Steynian 329


~ THE CURRENT AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION is full of nitwit do-gooders with the people’s money, and bright ideas. Be afraid: it’s like a parcel of Dr. Evils overdosed n godo intentions.

The next four years will likely be the seed-time for a host of bad ideas, wasteful projects, and results of which it shall be said “But I/ we never meant for THAT to happen.” The side-effects of bad ideas happen in the real world, far away from the powerful people who experiment on people as if they were rats, and the country a laboratory. Our betters don’t care much for the actual results. As the old saying has it: those who can’t do, teach; and those who can’t do or teach, lead… or get promoted into the Obama Cabinet, unless their crimes and misdemeanours and associations scuttle their candidacy.

Remember: the great monstercracies of the past century? Someone’s really bright idea. Ideas lead to consequences. Consequences touch real people. It is one of the wonderful things for those with power to make a difference; it is one of the dangers that power is precisely a serious responsibility. Our fallen hearts may say “Power corrupts; and absolute power?.. rather nice, thanks” but that is the way of domination, dictatorship, and wasted government money, bloated bureaucracy, and stupid programs. Leviathan thrives on red tape and paperwork.

After all, after the multi-trillion-plus crazy spendathon, schools will still have to sell chocolate bars to support their programs; the U.S. energy infrastructure will still be elderly; the available offshore oil undrilled; the need for safe new nuclear power unmet. Only the debt will be really, really big.

Sad to say, it appears that the Obama administration is embracing naked power as a good, not a terrible temptation. Leviathan? So darned cuddly!

Thing is, Leviathan (in the Bible) isn’t just about whales and such, but also represents chaos and power let loose, in defiance of God. ~


~ VIA DUST MY BROOM:Freedom with moral boundaries is slavery“; in other news, Libertarian realizes his polite anarchism is not shared by all conservatives, nor all libertarians. As we’ve said before, the see-saw battle of little-gov vs. big-gov just doesn’t warm our cockles. Every decision has moral content, as does every possible government policy. We are all children of big-gov (unless you’re over 80), and of the post-war economic and baby-booms. We’re all teat-kids, even if at second-hand.

What a gov gives (or takes) it can take (or give) again:L even if we could institute the imaginary (and untested) libertarian ideal, or parts thereof, later govs or the same one can reverse them. So we had Clinton tax-code reform, and Bush rebates: now Obama wants to claim almost everything as public money. We had Liberal balanced budgets, now Harper is going for deficits like it’s 1975 all over again. Shall we have a ‘libertarian’ government somehow force us to be libertarian forever? Special irreversible laws? Enforcement agencies? School programs to enforce the right thoughts on the matter? You get the point.

Libertarianism is a dream, based on several mistakes. It’s also an attempt to separate policy from morality (as if that were possible) and pretend that it’s all just ‘rational’ unencumbered true conservatism. We just all need to read Ayn Rand, and it will all become so very, very clear. Really? That novel is one moment in the politics of the 20th century. Like Orwell’s 1984, it articulates one aspect of political dilemmas (socialism versus fascism, the one and the many). Rugged individualism is good; but it’s not everything. Smaller government is good: but it means real consequences for the entire society. Think: 1890s.

You cannot escape morality, or the actual consequences of big vs. small gov. When Libertarianism itself becomes a nearly-religious longing, promising a perfect world, then it joins all the other failed or failing isms of the past century on the long shelf of failed heavens on earth.

Time to re-read Rand. ~


~ SO THEY SAY THE O HAS an IQ of 125, or something like that.. makes him ‘gifted’. Whatever. As one wag put it, IQ tests prove exactly how well you do on IQ tests.

So far, as the biggest brain ever, his discretion, choice of friends, associates, activities, cabinet members, and policies doesn’t strike this observer as prudent, good, or advisable. But what do we know? We’re not The Most Super Genius President™ Ever.

Intelligence comes in a wide range of types, and may or may not translate into wisdom, common sense, courage, goodness, or any of the other things you want in a good leader. It also means (as an ideologue and academical type) he’s smart enough to latch onto bad ideas, but not necessarily wise enough to see his way past them. That’s why you try and pick seriously smart advisers, with some real-world experience, with expertise in various areas, to help you triangulate the data and make the hard decisions. Beware the intellectuals: after all, there’s nothing so stupid that some brainiac somewhere hasn’t lit a candle and written a Ph.D in praise of it.

O Got Friends?

That’s where I think his ‘hope n change’ Israel policy is coming form. He talked to some nice Palestinian ideologue (former terrorist & terror-apologist Rashid Khalidi) more than once, and is now changing American policy to make things better for the poor beleaguered victims of Israeli atrocities. Fresh billions to terrorist Hamas? Enforcing a two-state policy? Putting A Saudi Shill In Charge Of National Intelligence Estimates?

Looks like Billy Carter redux, and a tacit message to Iran and Hamas that the U.S. isn’t against Israel, exactly, but is buying more and more into the one-sided Middle-Eastern sob-story that militant Arabs tell themselves into. Arabs & Muslims good. Jews & Israel bad. Push Jews into the sea. Nukes, if and when possible.

Obama’s Deep Ties to former Terrorist Rashid Khalidi

We are always sending messages, conscious or not. Context and subtext can send a message even louder than what we say.

Digging The Future

The mere appearance of anti-Israeli bias from the main 21st Century Superpower may well be enough to tip the tangle, and bring about more war, or even the nuclear option on Tel Aviv. Sure, Muslims will die– but they will be glorious martyrs, right? Freeing the Caliphate from the unclean sons of dogs & monkeys & handicapped lobsters, blah blah blah, yada yada yada.

All of this scary possibility? Because an intellectually proud and ignorant socialist once had a chat with some nice Palestinian guy, and was too stupid, uncritical, and under-informed via his university edumacation to get anything like a balanced account of World War 2, Europe & the Holocaust, and the post-war determination of much of the West (minus the mean-spirited UK) to try and make it right, and the history of Israel & the Jews, 1990-2000. Now, that very same really really smart guy is running the world. Adult diapers are advised. ~

P.S. Not to brag, but the Binks-Dad is in Mensa, plus a bit: Nuclear Physics, computers, MD. The BInks-Mom was in University at 16. I’m not quite up there, but have a good number of points over the POTUS.


Obama & His Vewwy Special Friend

Binkses Linkses

~ RECENT REPORTAGE from the Atlantic Catholic on the St. Mary’s shout-down. Thanks to the fine folks at AC for sharing the .pdf, and Geezer Scott Gilbreath for decoding and commenting on same. Modern Undiversities: be afraid!: “Still no clarity on SMU response to pro-abortion hooligans”. In related news, St. FX University apparently doesn’t suck, and has civilized discourse on controversial topics. ~


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Aasiya Hassan

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