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ever since I found out about Mont St. Michael, I’ve loved it. Church.. plus town.. on a cool island-thingy mountain. It’s like the evil secret headquarters, except for good. Sad to say it’s currently a museum, ever since the French Devolution, but it’s still evocative.

Word has it that way back in the day, after the Legions retreated to defend Italy in the early 400s, that the island mount was a last-ditch fortress, a refuge in the surging tide of barbarian tribes released from Imperial control. Evidence is sketchy about how long it held out, but before long, a vision of Michael the Archangel led to the construction of a monastery on the site, and the pilgrimages began. The pilgrimages still continue, though many go to see history, a special place, a long-time site of human activity and intention.

Not sure if I’ll ever get there (along with the other great Mediaeval pilgrimage sites of Compostela, Rome, Mount Gargano, and the Holy Land), but it lives in my mind– and I hope, one day, a renewed order of monks will return there to pray (like these guys, maybe), to do good works, to remember Western Civilization, and to be the invisible spiritual glue that holds up and defends the church and western civilization.

Places exist in the mind as ideas and symbols, even if we’ve not been there– even if we can’t go there (as in the case of legendary, mythical, fictional, or lost places of the past– I’d love to visit Rivendell, and Minas Tirith, and ancient Alexandria). Sadly, that can be for ill, as well for good. So the magical land of ‘Caliphate’ enchants modern Jihadist as a golden age, and a goal for attainment by any means. In the Middle Ages, the Turkish horde dreamt of the golden apple: the orb in the hand of a giant equestrian statue of Justinian in the downtown of ancient Constantinople. The ‘apple’ was reputedly full of unimaginable treasures. It was a longing, an imagination, a symbol for something possibly attainable.


So too the modern idea of a Caliphate, ruled by Muhammad’s general of the faithful– where Islam rules and kuffirs are second-class citizens with extra taxes and few true freedoms– just like the old Ottoman Empire: the goal. Never mind that after the greedy Jihad faltered after the failed assault on Vienna in the late 1600s, that the Ottoman Empire became a stagnant and decaying backwater. The dream is the thing.

The dream of a Caliphate renewed: since such a society is not advanced and Western, the required funding comes from jihad and taxing the infidel. Same old since the 7th century, and in the service of the war-God of Muhammad.

Beware of such dark dreas: of such is conquest, blood, and a second dark age. ~


~ THE DEBATE IS OVER: The U.S. bailout is a political grab. Earmarks on steroids. The biggest pork barrel ever, with all the usual customers bellying up to the all you can grab buffet– and why has Obama tied himself to an olde-style Dem grab-fest?. The running tally? 10 trillion. 13 zeros. 10 000 000 000 000.00. Simply put, it must stop now. Word is we’re getting complaints from the Somali pirates: Obama & Co. are giving piracy a really bad name. And the idea that Canada should go back into debt to save itself from recession is just more credit-card spending, except on a national level. Proportionately, our ‘bailout’ would be $670 000 000.00 if we were big as America. That’s not counting lost GDP, or interest-charges, or the damage to the economy. ~


~ GONNA USE one of those big names: Nietzsche. He was a crazy guy who said some brilliant things about the modern world. First, that God is dead (the awareness of God is dying in the modern mind & world, not that the deity died). Second, that barring tradicital morality and restraint arising from God, you end up with the will to power: naked will, seeking to enforce itself on material and human nature. Third, that with such a will, we end up with godlike supermen, by pure will creating a kingdom of pliable pawns– or ‘men without chests’– by any means, to embody their will. The idea? Nazism, communism, type thing.

No God = no good– No God + no good? An ugly kingdom of naked power and evil, created by our betters.

Islam and progressive Utopianism are both lightweight versions of that prophet of atheism, Nietzsche. Übama is all about bending things to his unlimited will: already in his first week, it’s been hurray for dead babies, down with real Middle East Peace, silence Rush Limbaugh, and whatever else fits the program. Of course, not all of the legislation will be bad, but that’s beside the point: it’s his will as leader uber alles that really matters.

His followers and opposition are even now learning that being the new superheroic messiah— a false one, of course– means that unlike the real one, it’s his will be done, and his kingdom come on earth, and that the son of man came to be served, and not to serve. Democracy? Not so much. All the rest is grand gesturing, posturing, advertising, song and dance and publicity stunts.

More worse? When Übama relaunched and refreshed the war on the unborn, of course– since a majority of the abortions in the U.S. are of black babies, he now presides over a war against the very race he is so proud of a s1/2 his heritage. His new policies will in fact kill blacks at home, and various ethnic minorities around the world. It is tragically beyond all irony that this should mark the advent of this new moment, dreamt of long ago by the pro-life Martin Luther King. It’s beyond horrible that the hoped-for black leader should turn out to be a Herod against his own people, and the weakest of the world– instead of sparing a few billion to upgrade single-parent resources and post-natal aftercare and fatherhood programs and all that parents of the unborn could be done to help folks in need?

Well, as the ancient Phoenecians could tell you, sacrifices must be made.

Remember, I told you so, but I really really wish I didn’t have to. Watch for developments. ~




~ SPEAKING OF THAT Obama Inaugural speech, whatever his empty rhetoric about confronting enemies of the United States Of Obama (you know, cuz it would make him look bad, and everything), in the first week he comforted Hamas, agreed to US-Gov funds to kill more foriegn babies, and launched a nasty pre-Fairness Doctrine assault on free speech he doesn’t happen to like.

