Steynian 308

Oh Isreally, Sid?

~ I FINALLY CAUGHT UP with some of the media I’ve not watched or listened to this week, including Sid Ryan’s second self-beclowning on a recent Michael Coren show. He seems the very definition of a lapsed Catholic: highly prejudiced, highly motivated, and unquestionable.

When asked why he was leading one of the recent Toronto Judenhass protests when so many volk were sporting Iranian flags, Hamas flags, Hizballah banners and the like, he said– in effect– that well, you know, lots of people show up at protests, dontcha know.

Hmph. Now, I’m no a highly placed union official or anything, but even as my lowly old self, this sounds like rancid manure. Ok, Sid: if you called a protest and, say, several thousand skinheads showed up, in Nazi regalia, calling for death to Jews and suchlike, “well, you know, lots of people show up at protests, dontcha know”? If I were the leader or a participant at such a thing, I’d visibly and publicly disassociate, and then head straight over to the media present and make my case in no uncertain terms.


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