Steynian 308

Oh Isreally, Sid?

~ I FINALLY CAUGHT UP with some of the media I’ve not watched or listened to this week, including Sid Ryan’s second self-beclowning on a recent Michael Coren show. He seems the very definition of a lapsed Catholic: highly prejudiced, highly motivated, and unquestionable.

When asked why he was leading one of the recent Toronto Judenhass protests when so many volk were sporting Iranian flags, Hamas flags, Hizballah banners and the like, he said– in effect– that well, you know, lots of people show up at protests, dontcha know.

Hmph. Now, I’m no a highly placed union official or anything, but even as my lowly old self, this sounds like rancid manure. Ok, Sid: if you called a protest and, say, several thousand skinheads showed up, in Nazi regalia, calling for death to Jews and suchlike, “well, you know, lots of people show up at protests, dontcha know”? If I were the leader or a participant at such a thing, I’d visibly and publicly disassociate, and then head straight over to the media present and make my case in no uncertain terms.


But Sid didn’t do that in Toronto. He stood with the Hizbies and the Hamasites and the haters, and continues to justify it. Message loud and clear, Sid: death to Israel is OK by you.

Of course, it’s all no matter to the brave sturm troops of the CHRC and it’s sub-gruppen. They’d rather try to crush safe targets like pastors, lawyers, Christians, civilian bloggers, and basement Nazis. Real anti-Semitism and hate spouted in public, on TV and in print by Muslims? Free pass: it’s all good. Some people are more equal than others in the new Utopia of Canuckistan.

Now, no doubt there were dozens of HRC operatives on scene at these events, just in case anything seriously offensive might take place: say, that some of the Muslims screaming death to Israel might have their feelings hurt or their cultural distinctiveness maligned by the presence of actual Jews nearby, counter-protesting. Interestingly, it’s been evil fascist racist right-wingers who seem to be present on the pro-Israel side. If we get a picture of Barb Hall, Dean Steacy, Richard Warman, or Jennifer Lynch stepping up to such hate in the name of human rights, we’ll certainly publish it here, with loud and clear praise.



~ NO MEDIA IN GAZA? WAR CRIMES! Israel Shuts Out Western Media? — Pure brilliance! This is, after all, also an information war, and not a tea-party.

Western liberal media and their anti-Israeli allies know that it’s the impression given that sticks with the viewership, not the facts. Massacre! Dead babies! Bombed schools and hospitals and kitten-ranches! Oh, the humanity! Weeks or months later if and when all the facts come out, it’s too late to retract the biased stories, or erase the impression. That’s how smear-campaigns work: innuendo, lies, one-sidedness. Or as the old saying has it, gossip has travelled many miles before truth has even put on its boots. Sad to say, partisan Western and international media is no longer in the business of truth– if it ever was– and many journalists cannot restrain themselves from cheerleading their favourite causes. Of such stuff are the very finest and most useful idiots made.

It looks like the 2006 Lebanese Conflict was studied well by the Israelis, and the overwhelming bias, fauxtography and lies foisted on Western news-watchers by the international media. This time? No anti-Israel CNN, or BBC, or CBC-CTV, or lies galore. Even better? the IDF is posting on YouTube, unedited by the Western media. Rebuttal, reality, even retractions. This is a great innovation in the cause of true journalism, in telling the sad old story of the Jihad, and the vile anti-Semitism infecting our elites, and much of the Arab world.

Looks like somebody understands the power of new media in the service of truth– and it’s not the fable-tellers and anti-moralists at CNN or Al-Jazeera or Al-Beeb.


Watch Real News!


