEWS WILL RESUME when I gets around to it… the 12 Days Of Christmas take precedence.. along with some rest, and bothering of Binklings and suchlikes. ~

MyTrue Love Gave To Me..
doves-2-2Two Turtle-Doves


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