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.. to resist the Borg
.. to fight the Jihad
.. to defend the true victims
.. to speak the truth in love
.. to hold Obama accountable
.. to relentlessly satirize nonsense
.. to keep kicking ass, and taking names
.. in short..
.. to keep on being Binky The Cranky WebElf.. So help me God!


Obama, George Mitchell, And Fresh Palestinian Doom

The extraordinary Obama! Not a week in, and it looks like he’s already pooched the Middle East for the remainder of his current term. Let’s see how we get there.

It all begins with the lefty bigotry of low expectations. You know, Arabs and blacks and poor people and whoever else is acting up, just can’t help themselves. That’s a mighty convenient position, since it neatly categorizes, absolves, and damns whole swaths of people. Also handy, since it makes such groups the objects the target of BigGov largesses and do-goodery.

Remember: a ‘progressive’ is always looking to do something to other people for their own good. Gabillions have been spent in such projects, often causing and perpetuating and rewarding segregation, an underclass, and resentment.

Comes The O

Whether Obama himself is a good thing, that a partly black man has become leader of the U.S. is a challenge the Great Society green-stamps, fatherlessness and ‘why bother’ culture in which Democrats have been pleased to keep their pocket-voters over the last 40 years. The equivalent in Canada would be the Maritime provinces: kept in debt by past Liberal leaders, so that Ottawa could keep them afloat with big-project spending– so as to curry the proper votes. Shaidle asks “Can Obama heal the rift between black men and black women?” The Rift: created, paid for, and cultivated by do-gooders on the Left and the Right for 45+ years.

The Middle Eastern SitRep

Aside from the predictable pundits like CNN-fave Hanan Ashrawi, in ‘Palestine’ and the Middle East, there are people of good will, academics, thoughtful folks who hate the current mess, and genuinely want peace. Terror, appeasement, hate, war– we’ve done that in spades since 1947: and the West has been pleased to sell weapons to all parties, and keep the situation artificially unstable.

The Israeli Wars: 62 years. Sixty Two Frickin’ Years.

744 months.
3224 weeks.
22568 days.
That’s 541 632 hours,
32 497 920 minutes,
and 1 949 875 200 seconds.

Of course, since the Jews say “Never Again” and the proud Arab says “Never Forget”, and given that war has been the normal state of the area for 10 000 years, we could just shrug and say (in our sophisticated and bigoted way): you can’t expect much from those people. Remember where we are, according the head of one faction of the Jihad— “Bin Laden: Gaza is one of the many fronts of “World Jihad.”

Except people are people. Even when infected with the stubborn jihad-virus, there’s still a child of God under all that– and a sick and ingrown culture of hate nurtured from all sides, and perpetuated by cynical Western politicians for their own imagined interests. I’ve had friends from the Middle East, and they are passionate people to be sure– but to say to the Palestinians (in effect) rot in your hell: to say “We’ll keep sending payments for the prison-keepers” is just evil.

Palestinians must say “Enough.” The world must say “Enough.” We must help Palestinians to Say No to Terror, Yes to Peace, and dethrone and defund the criminal jihadi fascists running the show. After World War 2, Germany was systematically and fairly successfully de-Nazified.

The Alternative?

The 62 years of war, hundreds of U.N. Resolutions and navel-gazing and stern letters, the protests and good will and bad will: it’s not worked. Iran will soon be an international menace with medium-level nukes and intercontinental missiles. The time is now, before a nuke-equipped Israel finds herself cornered, and launches an all-out retaliatory strike on enemy forces, capitals, and infrastructure.

Are we really willing to risk tens of millions of deaths in a regional nuclear conflict, all because we were scaredy-cats, compromised, or couldn’t be bothered?

The soft bigotry of low expectations is a sweet, sweet poison: but the consequences of such an attitude has been death, poverty, abortion, divorce, dependency at home in the U.S., and untold misery, conflict, time-wasting and cynicism on the international level.

It’s self-interest and humanitarian at the same time: remember how the malevolent Mini-Me Arafat invented both international terrorism and hijacking, and then spread it within the growing jihadist community, and around the world– all in the name Palestinian grievances. The path from Arafat to 9/11 is direct. We need to surgically treat this patch of political flesh-eating disease before more and worse comes to us, and the world, and their own captive population.

Into The Abyss!

Sad to say, the fact that O-Messiah has just called on Israel to open the Gaza Hamastan border; and on top of that, recycled “the Palestinian propagandist” George Mitchell as his ‘new’ Middle East envoy does not bode well for Israel, Palestine, or regional peace. So much– yet again– for hope and change. Same old, and worser.

