Steynian 306

“I implore the end of this violence, which is to be condemned in every way in all its manifestations. I implore the re-establishment of the ceasefire in the Gaza strip. I ask for a strong sign of humanity and wisdom from all those who have responsibilities at all levels in that situation. I ask the international community to try every possible way to help Israelis and Palestinians to come out from the dead-end street and to not give up.”

~ Pope Benedict XVI ~

~ IN THE LORD OF THE RINGS, all those who encounter the One Ring of Power are tempted by it, each in their own way. The way of destruction and domination may start out with good intentions, but the destination that both Gandalf and Galadriel foresaw when tempted to use The Ring for Good was themselves taking the place of Sauron, ultimately. Even Frodo, faithful ring-bearer, is ultimately overcome, and Middle-Earth is only saved because the Ring had so long gnawed a hole in Gollum’s heart that he takes it at the last moment, then slips and falls into the volcanic furnace of Mount Doom.

Israel & Gaza

In the current episode of struggle between Jihadism and the nation of Israel, we are seeing a battle with the kind of moral clarity only seen in World War Two, and– ironically enough– plenty of justification why the Jews of the 20th Century needed a homeland, and were given one by the world. Otherwise, as in Europe and countless other places in the ‘civilized’ world, Jews become the playthings of intolerance, whim, hate, murder & torture, and arbitrary violence.

A nation was founded; and though the newborn land of Israel was intended for Jews and all others alike, the massive all-eggs-in-one-basket Arab-Jihad war that greeted her independence.

Moreover, the radicalized Palestinian leadership dragged their own reluctant people into the war, ensuring that if Israel won, those same people risked losing their land: and that destructive leadership has continued ever since. They have chose the way of domination and destruction; little realizing at first it meant their own people and hopes and future, first of all.

On The Other Hand

Sad to say, there are voices on the right which sound One Ring-ish to this writer. Columnist Debbie Schlussel for one, has recently written in an annihilationist vein:

“While I want Israel to beat HAMAS, there is only one way to do so–total annihilation of the Palestinians, who are all HAMAS. And again, Israel neither has the guts to do this, nor the ability to do so with its unfortunate dependence upon America and the international community.”

Who-say what-now?!?!? She sounds like a radicalized Paleostinian herself: the Jews should massacre their enemies, and the Little Satan is actually an evil force, not one for good and freedom in a region of tyrants, religious extremism, and hate. Shame on Ms. Schlussel,and all others who would choose such evil in order to do some ill-imagined good. Jesus himself makes the same point in the Parable of the Wheat and The Weeds: God himself is patient with judgement, and the world’s unbelief. In our judging, we would do well to look to ourselves first, and not judge others as we would not ourselves want to be judged.

Should we become evil, that good might be done? Should we advocate massacre, for some sort of poisonous and blood-soaked ‘peace’? Then we replace Jihadist hate with our own– and are become worse than they, because theoretically we knew better, intended better, and had already seen the consequences of doom and destruction that come from such thoughts & ways.

Over And Over And Over

We must say no to the way of the One Ring, not once, but over and over again. And yes to better things and ways than revenge and genocide and jihad.

We are dealing Gaza or the Arab world, we deal with people like ourselves: warped, embittered, betrayed on all sides, but who– like us– have the hope of redemption, better things, and peace. That is what we should aim for, even if Hamas and Fatah and Hizballah only long for blood and heaps of dead Jews, in a greater Auschwitzian anti-paradise. The vile poisons of Jihadism need no further proof than the many miseries of Israel and the people called Palestinians, over the past 62 years and more. The false promise of a pure and wonderful Caliphate, as dreamt by the Muslim Brotherhood has– like the Utopian fascisms before it– mounted up a mighty body-count: that’s what Utopias do: kill all else for a lie, and an impossible inhuman paradise.

Sad to say, we know what to do but lack the will to do it: cut off the foreign money, Israel must be allowed to destroy the military capacities of Iranian proxy-warriors Hezballah & Hamas, so that the Palestinians may be weaned from Jihad and mafia and hate, and allowed to live like humans, and not pawns. Whether this will ever happen is an open question: but the jihad will not cease or fade or be bought off.

Yet despite us, and our warlike hearts, God has dreamt us better things: in this world and the world to come. The bright shadow of those dreams is the Christian-rooted secularity which recognizes the equality and dignity and rights of all people, Jew & Gentile, male or female, Greek or barbarian. Beyond the bright shadow lurks Jihad, techno-humanism, Utopianism, political power and domination in spite of goodness, humanity, or the true, the good, and the best things.


