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ITEMS: Compulsory abortion for American women? Planetary regime?

& Canadians: are we ASKING to be censored?

~ BLOGS & NEW MEDIA really suck… if you’re old-media, or a traditional power-holder used to controlling the flow and interpretation of news and events, that is.

There’s another group who don’t like the conservative presence in the blogosphere and new mediasphere, and that’s radicals. They’re used to insinuation – politicization – isolate – control in taking over institutions, political issues, and agendae. Info breaking out at an inopportune moment can just ruin your whole revolting day. There you are seeking to refresh and regenerate the whole world by stealth and cleverness and patient pushing, and some snoop gets in there and futzes the mix.

Teh Eebil Binkz

Anglican leaders & media around the world used to hate Teh Binky, because news that might have previously been reported months late on page 7, when nothing could be said or done about it, could– in the new way– be reported as it happened, and people could act and respond accordingly, and actually deflect and delay the devolution of that Christian denomination into another tool of the progressive soft-fascist revolution. Then, more blogs proliferate; then real issues and timely news break out and are discussed– it’s generally a disaster for the power-brokers and schemers.

So the desire in the U.S., via the UN, and popping up here and there and everywhere like a many-headed hydra, to ‘moderate’ the blogosphere and new media. Too much truth! Too many thoughtful opinions! Experts openly mocked! Newspapers in financial decline! Very important politicians and leaders not blindly obeyed! Pre-cooked consensus not accepted!

American Political Boss, Ahoy

Watch Obama as he HRC-like limits the scope of free expression, uppity conscience, and individual resistance to what he wants. Marginalizing political enemies is a classic fascist tactic– in this case, Obama is more and more like a Boss, the embodiment of the revolution, the one voice of the true new America. Sooner or later, he will have to woo or weigh in on the new media/ blog thing, to protect his agenda. Witness how the blogs struck down so many of his creepy cabinet appointees– he dumped them not because of their crimes, but because they were outed.

So too the OIC/ Muslim Brotherhood/ Durban II agenda is still working to make Islam the untouchable creed, and rule all factual or fair comment otherwise as internationally illegal. There’s nothing the international Jihad & Leftist coalition would like more than to silence the right wing of new media & blogs forever, by hook or by crook. All this chattering off the grid has taken a lot of the wind out of their sails.

Watch for it: I told you so™. ~

Hey Hey, Ho Ho

ITEMS: MEMRI clip on the love Islam has for Jewish people

& York University’s moral and intellectual death spiral continues

& Certain behaviors should not be tolerated

~ SO ACCORDING TO THE BRAINS-TRUST at the YorkU Brownshirt Club, the Israeli ‘apartheid’ wall is very, very bad. Not because it keeps a high proportion of Palestinian suicide-bombers out of Israel, but because, you know, it’s, like, TOTALLY bad. And mean.

No matter what the PLO, Fatah, Hamas, and the other alphabet-soup of Jew-hating groups have done, no matter how much terror the malevolent troll Arafat bought and paid for– the Joooos are to blame. No matter if Israel was always meant to be an Arab-Israel Jew-Muslim-Christian nation, and the Arab world rejected that, and the local Arab leaders in 1947 dragged their people into and immediate war of extermination of Jews and the elimination of Israel, forever poisoning the well of co-existence and cooperation. No matter.

Seeking A Faith

There’s yer problem right there. Facts or history or reality don’t matter: this is a battle of appearances, moral high-ground, media market-share, and who can slap the most victim-labels on themselves the fastest. Enter your Israel/ Jew hating islamists, and useful idiot leftists in academia. Hey hey. Ho ho. Any cause in a storm, and especially when you get it all served up steaming hot in heaping helpings via the leftard media, international socialism, and international Jihadism. Lefty crusaders!– MARCH!

Have you ever known a self-destructive person, in the grip of lies? Doesn’t it break your heart? But it does neither you nor them any good to buy into the lies and dysfunctional universe they live in as a way of helping. You have to love them enough to let them fail, and to be willing to help them when they begin– even a little– to wake up from the lies.

Hate You Long Time!

Face it, O YorkU terror-lovers: long before the Gaza War, the wall, 1972, 1967, 0r 1947– some 20th Century Arabs in the area of Israel have had fascistic and anti-semitic tendencies, and killed Jews. Just because. It’s what Muhammad said, right? Not all Muslims bothered to get that ahte on, but it’s been the deliberate effort and vision of The Muslim Brotherhood to destroy Israel, and subjugate the West, and the world.

If all Jews left and Israel itself were returned to deserted pre-20th century land, the grievances and jihad and complaining would continue, because most of the Middle East is a repressive nightmare, full of delusions and blaming everyone else for the state of their countries. If your choices are sharia police-state, Jihad, or moving to the West, you see how we got where we are.

