Steynian 325

By The Power Of Ed!
By The Power Of Ed!

~ FREE PROPS from the Ed! “Would You Like To Learn More? The Binkmeister sees all, links all.” Muwahahaahahaha! …. (pajamasmedia)

~ UNSURPRISINGLY ENOUGH, we get Jihad-mail here once in a while. Some ‘Akhter’ person recently wanted to set us straight on various topics, so he copied stuff from some websites-or-other and passed it on to us stinking kuffirs. See here, here, and here. Feel the enlightening.

Apparently– so Akhtar means to tell us– Christians suck, Muslims rule, and here at FreeMarkSteyn, we’re utter meanies for posting anything at all critical of Big Mo and His 7th-Century-Loving Minions, no matter whether said info is factual, fair comment, or otherwise.

Gosh.. what’s a poor infidel s’posed to do? Like a fool, I don’t automatically assume what Mohammed says is the only truth, ever. I want to know if it is true, what the evidence is, and how it relates to other truth-claims from other systems of belief claims to ultimacy. Plus, I’m already a well-educated and not unthoughtful Christian (you know, the faith that started 600 years before Mohammed Ibn Abdallah, The Door To Door Salesman, became Mohammed™ the Only & Bestest Prophet/ Pillager Ever, Scourge Of The Jews & Infidels, and Tongue-Sucker Extraordinaire).

Just as an aside, I don’t find people who advocate silencing critics, beheading folks, tolerating evil, anti-semitism, marrying and sexing up girl-children, divorcing people over the cell-phone, stoning rape-victims– or remaining silent while other co-religionists do the same– a great inducement to possible belief or consideration of some new faith. Lots of individual Muslims are kind, law-abiding, decent people: but their Prophet, their holy book, and the customs and practices associated with said religion over the past 1400 years or so leave.. well, everything– to be desired.

More recent doings– say, the firecrackered Malmo protests, the ‘Die Jews’ thing at YorkU, the Montreal Jihadists, all the recent ugly pro-Hamas protests, the Toronto 18, the detaining of Geert Wilders and the threats of Lord Ahmed– heck, we could go on and on and on– and then blaming that on ‘individuals’ or anything but Islam & Muslims? Gutlessness or sheer bald-faced lying.. take your pick, Ahktar. If you follow in your prophet’s recorded and perfect footsteps, you’ll talk nice and moderate until you have the advantage, then it’s submission or the sword for the opposition.

You’re allowed– at least in the much-maligned societies of the West– to believe what you want. In the coming Caliphate, not so much, unless you love third-rate status, persecution, injustice, mob-violence, lynching, and living in fear. Just ask the Christians of Egypt, Hamasistan, Turkey, Saudi, the Sudan, Pakistan.. heck, most Islamist states.

Sorry about all that– I’m just an ignorant, misinformed, malicious Islamophobe, after all. ~

~ WAHH! ALL THE COOL KIDS GOT ONE! So howcum after covering the ToonWars, the Abdul Rahman Fight, the Pope Kerfuffle, the Mohamed Khatami U.S. visit (on the old, and now the Steyn Wars, Levant Fight, Shaidlism, Boissoin– and still no fatwa, death-threats, or Human Rights Complaint. What’s with that? A few snooty e-mails from a few irate Muslims? Hardly rates.

Mind you, our old Anglican Church News Blog got whacked by official types– that’s gotta stand for something.



Mark Steyn

~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: STEYN “MADE THE MISTAKE OF TRYING TO BE CLEVER”— Rick McGinnis reviews Mark’s appearance before the Ontario parliament – plus more on every Canuck liberal and Brit leftie’s favorite eugenicist, and the mainstreaming of the marsupial meme …. (Various)

~ STEYN: STAGES— “Barbara Hall, Chief Commissar of the Ontario “Human Rights” Commission, is now calling for a Canada-wide “press council” that would have statutory powers over all newspapers, magazines, and websites, too” …. (steynonline)

~ THE FREE WORLD FATWAS ITSELF— STEYN ON THE WORLD: From Rushdie to Wilders …. (nrotc)

~ ON STEYN, and General Patton’s Speech on Global Jihad and Iraq Redux …. (

~ OSCAR WEEK! A GREAT NIGHT FOR BRITISH-ISH FILM …but Jesus gets turned away …. (steynonline)

