A New Website & Posting

Dear Folks:

Just wrote & posted a new entry over on the new BinksCorp™ site, CanuckiJihad. In it, I’m exposing more of the Stealth Jihad in Canada– that part of the Islamo-Supremacist enterprise that proceeds not by guns and bombs, but by lawfare, infiltration, multiculti-speak, and cuddling with politicians. It’s where Eurabia was a decade ago.

The recent ugly protests on the streets of Toronto should be a rousing wake-up call to everyone: the Jihad is here; we’re a terror-haven, and need to stop being useful idiots in this worldwide struggle for Western Civilization.

Please read the posting; bookmark the site, pass on tips and ideas, and consider the action-suggestions at the end of most of the articles.


binks.webelf -at- gmail.com

P.S. Just online, the following:

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