Steynian 327


~ WHO’S SHORT-SIGHTED NOW? Those who ignore history are doomed to resemble it, and misunderstand it.. over and over.

Echoes of Nixon from the O-bots

So: there’s the old saw about ten thousand monkeys at ten thousand type-writers eventually writing Shakespeare. Remember that? So the cartoonist connects with the old notion, and then says it only took one monkey to write the Porkulus, because it’s so clueless and useless a piece of policy, bound to make bad things worse, in a specially painful and long-lasting kinda way.

Says the National O-Media? “They’re calling Obama a Monkey!” And any criticism of Obama is racist anyway, so the cartoonist is a double-racist! RACIIIIIIISTS! Clueless, AND viciously political. Welcome to Chicago, DC.

Never mind that it was a good joke– except to the ill-willed & touchy mafia machine that is Obamocracy– it’s just more proof that The Glorious Leader has his expectations, which shall be met. White House media? Heel, doggy! Press Conferences? He prefers YouTube fireside chats. Open questions? Nope: vetted questions with vetted reporters.

So in under a month, the New President is attempting to gut the media, silence all legitimate questions and criticisms– even from friendly sources– and so ‘manage’ free expression when it comes to the president, policies, or his person. Even law-enforcement is getting the message: public disapproval of the Dear Leader has been met with police harassment; Rush Limbaugh has been the subject of a political war by the top public servant against a voter and private citizen.

Now, the White House has unloaded on Rick Santelli for mild criticism of the Stimulus/ Porkulus Bill [aka the USSR socialist spend-a-thon]. Of course, “Tingles” defends his boyfriend— but respectable journalists must be feeling side-swept right now. Watch the following.

When Nixon did such things, after years in office, we got (and still hear endlessly regurgitated) all the evils of WaterGate. Obama has hit fast-forward on the open conspiracy shut-your-faces approach, and we may well see the liberal media which swept Obama into power turn on him and take him down.

The problem with Obama is he has no capacity for humility and irony. The man who considers himself the smartest ever, but who is blinded by pride to his own ever more glaring (and public) faults? To the point of alienating his own media-cadres, because he thinks they all semi-worship him? Pure ironical goodness. Blindest of the blind, yet claiming to see farthest.. forget the monkey-thing, it takes a really arrogant human being to be that ridiculous.

He rose fast, he may well fall fast— let’s just hope our inner and outer enemies don’t get extra advantage over us because of it…. or that his antics will permanently damage the U.S. for decades.

Worst President Ever? — he’s got a real shot, unless he does some very quick learning and slows up and gets some humility and real eye-opening to see who he really is, and what he’s actually doing.


~ MR. LAMEY McLAMERTON and his lame bag of lame tricks? So very 1990’s. Someone get in trouble? Start throwing around the bee-ess thick and fast, just like you did for your old political masters PM Gene “Corleone” Cretin and Dave “Entitlements” Dingwall.

Thing is, Warren, you made the boo-boo here, and you know that in politics, appearances are everything, and so going after TVO, Shaidle, Paikin, or whomever else on your latest trumped-up witch-hunt just won’t do. You screwed the pooch, so pay the piper.

Right now, you’re making your new master look like a waffling idiot who values your brand of nasty more than he does holding people accountable for their words– unintended or not. Of course lots of people in Ottawa make racist comments and hold racist views and make racist jokes– but it’s not usually the self-appointed and self-righteous racial defender and liberal Toilet Hunter caught making a silly racist aside bound to scandalize 1.2 billion people, including voters and politicians here at home. Irony bites, doesn’t it, Mr. Kinsella?

Now, still more ironically, your recent TVO smoke-blowing has meant you’re the one coughing, and still not past CatScam: says Paikin on his blog:

“Well, now we’ve got a different story, right? Now, it’s no longer a story about the appropriateness of our choosing Kathy to appear on the program. Now it’s a story about a well known Liberal Party operative threatening us (with what? We didn’t know) unless we did what he said.