~ STEYN: Headless body in gutless press …. (

~ TODAY’S Mark Madness: Links Steynian …. (

~ HELL PATROL— “Wilders & Mark Steyn… I doubt whether these people have met a Muslim in their lives” …. (


~ ALBERTA cabmin: HRC acting like a “kangaroo court” …. (ezralevant)

~ MOMENTUM for reform …. (ezralevant)

~ EZRA SPEAKS – converts multitudes! …. (

~ WALKER— Today’s Levant-Jaunt …. (walkers)

~ BRIDGES AND BEHEADINGS: M Zuhdi Jasser on the murder of Aasiya Hassan …. (familysecuritymatters)


~ HATE CRIME! Hate criminal city …. (



~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Want to support this blog? Buy my novel; I’m waiting for the definitive book on Fr. Maciel; Bat Yeor’s sobering look at the power of the OIC; Lest you are crying into your coffee; We’re all fascists now? Sobering thoughts; The sad attempt to pressure TVO; Socialism and barbarism …. (

~ CANUCKISTAN— New blog post: Interview with Hillel rep about anti-Jewish attacks at Toronto university; and Anti-Semitism on campus …. (fivefeetoffury, np)

~ ‘FESSES SHAIDLE— “A commenter at BCL is threatening to file a Section 13 complaint against me. Finally!! I’ve been TRYING to get a “hate speech” complaint for years now, by purposefully saying politically incorrect things about every ethnic group, including my own, on this blog.”; and “Congratulations Kathy!!” …. (fivefeetoffury,

~ COMMON SENSE is emerging on Human Rights Commissions …. (sda)

~ SOCON on the unborn wars: It Ain’t Over …. (

~ PUNDITA— “Localism, Faux Localism, and “Rise of the red Tories” — what might be the most influential essay you’ll read this decade” …. (

Socpuppet 4: The Simard
Socpuppet 4: The Simard

~ THE NEW ELMO CLUB is getting larger and larger, and includes the Legendary Fourth Sock Puppet, Daniel Simard! — “The Canadian Charger’s Board of Contributors”: Dr. Baha Abu-Laban, Javed Akbar, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Dr. Abigail Bakan, Dr. Martha Bailey, Linda Belanger, Karin Brothers, Mitzi Brown, Bob Burtt, Edward C. Corrigan, Dr. Munir El-Kassem, Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, Imam Salam Elmenyawi, Greg Felton, Qais Ghanem, MD, Dr. Anthony Hall, Dr M Rafiqul Islam, Dr. Michael Keefer, David Liepert, MD, Gareth Lind, Ehab Lotayef, Ali Mallah, Dr Akbar Manoussi, Dr. Sheila McDonough, Dr. John McMurtry, Rev. Dr. Graham E. Morbey, Roman Mukerjee, Dr. Ajamu Nangwaya, Dr. Margaret Pappano, Dr. Dave Parnas, Dr Diana Ralph, Carolyn Parrish, Dr. Yakov Rabkin, Dr. Franklin Ramsoomair, Dr. Andrew Rippin, Sumaira Shaikh, Dr. Mohammed Shokr, Sid Shniad, Daniel Simard, Scott Stockdale, Dr. Jennifer Sumner, Dr Ahmad Yousif, Ismail Zayid, MD …. (cc, steyn)

~ TIM HUDAK, the Progressive Conservative MPP for Niagara West-Glanbrook recounts the strange case of Ted Kindos and his encounters with Ontario’s Human Rights Commission and Alcohol and Gaming Commission …. (shotgun)

~ BROAD STRATA Mob Assault Jewish Centre At York University …. (sda)

~ FREE SPEECH is Dead in England, by James Delingpole: “Geert Wilders is a hero, but Britain won’t hear him speak” …. (humanevents, orthodoxytoday)

~ AUDIT. Them. Now. Then, fire them …. (sda)

~ NEW BRUNSWICK principal claims he received threats over anthem decision …. (hynek)

~ SLIPPERY CLIFF— Drop polygamy charges, says BC Civil Liberties Association …. (novascotiascott)

