How Do You Love Her?

.. go ahead, count the ways, cuz it’s a contest, and there’s swag involved.

The Right Girl Blog is turning 5– and she’s lookin’ to celebrate, St. Valentine style.

“I want you, my loyal readership, to write me a love letter. I want you to write a letter to RightGirl, or to the blog itself, telling me why you come back day after day, and what you’ve gained from your time here. Get creative. Send it in an email, in a YouTube video or even a spoken-word MP3. Send submissions to iloverightgirl-AT-gmail-DOT-com.”

Swag? Oh, yes– The winner will receive:

* A copy of America Alone, signed by Mark Steyn
* A copy of The Tyranny of Nice, signed by Kathy Shaidle
* A Larry, Curly & Mohamed shirt
* A box of Valentine chocolates

Why the shameless plug? Cuz we all love our Canucki butt-kickerRight Girl, right?




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