Spencer’s Stealth Jihad

Sharia Supremacism Ahoy!

stealthjihad~ YOU SHALL BUY. YOU SHALL READ. Robert Spencer’s latest book, Stealth Jihad. You can get it thought the Conservative Book Club (as I did) via Der Shaidle’s page.

We’ve got a serious tentacle-problem, here.

Spencer points out the crucial fact: sharia supremacists want the world submitted to Islam & the sharia law. Terrorism is one tentacle; sharia banking another; local sharia and polygamy another; no-go zones another; Hamas and Hizballah another; with the CAIR/ CIC lawfare and mainstreaming of such supremacism, and the re-definition of any criticism or concern as racism and Islamophobia. Whay do they hate us? Cuz we’re not all their biatches yet.

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