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Steynian 329


~ THE CURRENT AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION is full of nitwit do-gooders with the people’s money, and bright ideas. Be afraid: it’s like a parcel of Dr. Evils overdosed n godo intentions.

The next four years will likely be the seed-time for a host of bad ideas, wasteful projects, and results of which it shall be said “But I/ we never meant for THAT to happen.” The side-effects of bad ideas happen in the real world, far away from the powerful people who experiment on people as if they were rats, and the country a laboratory. Our betters don’t care much for the actual results. As the old saying has it: those who can’t do, teach; and those who can’t do or teach, lead… or get promoted into the Obama Cabinet, unless their crimes and misdemeanours and associations scuttle their candidacy.

Remember: the great monstercracies of the past century? Someone’s really bright idea. Ideas lead to consequences. Consequences touch real people. It is one of the wonderful things for those with power to make a difference; it is one of the dangers that power is precisely a serious responsibility. Our fallen hearts may say “Power corrupts; and absolute power?.. rather nice, thanks” but that is the way of domination, dictatorship, and wasted government money, bloated bureaucracy, and stupid programs. Leviathan thrives on red tape and paperwork.

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Springtime For Hitler?


ITEMS: York University Anti-Israel TA Forbids Student From Wearing IDF T-Shirt To Class;

Antisemitism at Canadian Universities Gets Noticed in Israel.

Smug & Dangerous Canada

~ GO @#$%! YOURSELF– WE’RE #$%& TOLERANT! Canada has a typically socialist delusional self-image: part smug, part better-than-thou, part dwelling in the past, part utterly ignorant of reality.

This Elf speaks as a true son of Canada, at one remover from Scots and American Immigrants on one side, and Dutch pre-loyalists and Loyalists on the other: 1942 and 1763. Beat that, snotty recent immigrant Toronto Airport Security Attendants. Deep & new Canada met together in this elf-mutt.


Juden raus!

Anyhow– look at what’s happening in the liberal and increasingly Islamified bits of smug Canada. Anti-Jew protests. Sure, it’s clothed in ‘social justice’ (Marxism) and Paleostinian refugeeism (hateful terror-loving Jew-hating ideology), but it’s the old hatred risen again, zombie-like. Kindly Muhammad hated the Jews, and his version of the apocalypse includes a giant Jew-killing spree by Muslims to rid the world of them forever. Interesting how racialist left-fascism and Islamist radicalism agree on that and many other points.

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Steynian 328

ITEM: Bountiful Polygamy Case Sets off Alarm Bells

~ REMEMBER BACK IN THE DAY, when Christians and other critics of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ warned that the same arguments forwarded by advocates of changing the definition of marriage opened the door to polygamy? Now that Polygamists in the U.S. and Canada are using precisely that argument, where are the same-sex activists to say “Whoa, there!” or “Don’t use our arguments in that way” an “Polygamy is wrong!” and all the other things logic might imply they should oppose on the basis of their past assurances about slippery slopes, logical progression, and all the rest. In other news: “Supporters of Traditional Marriage Continue to be Targeted and Intimidated in California“; and Compromise on Religious Liberty and Same Sex Marriage. ~

~ WE– UH– DIDN’T WATCH the latest Obama The Friendly Soft-Fascist Broadcast. Why bother? Unless you’ve got muy mucho frequent flyer points for HeadUpButtLand, it’s all the same stuff.

OK.. Same Messiah, different speech. He’s got no plan, no sense, and a parcel of crazy advisors and cabinet members. Worst President Ever, still incoming. He doesn’t want you to agree or disagree: he wants you to obey, turn off your brain, and think what he tells you. I Told You So. ~

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Free Speech Alert

Says The Ezra:

….I haven’t asked for any help with my legal funds in two months, but I regret that Kinsella’s new lawsuit does require me to incur more expenses – a statement of defence right away, likely some preliminary motions, and then the meticulous work of discoveries. Discoveries themselves could top $20,000 and a trial – which could take the better part of a week – could add $50,000 more.

Would you please help me out?

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Steynian 327


~ WHO’S SHORT-SIGHTED NOW? Those who ignore history are doomed to resemble it, and misunderstand it.. over and over.

Echoes of Nixon from the O-bots

So: there’s the old saw about ten thousand monkeys at ten thousand type-writers eventually writing Shakespeare. Remember that? So the cartoonist connects with the old notion, and then says it only took one monkey to write the Porkulus, because it’s so clueless and useless a piece of policy, bound to make bad things worse, in a specially painful and long-lasting kinda way.

Says the National O-Media? “They’re calling Obama a Monkey!” And any criticism of Obama is racist anyway, so the cartoonist is a double-racist! RACIIIIIIISTS! Clueless, AND viciously political. Welcome to Chicago, DC.

Never mind that it was a good joke– except to the ill-willed & touchy mafia machine that is Obamocracy– it’s just more proof that The Glorious Leader has his expectations, which shall be met. White House media? Heel, doggy! Press Conferences? He prefers YouTube fireside chats. Open questions? Nope: vetted questions with vetted reporters.

