Steynian 306

“I implore the end of this violence, which is to be condemned in every way in all its manifestations. I implore the re-establishment of the ceasefire in the Gaza strip. I ask for a strong sign of humanity and wisdom from all those who have responsibilities at all levels in that situation. I ask the international community to try every possible way to help Israelis and Palestinians to come out from the dead-end street and to not give up.”

~ Pope Benedict XVI ~

~ IN THE LORD OF THE RINGS, all those who encounter the One Ring of Power are tempted by it, each in their own way. The way of destruction and domination may start out with good intentions, but the destination that both Gandalf and Galadriel foresaw when tempted to use The Ring for Good was themselves taking the place of Sauron, ultimately. Even Frodo, faithful ring-bearer, is ultimately overcome, and Middle-Earth is only saved because the Ring had so long gnawed a hole in Gollum’s heart that he takes it at the last moment, then slips and falls into the volcanic furnace of Mount Doom.

Israel & Gaza

In the current episode of struggle between Jihadism and the nation of Israel, we are seeing a battle with the kind of moral clarity only seen in World War Two, and– ironically enough– plenty of justification why the Jews of the 20th Century needed a homeland, and were given one by the world. Otherwise, as in Europe and countless other places in the ‘civilized’ world, Jews become the playthings of intolerance, whim, hate, murder & torture, and arbitrary violence.

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