Sad to say, the modernist Anglican Church of my past experience taught m all I ever didn’t want to know about politically correct assassination: isolate, polarize, mischaracterize, exclude. It’s a highly toxic form of snobbery, formerly directed at other Christians, or Jews, or anti-monarchists. In the new unchurch, it’s directed at authentically Christian Anglicans, dissenters, and those who don’t consider long nonproductive meetings as the highest and best form of pooling ignorance in search of truth and consensus. For those progressives who go ahead and act bad, they unpeople, too– never discussed, never wondered about: they fell off the revolutionary wago, you see, and we just don’t talk about that, or the reasons why.

Like the Joker as played by Jack Nicholson in the new Batman movies a while back, this revolution– like all others– eats its own children. Those closest to the Obama are just at much at risk as are the O-Bot media, some of whom are now wondering who and what über güber they just helped boost into office. Like the bad generals of the past two world wars, such characters are willing to fight to the last drop of other people’s blood, the last dollar of other people’s money.

Words are fine, but watch what he does. ~


~ WHERE WE ARE: Geert Wilders Charged for Agreeing with Churchill & Hitler on Islam. ~

~ FOR THOSE OF YOU Twitter-freaks who post 90 times a day, we’re just to busy in real life to take time to post on Twiter what we’re doing other than posting on Twitter [ @binkswebelf ]. Same for Facebook, or any other of those thingies. Techno-peasantry: I live it. “Pope welcomes Facebook, but cautions“.. yup, I’m there. ~



Mark Steyn

“Great! Surrender in Iraq and I promise to recycle. Let the mullahs go nuclear and I promise to carpool when I go to buy fair-trade coffee. Stand idly by while those goofy foreigners slaughter everyone in Sudan and I promise to sign up for an authentic African-style interpetative dance fundraising event commemorating the Rwandan genocide. It really is that simple!”

~ Mark Steyn ~

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~ NDIPPER REALITY VS. THEORY— Power… to some of the people; some animals are more equal than others; mind you, “Idle minds are the devil’s workshop: There haven’t been any classes at York University, Toronto very own Gaza U, for going on three months now; teaching assistants and other Ontario CUPE members (the union helmed by witch hunter/ Jew-hater Sid “Vicious” Ryan) are on strike. That means York’s student government has plenty of time on its hands to craft demented poison pen letters to the Jewish state—like this one, a motion it passed mere days ago” …. (Various)

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“In order to master the President’s ideology, it is essential to study many of the basic concepts over and over again, and it is best to memorize important statements and apply them repeatedly. Learn earnestly and diligently.”

~ Obama’s Little Blue Book ~


“Obama doesn’t seem prone to locate our enemies externally, where they actually exist, i.e., in Islam. But every theology needs a satan. Again, for this reason, I think the fantasists of the left will be unable to “let go” of President Bush, since he has become so vital to their psychic equilibrium. But they don’t fool us.”

~ One Cosmos ~

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Bailoutistan– Sponsor An Executive, Please

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~ VILE IMAM ALY HINDY (see vid above) Canadian Imam Praises Suicide Bombing …. (sda)

If I talked about Muslims the way their holy book talks about me,
I’d be arrested for hate speech”

~ UPDATE— Pamela Geller has a wonderful new plan to honor the memory of Aqsa Parvez, who was murdered by her father in an honor killing …. (

~ BEEB SHAKES HEAD, BRIEFLY WAKES UP— “Members of a British anti-war group briefly occupied the Glasgow offices of the BBC on Sunday to protest the national broadcaster’s decision not to air a charity fundraising appeal for Palestinians in Gaza”, and get called out by the Archbishop of Canterbury action figure, now with special sharia compliance grovel-action! …. (themcj)

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Labour peer Lord Nazir Ahmed Forbids Fitna In Free Country

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Geert Wilders – A little video on what is a hate crime

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~ GERMANY: Jews out , Germans out, allahu akbar, f***k off Jews,kick the Jews out, burn the Jew. The calls for Jewish genocide are frightening but the world’s silence, complicity is terrifying …. (atlasshrugs2000)

Sweden: Muslim mob attacks peaceful pro-Israel rally,
chants “Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!”

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~ SWEDEN: Muslim demonstrators attack Jews at peaceful pro-Israel rally …. (

The Infidel Zionist Journalist!

~ MALIGNANT CBS Incorrectly Claims Israel Used ‘Banned Weapon,’ Ignores Hamas ‘War Crimes’ …. (newsbusters)

~ HATER Khalid Yasin: “Wilders Should Be Flogged” …. (

~ THE MUSLIM WAR ON WOMEN— “And the reason he took his daughter’s life, by his own words was that she wasn’t being true to her religion or to her husband” …. (JiWa)

~ COLORADO Dem. Gov. Ritter: We’ll have some more jihadists, please! …. (michellemalkin)

~ GAZA RAT-BASTARD WATCH: Hamas tried to hijack ambulances during Gaza war. In almost-news, “Eviil Jooooos Attack Ambulances, Wounded” …. (JiWi)

~ MORE FORMER Guantanamerans Land Jobs …. (pw)

~ PAKISTAN tells Obama to stop missile strikes against militant targets …. (jihadwatch)

~ WESTERN POWERS believe that Iran is running short of the raw material required to manufacture nuclear weapons, triggering an international race to prevent it from importing more …. (proteinwisdom)

~ GIVE, SO IT HURTS! Iraqi Sufis donate to Hamas, boast of jihad activity in Iraq …. (


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