Mark Steyn

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Victor Davis Hanson
Victor Davis Hanson

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~ FORGIVENESS AND REDEMPTION: “In a strange and ironic twist of fate, Israel, like Germany, constantly endures painful self examination. There is much soul searching in a nation that is surrounded by nations that openly declare their hate and intent” …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ BRITAIN: The politics of envy and a new Labour czar gunning for the middle class …. (dailymail)

~ THE LAVENDER JIHAD— Here’s a handy map Prop 8 opponents have put together showing you where donors to prop 8 live; a U.S. College decrees welcome for gays; Pepsi Gives $1,000,000 to Advance Homosexualist Agenda …. (Various)

Right Girl On Coren

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~ RUIN YOUR KIDS! — Ten Ways to Make a Delinquent; Girls Need a Dad and Boys Need a Mom; Social pathology: disaster or goldmine? …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ EN FRANCAIS— “Commentaire: Sid Ryan et le SCFP-Ontario: les nouvelles chemises noires, par Michael Coren. “Sid Ryan, président du Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique pour l’Ontario, propose un boycott des universitaires israéliens. Combien d’universitaires d’autres pays connus pour leurs violations massives des droits humains ont été boycottés ? Ce geste singularise un seul groupe, les Juifs, et les soumet à une discrimination digne des excès des années 1930 en Europe. Ryan et le Syndicat devraient se couvrir la tête de honte et demander pardon.” 10 janvier, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis” …. (pointdebasculecanada)

~ THE FIGHT AGAINST human trafficking: “New face” of pro-life? …. (novascotiascott)

~ PM HARPER says we need thought police; Plan B, continued; The long game, they said …. (MaD, GoF)

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~ SHAIDLE: “Audio of my interview with Rob Breakenridge last night” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ GARBAGE— “John Pacheco, the author of the SoCon or Bust blog, once asked where do the “doctors” at the abortuary deposit unborn children for “disposal”? The answer is… no, it’s not blowing in the wind. But it could sometimes be found on our streets, when plastic bags with what’s regarded as “medical waste” suddenly break, exposing their shocking contents to the public” …. (

Adultery Sucks and Liberalism Sponsors It

~ HOMESCHOOLING numbers climb 36% since 2003 …. (

~ USEFUL IDIOCY— “Marxism and feminism are afflictions of the upper-middle class, the poor and the working class have shown us for many years they are largely immune to them” …. (

~ THE EU VOTES this Week to Push Same-Sex Civil Unions on all Member States …. (lsn)

~ OUR TAXES AT WORK— Rebecca Walberg: There’s nothing private in publicly-funded abortions …. (nationalpost)

~ OR, MAYBE The Audience Is Simply Smarter Than You Are? Audience Atomization Overcome: Why the Internet Weakens the Authority of the Press …. (sda)

~ CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLE-MAN: “We Know What She Is.. It’s all down to the haggling over the price.” …. (nrotc)

~ JAGO HAS Quick thoughts on the ‘Plan B’ party …. (rjjago)

~ SKYNET– TINY VERSION: “Aviation Week describes the coming of pervasively distributed sensors, all linked together by a wireless network, to be everywhere yet nowhere: listening, watching, waiting, understanding. Best of all they’ll look like a fly, a spider or a blade of grass” …. (pajamasmedia)

~ SOUNDS DANGEROUS: The Working Group on Human Dignity established by EU Parliament …. (

~ SUBJECT to Change– Can Traditional Societies Survive the Power of Modernity? by James Hitchcock …. (touchstonemag)

~ ORWELLISTAN— “WRAP your head around this. The Telegraph reports that “food champions” will literally be coming to homes in Britain to make sure they don’t throw away leftovers, eat spoiled groceries and do not otherwise harm the planet” …. (pajamasmedia)

~ DREADFUL FOLK, REALLY— “Families with children are selfish, see, and squanderers, and prone to consumerism. I hope you’re taking note”; Is the ultimate expression of feminism to live life without children? …. (davidthompson, rightwingnews)

~ UNDIVERSITY— The State of Free Speech on Campus: UCLA …. (fire)

~ PETA likes Sea Kittens, but what are they going to do for the seals? …. (mad)


Sweet, Sweet Bailout!