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~ FBI SPONSORS Eid Dinner at Virginia mosque …. (creepingsharia)

~ ISSUES? MUZZLE! — Government Policies Stifle Talk of Islam …. (pajamasmedia)

~ A MAP, CONFISCATED Wednesday (Jan. 7) by IDF paratroopers operating in the north of Gaza, “shows how Hamas uses an entire neighborhood, rigging it with explosive devices and putting the entire civilian population at great risk” …. (mypetjawa)

~ VERY UGLY Pro-Palestinian Riots in Oslo …. (

MEMRI– Hamas In Their Own Voices

~ CHARMING Muslim purposely provokes a lawsuit then gives it to Gaza …. (MaD)

~ THE BIGOTRY OF LOW EXPECTATIONS— “Arab Liberal Criticizes European Parliament President for Suggesting That the Middle East Does Not Deserve The Democracy Enjoyed By The West ” …. (

~ ISRAEL SAYS NO to the Untied Nations death-wish …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ MORE MELANIE— Britain turns ugly; ..and even uglier; The hysteria that dare not speak its name; Depravity and double standards …. (spectator)

~ GLICK: “Today’s war between Israel and Hamas is a remarkable case study in how leaders in democracies learn. In a nutshell, it shows that leaders only learn when we, the people, force them” …. (carolineglick)

~ VERY NASTY Anti-Israel Protests in America Cross the Line of Decency; Hating Israel in Trafalgar Square …. (pajamasmedia)

Pro-Palestinian riots in Oslo

~ GETTING THEIR CLUCK ON— Hamas: Willing To Kill For God, Unwilling To Die for God …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ MARK SHEA— Ghastly Reports from Gaza; Dawn Eden Notes a Vital Point about Magisterial Guidance When It Comes to Thinking About Israel’s Right to Exist …. (

~ AND IN THIS CORNER… “An Irshad Manji – Sid Ryan debate… I’d pay good money for a ringside seat at that one: “As we left, I asked his translator why Dr. al-Hindi would give me an on-camera interview, knowing that he could not find a single verse to prove his claim that the Koran justifies suicide operations.” …. (

~ THE GAZA CIVIL WAR: Jonathan Schanzer’s Hamas vs. Fatah seems tailor-made to address the big questions behind the headlines from Gaza …. (nro)

~ PAM GELLER— Bless you father! “Andrew Bostom sent me this Righteous Pastor’s Letter. Mark Durie is a an excellent scholar of Islam, brilliant linguist (who studed amonng the Acehnese Muslims of Indonesia), and uniquely courageous man” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ IRRITATED MUSLIMS hijack UK radio station because “they hate Cliff Richard” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ LEBANESE terrorists fired missiles on Israel today. One rocket hit a nursing home in Nahariya, lightly injuring two people …. (

~ IGNATIEFF— “Hamas is a terrorist organization, and Canada can’t touch Hamas with a 10-foot pole. Hamas is to blame for organizing and instigating those rocket attacks and then for sheltering among civilian populations.” …. (damianpenny)

~ YOU IDIOTS! Not Anti-Semitic. Just On The Side Of Eliminating Jews …. (sda)

~ THE WORLD BANK Shills for Hamas …. (mypetjawa)

~ THE EURABIAN FRONT: “Antwerp is suffering from a peculiar and serious illness. The symptoms are well known: songs of The Strangers may no longer be listened to, children on school trips are required to eat halal food and separate swimming hours for men and women are actually being introduced in the Antwerp public swimming pools, and the cross on the mitre of Sinterklaas [St. Nicholas] is prohibited” …. (

~ GATES OF VIENNA— A Socialist Who Stands With the (Dead) Jews …. (

~ DULY NOTED: Hamas Does Not Respond to Criticism …. (brusselsjournal)

~ DEPRAVED UN, MEDIA MULES MANUFACTURE JEWISH BLOOD LIBELS:GIN UP THE JEWHATE: “There is a dangerous recklessness to all of the lies and misinformation that the Islam along with left, the internationalists, the media and other useful idiots are trafficking in to smear the Jews” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HOW WE GOT TO GAZA: The Emperors Of Hate Have No Clothes; and “The Road To Gaza: Paved With Deceit” …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ MULLAH & HOOKER Vid Is YouTube Hit In Iran …. (

