Steynian 310

~ BETTER AND SMARTER people than this commentator are all over the Mr. Clean Obama Cabinet picks– but it’s no surprise to this author. Obama is still hard-leftist; he’s picking buddies and ideologues and Clintonite retreads with rather too much mileage on them; and the people in some cases are exactly the wrong people for the job. So much for the Omessiah’s omniscience and wisdom and hopechanginess. So the stench rises already from his proposed nominees.

Thus we’ve got a would-be tax-boss… in tax-arrears, and employing illegal aliens in the past. Next, Obama’s Intelligence Adviser… involved in a ‘security breach’– otherwise known as a scrubbing operation to tidy up Obama’s passports and citizen backstory. Then there’s Attorney-general nominee Eric Holder.. with Waco and the FALN terror-pardons around his neck like the proverbial albatross.

Last but not least, we’ve got the queen of dirty money and favours for buddies, Mrs. William J. Clinton– replacing the nitwit Condi Rice– having been caught lobbying on behalf of her hubby’s donors. And you just know that the ego bigger than Obama’s will be part of the buy one get one free deal: the sleaziest president ever will be popping up behind his wife and operating behind the scenes with his usual lack of modesty and class, apparently not having had enough attention as president to bow out gracefully and shut up and go away. He is, and always will be, one big walking conflict of interest.

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Get Your Inner Jew On!

More information at Toronto 4 Israel.


The Binks is unable to attend, but you never know– in addition to poster and flags, there even might be bloggers, racists, Islamophobes, and genuine free-range Juden on hand! Remember: if you see any of our Canadian lady-bloggers on site, they will have noticeably bigger balls than Sid Ryan, Bernie Farber, Stephen Harper, Warren Kinsella, or Richard Warman.

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Thanks To Der Shaidle…

.. for the recent props, and the appreciative comments from folks on the new Canucki Jihad website. Please bookmark, read, and consider the action ideas. The Jihad is here in Canada, and we’re years behind the U.S. in really paying attention– or even collecting all the info in one clearing-house for folks to ponder.

We’re kicking ass, and taking names.

Tipsters & all suggestions are welcome– and all confidences and identities will be kept top secret.