That’s a very different story and as a result, we naturally refused to “unbook” Kathy. We do not take our marching orders on whom to put on or take off our television program from anyone, but most assuredly, not from partisan political operatives with personal grudges.”

Paikin: 10, Kinsella: -3.

And now, all the conservative free-speechers who might usually defend you– some of whom you’ve spent years suing and threatening with lawsuits, and publicly maligning as racists and scumbags and even worse– aren’t feeling especially motivated to jump to your defence. Especially not with your unreserved support for legal profiteer Richard Warman, and chumming with the SockPuppets, and all the rest.

Thing is, Warren, even if we forgiving Christian types felt inclined, we’re no longer sure if there’s much human left under the viper personae you’ve carefully cultivated over the years, so that you won’t just turn and bite us if we should try and do some fight-back for ya. You’re some sort of cultural Catholic, we hear– so we keep expecting more and better from you, instead of the endless rerun of your long-faded youth, with the punk-band and “I’m a Hip Young Ottawa Hotshot Pimping for The Bigwigs” thing.

Sad to say, you don’t even rate ‘Aging Hipster Doofus’ anymore.  Like your buddy Little Dickie “Maximum Disruption” Warman, you’re nought but an ageing hack, a drooping droog in a fantasy Clockwork Orange dystopia, with yourself as the hero. Even Malcolm McDowell is 65 now, and that movie was made in 1971: do the math.. you were in grade 5.

Dude: it’s 2009, and you’re 1/2 way to being 98 years old; you’re a year from beginning your sixth decade. Man up. Grow up. Fess up.

Canada needs decent folk to defend and build her up again. People like Teh Shaidle, who’s still waiting so sell the movie rights to all this. ~

UPDATE: “I love it: Steve Paikin makes a pathetic mockery of an Ignatieff crony’s crude attempt to censor TVO” says Jonathan Kay

BEHEADLINE–  “USA: Beheading in New York Appears to Be Honor Killing, Experts Say.”

~ OK, I KNOW BIG MO’ SAID it was the thing to do and all, but just do the handy ‘reverse the terms’ on the recent beheading of his wife by a ‘moderate’ American Muslim. A frustrated Southern Baptist man was arrested yesterday in the beheading of his wife, Betty-Sue Anderson. See how we went from the bigotry of low expectations to “Eww! Why did he have to go all Friday XIII on the poor woman?”

That this story has no head and no legs? Shame on Muhammad. Shame on the chattering classes. Shame on ‘moderate’ Muslims, who want more public space for Islam, but who refuse to constantly and unremittingly condemn such actions, and YET who resent and reject any criticism or questions about such crimes as this, or honour killings, or polygamy. ~


~ FRESH AKTER-WATCH— For those of you who are now BFFs of Akter The Serial Commenter, he’s got a fresh dose of his patented Kuffar Korrective™ for your ignorant and erring minds. So just get in there and find out how you’re wrong about how Islam treats women. Terribly, terribly wrong. We also link to some filthy lies by unbelievers who dares doubt the Akter (pbuh). ~

~ A LITTLE MORE on Aqsa: thanks to Mark Steyn & Kathy Shaidle for props & links. Further, Denyse O’Leary warns that there’s been no final official legal say-so on the guilt of the father and/or brother in her slaying. Granted. Please add ‘alleged’ to every occurrence of ‘honour killing’ and ‘murder’. Innocent until proven guilty. The way the family has treated the burial is cruel and sub-human, and does nothing to assure concerned Canadians and others about the nature of this situation. OK?

Now, we also have the whole honour-killing thing in Western and Islamic societies. Let’s imagine the alternative: if secular or cultural Christians and Westerners started murdering their female offspring when they got too religious and modest in their dress & deportment, or started showing an interest in Aristotle, Moses, or Cicero. Any questions? ~



Mark Steyn

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Churchill on the campus grounds of Westminster College with President Harry Truman in 1946

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Piping In The Hate, Hot & Fresh

~ JIHAD-TV in Europe …. (creepingsharia)

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~ MARIA not Sharia! Swiss ad campaign …. (creepingsharia)



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