~ VIA THE SHAIDLE— “I’m more than brave enough to put my name and face to my hatred — are you?” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THE NEW CIVIL RIGHTS FIGHT: Nine Pro-life Youth Jailed in Birmingham Following Arrests on Public Sidewalk …. (

~ U of C: A GAP in free speech; Univ. Of Calgary Student Leaders Embarrassingly Conformist; Coren On U of Calgary’s Censorship, Discrimination …. (Various)

~ THE FATWA against Lowell Green; Another martyr of the ‘pc’ fascists? …. (xanthippa)

~ QUEEN’S University cans ‘facilitators,’ blames students …. (kennethhynek)

~ RECESSION will solve Canada’s doctor shortage …. (novascotiascott)

~ IT’S CALLED ‘GOVERNING’! Blazingcatfur gets results: Jason Kenney to slash funding to Canadian Arab Federation – Minister called ‘professional whore’ …. (,

~ CONSERVATIVES to further restrict your civil liberty …. (shotgun)

~ HANG ON is this guy a “white supremacist”?? My/our enemies insist that anyone who wants to shut down the Human Rights Commissions and abolish Section 13 is a “white supremacist”. …. (5fof)

~ ELITE MEMBERS of the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland, recently considered a proposal for a new global television network to usher in a state of “global governance.” …. (

~ SAINT MARY’S University Professor Says Administration Was Wrong to Give in to Mob Rule …. (lsn)

~ UBER ALLES! “Paging Barbara Hall – Organisation of the Islamic Conference plans human rights commission within the OIC”; and “The Fascist New Frontier” …. (, dmb)

~ HYNEK ON SHAIDLE“…to do anything less would violate my conscience.” …. (hynek)

~ TASMANIAN DEVIL WOMAN Mindy Alter on the new face of fascism: Anti-Semitism on campus …. (bcf)

~ OPPOSING the Rainbow Jackboots Is Dangerous …. (

~ CANADA, search warrants and your IP address …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THINK WE Can Scrap the CHRC? Phantom Observer asks the magic question …. (

~ AMERICAN THINKER: “There’s a law that liberals always shatter. (And no, I’m not talking about tax law.) It’s the law of unintended consequences” …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ A DEMOCRATICAL GENIUS! Elizabeth May finally gets the concept …. (novascotiascott)

Peter Schiff on Canada’s economic outlook
and advice for an Alberta investor

~ THE WITCH HUNTER Extraordinary has found another witch! …. (dustmybroom)

~ SPANISH JUDGE Says Government is Persecuting Him for his Christian Faith …. (lifesitenews)

~ SOCON We Fascist Bastards …. (

~ SOFT-JIHAD FRONT GROUP and Hamas apologists get morally outraged– Canadian Arab Federation: B’nai Brith on notice for supporting Israeli war crimes …. (

~ HOW MANY NAILS does this coffin need, exactly? Same-Sex Relationships “Comparable to Marriage”: Anglican Head. In other news, “Archbishop of Canterbury: Society is coming round to my views on sharia” …. (lsn, JiWa)

~ YORK UNIVERSITY ‘harassment adviser’ accused of posting anti-Semitic photo on Facebook …. (fivefeetoffury)

A Canadian healthcare plan: “Don’t get sick!”

~ SMU SILENCINGLetters To The Ed; SMU Must Act Against the Students To Maintain Any Credibility …. (, socon)

~ JACKAL NEWS: “Ok, by now most of you know that Liberal Party Strategist Warren Kinsella is a racist. Most of you know that Warren Kinsella was involved in adscam, where the federal Liberal Party milked the Canadian taxpayer for untold sums of money. Most of you know that Warren Kinsella appears to be less than honest. Most of you know that Warren Kinsella is a censor and hypocrite of the highest order. And, most of you know that Warren Kinsella is the President of the Daisy Consulting Group” …. (dustmybroom)

~ U.S. MUZZLING: Support for Fairness Doctrine drops …. (

~ IRWIN COTLER on the new anti-Semitism …. (novascotiascott)

~ KILL AN IRISHMAN!.. it’s Louis Riel the Madman’s, the self proclaimed prophet without a miracle, Day!!!; Gary Doer made a holiday for madman who would sell western Canada for 2,000,000 bucks. Louis Riel …. (MaD)