Like a virus, anti-semitism and Israel-hating have travelled with those who could get out, even though here is not there. And yet, like an old, tattered bug-infested comfort-blanket, the old hate feels familiar and comfortable, and so it spreads out here, and finds willing minions in the disaffected sons and daughters of Western relativism, looking for some passionate cause to attach themselves to: so the end up the unwitting mouthpieces of fascist-Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

Humans have an amazing capacity to believe utter insanity, even when their lying eyes and biased common-sense tell them the opposite is the case. Sadly, ideology-factories like YorkU do not educate and free the students from such blindness, but deepen the stupid, and thus glorify violence, hatred, and lies. All this at an institution of ‘Higher Education.’

Ironic, huh? ~

RELATED NEWS: York [University] President Shoukri releases a long overdue public statement.

The Obama Show.

We're watching him watching us watching him.

“As Glenn Reynolds writes, the legacy media have done “more investigations into Joe the Plumber in 24 hours than they’ve done on Barack Obama in two years.” The media have internalized Joseph Conrad’s famous aphorism from The Heart of Darkness and they’re in the process of completely destroying Joe the Plumber, as an object lesson for anyone else who dares Think Different, just as they’ve already successfully done with Sarah Palin, just as they did 20 years ago with Dan Quayle. Occasionally, an apostate such as Ronald Reagan, Clarance Thomas, Rush Limbaugh or George W. Bush is able to survive such exposure and go on to powerful accomplishments, which is all the more reason why the media must destroy the Other, the Alien, before his message becomes too powerful.”

~ Ed Driscoll ~

~ IT’S ON ALL THE CHANNELS, 24/7.. The Obama Show. We’re watching him watching us watching him. He’s ‘on’ the reality-TV show whenever he’s in public, and living the Obama POTUS character. Whoever he is and what he thinks and does in reality is none of our business, he has decided.

The Obama show is a game-show where people are being bought with their own money, and the money of their chuldren, and their children’s children. It’s a comedy, where the joke is on us; the Obama show is also like one of those Idol shows, where he and his expert cronies sit in judgement over the rest of us. The Obama Show is also a lot like the series ‘Lost’– endless surprises, arbitrary events, wandering plot, and secrets and soap operatic whatnot. That’s because fundamentally, the Obama show is a psycho-drama, because his endlessly changing public self– being no things to no people, in the end– is his mask, and behind the mask is a man with no face.

Obama is a cruel fool. He’s cruel because he’s just another ideologue, playing with people’s lives. He’s a fool, because his soft-fascist blinders will not allow him to see reality. The Obama show is doomed to cause suffering and regret and rejection because it’s just another fictional star-vehicle political TV show, with commercials commanding our money, and plots pandering to our basest instincts.

What this means for the opponents of Obamism is clear: he’s a man with a lot to hide, lies to tell, and nobody lives a life without evidence. Whilst re-invigorating itself, the Republicans need to expose The Obama Show for what it is: a song and dance of endless self-concealment and self-reinvention. Let’s get him to be one person, so we can can pin him down on what he is, what he has said and done, who he knows, and all the other details he’s still trying to hide from everybody.

The O: Putting the O in chameleon. ~



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~ FREEDOM THAT IS ONLY one-sided i.e., “she is free to have a late term, partial-birth abortion and you are not free to refuse her request” or “she is free to demand this contraception and you are not free to refuse to fill that prescription,” is not really freedom …. (winteryknight)

~ YORKUSUCKS.COM— Er, sorry, that’s the “Students Against Israeli Apartheid @ York University” blog. In good news, “Urgent: Students Against Israeli Apartheid (York) Suspended and Fined.” It’s called the Admissions Department called, and we’re tanking for 2009-’10, so clean up the anti-semite idiot squads. And if you’re at UCarleton, you can get your Hamas-love on via their SAIA @ Carleton site. “Juden Raus! Juden Raus!” …. (


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~ UNELECTED & UNACCOUNTABLE— “The Ontario Human Rights Commission is arguing that a provincial court judge failed to recognize the religious freedoms of a Muslim woman when he ordered her to testify at a sexual assault trial without a veil known as a niqab.” Saith CatFur: “Do not ever, under any circumstances allow the Ontario Human Rights Commission, a hotbed of Islamists and their enablers, to further undermine society.” …. (am770chqr)

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Be Afraid:
“Obama’s support for Freeman, like his support for Samantha Power and Susan Rice, who largely share Freeman’s view, make clear that contrary to what Obama’s supporters believe, hostility toward the American alliance with Israel has played and will continue to pay a central role in determining Obama’s strategies vis-à-vis the Arab and Islamic worlds. If, as Freeman has argued, the only reason the Arabs and Muslims hate the U.S. is its support for Israel, then the U.S. should be able to end the war simply by abandoning Israel and reaching out to the Arabs.”

