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Emperor For Life!

~ BACK IN THE DAY (say, a year ago, all the way back to Bush’s Inauguration), there was all sorts of conspirazoid ranting about Dubya’s secret plans to abolish term limits and be president for life.

Those were evidence-free assertions, and come next week, said fever-swamp delusions were completely, terribly wrong. And mean-spirited. And just more of the usual leftist tribal war-hooting: “We Good, Them Badder Than Bads”.

Comes 2009– “House Bill Introduced to Repeal Constitutional Limit on Terms Obama can Serve.” Read the whole thing.

That is, Obama is willing to have this done in his name, so he might be– say, president for 12 or 16 years, or as long as he can keep the party going. Before, it was a theoretical proposal– now that the O-Messiah has come, who will heal the planet, bring world peace, calm our economic storms, and otherwise walk on political water.. why, let’s go there! He will use the excuse of his soft-fascist hero and economic-stimulus idol FDR– even though FDR was a world-war president, and the once-only-ever exception (he served two and a bit terms) broke with the from the start practice of all other American Presidents since George Washington.

Why did Washington and following (as enshrined in the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution) allow term-limits to their power? To avoid any sense of monarchy or dictatorship in the U.S. system, having rejected both in seeking independence from the English King on the one hand, and rejecting the example of the French Revolution and Napoleon on the other.

Sad to say, what liberals accused, they now seem willing to excuse when it’s a member of their political tribe. Will the Obama administration see the end of the U.S. system of President-Courts-Legislature checks-and balances? Will Americans countenance a friendly soft-fascism for 20 years of Glorious Leader Obama? We already know the present chattering classes and much of the U.S. populace are still having multiple O-gasms over the coming reign of The One.

We can only hope that America is not going to step into this abyss, where a dictator is empowered to reshape a whole country in his own image over successive terms, to the exclusion of all other positions, conceptions, and legitimate and constitutional limits. Dictatorship and socialism have been well-tried and failed. The revolutionary tactic of gaining power and then changing the rules to effectively prevent any counter-revolution is also a tried-and-true abuse of institutional power.

And let’s not forget: Obama the coverup-artist has yet to release any of the official records about his life: medical, academic, professional, psychological, publications, college transcripts. Nada. America is about to inaugurate a question mark.. one who allows people to talk about him as if he was a messiah. Sounds like an idiot, or maybe a malignant narcissist.

Sad to say it, but America seems poised to re-invent the square wheel, and find– at unknown cost and suffering– that it will not do: or if made to do, it will not do very well.

google-pendulum~ LAZY LIBERALISM likes to take two ends of the ‘spectrum’ in a debate, pick a middle point, and consider that ‘moderate’. So now we know Obama is a lazy pseudo-intellectual who operates in that way, by his choice of inaugural pray-ers Rick Warren, and his ‘opposite’, the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, the openly gay idiot Gene Robinson. By idiot, I mean: a not very smart nasty party-politicking ingrown ego– prancing in purple– and abusing his authority as Christian leader to play militant sexual politics.

The truth is not subject to debate, polling, or political calculation. Picking arbitrary points in the current state of an issue– especially when so many folks are willing to forbid and blackball opponents from even having their fair say. After all, the current wisdom may be so one-sided to begin with, that you’re picking between far left and extreme left. So on the CBC and other media, ‘balance’ is considered to be, say, having one expert who utterly hates George Bush, and a ‘moderate’ expert who just really dislikes him.

Getting Your Neville Chamberlain On

Of course, by trying to appease everyone, you might end up offending everyone– and after all, he’s only covering his own extreme views in a cloak of ‘balance’. So the militant American gay tribes reject Warren as an infidel against Lavender fascism; orthodox Anglican and Catholics are angry with Obama for choosing Robinson, a gay man living with his ‘partner’, a ceaseless promoter of premarital, extramarital, and sodomitical sexual behaviour. These are not morally equivalent poles in an intelligible debate: they are diametrically opposed moral and existential claims about the nature and purpose of personhood, procreation, gender, sexuality, and a whole lot of other first-principles issues.

So Obama is claiming but not especially showing real courage, only the profound confusion which lies at the heart of modern account of freedom. The especial tragedy is that Mr. Robinson has seen fit to consider himself some kind of oracle of God, speaking a gospel of liberation to his sect, and to the world. He’s a representative of the extremism that is currently metastasizing through the body of Western Anglicanism, in the name of the Gospel of unlimited personal freedom. He’s also a prime example of ‘The love that dares not speak its name™’ as Oscar Wilde once put it, which has mutated become ‘the love that will not shut up and mind its own business™’, and is currently seeking to dominate schools and curricula, law, culture, and public debate.

