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UPDATE: Mark Mercer sends along his latest article: “Freedom of expression at Saint Mary’s.” Tenure.. it’s a good thing!



The St. Mary’s BrownShirt post has brought some great & informative comments our of the woodword– take a look!

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Plus, our awesomer-than-usual Infidel Prof sends along a screed he flung off to the local Chronicle Herald. Proborts, anti-speechists, and academic drones beware: the truth is offensive.

To the editor:

The Herald is right that the protesters who disrupted Jose Ruba’s presentation at Saint Mary’s University last Thursday (“Protesters denied pro-lifer’s right to free speech,” 10 February 2009) have no regard for freedom of expression and were acting as vigilantes.  But the Herald fails to press the same points against the university.

This is the first paragraph of the university’s press release regarding the incident: “The University remains committed to academic freedom, diversity of opinion, and supports open debate in a forum that does not put the personal safety and rights of our community at risk. There is a balance that must be maintained among all of these.”

This paragraph implies that it is possible in a open debate to put at risk the rights of our community, and this risk has to be balanced against other things.  The university and the protesters are, then, as one in their disdain for freedom of expression.  One of the organizers of the protest has said that to compare abortion to the Holocaust, which indeed is what Mr Ruba did, is to violate people’s human rights.  Now if it is possible in an open debate to put at risk people’s human rights, comparing abortion to the Holocaust seems a good candidate for violating human rights.  The university might well agree with the protesters about both principle and case.

That, then, just leaves the vigilantism of the protesters.  But wait–there’s nothing wrong with preventing a human rights abuse.  To that the university must agree.  So we have good reason to think that the university, in the end, is on side with the protesters all the way down the line.

Preposterous?  Well, it would explain why the presentation was moved off campus and why no protesters within the Saint Mary’s community have even been reprimanded, though they merit expulsion.

Thinking about going to university?  Be careful what permeates the atmosphere of the institutions you consider.

Mark Mercer

Smackdown! Plus:

Pro-Life Rally Causes Controversy at Saint Mary’s, Jeff Cusack, SMU Journal.

YorkU, SMU, UCalgary, Islamified Simon Fraser U– do you really think all this crazy looks good in such an economic environment, when you’re asking kids and their parents to pony up $50K for even a basic degree: years and years of soul-killing debt, with a side-order of no likely job?

Academic silly-bugger and speech codes and pandering to high-paying foreign students, and all the rest? Feckwittery. Survival of the fittest universities, that actually teach, and don’t expect students to imbibe bucket-loads of progressivist codswallop? A good thing. Find one. Tell your friends. Run for your lives.

So much fun, so little time!



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