~ THE ONTARIO Superior Court of Justice has ruled that Canadians have no expectation of privacy in their online identity …. (lawiscool)

~ OUR OFFICIAL RELIGION: “Multiculturalism, defined: Here’s the definition that appears on the Government of Canada website” …. (scaramouche)

~ MEMO TO the Lying Jackal – stop drinking the Kool-Aid …. (

~ ENGLANDMore bishops speak in support of school receptionist; and “Muslim girl in baptism row was threatened with forced marriage” …. (novascotiascott)

~ THE MONTREAL Gazette on “state-compelled norms of behavior” …. (montrealgazette)

~ PUNDITA ON The financial crisis: Is Europe tanking? …. (

~ FREE SPEECH— “Abort This Debate” …. (

~ RIGHT GIRL ..And we all know how well the DDT ban worked out …. (girlontheright)

~ TEXAS JUDGE orders website to ID anonymous users …. (kennethhynek)

~ PROGRESSIVE EUNUCHS are Destroying the UK …. (

~ BRADBURY scathingly deals with those who have tried to censor his book on censorship …. (MaD)

~ SELF-DEFENESTRATING NITWITS: United Church of Canada celebrates Darwin – en route to oblivion …. (

~ LEFT WINGY BC to allow witch doctors to prescribe medication …. (rjjago)

~ PETITIONFree Speecu At The U Of Cal …. (gopetition)

~ LITERARY censorship: A kafir novelist who wrote things deemed offensive by the P.C./Islamist crowd is paying the price for her sauciness …. (scaramouche)

~ OUR PARENT? United Nations’ threat: No more parental rights: Expert: Pact would ban spankings, homeschooling if children object …. (wnd)

~ YELLING “FIRE” In A Crowded Theatre and Other Liberal Scare Tactics …. (

~ THE EVER-TIMELY David Warren …. (kennethhynek)

~ AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, a “human rights” organization that opposes the right to life of unborn children, is now demanding that Mexico force doctors to do abortions …. (

~ SPECIAL JUSTICE– Aboriginal Children Freeze to Death, Father Goes Free …. (

~ SWEDES troubled by sex-selection abortions …. (novascotiascott)

~ MYTHS OF the Vietnam War, Part 2: ‘We had to destroy the village…’ …. (examiner)

~ WHEN NANNY laws backfire …. (dustmybroom)

~ WHIPS & PAIN In, Historical Books Out, At Canada Customs Censors …. (MaD)

~ SOCIALIST PARADISE: H5N1 outbreak in China: Here we go again, And “‘Killing Fields’ torturer on trial in Cambodia” …. (, g&m)

~ LESBIANS awarded $300,000 for IVF birth of twins …. (novascotiascott)

David Bowie – Modern Love


Photo courtesy of Cliff Cramp

~ THREE Republican Senators vote for pork …. (examiner)

~ WHO ATTACKED Our Economy? Why Does No One Care? …. (DianaWest)

~ WAS CANDIDATE Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force” just established by Directive 1404.10? …. (

Uncle Jay explains big news to small minds-Feb 16

~ FUN WITH HATERS: “Obama administration signals they will be attending the U.N. conference on racism” …. (dustmybroom)

~ TH BRILLIANT President Obama’s Fiscal Strategy: Let’s hurry up and crash the world economy so we can learn exactly where the US stimulus plan needs fine tuning …. (

~ CLAUDIA ROSETTObama Delegates to “Engage” in Preparations for Durban II …. (pajamasmedia)

~ HOW’S THAT Obama, Reid, Pelosi trifecta working you “progressives”? …. (

~ LIBERALS Noticing Obama’s Waffles …. (

“Not One Member Has Read This Bill”

~ RUMBLES in Canada about Buy America mandate in U.S. stimulus bill …. (

~ O-SUCKERS“Scam artists got it right … if you can sell them Hope and Change … you can sell them just about anything” …. (

~ OBAMA PROMISES Palestinians he’ll protect ‘biblical heartland’. President pledges to protest Jewish housing developments …. (rbo)

~ DEAR MR. President, ‘please make it rain candy’ …. (latimes)

~ THE SO-CALLED ‘Fairness Doctrine’ is not going to be put in place without a battle …. (

