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Excruciating: The New Rugged Cross

Read this article by Caroline Glick.

The Persians invented it; the Romans perfected it. Now, Hamas and the Paleostinians have endorsed it. Crucifixion is alive and well in Shari’a law.

Ah.. good old crucifixion (with whipping optional?).

It’s a punishment the Romans reserved for non-Romans and slaves, since under normal conditions it could take days to die— and it was messy, humiliating, and combined the joys of suffocation, dehydration, body-sized muscle-cramps, pain, and a living death until you died, affixed to he dead wood. Jesus died earlier than most victims, because of the flogging.

Now, Iranian-backed Hamas-orcs are threatening  to give local Christians their crosses– except for many Christians, that’s actually a painful and costly honour, to die like their Lord did, to share in his suffering– and thus, his glory– to witness to others who come after to keep the faith.

To the Romans, it was a matter of keeping order, and setting an example for other would-be trouble-makers. Hamas intends that, but also the nasty bits, and the “This is what happens to Christians” thing. In this, they are worse than the Romans, for it is done out of cruelty, malice, the will to dominate and show religious hatred. As past and present jihadists enjoyed lynching Christians in the same manner: infidels deserve no better. Gaza, Sudan, Iran, Yemen.

Don’t bother checking for headlines, running news-specials on CNN, or international outrage. Everybody Knows™ that Christians are rich, white, privileged, powerful, bigoted– and probably had it coming. Never mind that the average Christian is a darker-skinned woman living in the third-world– including Gaza and the West Bank, suffering under deliberate Muslim persecution and third-class citizenship. Facts are always inconvenient things.

The Western blind-spot is deliberate: all other folks deserves sympathy. Jews are bad, Christians are even worse, right? All that crusading and witch-burning and intolerance.

Suddenly we awake and look around us, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Mordor. Our chattering classes and political elites and academicals have little use for any Christianity except the politically correct version, and some seasonal sentimentality for Christmas. It’s ironic that the very foundations on which we stand are a Christian civilization (love, freedom, tolerance, individuality, truth,justice.. ever heard of them?) even as we cheer– or stand by silent– in the face of Jihadis, crucifiers, Jew-killers, an an ideology that wants us dead, enslaved, or converted. The leaders of the Paleostinians show us how far down human nature can go: but it’s just evil-overload for liberals and progressives.. too much to take.

That such things should be thrown in the face of Christians during thier Christmas High Holy Days– but let us take the hatred of the heathen raging against the Lord and his Anointed, and remember that the little lamb of Bethlehem’s manger was born to die; that his life is to be laid down, that God’s Son may redeem all peoples– even those hostile to him– and turn the hearts of all to a better way.

All religions are the same, right? All societies and civilizations are equal– none good, none evil. No behaviours, choices, or actions are better or worse.. it’s just what makes you happy.

Vatican recalls fallen Christian martyrs: The Vatican recalled the violent deaths of Catholic priests, religious, and lay volunteers. Asia saw the greatest toll, including Archbishop Rahho of Iraq.

Well then– ‘Hurray for Crucifixion’ for innocent people it is, then. Happy 2009.

Dear HRCs across Canada: I dare you to take your smug little semi-Christian asses over to Paleostan and stand up for any down-trodden folk, fearlessly upholding their human rights and all.

I, for one, will pray for those under threat of suffering, death, and martyrdom. may God keep them, and shame us and lift us up in our comfortable faith, or lack thereof.




Ow! Stop Hitting Me Back!

“Some geopolitical conflicts are morally complicated.
The Israel-Gaza war is not. It possesses
a moral clarity not only rare but excruciating.”

~ Charles Krauthammer ~

~ THE LIBERAL JESUS, meek and mild, taught dialogue, pacifism, recycling, and free sex. The real one? Not so much. He did say, when one Apostle tried to stop the guards from taking Jesus to his destined cross, that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

There’s no evidence this was meant as a general condemnation of the work of soldiers, police, and justifiable self-defence. Indeed, when he met the Centurion, there was no condemnation of war as such– though that was a perfect opportunity; also, the Gospel shows John the Baptist speaking to soldiers, warning them against extortion and to do their duty– not telling them to become conflict resolution counsellors.

It’s a HEAVENLY vision of good things when swords are beaten into plowshares. To do so now– in society or the world– means more suffering: there’s lots of evidence that Hitler was more than stoppable when his first adventures in diplomatic conquest and brash taking stuff back despite the treaties she had signed. Even Poland used most of the German forces– the West was manned by almost nothing. Only 100 million deaths later do we get to 1945. Pacifism and cowardice bear part of the blame.


Critics of the Israeli response to the endless slow-Jihad from Hamas complain of “disproportionate response”. Sorry, but it’s war. The Iran & her proxies are the aggressors. Israel– as a nation– has the right of self-defence. Even so, the Israelis try to reduce the misery of the fight-back.

Were a bad man to try and attack me or my family, I’d more than likely try to vigorously dissuade or disable said assailant.. it might even get a little disproportionate, if life and limb are involved.