So in under a month, the New President is attempting to gut the media, silence all legitimate questions and criticisms– even from friendly sources– and so ‘manage’ free expression when it comes to the president, policies, or his person. Even law-enforcement is getting the message: public disapproval of the Dear Leader has been met with police harassment; Rush Limbaugh has been the subject of a political war by the top public servant against a voter and private citizen.

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Fresh News…

.. up tomorrow. Meatspace has filled the past to days, but news is gathered & almost formatted.


Our Sister Aqsa

Yes, today is not a regular posting day, but I just had to say this now. Besides, yesterday’s post had no rant or screed attached, so this is a belated offering.


~ WORD HAS IT NATPOST SCRIBBLER CHRIS SELLEY thinks Pam Geller and the Binks family and all the others who wanted a decent memorial stone for honour-slaughtered Canadian teen Aqsa Parvez are not very sensible people.

Ottawegian journalist Deb Gyapong weighs in; as has the inimitable Kathy Shaidle, Pam herself, and others. I had this to say a little while back, in a letter to Jason Kenney. Looks like Teh Steyn has chimed in, too.


Catses & Meeses

OK– imagine: There is a big cat around, which most of the mice are afraid to mention, let alone ponder belling. Some of the mice are even into denying the existence or intent of said cat, and consider the concerned mice or pro-bell mice to be dangerous trouble-making catophobes (technically speaking, Ailurophobes). Even mentioning mice freshly eaten by the cat causes outrage and fear: better just blame those crazy cat-conspiracy mice for bringing it up.

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Steynian 326

~ CANUCKI JIHAD— Saudi Money; On Their High Horse: UPDATED …. (CJ)

Mark Steyn

“I’m no Islamic scholar, but, if the Fourth Sock returns, can the Twelfth Imam be far behind?”

~ Mark Steyn ~

~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: THE FOURTH SOCK IS OUT OF THE DRAWER! — The return of Daniel Simard – plus Cheri DiNovo on the speech rights of “right-wing bigots” (see also: Cheri by the numbers); and the Bloc takes an interest …. (Various)

~ STEYN TESTIFIES: “Free societies should not be in the business of criminalizing opinion”– Committee Transcripts: Standing Committee on Government Agencies – February 09, 2009 – Agency review: Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. This is amazing. One for the history books, I tell ya …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ EUROPE AND ISLAM: LARS MAN STANDING– The logic of the left – plus Newspeak liberalism …. (nrotc)

~ STEYN: “More fun with the Internet! You can Google the spooks” …. (nrotc)

~ MO’ STEYN on Bikini-clad wimmins …. (nrotc)

~ CALLOOOH! CALLAY! Oh frabjous day!: After being sidelined by trumped up charges of “Islamophobia,” Mark Steyn is returning to Macleans …. (scaramouche)


~ BLOC MP SUPPORTS Parliamentary review of CHRC …. (Ez)

~ ALBERTA cabmin: HRC acting like a “kangaroo court” …. (ezralevant)

~ EZRA ON The importance of politically incorrect history …. (ez)

~ EZRA-FOE NEWS— God is not dead Kuffar! Except to you and apostates! Syed Soharwardy is planning to run Pro – God bus ad …. (

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Steynian 325

By The Power Of Ed!

By The Power Of Ed!

~ FREE PROPS from the Ed! “Would You Like To Learn More? The Binkmeister sees all, links all.” Muwahahaahahaha! …. (pajamasmedia)

~ UNSURPRISINGLY ENOUGH, we get Jihad-mail here once in a while. Some ‘Akhter’ person recently wanted to set us straight on various topics, so he copied stuff from some websites-or-other and passed it on to us stinking kuffirs. See here, here, and here. Feel the enlightening.

Apparently– so Akhtar means to tell us– Christians suck, Muslims rule, and here at FreeMarkSteyn, we’re utter meanies for posting anything at all critical of Big Mo and His 7th-Century-Loving Minions, no matter whether said info is factual, fair comment, or otherwise.

Gosh.. what’s a poor infidel s’posed to do? Like a fool, I don’t automatically assume what Mohammed says is the only truth, ever. I want to know if it is true, what the evidence is, and how it relates to other truth-claims from other systems of belief claims to ultimacy. Plus, I’m already a well-educated and not unthoughtful Christian (you know, the faith that started 600 years before Mohammed Ibn Abdallah, The Door To Door Salesman, became Mohammed™ the Only & Bestest Prophet/ Pillager Ever, Scourge Of The Jews & Infidels, and Tongue-Sucker Extraordinaire).

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Finally, Fresh Steebness!

Dear Minions:

Finally, Fresh Steebness!

Your cannot resist. You will go and enjoy. You will leave pleasant and encouraging comments, with your interesting ideas in the comments. You will pass the word to others.

The Inner Meaning of Rapper DMX & Johnny Cash, Wth Some Plato! Lego of The Week! What more could you ask for?!?

The Son Of Binks, Tha Steeb, has just posted. Let the earth rejoice, and be glad.

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