~ STATE LAWMAKERS To Demand Obama Eligibility Documentary Proof …. (

~ THE RBO— Ahem. Excuse me. Who’s paying how much for this? …. (rbo)

The Hooky Video

~ CJUNKERY— Psychoanalysis of The One and his Followers …. (

~ MY NAME IS Nancy Pelosi, and I’m a spendaholic …. (scaramouche)

Her Complication Had A Complication

~ MADAM SECRETARY Hillbillary off to a roaring start, and a farewell tribute to Secretary Rice …. (

~ EARTH TO President Obama: Our neighbor Mexico is in dire straits …. (

~ PANTS ON FIRE: “Barack Obama: “Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk” …. (

~ IT’S.. UH– BUSH’S FAULT! Following Passage of Stimulus Bill, Consumer Confidence Falls to Record Low …. (rasmussenreports)

~ IT BORDERS ON IDOLATRY: Does Obama-worship qualify as a “religion”? According to this photo, the answer’s yes …. (scaramouche)

~ MAGICAL! How Vaginas Can Prevent the Next Economic Crisis …. (dustmybroom)

Barack Kept His Promise




~ FRESH GOODNESS Today’s Wilders Round-Up; Bat Yeor on Geert Wilders …. (Various)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS“A drift of misunderstanding in Londonistan”; America slides into the sewer; Israel’s banana republic; Britain capitulates to terror …. (spectator)

~ CANADIAN Arabic group loses federal funding over hatred …. (vlad)

~ THE PAIN IN SPAINSpanish Air Army Soldier, arrested for editing and publishing in Internet Jihadist videos …. (

~ PAMELA GELLER with a gallery of ghosts …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE SHAIDLE“Every major Muslim organization in the U.S. is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ CRITICS OF ISLAM, however reasonable, also know they are likely to fall foul of people who have, as Kenan Malik says, internalized this idea that criticism of Islam is (1) taboo and (2) in and of itself ‘defamation’ …. (

~ SAY NO TO BRINGING Khadr And Other Terrorists To Canada …. (

~ SAITH HYNEK: “This is not how you boost Islam’s public image!” …. (kennethhynek)

~ SAINT BILL of the Immaculate Murder …. (

~ PANTS ON FIRE: “How do we solve a doctrine like taqiyya?” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ DAVID SOLWAY: “Jewish Self-Hatred For Dummies” …. (fivefeetoffury)

GAZA SOAP OPERA– Silicon Graffiti: “Picture Kill”

~ DELIGHTFUL Egyptian convert from Islam to Christianity: “I am afraid. Many, many people can kill me and my daughter anytime” …. (JiWa)

~ GEERT’S the Canary in the Coal Mine; the Frog in the Pot …. (

~ WHO IS being raised to hate, exactly? …. (kennethhynek)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Glenn Beck

~ EDMUND STANDING reads the Qur’an. He isn’t terribly impressed …. (butterfliesandwheels)

~ AND LET’S FACE IT: Der Speigel should be experts at spotting “racists” and “xenophobes” by now! …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ RIGHT GIRLPropaganda for the Enemy …. (girlontheright)

~ FACTS & STATS on the use of rape of women by Islamists as a weapon of jihad. Via …. (, vlad)

~ ISRAEL LAUNCHES covert war against Iran? …. (

~ SHAIDLEACLU undermines fight against terrorists, say experts …. (

~ APPARENTLY, it’s now OK to admit that Iran is looking for “the bomb” …. (kennethhynek)

~ ON THE WRONG KIND of talking with Muslims… “FrontPage Magazine recently had a useful symposium attempting a psychological explanation of the horrific sexual mutilation of victims in the Mumbai massacre, an attempt to explain why mutilation was a necessary prelude to the murders the Jihadis carried out” …. (

~ RUTH GLEDHILLAnti-Semitism: ‘New, virulent and lethal.’ …. (timescolumns)

~ EGYPTIAN COPTS sue over attempt to Islamise Cairo …. (novascotiascott)

~ FUN-LOVING Somali jihadists “importing terror” to U.K. …. (

~ A GIANT SCAMCan you say ‘fees’ instead of ‘interest’? UK: Brown to boost Islamic banking …. (

~ STRATEGY Room: Terror from within …. (dustmybroom)

