The Mighty Steyn!… UPDATED

~ UPDATE: Denyse O’leary Writes: “Just a note to say that I have just completed the transcript of Steyn’s testimony, so your readers will now have pretty much everything except the ums and the ahs.” Additionally, Deborah Gyapong lets us know “I just got a transcript for the whole day to augment the great work Denyse has done in getting us material at lightning speed. There’s also a media release from Lisa MacLeod.” ~



.. smiter of weeniecrats and tyrants!

Via the ever-usefl Denyse O’leary, “here’s the URL for my transcript of Mark Steyn’s address to the Ontario human rights commission legislative committee hearing:”


2 thoughts on “The Mighty Steyn!… UPDATED

  1. To whom it may concern,

    Thanks for all that you do. We are all ‘frogs in the pot of water’. The only way we can keep the temperature from going up is shining more and more truthful sunlight on the creeping tyranny all around us, whether it’s in the USA, the Great White North, Central & South America,Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia (I think that covers just about everybody).

    When I tried to use your link:

    the site said that ‘post-darwinist’ didn’t exsist. My money says that it was taken down by the good folks at blogspot, i.e. it was censored (I don’t know for sure). More and more people are getting shut down or stifled on the internet (especially @ Youtube & Google…just ask Pamela of Atlasshrugs2000) with each passing day.

    The pattern is getting harder to deny. There’s a lot of anti-soveriegn activity going down. I think the question all of us need to ask ourselves is is this all happening for a reason? It’s 2009!!! We have more technology & information at our fingertips than our Founding Fathers could have possibly imagined in their day. Yet the people don’t seem to care enough to do a little ‘homework’ and connect the dots.

    Mark’s fight is only one facet of the war being fought against us. Our freedoms have been confiscated bit by bit (like the frog in the boiling water). What’s happening today is exactly what George Orwell was trying to warn all freedom loving people about.

    I think we all need to open our minds a little more…that maybe we are all sliding towards tyranny. All I am asking all of you is to do your own digging, and for fuck sake:

    Don’t Take My Word For It!!!

    You all need to seek the truth for yourselves. You need to come to your own conclusions. Think of it this way…Germany got along just fine for hundreds of years, yet it took less than a decade for her to fall for Hitler’s rhetoric. TO SAY THE SAME THING COULDN’T HAPPEN TO US MIGHT BE LEAD TO OUR SUICIDE AS FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my little rant:)

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