Heck, it might save a lot of trouble if you knocked the guy out before he managed to hit you. They might even lose their life… and that was the risk they chose when they decided to break the law, or hurt someone. The consequences are theirs. It’s wonky victims-first lunacy that penalizes homeowners for having unsafe windows to break and enter, should some thief get hurt in commission of his crimes.

Israel has been under death-threat for her entire modern existence. Iran is threatening nukes, Syria was working on nukes. Death to Jews is the policy. Suicide-cults surround the country, lobbing rockets in daily: Hizb’allah in the north, Hamas in the south. The ‘Palestinian Problem’ is the convenient excuse for Arab nations which have had 62 years to work out some solution with Israel, and including their own lands. The refugee camps are constantly-picked scabs for a leadership interested in peace, but keen on milking the international and pan-Arab pockets for millions. Remember: Arafat died with a personal fortune of $2 billion. In our money & Israeli money.

Bad People Doing Bad Things

Paleostan? It’s a mafia, a death-cult, with people caught in the middle who deserve real leaders, and a real solution– one that does not involve invoking Holocaust II, The Sequel. But Muhammed was a Jew-hater and a Jew-killer. The ‘solution’– until Islamic leaders give up their Neo-Nazi Jew-hating conspiracy-theories– will be impossible, since the Arabistan leadership and public opinion is full of irrational hatred. The UN and alleged peaceful Western countries seem content to do as little as possible– and now we await Messiobama’s foray into big-boy geopolitics, when a very, very great deal is hanging in the balance.

That’s why it’s more than likely that World War 3– or even ‘Armageddon’ will be a Muslim-Jew thing over the attempted destruction of Israel. Unless Israel surrenders to her would-be rapists and murderers, she will fight back against the implacable hatred of her abusers, and should not listen to those who tell her to just lie there and take it, because she’s a bad girl who complains too much about getting slapped around.

If she gets a little disproportionate, so be it. They started it, and are continuing it. Genocidism is already way off the moral scale, and is most appropriately crushed like a bug.



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~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Snatched from the vaults of history: More than a decade after the fact, it’s interesting to look back at Faisal Kutty’s report about the first ever OIC shindig which, who even remembers?, was held in my burg back in 1996. (I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few things that jumped out at me)”; and “Laugh of the day: You knew it was coming—the UN, under prompting from the Arabs, has convened the Security Council to try to put the kibosh on Israel’s anti-jihad efforts” …. (scaramouche)

~ LET MY PEOPLE GO! Egyptian Slave Freed From Slavery… In America …. (

~ LOVELY Saudi Arabia should have minimum age for marriage …. (novascotiascott)

~ WHAT SHARIA LOOKS LIKE.. British missionaries sentenced to one year of hard labour …. (novascotiascott)

~ BELGIUM: Police Find Islamist Hit List of Prominent European Juden …. (Wz)

~ THE BARBARIANS: Nicholas Packwood: “Here is a thought…” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ HAPPY 2009! “Her hips and lips don’t lie: Despite the fact that they were feeling terrible about what was happening in Gaza, New Year’s revellers in Abu Dhabi didn’t allow their rage at Israel to dampen their enthusiasm for a performance by twitchy-hipped vixen, Shakira” …. (scaramouche)

~ BEHOLD THE WISDOM! The antiwar right on Gaza …. (shotgun)

~ THE BIG HAIR HAS IT! Geert Wilders: FrontPage Man of the Year …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ JONATHAN Mark suggests some “proportionate” ways to deal with Hamas …. (scaramouche)

~ CANUCKI ISLAMIST Mohammed Elmasry: what an ignorant pig …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ FAKERY TO CEASE? Silver Fox sheds crocodile tears: Here’s Patrick Martin’s latest dispatch from the warfront wherein he reports that Mahmoud Abbas is threatening to “abandon peace talks.” …. (scaramouche)

~ TALIBANETTE Yvonne Ridley wins sexual discrimination case …. (dustmybroom)

~ NY POST ON ISRAEL: Damned if they do, dead if they don’t …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE SOURCE of ‘Death To All [Zionist] Juice!’ photo …. (sda)

~ IDN’T DAT CUUUTE? “Behold Meryl Yourish in a proud rage, regarding anti-war demos by Yemeni and Iranian Jews” …. (pw)

~ HISTORY maven hails Palestinian “nerve”: A “fan” of the Jews adds his two shekels’ worth in a letter to the National Post …. (scaramouche)

~ RESCUE ZEROES: Israel, Gaza And Iran: Cynthia McKinney, Hospital Massacre And Ahmadinejad Finally Sees A Holocaust …. (anorak)

~ OH DEAR: “The KISS Army invades Jordan” …. (dustmybroom)

~ THE FEARLESS Geert Wilders speaks on Israel and strikes on Hamas …. (vladtepesblog)

~ DEATH TO JUICE? “Juice Icons Band Together To Fight Juicephobia” …. (eddriscoll)


Death To Juice!


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