Steynian 307

Paleostan: A Failed Terrorist Pseudo-State

“As I always say, the “oldest hatred” didn’t get that way without an ability to adapt: Once upon a time on the Continent, Jews were hated as rootless cosmopolitan figures who owed no national allegiance. So they became a conventional nation state, and now they’re hated for that. And, if Hamas get their way and destroy the Jewish state, the few who survive will be hated for something else.”

~ Mark Steyn ~

glick-2~ GO AND BUY CAROLINE GLICK’S fine collection of columns entitled The Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad. In addition to Spencer’s new Stealth Jihad, it gives the American and Israeli fronts of the Jihad war. We cannot buy peace, appease our way to peace, or meet and committee our way to peace. Thus, Israel is to blame, since for the progressive Utopians and politically correct idiots at the United nations, U.S. State Department, and within the Israeli establishment itself, all problems are fixable by good will, bribes, and endless meetings of the sort a dearly departed professorial friend of mine once referred to (in an academic setting) as Time Wasters International™.

Double-U Double-U Eye-Vee

I’d call this 20th-21st Century eruption of Jihad World War IV, with the Cold War as WW3– via all the proxy-nations involved. We won that one, but seem to be better at winning the war than winning the peace. Israel now has entered 2009 by finally calling Hamas to account for the endless provocation of rockets during a ‘ceasefire’ (usually called a hudna or strategic pause by jihadists). Israel herself is stricken because– according to a close-on observer like Caroline Glick– Israel herself has internalized the doubt-and self-hate that have paralysed Western elites in fear and waffling in the face of militant Islam.

Sad to say, Ariel Sharon, activist judges, and a liberal press and academia had been undermining the tiny democracy, democracy, aand freedom of speech and assembly for years, particularly after the ‘failed’ 1993 Oslo Accords, when Israel offered the Palestinian Entity (then under the terrorist and billionaire kleptocrat Arafat) 90%+ plus of what they claimed they wanted in terms of land. Of course, the pan-Arab Jihad doesn’t want Israel or the Jews to exist at all, period, full stop. Jihad wants Israel, the United States, Europe, and the world. There is no appeasing fascistic Islamic supremacism. The politically correct are uniquely blind to this, and they pull most of the levers of power these days in the West.

Stop Whining, You Bitch

Her complaining about it is the real problem

It reminds me of an abused wife and mother, beaten down by her husband, and screamed at and hated by her children, to blame (of course) for the family problems. If only she would stop complaining when she was hit.. if only she would try to please everyone even more.. if only she didn’t exist in the first place, all of this bad stuff would not have happened. The real question is not how should she make it better, but why is she being beaten and hated in the first place. Most likely, she was raised in an abusive home, and grew up seeking approval from a familiar sort of circumstance as an adult. The crazy dysfunctional rules of this hellish home are not normal, and to normalize them is to demand madness and evil.

Major European anti-Jewish pogroms had been underway in the 19th Century; in part this led to the Holocaust in Europe, due to the racialist fascism of Germany, and more generalized anti-semitism in Europe and North America. In various ways, the Jewish people have been at War for over a century, more specifically in Israel for 62 years– in various manifestations, under fire from the modern Jihadist agenda as fomented by The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the specifically Nazi past of some local leaders. Even today, German-Russian hate-litt like The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, or Hitler’s Mein Kampf are current best-sellers throughout the Middle East, and are widely available (a Turkish edition was reported to be a bestseller in March 2005, selling over 100,000 copies in two months).

Choose, And Pay The Consequences

As I’ve said before, there is no moral equivalency in play here. We’ve got an Iranian-backed militarized and outspokenly genocidal Islamic hate-cult on the one side, and Israel on the other and Western civilization on the other. The Genocide Convention of 1948 was written because of the attempted annihilation of the Jews by racialist fascism– and now already nuke-ready Iran, Hizballah and Hamas intend the whole thing to be completed. Yet still the West tries to buy peace, and Arab nations stand by as their proxies wage the war.

Were Iranian tingly-leg wet-dreams of nukes and a Free Paleostan– and the last Jew dead– to come true, the next step is not peace. It’s more Jihad, in Europe and North America– by stealth and by open violence where that is the most helpful and productive technique for the political goals in mind. Cowardice and denial may be the way of the world– it led directly to World War II– but it is not the way forward for Western Civilization and all she stands for, nor Israel, that 1 sixth of one percent of the Middle East which is sane and democratic, and an upholder of freedom, equality, and democratic life.