~ JIHAD WATCHBat Ye’or on Geert Wilders: Does defending Western values constitute “inciting hatred”? …. (JiWa)

~ FRESH GEERT“While our former allies from WW2 and those we rescued seem to have forgotten what it is to defend freedom, one of our former enemies remembers … and gets it right” …. (


~ ATLAS SHRUGS has photo’s of Toronto’s Pashtun Anti-Taliban Rally; Encouraging Rally, Discouraging News …. (, am770chqr)

~ ON AL-JAZEERA, Kuwaiti professor suggests a biological attack on White House …. (JiWa)

~ ‘CAUSE A DAY WITHOUT Avi Lewis is… usually pretty good actually. Al Jazeera is comin’ to town! …. (


~ CBS PUBLISHES Piece Criticizing “Homegrown Jihad” and End Up Embarrassing Themselves …. (jihadwatch)

~ GITMO DETAINEE: “I do pose a threat to the United States and its allies…. I am a Muslim jihadist.” George Bush to blame …. (

~ NAMING NAMES“The reason Joe Kaufman is being targeted by these Muslim groups is that he monitors web sites run by Muslim charitable organizations, and he has identified money trails leading from some of these groups to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ DUST MY BROOM“There’s probably no Allah so stop worrying and enjoy your life” …. (dustmybroom)

~ SAUDIS linked to Mumbai jihad massacres …. (jihadwatch)

~ WHAT WOULD MUHAMMED SAY?… USA: Afghan consulate official beat his wife for 15 straight hours …. (

~ INDONESIA: More divorces because of polygamy …. (novascotiascott)

~ WHO SAY WHAT-NOW? Report: Elections Canada should tighten up their privacy policy so terrorist groups don’t get your data …. (

Hamas kiddie jihad:
Puppet says “I declare war on the Zionists”

~ CHRISTIAN Prayer rooms closed at Pakistan nursing school; More murder of Artists in Swat by Islamists …. (nscott, vlad)

~ WITHOUT A SHOT: Muslim bigamy gets a pass in North America …. (kennethhynek)

~ THE NEEDED CIVIL WAR: “Rome Grand Mosque’s Islamic Cultural Centre has boycotted a meeting being organised by several radical mosques from northern Italy, in a move welcomed by Moroccan immigrants in the country”; and Germany is coming around, too …. (

~ I AWAIT the the parody of Islam, the Haj, and Mecca in Pink Panther 3 …. (

~ RESPECT these oppressive religions or face arrest for blasphemy …. (MaD)

~ SHARIA LAW to be enforced in Swat Valley, Pakistan …. (novascotiascott)

~ UK CONFERENCE to “emphasise the need for all Muslims worldwide to struggle as much as they can for the sake of Allah (SWT) to implement the Shari’ah on the earth” …. (

~ MALAYSIA Unmarried couples arrested in Operation Valentine …. (novascotiascott)

~ WHAT DO SCUM do When they Can’t Agree: They behead the problem; Phyllis Chesler: On the ‘honor killing’ recently in Buffalo …. (

~ SOMETHING smells fishy …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SO OTHER THAN THAT, ‘How’s that TV thing working out?’ …. (

~ THE REAL BIGOTS: Who are the real ‘racists’ in the world? The Jews, who insist on their right to sovereignty in their ancient, ancestral land? Or Arabs, who refuse to allow Israelis–Zionists–to participate in international tennis tournies open to everyone save Israelis? …. (scaramouche)

~ COURT FREES Nigerian Christian jailed for blasphemy …. (novascotiascott)

~ STEVEN EDWARDS: Would you want these Guantanamo suspects living next door? …. (

Submission: Part 1 – by Theo van Gogh/Ayaan Hirsi Ali

4 thoughts on “Steynian 325

  1. I think I met Akter on the NP comment section, he infered I had sex with my dogs. It’s the latest propaganda from the usal mental midgets, they call western women hoes who have sex with their pets. The irony is in the West you get arrested for having animal sex aka beastiality but in Muslimlands you’d get married to said animal. Yea my cultures vulgur and immoral, sure yep okay.

    A Muslim child take on the animals know as the Taliban, there is a revolution a foot and they’re losing the propaganda battle. Marrying six year old little girls and raping them is not acceptable to the West. Never will be either.


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