~ Caroline Glick ~

~ RUSSIAN BOMBER neared Canada before Obama visit .. the equiv of a Putin bitch-slap …. (

The Obama Economy

~ USSR UBER GOTT? “… are we seeing lapdog chaplains wagging their tails for the chance to appear in public as a spiritual leader, uttering prayers vetted for proper orthodoxy (i.e., “dump this ‘Jesus’ name business,” among other things) by the Theology Department at the White House? Whose orthodoxy?” …. (merecomments)

~ YET ANOTHER CREEP— “The man who is President Obama’s newly minted urban czar pocketed thousands of dollars in campaign cash from city developers whose projects he approved or funded with taxpayers’ money” …. (bigtweet)

~ FRESH Victor Davis Hanson: Exactly what makes anyone think that government handling trillions will be somehow better than private entrepreneurs. “Perverse Thoughts about a Perverse Recession” …. (victorhanson)

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~ INFLATION-ADJUSTED Dow: all the way to 4,000? …. (


~ OBAMA INTEL NOMINEE works for Chinese government. Company’s deals were seen as attempt to expand communist nation’s influence …. (rbo)

~ CAROLINE GLICK: Understanding Obama; Netanyahu’s three-headed nemesis …. (carolineglick)

~ MORTGAGE-PIMPS Fannie Mae Eases credit to aid Mortgage Lending …. (MaD)

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~ WHACK-A-JEW II? Obama pulls out of hate fest after dipping toes in the water …. (

~ GORDON BROWN proposes U.K. and U.S. create global New Deal. Pundita proposes U.K. and U.S. first learn to chew and walk …. (

~ WARLORD Obama Air-Raids Another Pakistani Village, 9 Killed …. (Wz)

~ SCARY NEW AMERICAN “Hate Crime” Bill Makes Its Way Forward …. (

~ SAYS OBAMA’S Likely intel pick: Muslims were here first! Pushed Saudi-funded textbook that wildly fabricates history …. (worldnetdaily)

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~ DON’T FORGET Obama’s new $634 billion health fund …. (

~ FEARMONGER! “Obama has been instrumental in purveying fear and spreading doubt. It is his pronouncements, reinforced by the developments they kindle and catalyze, that are destroying good businesses, bankrupting responsible people and wiping out even conservative financial institutions” …. (

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I'm Not The Droid You're Looking For

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~ WHAT’S THE OVER-UNDER on the number of empty Obama promises during a typical pre-election speech? …. (

~ BOLTON: “We have yet to see any evidence that Barack Obama (any more than George W. Bush) knows how to stop Iran” …. (JiWa)

~ JOBLESS CLAIMS top 5 million– 667,000 new claims …. (uppitywoman08)

~ ACCOUNTABILITY NOW — The radical OBORG arrives as, Left Blogistan and unions unite …. (rbo)


~ HOPE & CHANGE? Ha! — “Each of the previous two Administrations (Clinton and Bush the Younger) sounded tough on the Chinese Communist Party for months, only to transform itself into an apologist for the regime” …. (

~ AHH, WHAT DOES HE KNOW? Vladimir Putin tells America that socialism doesn’t work …. (winteryknight)

~ HOW DEMOCRACIES Become Tyrannies …. (orthodoxytoday)

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~ LIBERALS Turning Blind Eye to Human Rights, by Michael Barone …. (humanevents)

~ KILL KILL KILL— Obama Set to Undo ‘Conscience’ Rule for Health Workers, Pro-life Doctors …. (nytimes, orthodoxytoday)

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~ U.S. BANKS REPORT First Losing Quarter in 18 Years; TARP Recipient Scrutinized for Golf Tournament Spending …. (bailoutsleuth)

~ HILLARY TURNS Against Israel …. (

~ SNEAKY Obama introduces cap and trade scheme in budget …. (winteryknight)

~ OBAMA’S Muslim outreach program gets Muslims bleeding for him …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SEN DEMINT calls Obama ‘world’s best salesman of socialism’ …. (

~ OBAMA’S AMERICA— “Oops: Microsoft Asks Some Laid Off Workers To Send Back Part Of Their Severance:” …. (

O, Our Glorious Leader!