It’s Kinda Blinding

The moral clarity can’t be any sharper; we are for the West, or for barbarian violence, cruelty, and instability– with all the lies, kleptocracy, inhumanity, and opportunism that entails. Whatever the faults and failings of Israel or the wider world Jewish community, we’re comparing apples and grenades, not apples and oranges.

Fascism must be crushed, not coddled. Our media talking-heads, and their international counterparts, are spinning dangerous lies and immoral fairy-tales in holding Israel responsible for the situation in the Middle-East. They would be justifying fascism, just like much of the international media admired Il Duce and Der Fuhrer back in the day. Now, Islamo-fascists wanting to kill all Jews are firing Iranian and Chinese and Russian weapons (stored in mosques, fired from civilian locations or with human shields) all to destabilize and overthrow a democratic nation.

What do they want?

“Amir Mansi, the commander of the Hamas rocket launching program in the Gaza City area, was killed today (Saturday, 10.1.09) by IDF fire with assistance of the ISA. Mansi was also the leading Hamas authority with regard to the long range Grad missile launching program. Amongst other activities Mansi directed and actively fired dozens of rockets at Israel, killing and wounding Israeli civilians. Mansi was spotted firing a rocket in the Jabel Rise area during a ground force operation today. The forces opened fire, killing Mansi and injuring two additional terror operatives.” IDF PRess Release

And sad to say, it’s the suicide-bombers that have led to the infamous border-wall (still, built by Palestinian contractors), and the exclusion of outside workers from Israel; just as the enthusiasm by Palestinians for Saddam led to the expulsion of 250, 000 Palestinian workers from Kuwait after Gulf War I– that’s millions of real dollars to help families at home. In Gulf War II, tens of thousands of Palestinians flocked to Iraq to torment the people there, and prolong the conflict by directly attacking American and Coalition forces. Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity, and then paying the price.

Moral idiots at the UN or the media or Leftist NGOs, or wherever else, have had their say for six bloody decades, and made no peace. If the world will not step in and enforce a demilitarization and internationalization of the Palestinian territory, then we must give war a chance, and let Israel reap the political benefits thereof, so surrounding nations and the Jihadists will know it’s gloves-off, not blindfolds and pillow-hands, and more of the same.


Only By Fire is Fascism Finished

“The victim gasped loudly as blood poured from his neck.
His killer held up the head at one point,
and placed it on top of the body. “

— The killing of Eugene Armstrong, American

Year upon year in this world’s dark woods
Heaped at the foot of the trees,
The tangles and bundles of dead brush increase
Which sunlight can never seize.

The vampire by sunlight or stake.
The wolfman by silver in bone.
The demon by book, chant and pentagram.
The fascist by fire alone.

The ash that descends in the clearest of skies?
The leapers that swam down the stones?
Best answered by bombs from mid-heaven at prayer,
Bringing fire which hollows the bones.

The vampire by sunlight or stake.
The wolfman by silver in bone.
The demon by book, chant and pentagram.
The fascist by fire alone.

If their gods decree war, war shall prevail.
This lesson is carved into stone.
No dreams will defer, nor wishes erase,
The hate that’s inscribed in the bone.

The vampire by sunlight or stake.
The wolfman by silver in bone.
The demon by book, chant and pentagram.
The fascist by fire alone.

Only by fire is fascism finished.
This sin is demanded that your line may live.
Only through fire is freedom reborn.
Each generation pulls the sword from the stone.

Mark Steyn

~ MARK STEYN on Bailoutistan: a scam? — “Twelve Zeros: As incomprehensible sums are allocated to no particular purpose” …. (steynian)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Nice work, guys: Mark Steyn has a heartfelt tribute to Canada’s “official Jews,” those guardians of the community who decided some time ago that the hunt for furtive “Nazis” was more important than Canadians’ free expression” …. (scaramouche)

~ STEYN ON HUMAN SACRIFICE— “It is commonly said that by storing weapons in mosques and firing rockets and mortars from residential areas and school yards, Hamas is using human shields in Gaza, a war crime. But the truth is really worse than that. Hamas doesn’t endanger civilians in hopes that it will deter retaliation; it does so in the hope and expectation that civilians will be killed and wounded”; and “The state of terrorism – Israel – will be wiped off the planet, Inshallah.” …. (nrotc)

~ MARK STEYN: shameless Jew haters on parade in Canada; and Dear Jackal: “If Mark Steyn is a “racist”, and you’re this badass authentic punk, how the hell did he pull this off, and not you? ” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ IT’S ALL STEYN’S FAULT— Data: Enemy of the Democrat — Single-parent family edition …. (

All proceeds to the Blogger-5 Defence Funds


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Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


The Future
“Babies, chum: tiny, dimpled, fleshy mirrors of our us-ness, that we parents hurl into the future, like leathery footballs of hope. And you’ve got to get a good spiral on that baby, or evil will make an interception.”