~ CAIR-ING FOR HAMAS, By: Joe Kaufman. The connections between the terrorist group killing Jews in Israel and the “Muslim civil rights organization.” …. (frontpagemag)

~ AN IDF RETRACTION: “According to Ha’aretz, the IDF has retracted its claim (noted here) that they were being fired on from a school in which Palestinian civilians were killed.” No such reports have eminated from Hamas, who fully intend to blow up schools full of little Jewish kids …. (dp)

~ THE WAR AGAINST the Jews, By: David Horowitz: “And its Western apologists” …. (frontpagemag)

~ DR. SANITY— “What is of even more interest to me as a psychiatrist, however, is that it is actually Hamas that seems to believe Israeli lives are worth more than Palestinian lives. They are willing to sacrifice untold numbers of Palestinians on the altar of their so-called “honor” (see previous posts on how highly they value their women and children) just to avoid acknowledging the reality of Israeli military and moral superiority” …. (

~ LET THEM EAT Rockets – Richard Baehr …. (at)

~ DANISH PUBLIC OPINION on Gaza and Israel …. (

~ THE FATAH DEADWOOD— “Justice: Just wondering: does the Gaza death toll include Palestinians summarily executed by Hamas?” …. (damianpenny)

~ PALESTINIAN FAMILY VALUES— From I.N.N.; and “Assud the killer bunny has finally achieved a well-deserved martyrdom” …. (


~ WE ARE ALL SOLDIERS on the Front Line; Israel fights west’s war again …. (canadafreepress)

~ THREE QUESTIONS About “Disproportionate Force” …. (commentarymagazine)

~ THEY ARE AFTER THE CHILDREN: “Meryl Yourish has a fascinating study on what seems to be a tremendously unlikely statistical aberration. It seems that since Hamas started using the Grad rocket, it has been able to hit an increasing number of Israeli schools” …. (commentarymagazine)

~ PAUL TUNS: “The future of the Islamic world… Is full of failed states” …. (

~ MODELLING Terrorist Group Behavior: Hamas & Hezbollah …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ THE BIGGER JIHAD: “Almost lost in the shuffle of Gaza and the transition is the story of the Turkish interdiction of Iranian arms shipments to Venezuela” …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ FOR UTTER SHAME, DEBBIE! Annihilation for Peace? Final Solution, is it? …. (spectator)

~ WHY LIBERALS Support Islamic Terrorism and Oppose Self-Defense Against It …. (canadafreepress)

~ EQUAL TIME FOR ORCS! LATimes Prints Hamas Terrorist’s Op Ed …. (stoptheaclu)

~ CONTINUING Strategic Ripples of Mumbai Attacks; Mumbai Terrorist Leaders Cheered As Hostages Were Lined Up & Shot Dead …. (counterterrorismblog,

~ RADICAL Muslims ‘love death the same way Americans and Europeans love Life’ …. (cfp)

~ THE CANADIAN FORCES – arguably more conservative in some respects than their American cousins – have taken an admirable leap of faith and approved an embedded blogger to go to Afghanistan …. (ghostofaflea)

~ ITALIAN UNION targets Jewish-owned businesses …. (americanthinker)

~ ANDREW BOSTOM— Europe’s Rampant Muslim Jew-Hatred, and Absent Jewish ‘Islamophobia’ …. (americanthinker)

~ THE NYT’S EXPERT on terror calls Israel a ‘cancer’; Rashid Khalidi, professor of Arab studies at Columbia–and (depending whom you asked and at what point in the 2008 presidential campaign you asked it) friend, acquaintance, or friendly acquaintance of Barack Obama– had an op-ed column in yesterday’s New York Times …. (americanthinker)

~ OPERATION Cast Lead and the Civilian Front: An Interim Assessment …. (cfp)

~ A PALEOCON Case for Israel …. (

~ IRRELEVANT world governing body treated as such by Israel …. (americanthinker)

~ WHY CAN’T THEY JUST Leave Israel Alone?! …. (

~ EGYPT and Jordan – Lifelines to Gaza and West Bank …. (canadafreepress)

~ OFF TO HELL: New Year’s Day attack takes out two al-Qaeda bigwigs …. (americanthinker)

~ SHAMELESS CNN busted running phony Gaza propaganda, doesn’t fess up …. (americanthinker)

~ JUSTICE FINALLY reaches 1998 embassy bombers …. (



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