Fresh Canucki Jihad Just Up

celf18So.. Where Were We?

The Montreal Jihadists .. plus must-see video from Robert Spencer et al. on the stealth jihad now upon us: killing us with fear & infiltration, without the bombings.

C’mon, you know The Elf rocks your world. It’s OK to say so.

And yesterday we took a kick at the Khadr family.


P.S. Scaramouche reminds us of her song on the Khadrs, Canada’s Favourite Jihadist Family…

Welcome back,

Jihad was your ticket out.

Welcome back

To that same old place

Your Dad laughed about.

Well your family’s all back from Afghanistan.

And they claim that Osama is not their man.

Chillin’ down in Gitmo

(Chillin’ down in Gitmo)

You didn’t want to sit mo’

(You didn’t want to sit mo’).

Well, you needn’t be bereft

‘Cause those weasels on the Left

Want you ba-a-ack.

Welcome back, welcome back,

Welcome back.

One thought on “Fresh Canucki Jihad Just Up

  1. Love the lyrics! Very well done indeed! Oh, and yes, the Khadrs should all be removed to some place far, far away from here.

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