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~ TEH BINKS sends a letter to ImmiMin Jason Kenney, on the topic of Aqsa Parvez. Why not join in? [ ] …. (canuckjihad)

~ ELMO RIDES AGAIN: Former CIC hater & Steynophobe lines up with some leftoids on a new paper, The Charger …. (canuckjihad)


~ AS A HISTORY GEEK, I loved the movie ‘300’– not least for having read the whole story in Herodotus. Those few (and theor allies) stood against the largest army ever, up to that time.

Our very own brave  ‘300’ stand around us, and we don’t rightly see them, because they don’t wear wear codpieces (OK, we hear mark Steyn wears one, but only for comfort) or any of the other outward accoutrements of King Leonidas and his elite Spartans.

Who are our stalwarts? Geert Wilders; Mark Steyn; Ayaan Hirsi Ali; Benedict XVI; Pam Geller; Ezra Levant; Kathy Shaidle; Robert Spencer; Melanie Phillips; Caroline Glick; Jason Kenney; Paul Schneidereit; Kate McMillan, Keith Martin; Deborah Gyapong; and the list goes on and on.

As at Thermopylae they stand against a horde before them, and treachery at home behind them; they stand on behalf of all of us; these few stand and speak out, a personal cost, professional cost, and against the received wisdom of how to deal with the impending threat.

Those who receive awards and acclamation and worldly praises are not always the true and greatest heroes of this or any age– in fact, as we’ve said before, the real heroes tend to be quiet, git ‘er done, no fuss kinda folks. I know one older man in a rural community who escaped not once, but twice from German prison-camps, and escaped back to allied lines and got right back into the fight.

As the war ended, he tracked down other prisoners from his squadron who had been moved around by the Germans, stole a truck, rove into the Russian sector, and collected them from under the noses of the belligerent and victorious Russians, and drove the liberated airmen back toward allied lines; when the truck broke down, he and his men walked the rest of the way– a hundred miles– to the British and American lines. Or the little old Anglican tea-lady who served as wartime bodyguard to Prime Minister and Mrs. Churchill for an entire evening while they enjoyed a special screening of Casablanca. She then went back to her top secret work for the war ministry. Quiet heroes: the best kind.

So remember to support, encourage, and appreciate our own ‘300’, fighting the very different kind of battle against and within the West in this new age of terror, subversion, and submission. Like our serving men and women in the armed forces, they need us, as much as we need them, and their self-sacrifice. ~

~ DEAR INTERWEB BLOGGERS and other digital denizens of teh intertoobs: do you have a digital will? You know, a full list of your websites, passwords, Paypal, eBay account, e-mail accounts, all that digital life you engage in that’s not addressed by traditional wills and suchlike? If your loved ones had to guess and reconstruct your online life, could they? Write it all down, seal it in an envelope along with your will and other post-death instructions, just in case. For that matter, make sure your will is up to date, and don’t use a legal will kit.

The web is already full of dead sites and data, like the near orbit of earth is full of human space-junk. Don’t leave your digital legacy up for grabs. And those of you writing obituaries for blogger loved ones, make sure to mention that online life and site by name. It’s not just a goofy hobby for most of us. ~

~ WE JUST WATCHED Warren Kinsella’s blinky public apology redux on YouTube. How weird is that?

Our reaction? Whatever. He got caught being ignorant, and should man up, and step down for a bit. The non-apology he did offer was of the “Oh, but I know better and so should you” type, along the line of the common “There was a misjudgement.” Dude is a Catholic, of sorts– he should know better. Confession in Catholicism or Orthodoxy is personal, not universal, and specific, not general. Your sin, at such and such a time, against God and this or that person. Examination of conscience, contrition, confession, repentance, reparation, amendment of life. It’s like a dentist on a bad cavity in your mouth, versus not a general expression of the utility of dentistry generally speaking, for the populace.

Our Inquisitionalism

Modern apologies are non-apologetic, in the deepest sense: instead of ‘fessing up to the reasons and facts of what I did, I deny, excuse, minimize, redirect, and explainify away until the ‘sin’ was making me feel bad about nothing so bad after all.

Mind you, modern inquisitions love to squeeze out confessions to crimes and sins that in most times and societies are neither. Just ask the young people under the jackboot at their alma mater, the University of Calgary, for opposing the abortion of millions of Canadians over the past 40 years. Tribunals and speech-cops monitor student conduct and words, sniffing for pomo wrongs and insensitivities against the official victim classes as defined by political correctness. Mr. Kinsella or any Canadadian can procure an abortion upt to the last moments of labour and it’s not even illegal: make lame fun of an old saw about chinese food, and you’re doomed.

On The Other Hand

The following is a guess, but not far off the mark: rural Korans and Chinese do eat animals we consider to be pets– puppies in Korea, and various critters including cats in China. For the immigrant Chinese community, this is a class/ rural-urban split. Think: hillbillies eating roadkill, or BBQ raccoon or o’possum. It’s not something you brag about. That’s miles away from whether modern Canadian Chinese food has cat it it– but it does touch on a real sensitivity, on immigrant versus establish Canadian, on rural/ medieval versus urban/ 21st century. The fact is that there are two Chinas, one striving to be like the West, perhaps 250 million, and a billion living in various stages all the way back to the Middle Ages.

So, Mr. Kinsella– you helped make this politically correct over-sensitive kneejerk semi-morality. Now, suck it up, and don’t give us special pleading. Learn from the culture you recently stung: for pre-Communist Chinese morality, personal dishonour and admission of guilt attach to you, and those you represent. Squirming out from under may placate your conscience or your slithery compatriots, but the Chinese know a chicken when they see one.

Translation? It’s not going away. ~

“There is no safety for honest men except

by believing all possible evil of evil men.”

