Steeb Strikes Again

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Steynian 304


Feel The Residue

~ MOST AGNOSTICS in the West are Christian agnostics. That is, they assume Greek philosophy and first principles, Roman justice and law, and even Christian ethics and presumptions: science, law, reason all the rest. The God in which they don’t believe is the Christian God: I’ve even known agnostics to be rightly disgusted by the goofy sermons and childish worship-services that they come across in some modernizing churches (never one of mine!), as if to say “Hey! That’s not what I used to believe!”

Sad to say, as Islamic Supremacism sweeps over spiritually lax Western Europe, and infiltrates Canada, there’s another god who comes with a whole lote of anti-Christian and anti-Western baggage. Aside from the occasional outburst of brilliance and flowering and cooperation (one thinks of Norman Sicily, the– ultimately failed– attempt to reconcile Aristotle and the Koran), the assumptions of the Koran are utterly different that those of Israel, Greece, and Rome. The scientific method & development? Western. Democracy/ Freedom of speech? Western. Atheism/ agnosticism? Western.

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