~ BAILOUTISTAN— Want to spend a few minutes in Henry Paulson’s shoes?; Oversight panel again takes TARP program to task; So how is our $300 billion Wall Street “Investment” working out for us?; Fiscal packages won’t be enough, Ben Bernanke warns …. (bailoutsleuth, uppitywoman, blogs.telegraph)

~ CONTRA EVIL— Pushing Back FOCA with Prayer & Fasting …. (

~ INFIDEL! Ben Bernanke at the LSE: Question of the session goes to Sushil Wadhwani: “One student asked whether his faith in the benevolence of bankers remained intact” …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ CONDI’S SHAME: “Can’t say that I’m looking forward to an Obama White House. Then again, can’t say that I’m sad to say buh bye to the calculating, cunning, clueless Condi Rice” …. (scaramouche)


~ OH, OMESSIAH! This Isn’t The Script We Were Sold! Protestors in Iran burn images of The One; Iranians Chant “DEATH TO OBAMA” & Torch His Photo …. (NROTC,

Fred Thompson on the Economy

~ 5,000 port-o-potties planned for day ‘grossly inadequate’; Lawsuit warning …. (wtop)

~ THE BACK OF BUSH— “Bush is heading for the exit. I would like to say “Good riddance!” but that would not be charitable. So I will just wish him well, knowing that he and his family will forever be immune to the financial, political and immigration disasters he bequeathed to the nation. I do not at all regret voting for the man. He was and remains a better man than those dreadful absurdities Gore and Kerry”; and “I Embarrassed Obama” …. (thereturnofscipio)

~ ANOTHER trauma for Obama: Youth crime …. (chicagotribune)

Silicon Graffiti: “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy”

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~ NEARLY PREZ Obama to name college pal to chairman of Federal Communications Commission …. (

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~ DEITY TO BE NAMED LATER? Gay Bishop May Pray to the “God of Our Many Understandings” at Inaugural Event. Garrison Keillor: “Why can’t Episcopalians play chess? Because they can’t tell a bishop from a queen!” …. (vARIOUS)

~ THE BAILOUT CHRONICLES: Chapter 83, In which a picture turns out to be worth a thousand words, by Roger Kimball …. (newcriterion)

~ CHANGE: Obama to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan …. (pajamasmedia)

~ DAVID LIMBAUGH: Prez-elect set ‘to expand government beyond our wildest nightmares’ …. (WND)

~ ILLEGAL Immigration Battles Loom with Obama …. (humanevents)

~ $$$$$$$! Barack’s Bailout for Trial Lawyers …. (townhall)

~ SAITH LOUDON: Obama “Understands What Socialism Is”, Works With “Socialists With Backgrounds in the Communist Party” …. (RBO)

~ OBAMA TO DEAN: Nice plan, k thx bye …. (uppitywoman08)

~ THE BIG BOOT IS COMING DOWN: “as much as Republicans disliked Democrats’ use of the House rules against them, they never tried to take away the minority’s right to do this. Democrats are now cracking down” …. (nrotc)

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~ FIRST ACT? Obama emphatically promised more than a year ago that “The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That’s the first thing that I’d do.” Will Obama keep his word? …. (worldnetdaily)

The PLAN! The PLAN! Obama’s PLAN Will Save Us!

~ PARTY- POOPING INAUGURAL Porta-Potty Shortage? Obama Inauguration Pants to the rescue! …. (

~ HUMAN EVENTS SPECIAL REPORT: The liberal attack on talk radio …. (humanevents)

~ SEEKING the overthrow of the U.S. government but still want a plum position in the Obama administration? No problemo! …. (

~ THE COMING INAUGURAL procession will be a carnival of political correctness …. (pajamasmedia)

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~ THE MOST scandalous nominee: Les Kinsolving spotlights Eric Holder’s role in pardons of Marc Rich, terrorists …. (worldnetdaily)

~ DAVID BONIOR, intellectual midget, and Obama’s economic freak show …. (

~ WATCHING THE CREEPS— Loudon: Obama’s “Energy Czar” and the Socialists–Foreign and Domestic …. (RBO)