~ The Tick ~

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~ OUR BETTERS & THE ABUSE OF LANGUAGE— “Take the vocabulary of equality, one of the obsessions of the self-denominating democratic societies. Modernity uses – or rather abuses – the term equality in two incompatible and self-cancelling ways and in a verbal sleight of exasperating slipperiness. First, modernity posits equality as a moral absolute and as an eschatological project of the saints. Never mind that otherwise modernity hotly denies the existence of moral absolutes or that elsewhere it despises sanctity. Next, modernity claims that any and every instance of inequality signifies a moral offence and an intolerable injustice. The advocates of equality (their dubious name for which is “social justice”) invariably take the opportunity of their allegations to indict putative authors of inequality, whom they promise to chastise for causing the wickedness. Notice that the scheme of levelling all differences requires the difference that the plaintiff always be morally superior to the defendant” …. (brusselsjournal)

~ EUSELESS: Sixty-four per cent want to end the primacy of EU law …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ MARK SHEA— Beware “The Cultured Despisers really do seem to me more and more nakedly (and stupidly) committed to a sort of reflexive demonic hatred of Christ. Islam is an irritant for them, but often gets a pass because a) they are cowards who fear ticking off Muslims and b) Islam is also committed to the destruction of the Church. As I have noted, there is, I think, such a thing as Satanic Ecumenism” …. (

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Obama Vs. Constitution

Death To All Juice!

Tasty, Refreshing Evil

“During the last year, as the Canadian Islamic Congress and their eunuch stooges in the “human rights” commissions attempted to criminalize my books and columns as “hate crimes” (…) [t]he only public defenders of the “human rights” commissions were, of all people, the Canadian Jewish Congress, B’nai Brith Canada and other “official Jews” (in Ezra Levant’s words) who insisted state censorship was necessary in order to cow the last three “white supremacists” in Saskatchewan into submission and prevent such horrifying crimes as scrawling swastikas at knee height in public toilets.”

~ Mark Steyn ~

~ HAMASTAN, ONTARIO— Toronto 2009: “Jewish child, you are gonna f*****’ die!” .. Shaidle: “I guess Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress, and his best friend the Lying Jackal, and The Guy Who Is Suing Us, were all too busy chasing imaginary Nazis on the internet to be there”; Flea– “Welcome to the 1930s“.. yup, lovely volk, really …. (fivefeetoffury, FLEA)


~ REMEMBERING the Vatican’s ‘total rejection’ of anti-Zionism …. (

~ BRASS BALLS Radio talks to Canadian mil-blogger headed to Afghanistan …. (fivefeetoffury)

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~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— “In the face of this madness, some facts” …. (melaniephillips)

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~ GIRL ON THE RIGHT— “Source inside today’s anti Israel demonstration sends photos.”; Allah Snackbar! …. (girlontheright)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “And I never thought I’d live to see the day when thousands would gather in the streets of my hometown to burn Jewish flags and call for the murder of Canadian Jewish children.” …. (scaramouche)

~ JERUSALEM — According to Israeli intelligence estimates, the time remaining before Iran is capable of producing a nuclear bomb may now be measured in months, not years; Epic fail: Iran using fronts to buy bomb parts from U.S. companies; NYT: Bush nixed weapons for Israeli raid on Iran, chose covert ops instead …. (Various)


~ MILAN, NOW BOLOGNA – THOUSANDS OF PROSTRATE MUSLIMS FACE MECCA PRAY AT CHURCH, AMID ANTI-JEWISH ACTS: “Remember this last week, when the Muslim hordes took over the Gothic church grounds in Milan and performed takbir (expansion) and some akbar? They allegedly apologized — but they keep on doing it” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ NONIE DARWISH— Roots of the Gaza Conflict: Sharia Law …. (creepingsharia)

The Nazi Muslim Connection, Hitler and the Mufti

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~ DON’T BLAME the ‘un-occupation’ unless you believe in both the hate and a lie …. (MaD)

Children = Hamas’ Portable Human Shields

~ MCJ BLOG— “Amid fears of a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe linked to Israeli actions in Gaza Jewish leaders in Rome today expressed outrage over a trades union proposal to “identify and boycott” Jewish-owned shops in the Italian capital”; and “Figures. Right after I say something nice in the comments down here about what the Pope has said about the Gaza situation, a Vatican official doesn’t just put his foot in his mouth, he sticks in his entire leg” …. (mcj)

