Where We Are

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This new site is intended to investigate and expose to what extent the stealth jihad of modern supremacist radical Islam has infiltrated Canada.

The background book to understand where we are in the clash of Islam versus secular Western modernity (and classical Christianity), is Robert Spencer’s 2008 book, Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs. The same battle and subversion toward Islamic supremacism  is unfolding in Europe, North America, and in the radicalizing of Muslim nations, under the aegis and world-view of the radical Muslim Brotherhood.


Critics of Robert Spencer and his writings and approach must contend with the writings and evidence of The Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim preachers and teachers, universities, and politicians. Jihad may iinclude personal struggle, but the first and primary sense is overthrowing infidel nations and peoples, through submission, or warfare, that Islam may reign supreme.

Many and various hard-working bloggers and writers have stumbled across the effects of stealth-jihad in Canada, but thusfar, no one site has tried to collect the evidence of what’s happening in Canada, connecting the dots with the wider world of islamic extremism, and helping Canadians of all creeds and political persuasions to understand our most fundamental freedoms– and the freedom to disagree with one another or with militant Islam– is under threat.

If you have helpful and accurate links and information on the stealth-jihad in Canada (or the fight-back), send them along. If we err in fact or interpretation, let us know. But no religion is exempt from examination or criticism, nor its members and their actions above questioning. To say all religions are equal: especially Islam, is already to capitulate to Islam’s absolute claim to stand above all human or moral or political authority: to treat it as true, or at least unquestionable.

That is the death-knell of intellectual freedom, and freedom of speech– not that those are good things worth upholding, for radical islamic supremacists. Rather interferes with the Sharia law for everybody and the whole ‘Islam Or Else’ thing.

They are already here: do we have the courage to look, ask, question, and stand up for the very things that make us citizens, and not slaves? We’ll be confronting not only militant Islam, but political correctness, and the human rights mentality that considers any legitimate or reasonable criticism of another culture or religion as igotry and hate-speech– even it it’s factual, or the offending words or ideas are spoken by Muslims themselves.

In this  fight, Christians, Jews, moderate Muslims everywhere, and people of good will all stand to lose. Western Civilization did not happen by accident, nor will it survive by accident, and people sitting about in ignorance, fear, or uncertainty.

It’s time to start kicking ass, taking names, and speaking out for free speech, truth, equality, democracy, our rights and duties, and our accountability to those who passed our society to us, and those who follow after.


binks.webelf – at – gmail.com

P.S. Yes, this blog is very much under development. It will take a few days. More recently-posted goodness on where we are is over here.


3 thoughts on “Where We Are

  1. Ignorance is no longer bliss. Ignorance is death. Education, awareness, and understanding is the first step toward peace. I hope we can all learn to coexist.

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  3. Hi, good to see you. I read Spencer’s latest recently, and though I’ve been a supporter of his for many years now, I do wish to say that those who are simply curious and open-minded will find this, like all of his work, honest and true.

    If you are a Spencer fan or even a curious-minded person, consider joining me and friends at VPL on any Thursday evening in the atrium outside Blenz coffee bar for a few hours of book talk from 7-9:00 p.m. I’m the one in the Israeli flag baseball cap.

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