Long before any militant Muslim learned the high-powered political utility of the word ‘Islamophobia’, the politically super-conscious American same-sex movement was inventing the black-listing debate-stopping idea of ‘Homophobia’– that all criticism of homosexuals or homosexuality was hatred, and therefore illegitimate.


Handy-Dandy Ideological Tools

So the militants have handed the enemies of Western Civilization one of their most handy-dandy tools, which has silenced many a reasonable debate and sensible critic from even quoting and revealing what it is that Islam actually teaches and does. And did you catch those rainbow flags and Queers For Gaza signage in recent protests on Canadian streets? — people so ideologically blinded that stark staring reality escapes them, that while sodomy as a pastime between otherwise married men may be allowed in some Islamic countries, that hard-line Islamic countries imprison, torture, and execute anybody who is suspected or caught living a ‘homosexual lifestyle’. A triumphant sharia Islamism in the West would mean severe repression of those who engage in same-sex politics and behaviour.


Such is the tragic idiocy of an Obama, of progressive Utopians and sexual libertarians: they cannot see that their very freedoms flow from our Western principles, grounded on the concept of freedom, tolerance, and the dignity of each person before God, whatever their personal choices or sins may be. That is, in turn, grounded on the merciful love of God known in Christ Jesus, who says to the sinner of whatever sort “Neither do I condemn you: go, and sin no more.” He calls people to follow, he does not coerce them to submit to a theocracy.

That’s the fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity and the Greco-Roman-Hebrew Christianity of the West: Jesus says “Follow Me.” Or, free choice is an essential aspect of what is true and good. Muhammed says “Submit.” Or, Giving in and losing yourself is the best way.

From there flows all the difference.


~ NOT HAVING THE INSIDER political access of Levant, E., or some of the other bloggers on the issue, I’m just left with semi-edumacated guesses on the peregrinations of Harper, S. in Ottawa, when it comes to cutting back the sprechen polizei at Human Rights Commissions. It would appear that perhaps Harper said one thing to the press recently, whilst something else was happening behind the scenes with the Justice Minister. Having his cake and eating it, too?

In hat respect, the pro-Gaza tantrums of recent days are blessings in disguise: even the most politically blinkered may feel a little tickle in their disused BS-ometer at the spectacle of open Jew-hatred by members of Gay-hating religion in Canadian streets, whilst the HRCs keep themselves busy making miserable the lives of otherwise law-abiding Canadian citizens merely expressing their various opinions on various topics.


Why no kicking ass and taking names at the Toronto protests? Why no former T.O. mayor Babs Hall (and her lawyered cadres), or Bernie Farber or Warren Kinsella and the infamous Richard Warman, laying down their lives to defend Jews and such? Easy-peasy: pure and gutless fear.

A schoolyard bully takes on the weak and fearful kids, not the biggest and toughest, who just aren’t worth the trouble. So it is in the world of crime, too– and in bullying hyper-bureaucracies of officially sanctioned thought-cops and creeps. Leave it up to the real patriots, the real friends of Jews and free-speech and The West: Kathy, Wendy, Binks, Jason, Ezra, Mark, Kate, Scaramouche, Catfur, Kenneth, John, Robert, Pete, Jay, Nick, Deborah, Darcey, Rob, and all the rest. Much easier: that way you can get the official recognition, paycheques, pensions, and offices, while letting people you abuse and dislike do your dirty work for ya.

Why? Because militant Muslims are scary people, with national and international connections, and a proven track-record of hurt and threat against targets and those who dare stand up to them. That’s why Canada today is an Orwellian Animal Farm, where some pigs are more equal than others, and the HRC-bullies are– in the matter of free speech, at least– aiding and abetting the power of radical Islam over Canadians– including moderate Muslims, Jews, and the rest of us.

Jennifer Lynch and Barbara Hall, and Krista Daley, and John Miller, and the rest of them? Fire Them. Fire Them All. Scrap the Human Rights act, and rewrite it to prevent the kind of bullying abuse and blindly anti-Western bias that we’re now getting.


~ HAVE YOU NOTICED SOMETHING? Those of you with no lives and who review the comments on FMS & Canucki Jihad will find three sorts of comments: the usual, the extended, and then large chunks of assertion from (often) offshore Muslim folks who’ve come across my evil Islamophobical infidel sites which clearly don’t understand the greatness and perfections of Islam in general, and Muslims in particular. Dirty kuffars— whatcha gonna do?