~ DEM DONOR & America’s biggest unelected thief will remain free on bail …. (uppitywoman08)

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Biden Tough on Terror: Wears Bomber Jacket, Aviator Shades …. (thepeoplescube)



Montreal Jew-hate rally: crowd cheers for jihad terrorists of Hizballah

~ WOOOOOOO! Canada votes against anti-Israel resolution at UN …. (novascotiascott)

~ UK CLERGYMAN and radio host fired for defending Christian teachings on air, thereby offending Muslims …. (

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— “Sir Jeremy Greenstock says Hamas is only about ‘resistance’”; Peace and hate …. (spectator)

~ THE LOONY LEFT— Mourn for Hamas Leaders, Not Christians: “The Religious Left has long been morally indifferent towards the right of Jews to survive in the Middle East, but are they also indifferent about the other targets of Islamist terror, including fellow Christians? Sadly, the answer is yes” …. (theird)

~ WORD FROM FLORENCE— “A friend and I (both American) were hearing mass in the famous Duomo in Florence, Italy on Saturday (Jan. 10th) and were rudely interrupted by banging and chanting from outside. The priest was momentarily caught off guard but went on. It continued throughout the service” …. (

~ TO EASE the fighting conditions each of us can contribute and help. You can send the soldiers a small package of products needed and requested by the soldiers themselves. Thermal underwear, socks, hats, gloves and a good coat all ease the hard conditions in Gaza …. (israelmilitary)

~ LIFE IN CANUCKISTAN— “Islam is the only religion that says it’s ok to lie (and steal infidel’s money)” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ IT’S HOW JIHAD WORKS— “U.S.-based Imam Urges [American] Muslims to Join the Gaza Battlefield”; The West Needs More Jihadis …. (IVP, nrotc)

~ THE CUDDLY FACE OF EVIL— “A strategy of divide and conquer: Muslims may be seethin’ and ragin’ on the streets of Toronto—driven near mad at the sight of Jewish dhimmis fighting back against the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. But over at the Canadian Islamist Islamic Congress, all is sweetness and light and raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” …. (scaramouche)

~ THIS JUST IN: “Expect the Christian and secular lefts to start foaming at the mouth real soon because this time, Israel couldn’t give a damn about world opinion” …. (mcj)

~ THE IMPORTANT ISSUES: The Gaza War — Over Joe the Plumber; Pro-Joe: Plumber’s Trip to Israel Scares the Establishment Media; and on JTP in Sderot: “Do you think this is normal, the way you cover this conflict…?” …. (pajamasmedia, malkin)

~ TRIBUTE TO a fallen soldier: I received this via e-mail, from the Shalem Center …. (scaramouche)

~ GATES OF VIENNA: “Allahu Akhbar! Heil Hitler!” …. (


~ YOUR YIDDISH word of the day: The word is “shlecht,” one of those words that cannot quite fully be translated into English, because to do so loses the juice and the pith of the Yiddish. As best as I can translate it, “shlecht” means super-duper rotten. Here, I’m put it in a sentence: Those nations which failed to stand with Canada against the UN “Human Rights” Council’s absurdly one-sided anti-Israel motion …. (scaramouche)

~ TELLING TALES— Media-friendly Gaza doctor – with communist ties – thinks terrorists should attack America …. (proudtobecanadian)

~ WORD PLAY: When some freedom-loving Danes dared to publish some satiric cartoons in a newspaper, the Canadian Jewish Congress flew into action …. (scaramouche)

IDF Captures Anti-Aircraft Cannon… Hidden in a Mosque

~ THE “OLDEST HATRED” gets a beastly makeover: Israel’s bad image is often imputed to bad P.R. If only, it is often said, Israel had better P.R., or was better at P.R., the media would “understand” Israel’s predicament, and would be more willing to give it a fairer shake …. (scaramouche)

