Spencer’s Stealth Jihad

Sharia Supremacism Ahoy!

stealthjihad~ YOU SHALL BUY. YOU SHALL READ. Robert Spencer’s latest book, Stealth Jihad. You can get it thought the Conservative Book Club (as I did) via Der Shaidle’s page.

We’ve got a serious tentacle-problem, here.

Spencer points out the crucial fact: sharia supremacists want the world submitted to Islam & the sharia law. Terrorism is one tentacle; sharia banking another; local sharia and polygamy another; no-go zones another; Hamas and Hizballah another; with the CAIR/ CIC lawfare and mainstreaming of such supremacism, and the re-definition of any criticism or concern as racism and Islamophobia. Whay do they hate us? Cuz we’re not all their biatches yet.


Back in the good old days of Jihad 1.0, you had Muslims and infidels. Infidels came in two classes: Jews/ Christians, and then everybody else. Under conquest Jews & Christians had to choose: convert, submit (with double-taxes & third-class status), or war. Everybody else got to convert, or war.

The idea that all Jihad is terrorism has been our mistake, says Spencer: more deadly is the ‘normalization’ of Islamic demands in Western institutions and countries, so that sharia is seen as reasonable, and soft Islamic supremacism is openly advocated.

The root? Islam, as promulgated by the root of the tentacles, The Muslim Brotherhood, out of Egypt. The intent? That Islam shall rule the world, whether or not everybody converts at once, or open warfare is needed.

Enter Elmasry

What was entire Steyn-Levant situation?  A mere foretaste of the lawfare side of sharia supremacism. Egyptian-born Elmasry and his sock-puppets and legal enabler Fiasal Joseph did not have one goal, but many– chilling Western freedom, bullying government and media, hijacking western law by normalizing their categories of criticism = bigotry, and making a space for Islamic Supremacism in Canadian affairs. That work continues, under whatever guise and whoever the talking head. It’s more well-established in the U.S., as Spencer details.


Their Way, Or The Highway

Islam is not a pluralistic creed, nor does it allow for any secular/ sacred distinction. It’s Islam & sharia, period for the ideological supremacists– and by hook, or crook. All’s fair in love and jihad.

As an absolute religion, no criticism is allowed of Islam, Muhammed or Muslims, the Koran, sharia law, or the lawfare and libel-tourism they are engaged in. That’s infidel-behaviour– even if Westernized Muslims do it within their own community. Hence the death-threats against people like Tarek Fatah and others who don’t accept the supremacist line. Sad to say, some infidels are taking on their Islamic identities, and submitting and bowing and scraping so as not to get hurt. Cowardice is as great an ally of soft-jihad as ignorance.

All religions are equal: especially Islam– hence the ‘no blasphemy policy’ bubbling through the Untied Nations, which would make it an international crime to say anything about Islam whatsoever, even facts and quotes from histoy, the Koran, or the words and deeds of Muhammed (especially the controversial ones). It’s bully rules: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


Watch what’s happening in the supremacized parts of Europe: Western freedoms and principles are threatened, not least by the real possibility of riots and killings and wreckification. Ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or Theo Van Gogh. That’s a decade+ ahead of where North America is, but it will progress inevitably in that direction, unless we begin to fight back against the front-groups for The Muslim Brotherhood, and those that espouse the ideology of Islamic supremacism, and stealth-jihad.

If you listen to what Jihadists say, it’s pretty clear: Israel is the little Satan: the Big Prize will be the new Rome, America, or The Great Satan. We’re the deputy-Satan, and a handy terror-haven, and funding source.

So what to do?

I’m only part-way through Spencer’s warning tome, but this is what comes to me at the moment.

(1) Fact-check and investigate all Islamic groups in Canada. Some are fronts for Islamic supremacism, and have connections to terrorism, and groups that support terror. Toughen-up and be ready for nasty push-back. After all, you’re just a stinking Kuffar— less than an ape, a dog, or a slave.

Canadian Infidel!

(2) Provide legal and moral support to the people who take these characters on: they will be under a lot of personal and legal pressure to just piepe down and go away.

(3) Read Robert Spencer’s Stealth Jihad, and get informaed about the facts of the stealth-jihad, and the kind of tactics and beliefs we’re dealing with here. Know your enemy.

(4) Vocally and constantly oppose sharia supremacism in human rights law, the UN, Canadian politics and society, and online. Just because there’s no bombs going off doesn’t mean there’s no war, with the future at stake. Support legal defense funds, read websites, spread the word, say your prayers.

(5) Elmasry & Co. are the symptoms: the real problem is Islamic supremacist lawfare and soft-jihad, which is intended to utterly replace your Canadian democracy and freedoms: all Canadians, Muslim or not, must live under Islamic law, the non-Muslims as third-class citizens. Just ask the Copts of Egypt, who have survived 1300 years of it.

Get informed, get active: WesternCiv– it’s ours to lose.


P.S. In addition to being flagrantly islamophobic, and under death-threats, author Robert Spencer is apparently teh funny.


4 thoughts on “Spencer’s Stealth Jihad

  1. I have educated myself about the evils of Islam. I know more than I would like to know about this satanic death cult and frankly I am sick of hearing about it. I am especially upset about the idiots demonstrating and sympathizing with Hamas demons right here in Canada. I know that most of these cockroaches are not native born but sadly more and more of them are. This so called soft jihad and infiltration of our country and institutions with this evil ideology is the greatest social problem we have as far as I am concerned. It is magnified greatly by the lack of reaction to it by our blind and politically correct liberal socialist politicians and generally self centered apathetic public. As was said above there are no bombs going off – yet – but the cancerous rot has definitely set in and spreading.

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