~ THE ROLE OF THE SOVIET UNION in today’s Middle East troubles ignored …. (americanthinker)

~ BRITAIN’S Lloyds Bank helped terror states transfer billions …. (creepingsharia, JiWa)

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Ohio State Assistant Professor Defends Hamas

~ WHERE IS THE CREAM of the Democratic Party establishment, so gorged on Jewish liberal gelt, at this moment that so demands multicultural, multiracial condemnation? Where is Obama? …. (rightwingnews)

~ GEEZER-WATCH: Islamists Threaten to Cut Madonna’s Head off is she “Keeps Spreading Satanic Culture Against Islam” …. (Wz)

~ VLAD TEPES— Lots of YouTube! Sid Ryan on Michael Coren jan 9 and 7 2009 various segments on Gaza …. (vladtepesblog)

~ IRAN HOLDS Huge Stake in Gaza War …. (pajamasmedia)

~ THE JIHAD’S USEFUL media idiots: You know how UNRWA and Hamas go hand-in-hand? It’s ditto, writes American Thinker James Lewis, for Hamas and the mainstream media …. (scaramouche)

Gaza Residents Confirm– Hamas Was Shooting Rockets From UN School

~ BEHEADINGS for British Jews: More Maddening Realities …. (stoptheaclu)

~ COWARDICE— Both Israel Matzav and Jewish Odysseus have linked to Muqata’s report on the German police choosing to suppress the Israeli flag rather than face down Germany’s own “Arab Street” …. (

~ LET’S NOT GIVE Sid Ryan any more ideas: “An Italian labour union calls for a boycott of Jewish-owned – not Israeli-owned, but Jewish-owned – businesses to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza” …. (DP)

~ GUN-WAVING: More Information from Barcelona …. (

Sieg Heil in Copenhagen

~ GREAT BRITISTAN & The ‘new’ anti-Semitism …. (timescolumns)

~ THE MIGHTY GLICK— “Clarity from Caroline: How well I remember those who, some years back, were touting the “and they will beat their spears into pruning hooks” scenario that would ensue once Israel had fully “disengaged” from Gaza. And how well I recall thinking at the time, “You people are seriously delusional, and should see a shrink a.s.a.p.” Here’s Caroline Glick, who never harboured any delusions about what a withdrawal would mean” …. (scaramouche)

~ A PLAN FOR GAZA: Demilitarization and Internationalization, By Walid Phares …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ ISLAMIC IMPERIALISM: VIOLENT MUSLIM HORDES DESCEND ON LONDON– UPDATE: and France, Norway, Greece, Malaysia, Sweden, Bosnia, Lebanon, Thailand, South Korea, India: “Listen to them screaming allahu akbar! And they’ll keep telling you this is not about Islamic Jew hatred or Islamic imperialism” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ PAUL TUNS— “Israel acts because the world won’t defend it.” …. (

~ GOVERNMENT Policies Stifle Talk of Islam …. (pajamasmedia)

~ PRESIDENT George W. Bush liberated 50 million people and brought victory to Iraq; A New Iraq Emerges from Tyranny and War. We’d also add that those who liberated Iraq have saved 500 000 lives of Iraqis from the predations of their former Dictator and his regime …. (, PJMEDIA)


~ SHHHH! “The Moslem street which can be mobilized to march with every false account of insult to Islam or Mohammad is silent as the IDF targets mosques in Gaza. There’s a reason” …. (americanthinker)

~ MARK SHEA BEGS TO DIFFER— “Not Permitted to Be Reported on by the International Press” …. (

~ AS A JEW, I no longer feel safe in Britain, says Francesca Segal …. (pw)

~ LEFTIST NAZIS— How the ISM helped create the current war with Hamas …. (canadafreepress)

~ VANDALS DEFACE 3 Chicago Synagogues– “Death to Israel” Painted on Walls …. (

~ THERE IS NO “irreconcilable difference in the fight between Israel and the Palestinians, no bone-deep dispute that will haunt humanity forever. There is only greed and envy. They never disappear, but can easily move from one target to the next. The problem will be solved as soon as the world stops trying to solve it. When the international community moves on to fresh causes, so will the Palestinians” …. (weeklystandard)

~ LA HAMAS Supporters Scream: “Long Live Hitler- Put Jews In the Ovens” …. (

~ OUR MEDIA COLLUDE in Terrorist Crimes against Humanity, by James Lewis: “The key to the Hamas War is not the terrorists. They are stuck in their ways. The real key is the international media” …. (americanthinker)

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