~ Edmund Burke ~

~ BACK IN THE DAY, when the Binks was earning the Driver’s License thingy, the Binks-Dad offered this remarkably helpful bit of advice: “Pretend All The Other Drivers Are Trying To Kill You.”

It’s saved my life– and those of my passengers– dozens of times. Try it. That little old lady in the Tercel? Psychotic auto slayer. It makes more sense of the behaviour of many drivers than thinking they are all normal people.

I’ve even taught the Binklings to ride and walk downtown with the saying in mind– “Pretend All The Drivers Are Trying To Kill You.” So far, so good.

Then I came across the above saying from that sterling thinker Edmund Burke: “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.” In the awareness of what is possible, you cannot risk only hoping for the best. Evil is endlessly malicious and destructive and slippery-sloped. If you flip the moral assumptions back 20 years, all the current lunacies up for public discussion now are things that people warned us about then, and other people pooh-poohed.

Gay marriage? Polygamy? Euthanasia? Infanticide? Silencing Christians? Open anti-semitism? Speech codes? Public Jihadism on our streets?

You may be paranoid, and still have people out to get you. In 2009, we have a couple hundred million militant jihadis after us. Figuring out plague, nukes, terror, and soft-jihad infiltration.

Believing all possible evil of evil men– it’s the only sane way of dealing with enemies. The jihadism we know about now seems bad enough, but I’m more than willing to think there’s more and worse we have yet to uncover or go through. In the traffic of the world, there actually are other drivers out to kills us.

The same principle applies to dealing with Utopian Progressives, or the various radicalized tax-fed leeches seeking to promote their agenda of man-hating, baby-killing, communism, school-reinventing, and more. Just imagine the worst, and you’re probably only half way there.

Binks-Dad was right.


Mark Steyn

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Smarter President Ever™


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Mayor Ray Nagin Could Not Be Reached For Comment

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Obama Bringing The Change

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I Am He and He Is Me And We Are All Together



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Nojud Mohammed Ali-- divorcée, and author. Age 10

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~ POLITICIZED SCIENCE— Gilbert Burnham censured for violating ethics code: Gilbert whom? He’s lead researcher of the controversial study of “excess deaths” in Iraq attributable to the US-led invasion, you know, the 650 000 zillions of dead Iraqi civilians, as oft quoted by opponents to the Iraqi war …. (novascotiascott)

~ EVIL? WORLD SHRUGS— “Mark Steyn via Via Atlasshrugs. “…when Muslim terrorists capture Jews, it’s not a hostage situation, it’s a mass murder-in-waiting. The sole surviving “militant” revealed that the Jewish center had been targeted a year in advance. The 28-year-old rabbi was Gavriel Holtzberg. His pregnant wife was Rivka Holtzberg. Their orphaned son is Moshe Holtzberg, and his brave nanny is Sandra Samuels” …. (

~ LOVELY EGYPT— Christians arrested at book fair for distributing Bibles …. (novascotiascott)

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Video on CAIR and terrorism

provided by Muslims Against Sharia

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~ USEFUL Links to articles by Ex Muslim professor …. (vladtepesblog)

~ IRAQ’S EMBATTLED Christians caught in the middle …. (jihadwatch)

~ MONTREAL COURT hears lawsuit against Iranian government: “Stephan Hachemi has initiated a civil lawsuit before the Quebec High Court against the government of Iran in the death of his mother, photojournalist Zahra Kazemi. While visiting Tehran in June 2003, Ms Kazemi, who held dual Canadian and Iranian citizenship, was arrested, beaten, and died in custody” …. (novascotiascott)


~ SHARIA COMES TO YOUR TV Screen Thanks To CBS (The Coprophilia Broadcasting System) …. (

~ QUEBEC terrorist suspect Said Namouh goes to trial …. (dustmybroom)

~ RADICAL MUSLIMS: “They don’t want to limit free speech, they just want to kill it” …. (JiWa)

~ DOUGLAS FEITH: “One of big deficiencies in our strategy on our war on terrorism remains a serious effort to counter Islamist ideology” …. (JiWa)

~ JEWBUCKS? More anti starbucks activities by the useful idiots of Islam …. (vladtepesblog)

~ AMERICA-FREE ZONE? New Texas mosque adheres to Islamic law …. (creepingsharia)

~ ISLAMIC JIHAD TOP DOG in Tehran: “Zionist occupying regime would be fully obliterated in the next war” …. (jihadwatch)

~ YOU’RE NOBODY Until You’ve Been Banned in a Muslim Country …. (

~ REMEMBER THE Day Against Anti-Semitism and Terrorism (DAAT): April 19: March for Israel and Freedom: Change the narrative on the streets …. (

~ DUST MY BROOM— “If you do a little volunteer work on the weekends for your local Rotary Club keep in mind that you are now part of a Zionist conspiracy” …. (dustmybroom)

~ NOW PLO/FATAH of Mahmoud Abbas Firing Rockets At Israel …. (

~ SPENCER— “If, say, the Hindu community had only been fortunate enough to produce four young men willing to blow the hell out of Londoners…then the BBC might credit Hindus with inventing the modern world” …. (

~ WHY WE CAN Lose to the Islamists …. (

The Third Jihad – The FREE 30-Minute Version


2 thoughts on “Steynian 321

  1. [Geert Wilders; Mark Steyn; Ayaan Hirsi Ali; Benedict XVI; Pam Geller; Ezra Levant; Kathy Shaidle; Robert Spencer; Melanie Phillips; Caroline Glick; Jason Kenney; Paul Schneidereit; Kate McMillan, Keith Martin; Deborah Gyapong; and the list goes on and on.]

    Too many Canadians. Work on that. When was the last time a bunch of Canadians achieved anything?

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