Steynian 303


Excruciating: The New Rugged Cross

Read this article by Caroline Glick.

The Persians invented it; the Romans perfected it. Now, Hamas and the Paleostinians have endorsed it. Crucifixion is alive and well in Shari’a law.

Ah.. good old crucifixion (with whipping optional?).

It’s a punishment the Romans reserved for non-Romans and slaves, since under normal conditions it could take days to die— and it was messy, humiliating, and combined the joys of suffocation, dehydration, body-sized muscle-cramps, pain, and a living death until you died, affixed to he dead wood. Jesus died earlier than most victims, because of the flogging.

Now, Iranian-backed Hamas-orcs are threatening  to give local Christians their crosses– except for many Christians, that’s actually a painful and costly honour, to die like their Lord did, to share in his suffering– and thus, his glory– to witness to others who come after to keep the faith.

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