Steynian 318


~ IS THAT IT? IS THIS LITTLE MAN with his smelly little orthodoxies truly the fulfilment of the hopes and dreams of the Civil Rights Era?

$600 000 000.00 Campaign, and a $150 000 000.00 Inaugural: $750M– almost a bailout-worth. Now with the Kobe steaks and luxury life.

Week One: dead babies? Pander to terror? Muzzle critics? Loot for cronies? The Obama power-grab is, of course, aimed at perpetuating Democratic power in perpetuity. That the naked lust for power, and ideology over truth or bipartisanship would be exposed so swiftly is the one remarkable new thing. No delay, decency, or doubt. We are right. America is ours. Submit now, and beat the rush. Or, Beat The Rush, as the case may be.

He’s allowed to do good things and get credit for it, of course, but thusfar he’s done nothing truly good, or which would change the underlying bent nature he brings to the job. I’m happy othr people keep trying to wish him the best, but that says more about them, than him. The giant ingrown ego can only disguise itself, never hide nor fail to show itself forth in the overweening recklessness and pride which is Obama’s modus operandi. “Yes, I’m That Good.” Admiring himself? Intoxicating!

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