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Still digesting and pondering the upcoming visit of soft-shoe Jihadist Tariq Ramadan to Vancouver.



Steynian 312

The Evil One Incarnate

“The joy is almost indescribable. No President’s exit in living memory – perhaps Harry Truman’s – has generated such glee from the media as that of the Younger Bush. Bush Derangement Syndrome became a cliché sometime in mid-2003.”

~ Publius ~

~ FAREWELL, MR. PRESIDENT: you may not have been the leader of my nation, but you were the leader of our world, in impossible times, and despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and tribal contempt and conspiracy theories and every kind of slander. May history judge you more gently and fairly than a lot of your own thankless citizens did; may your genuine mistakes and misleadings be tempered by the passage of time; may your overweening successor learn humility of his office before being taught it more painfully at the hands of his enemies.

Thank you, Mr. President: may God bless and keep you and yours, and bless America now, and in the days to come– because after all is said and done, she is a force for good in the world. ~


~ THE STIMULUS? I honestly think it’s a cash-grab and a power-grab by Western elites, and not much a save-the-world from 1929-redux. ‘Money will solve the problem’?… it’s the 1970s all over again, soft-fascism, government and society crippling debt to be paid by some imaginary people not all of whom are even born yet. As various observers have noted, if it were going into real investments, needed infrastructure, nuclear power plants, new oil refineries, and other good ideas, it would at least actually help us and decades to come. But Wall Streeters, bureaucrats and hands-out NGOs doing more of he usual? Might as well be shovelling it into an incinerator, and using the heat to forge silver shackles for our kids and grandkids.

That O-Messiah To Come gets his crown tomorrow is like a load of craptacular crap-frosting on a crap-cake. He’s right there in the hard-socialist mainstream, and will– like the Clintons before him– enable crazy programs with unimaginable consequences for generations to come: can you say unsecured mortgages? A democratic idea, whose implosion caught us all in this downturn which all of a sudden needed a stimulus.

Sound familiar? It’s the normal outcome of progressive utopianism: doing something stupid with good intentions, imagining magical outcomes.. and then doing it all again in the face of all contrary evidence. Can you say easy divorce? Birth prevention? Heavy government debt? Abortion as contraception? Muzzling people in the name of freedom? No holding the gay community in any way accountable for the spread of AIDS, and the death of 1/2 million North Americans?

All we can hope is that King Obama is either another Jimmah Carter, or a better man than his past words and deeds and friendships signify. We must support the office of American President, even if the occupant is manifestly a soft-fascist doofus– a loyal opposition is one of the many blessings of the democratic system, and since we’re all tempted to worship power and governments these days, O-Bamanism will be a salutory cure for loving Leviathan, trusting in godless power, and all the temptations of Utopianism. Let’s ‘hope’ and pray that his good deeds are magnified, and his bad ones minimized.

After all, as Jesus said to Pontius Pilate, or St. Paul said to Christians under persecution from a pagan emperor, all power ultimately comes from above: God rules over all by providence, infinite power and wisdom, and love. Obama is apparently pleased by adulation, worship, and the blasphemy of being considered messianical– yet he is not God: the Lord and his faithful have the last laugh, and know that worldly power passes away, and it is gone, if it is not founded on greater things than tribal power, and seeks nothing higher than the feeding-trough.

Where is Ozymandias? Chengis Khan? Nebuchadnezzar? Xerxes? The Norman Kings of Sicily? The Hapsburgs? The Bourbons? ~


~ GAZA WAR? All better now! Iran will send more goods via Egyptian smuggling tunnels and other means, Hamas will rebuild, get more sorry-money from the world-community and NGOs, and the status quo of Israel with missiles pouring into its towns and villages will continue. The real solution is obvious, but nobody wants to piss off the militant Muslim world, cuz they’re wimps, and making money selling stuff, and feeling good supporting allegedly helpless refugees. So the Palestinians continue in their mafia-run prison camps, with no hope of real peace or a future, serving Iran and the enemies of the West as proxies & puppets for decades more.

It’s an open sore, with a host of scab-pickers hard at work. There’s a reason the Soviets cynically supported the Israeli declaration of independence in 1947: it would be a hotspot for years to come. Now, the UN, the EU, and the Middle East are all playing the same cynical game for their own range of reasons, just as Europe sold goodies to Saddam’s Iraq (bunkers, weapons, reactor components). Actual peace would leave a lot of people poorer, and looking or a fight. The Middle East generally is being treated like a drug-addict, and Western money, weapons, and short-sighted geo-politics are the drugs.

Seizing Lebanon and The West Bank and Gaza, de-weaponizing them, and setting up actual international rule and supervision so the people and not the militants and Jihadis were given a chance is all too simple. First, we have to get the Western willpower to do it. ~


~ THANKS TO ALL THE TWITS out there on Twitter for signing up to my feed. [ @binkswebelf ]. I’m probably not using it right, yet, but will get more zoned in on updates and news and such once I make more time and get used to said Twittering. ~


Mark Steyn


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“This is emotional excess that disguises a severe, disabling anxiety; an anxiety that has been tenously held in check by the psychological denial that came before. It is as if the bizarre national depression the media have been hyping for the last eight years suddenly flipped into a full-blown mania–with all the euphoria, grandiose ideas and plans, delusions of grandeur, wildly impulsive spending, irritability and inappropriateness one sees in an acute manic episode.”

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If you refuse to take up the sword
you can still die on one. These are free women.

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