Steynian 314

I Pledge To You All..

.. to resist the Borg
.. to fight the Jihad
.. to defend the true victims
.. to speak the truth in love
.. to hold Obama accountable
.. to relentlessly satirize nonsense
.. to keep kicking ass, and taking names
.. in short..
.. to keep on being Binky The Cranky WebElf.. So help me God!


Obama, George Mitchell, And Fresh Palestinian Doom

The extraordinary Obama! Not a week in, and it looks like he’s already pooched the Middle East for the remainder of his current term. Let’s see how we get there.

It all begins with the lefty bigotry of low expectations. You know, Arabs and blacks and poor people and whoever else is acting up, just can’t help themselves. That’s a mighty convenient position, since it neatly categorizes, absolves, and damns whole swaths of people. Also handy, since it makes such groups the objects the target of BigGov largesses and do-goodery.

Remember: a ‘progressive’ is always looking to do something to other people for their own good. Gabillions have been spent in such projects, often causing and perpetuating and rewarding segregation, an underclass, and resentment.

Comes The O

Whether Obama himself is a good thing, that a partly black man has become leader of the U.S. is a challenge the Great Society green-stamps, fatherlessness and ‘why bother’ culture in which Democrats have been pleased to keep their pocket-voters over the last 40 years. The equivalent in Canada would be the Maritime provinces: kept in debt by past Liberal leaders, so that Ottawa could keep them afloat with big-project spending– so as to curry the proper votes. Shaidle asks “Can Obama heal the rift between black men and black women?” The Rift: created, paid for, and cultivated by do-gooders on the Left and the Right for 45+ years.

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Binky.. Now En Français!

17247Zoot alors!

The lovely and talented folks over at the fine Islamophobic site Point De Bascules have translated one of my recent bits on The Tariq. Thanks to Annie Lessard et al. for taking the time to change my tortured and wandering English into comprehensible français, and for finding some cool Tariq graphics, too.


Bookmark them, and read via the Babelfish translator. They must be doing something right, because they were severely hacked over Christmas by cyber-enemies, likely Jihadi-hackers here or abroad.


P.S. — On the topic of Jihad, do bookmark the new Walker-Blog project for supporting Geert Wilders: Defend Geert Wilders. Pass the link around, and link to it in comments and stuff, too.