~ OILY ROYAL ALTRUIST strikes again: Such a selfless humanitarian, that Wahhabi king. When he isn’t busy arranging conferences where dhimmis and true believers can hook up and discuss their common denominator—old Abe—he’s offering to assist young Gazans who’ve been maimed during the Israeli offensive …. (scaramouche)


~ CONNECT THE DOTS— Radical Islamic Networks in America, By: Jamie Glazov: And what the Obama administration has to do about them …. (frontpagemag)

~ BRUSSELS JOURNAL— The UK, Anti-Semitism, and Reaction to the Gaza Conflict …. (BJ)

~ FUN WITH PSY-OPS: Hamas Psychological Warfare Against Israel: Al-Aqsa TV Showing Footage of Casualties and Destruction in Israel from Hamas Missiles and Promising a “Big Present on Election Night” …. (memri)

~ SPOT THE LIAR! More than 500 supporters of Israel were met by 50 pro-Palestinian protesters during coinciding rallies in Winnipeg on Thursday night …. (SDA)

~ KRAALSPACE— Operation Spartacus: “Kathy Shaidle attended the anti-Jew rally in Toronto yesterday, and posted some of the things she saw on her blog” …. (

~ INCLUSIVITY— “You can’t fault these pro-Hamas demonstrators for discrimination: they want to kill ALL the JOOOOS” …. (proteinwisdom)

Muslim “Peace” Protesters Chase UK Police Down Street
Screaming “Run You F**king Cowards!” (Video)

~ ISRAELI TACTICS— What is essential is invisible to the eye …. (pajamasmedia)

~ BOSS MOONBAT Juan Cole has a typically conspiratorial theory for explaining why congressmen have ignored the pro-Palestinian marches that occurred in a handful of American cities this past weekend …. (proteinwisdom)

YE OLDE WISHFUL THINKING: Israeli politicians, 2004:
Disengagement from Gaza will bring peace

~ KEEPING TRACK Moonbat Central …. (reformedpastor)

~ BEAUTIFUL DUBAI! Inside Dubai labour’s camps, and the hidden army of exploited immigrant workers …. (

~ HOT TURKEY— As the international media focuses on Gaza, trouble is growing in Turkey as the government continues to round up politial opponents, academicians, and secular intellectuals on charges of alleged involvement in a plot against the government …. (NRTOC)

~ THE GAZAN BIRTH-RATES: The “Youth Bulge” or “the West’s Proxy War Against Israel” …. (NROTC)

~ DR. HELEN — Forget Prince Harry: Anti-semitism is mainstream …. (

~ WHY WON’T THOSE DARN JUICE just roll over and die already? The IHT investigates …. (PW)

~ CREEPT TIMES— “Israel doesn’t aim to kill Cristina. It just wants Rachel to have a safe home. Meanwhile, all too often, its opponent wants Rachel and her family dead” …. (NRO)

~ NRTOC— Why Can’t Jews Be Treated Like Muslims? …. (nrotc)

~ GOOD NEWS: Top Jew Hating Sunni Cleric Has Buddies in …. OHIO! …. (mypetjawa)

~ NSCOTT— Radio host sacked after religion debate with Muslim …. (NSCOTT)

~ FREEDOM— Yemeni Government Slaughters Protesters in Aden; Yemeni Civil Society Demands Protection of Yemeni Jews …. (mypetjawa)

~ RAYMOND IBRAHIM: We may learn more about Islam from old scholars who worried about facts (however ugly), and not political niceties (however untrue). “Carl Brockelmann” …. (victorhanson)

~ GUESS WHO cares about dead Palestinians? Dennis Prager: Jews mourn more over enemy lives killed than does Hamas itself …. (worldnetdaily)

James Hider and ‘The Spiders of Allah’

~ ONE OF THE MANY casualties of Israel’s 17-day-old assault on Gaza could end up being Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority …. (NP)

~ STAKING THEIR CLAIMS: Hamas, Israel, and the Land– The Hamas covenant is critical for understanding the current conflict in Gaza …. (IRD)