Final nail in the coffin for current hope? Obama, funeral director:

“On Wednesday at 8 a.m., Obama made his first phone call to a foreign leader. He called PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. During their conversation, Obama pledged his commitment to Palestinian statehood.”

Wow. Fastest fail in presidential history– Obama has certainly made his mark on history. Let’s hope he stops listening to Hamas and jihadi propaganda, an actually learns real things about the real world he’s now in charge of, or we’re in for a really scary ride.

Just saying, is all.


~ WORD TO THE CHRC, KINSELLA & CO.— “Joint hatred of everything Jewish is unifying neo-Nazis and Islamists.” Yeah, it doesn’t fit the old model, but you guys are back in the 90’s anyway, so wake up. The radical Muslims are the new haters, along with the basement Nazis and Doc Marten demographic.

Get it? Steyn is in trouble because he’s belling the cat, not because he’s a paragon of hate-speech. Like Geert Wilders, it’s easier to attack the messenger when you don’t want to hear the message. You’re complaining about the fire alarm and smoke, but ignoring the fire. You are supposed to be public servants, not servants of a blinkered ideology into which you squeeze reality ad people who fit the categories.

The Freespeechers are mostly just people, trying to point out a serious contradiction in our puzzled land, that a Steyn or Boissoin or Levant are under the Human Rights gun, but hate-spewing Imams and radical Muslims in Canada get a free pass. Death to Jews? Exterminate gays? Sharia uber alles? Saith Steyn:

“The PC nellies of the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission, happy to hound the last neo-Nazi in Saskatchewan posting to the Internet from his mum’s basement, won’t go anywhere near Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus al-Hayitia, the big-time Montreal imam whose book says infidels are “evil people”, Jews “spread corruption and chaos”, and homosexuals should be “exterminated”

It’s like at the new politically correct schools: crimes that fit the current theory get instant detentions; but outside the rules, lots of actual badness, bullying, and hurt takes place, in allegedly ‘safe educational environments’. It’s all about feeling good, covering your ass, and forwarding an agenda, no matter the actual harm actually happening to real people.

Fundamentally, it’s the refusal to (a) recognize the categories of good and evil (including our own), (b) applying said categories, (c) and refusing to remember and use the wisdom of the past few thousand years to understand human nature, kids, and education.

Cuz after all, we’re the bestest people ever, and  more smartestest, too– all those old patriarchal homophobic sexist imperialistic racist people pre-1960 have nothing to teach unto US™, the living pinnacle of progress to this point!

Not so much.There are none so blind….

The Oaf Of Office: Barack Jumps The Gun

~ DO YOU GET THE IMPRESSION— first from his oath-fumbling, and then from his hit-n-run trip to the White House Briefing Room– that Obama’s main info on such things comes from  watching TV and movies featuring things Presidential? You know, a dose of West Wing, Air Force One, that Oliver Stone Kennedy movie… other movies with re-enacted inaugurations, that sort of thing? You’re not on a frickin’ TV or move sound stage, dude!

It’s like he’s watching himself on TV, but then switches off, because he’s just a fan visiting the set. Listen up, O– it’s real deal, and you’re it. You’re not a VIP guest any more, and can’t do that clumsy duck-n-dodge of reporters, or botched oath in public (remember: the second oath had no Lincoln Bible). No more post-modern watching yourself watching other people watching you.

Obama Irritated With White House Reporter – 1/22/09

The guy comes across like an idiotic actor– “I’m not the President– but I play one on TV.” Sadly, like some actors, true character and acting talent don’t always come in one package. Some stars give a bad name to flaky people everywhere; some have actual real human goodness and smarts under the makeup and public personae.

Obama is not acting in a role about Obama: that’s going to be Will Smith’s job, apparently.

He darned well better figure out what’s reality, and what’s appearance, because the spotlights are on, and we’re live. The O seems to think he’s a heroic and amazing character: however, I’ve actually been privileged know, speak to, and bury actual war-heroes– all of whom were universally modest about their world-changing deeds– the O pales to nothing in comparison, and has done little in the world of note or lasting good.

Stop staring in the mirror, O.


Mark Steyn

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~ SHRUGS ALL ‘ROUND— “It is a testament to the screwiness of the “international community” and of international “human rights organizations” that we hear nothing about Hamas’s war crimes even though there is little doubt that Hamas is guilty of violating the most essential of all laws of war — the one that holds that there must be a clear distinction between combatants and civilians” …. (commentarymagazine)

~ PALESTINIANS Must Say No to Terror, Yes to Peace …. (americanthinker)

~ CONNECT THE DOTS: The Iran- al Qaeda Conundrum …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ FROM THE Canadian Arab Federation “Gaza Bulletin” – What A Surprise, More Jew- Hatin’ links …. (


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