~ TEA PARTIES! D.C. featuring Joe The Plumber …. (

~ IF YOU NEEDED any more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder, I give to you The Obama Pizza …. (mitchieville)


~ PORKULUS-2 bill would destroy school choice in Washington D.C. …. (winteryknight)

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~ VISUALIZE the DOW at 6000; Economy Shrank 6.2% Annualized in Last Quarter of 2008 …. (

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~ PUNDITA: Er, is President Obama proposing geriatricide as a means to reduce America’s budget deficit …. (therealbarackobama)

~ IS IT CALLED Ottawa or Iowa? Edmonton Sun …. (

Remember When?
George Bush And Steve Bridges @ WHCA Dinner


Heroic Infidel

~ LONEWOLF Diaries: Angry Muslims, Death Threats and One Crazy Week, by Steven Crowder …. (

~ GEERT Wilders at US Jewish temple …. (vladtepesblog)

~ HE’S FREE TO DO WHAT HE WANTS with his money, but the requirement seems crazy, to be sure. Not all Muslims are Taliban or extremists. You might want to run your scholarship through soem foundation, not directly though a shcool, if you have those views …. (

~ HOLLYWOOD MIA on Abuse in Islam, by Gary Bauer: “Hollywood rarely shies away from delving into politics, but there’s one issue on which they’ve been silent” …. (humanevents)

~ RELIGION OF… EGYPT: ISLAMIC LAWYERS URGE DEATH SENTENCE FOR CONVERT– More than 20 Islamic lawyers attended the hearing on Sunday (Feb. 22) in Maher Ahmad El-Mo’otahssem Bellah El-Gohary’s case to obtain identification papers with Christianity designated as his religious affiliation. Two lawyers led the charge …. (

~ RELIGION OF Afghan Christians worship in secret …. (novascotiascott)

~ PERPETUAL Refugees: A thoughtful look at billions for Gaza …. (

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS writes on Durban II; US pulls out of Durban II …. (vladtepesblog)

~ UK: HIZBOLLAH’S propagandist is not forbidden to enter Britain …. (

~ INTERNATIONAL Islamic organization slams Israeli program on Muhammad and calls again for free speech restrictions …. (

~ DON’T DARE To Diss The Hamas Flag! …. (

~ MISUNDERSTANDER OF ISLAM: Convicted Islamic Terrorist, Serves Half Sentence, Released from NY Prison …. (creepingsharia)

~ DAVID FRUM: Geert Wilders, a controversial leader for an intolerant time …. (nationalpost)

~ OBEDIENT Dutch Theater segregates gender to appease Muslims …. (

~ BACKDOOR— Minnesota: Taxpayer-facilitated Sharia-compliant mortgages …. (JiWa)

More on Islamburg and the Christian Action Network

~ ARE WE Counterjihadists Becoming Inured? …. (

~ CATHOLIC CHURCH SLAMS new teaching code which would force Christian schools to actively promote Islam …. (JiWa)

Video of march for sharia in UK

~ MOTHER OF Flight 93 hero calls for “full and transparent review” of Islamic crescent memorial …. (creepingsharia)

~ HARPOON Siddiqui Lies to Defend Khaled Mouammar – proving there’s no Haroon… like an old Haroon …. (

~ MARCH FOR sharia in Englandistan …. (vladtepesblog)

~ TRIUMPH for human rights and psycho jihadists …. (timesonline)

~ FATHER SUES Turkish authorities over Armenia film …. (novascotiascott)

~ HOW THE SOFT-JIHAD WORKS: the Four Steps of Islamic Treachery. A classic …. (

~ BREAKENRIDGE: Are You Zion-Free? …. (am770chqr)

~ AND THE DUH of the week – U.S. intelligence: Hizbullah now qualifies as homeland security threat …. (

UN is trying to pass now
a BINDING resolution condemning blasphemy

~ BRITISH LORD asks to arrest any British citizen who was in Israel during op cast lead …. (vladtepesblog)

~ HATE PREACHER Anjem Choudary will march in London today calling for Britain to adopt Islamic #Sharia law …. (bigtweet)

IDF In ARABIC: An important video

~ HUH? WHAT-NOW? Imams unable to grasp needs of Western Muslims: report …. (

~ SIGN ONLINE PETITION to promote “Freedom Not Fear” …. (thatssaulfolks)

~ DUTCHMAN Flies Islamization into World Spotlight …. (DianaWest)

~ PRESIDENTS Eye For The Muslim Guy …. (novascotiascott)

~ JOOOOOOOOOS! Khadafi: “Israel is responsible for Sudanese crisis” …. (

~ UNITED KALIFATE: Cabbie stabs wife to death. Makes her read from Quoran first …. (vladtepesblog)

~ DENMARK Donates Lego To Sderot Children …. (

GO TEAM ISRAEL! (featuring Obama’s moobs)

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