~ AN AMERICAN Jihadi in Somalia and His Washington Friends in al Qaeda …. (mypetjawa)

TRANSLATION SERVICE– Video of Pali rally in Denmark C/O Gates of Vienna

~ IRAN’S BOMB and America’s Imploding Foreign Policy; Iranian banks moved billions through U.S. banks, money may have been used to finance Iran’s nuke program …. (claudiarosett, jIWa)

~ KEVIN LIBIN: United under the swastika …. (NP)

~ IS TIMEMAG Rooting for Israel’s Defeat? …. (eddriscoll)

~ THE FUTURE OF Turkey’s Jewish and Armenian Communities in Doubt …. (

~ SOCIAL COHESION REPORT— Virtual Caliphate: Islamic extremists and their websites …. (socialcohesion)

~ GAZA IS NOT WARSAW: “The comparison of Israel to the Nazis sums up the childish and dangerous `binary thinking’ that is rife in international affairs today” …. (spiked-online)

~ SHIRAZ MAHER: Britain’s Muslims should condemn Hamas, not Israel …. (socialcohesion)

~ SOUTH AFRICAN hypocrisy over Gaza …. (novascotiascott)

~ WAR PROFITEERS— Hamas Steals, Auctions Off Humanitarian Aid …. (, cv)

~ WELL DONE, THEN— Turkey: Family jailed for life in honour killing …. (NSCOTT)

~ PROPHETS— Jim Morrison and the Doors Describe the Islamic and Left Assisted Death of the Free West …. (

~ RIOTS DEFERRED— CAIR endorses Simpsons …. (

~ PEACE and love in Toronto …. (novascotiascott)

~ OUTRAGED ITALY: Minister blasts Muslim protesters’ prayers …. (

~ PALESTINE: A Culture of Death: Hamas MP; If Hamas is the victim, why is Ramallah so quiet? …. (, creepingsharia)

~ VLAD TEPES— Gaza’s True ‘Disproportion’ …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SAME OLD SONG: The UN is warning of a–wait for it–“refugee crisis” in Gaza, as thousands are forced to flee their homes to find makeshift accommodations …. (scaramouche)

~ “RACISM” VERBOTEN; Judenhass okey-dokey: “Youts” and other anti-Zionist louts rampaging through the streets, burning cars and smashing windows–the Brit press gives that story a shrug and a sigh. But the heir’s spare referring to one of his Afghanistan regiment mates as a “Paki”—mass freak out …. (scaramouche)

~ THE MIGHTYFive Feet of Fury Versus the Jihad …. (

~ TORONTO WILFULLY submitting to Islam – minarets and mujahideen …. (creepingsharia)

~ THE SILENT JEWS— “Building bridges (and mentoring Somalis) over troubled waters: My blogging amiga BCF asked me to write a parody of “Sound of Silence” for all the “Jews of silence”–official Jews who freak out over a swastika in a public loo, but are strangely silent about overt Leftist/Islamist Judenhass in the streets of Toronto” …. (scaramouche)


~ UK PRICE-TAG for keeping control of anti-Israel mobs hits £1 million; More Jewish targets for arson and violence in France and Belgium; Violence And Vandalism At Brussels Peace Protest …. (vladtepesblog, covenantzone)

~ BRAVE HEROES OF THE JIHAD— “[H]amas politicians are riding out the war in a bunker beneath Gaza City’s main medical center, Shifa Hospital,…” …. (

~ SOME MORE UTTER HORROR this time from the left in San fran with Muslims …. (vladtepesblog)

~ TOTTEN— The (Really) Moderate Muslims of Kosovo: The world’s newest country is a model of Islamic tolerance …. (city-journal)

~ US COMPANIES still facilitating Hamas and Hizbollah terrorist web sites …. (creepingsharia)

~ COVENANT ZONE— “I Felt Like I Was In A War”: Pro-Hamas Violence Plagues France …. (

European Muslims use children as human shields at protests

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