Rahil Abbas: Your ignorance of Islam is astonishing (my response here)

Rahil Abbas: Okay the reason I said you should follow the religion

Iftikhar Ahmad: Multi-faith Schools (via this link)

Arifin Jusoh: Dear friend

Omar: Hello I would like to invite you to visit our website

Sadly, despite trying to reason with said interlocutors, what comes back is boilerplate, nicey-nice, or beside the point. Of course, if I lived in said Islamical paradises, I’d be up to my ears in lynch-mob or quasi-judicial doo-doo for insulting Islam, the Prophet, or the Koran: but since I’m not, they do a little mild-mannered Da’Wa (preaching to the infidel), trying to properly inform the ignorant infidel about the things he’s obviously wrong about– terribly, terribly wrong.

As I’ve said before, this misses the point. I’ve been a student of most of the world religions for a while, and my question about Islam isn’t “Tell me more, I’m an infidel”, but “Why is your religion true, or not?” Prove it, don’t presume it is true and then assume that I’m stubborn or stupid for disagreeing and having– dare I say it– been received into a more fulsome, coherent, and human religion.

Pondering only gets you so far in faith– after a while you have to ascend on wings of love to get into the greater mysteries of faith– but that’s transcending understanding, not rejecting it. It’s like deciding to marry a particular woman: after a while, weighing pros and cons, her personality, her suitability or whatever else does not mean love, but worldly and selfish calculation: you have to leap into love and marriage as the consummation of self-giving love one to another.

What do Christians– and those freely converted from other religions– find in it that they didd’t find in other religions like Islam? The living Christ, confronting them with a claim and a call– not the dead law of a dead prophet. If Islam is true, it is to be followed, and for no other reason. The same of Christianity, or any other faith. These are claims to ultimate truth, not comforting legends, lies, or ancient habits.

If modern world Islam were less fearful and uncertain and authoritarian, then Churches could be freely built in those nations, and converts allowed to choose their new faith without fear of persecution or death. Saudis demand the freedom to build extremist mosques and schools and Islamic Studies Departments in the West, while not allowing any real religious or intellectual freedom in that kingdom. There’s the dirty little secret behind all those nice emails to this infidel: Islamic theology has little capacity to think, reason, and uphold itself against the claims of philosophy and Christian theology that faith seeks understanding, and that you have to be able to give reasons for the faith that is in you.

And yes, the last concept comes from that much-maligned Book of Books, The Bible, as does most of what is good in Western thought, morality, and basic assumptions about people and the world. Faith seeking understanding (“Fides quaerens intellectum“) is from St. Alselm.

That I want reasons, not coercion at sword-point, means I’m a son of the West. That I want reasonable authority, evidence, and some signs of historicity and proof means I’m a true heir of Greek philosophy, Roman down to earthness, and Hebrew spirituality. Sad to say, despite a brief flowering of Islamic thought in the early Middle Ages, Jihad and intellectual stagnation– or jihadi pseudo-intellectualism– have remained the norm. Averroës was a thousand years ago.



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“One might argue that supremacy is inherent in Islam, inasmuch as it claims to be the one true religion and (unlike some other faiths, such as Judaism) seeks converts. But the same is true of Christianity, which has largely made peace with secular modernity and religious pluralism. Reconciling Islam with religious pluralism is a task for Muslims. Combating Islamic supremacist movements is one for non-Muslims and nonsupremacist Muslims alike.”

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~ ON TALKING BEARS and non sequiturs: Prefacing his National Post column with an anecdote about an Albanian chap who shot and killed a Kodiak bear at a Toronto zoo because he thought he overheard it and the other bears plotting (in Albanian) to take over the world, George Jonas divides today’s pundits into two categories: the delusional, and the sane but clueless …. (scaramouche)

~ “PEACE” Protests in London & London; Fighting Extremists by Ignoring Them …. (am770chqr)

~ NO-GO-ZONAGE: Netherlands: “Moderate” Muslim pol calls for Muslims-only district of Amsterdam …. (jihadwatch)

~ HAMAS’ GREATEST HITS: Now for a limited time you can still listen to MEMRI’s compilation of Hamas sound bites, a thrilling assortment of deranged rants shrieked by members of one of the most famous jihadi terrorist groups on the planet. Snap your fingers in time to “Death to the Jews!” Mambo to the sultry Latin rhythms of “Death to America!” …. (scaramouche)

~ MALAYSIAN officials linked to human trafficking …. (novascotiascott)

~ FEEL THE VILEOUSITY! Hamas’s Kampf: Naomi Klein, Judy Rebick, Sid Ryan: just a few of the folks who hate Israel and see it as being more or less equivalent to—and maybe even a good deal worse than—Hamas, an organization which takes its cues on genocide and Judenhass from the Third Reich …. (scaramouche)

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