Steynian 332

06-03-2009-8-15-48-pmBear Market Goodness

~ OBAMA CRISIS-O-RAMA— The classic fascist tactic of leftist bosses since forever is the ever-useful Atmosphere Of Crisis. Interior or exterior enemies; financial or political emergencies; ideological purity versus impurity; all the rest. Wilson, Mussolini, Stalin, Ottoman vs. Armenian, FDR, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, JFK & LBJ, The 60s radicals, and now Obama. The emergency justifies the policies, and rules out criticism or opposition or ordinary morality and common-sense. Then, as is usual with the Left, the Right gets blamed for any excesses, as the history gets rewritten, and we move on to the next handy-dandy emergency.

Currently, Dear Leader Obama has his financial emergency. Sadly, he’s not even good at being a decent fascist: his downer comments have actually dragged down the market, and made the financial crisis actually, really worse in the real world. The ideal thing is to not have much of a real problem, but to make crap up, while enjoying the economy, whilst saying there’s an economic emergency. Have your cake, and eat it too Politics 101.

The emergency-rhetoric also prevents any specific analysis of what might be the case, or the proposed solution. So the Obamites don’t want to even ask if Stimu-Porkulus is the right answer to whatever our problems might actually be. That’s the power-technique– the emergency is an excuse, not something to be actually dealt with or solved, and ordinary calm restored. After all, if we’re done with the crisis, we would notice whether Obama is a good leader, or not; his policies good, or not; the Democrats sensible or not; Obama worth re-electing, or not. Can’t have that.

It would be mighty convenient if a real financial tornado wasn’t upon us; if Obama wasn’t a hollow narcissistic n00b; if his cabinet didn’t make Clintonista radicalism and corruption look like playtime.

Ultimately, these are the fruits of power-mongering and worldly blindness, sacrificing reality to ideology. We’ve seen it all before, over and over. Our willingness to listen and obey such tinpot tyranny is part of the fallenness of our human nature. Any God but the true one; any plausible half-truth but the truth; any dreamy messiah except that bossy depressing one.

Mankind is a believing creature: whether Mao or the worker’s paradise or human perfectibility or whatever the next leader or promise or technology all amounts to the same thing: a hissing voice, promising “ye shall be as gods”.

Unless he decides to drop the radical tactics and become an actual leader in reality, Obama will fail. The main question is, as with radical messianic figures before him, what’s the body count and the final bill going to be? ~

ITEM:Professors strangely absent when militants stifle debate”; and “In recovery: Jennifer Rubin of Pajamas Media suggests that pundits newly disenchanted with the great and powerful Oz-bama should immediately seek group therapy”; and “Countdown to disaster: Massive U.S. borrowing knocks other governments and private borrowers out of capital markets, skyrockets the cost of money.”

~ SO HOW COME, GIZACKLY? After all, those of us in post-1967 Canuckistan have lived in the Socialist Paradise, watched mind-numbingly biased TV and radio; been subject to every hand-out and freebie and spendthrifty government program and promise; lived under ever jot and tittle of “This Will Make Our Perfect Utopia Even Better” social engineering; had our long string of left, hard left, and way left leaders– and still there are conservatives in Canada. Noisy ones, too.

Could it be– as those left-psychologizers insist, that conservativism is some kind of brain-disorder? We’re just sick and need special re-education? That’s been the lefto-fascist response since the first days of progressivism:

  1. We’re making paradise
  2. Only crazy people wouldn’t like paradise
  3. You don’t like this paradise

… Therefore, You are crazy.

So the Soviets had barbed-wire mental hospitals full of such ‘crazy’ people who disagreed with Communism, Stalinism, the Five Year Plans, massacres of dissidents and peasants and innocents; secret police tactics– obviously mentally ill. The hard cases were sent to the Gulags– perhaps their work at least could redeem their existence, even if they were incurables.

They Paved The Parking Lot

Thing is, not so much. The mindlessly ideological left are the ones who reject reason and balance in matters political. Who can only attribute hate, mental illness or stupidity to those who beg to differ. They try and make countries into dystopian fantasy-land Utopia, paving over whatever went before in principle and life, all to make it harder to even think or act any other way.

ThinkOneWayistan: all in the name of diversity, community, multicultism, and other thinkoneway radical takeover buzzwords.

Radical thinking and speaking is irrational power-language, not actual reason. Real language seeks communication: left-speak is all about domination. Democracy is a tool only on the path to eradicating democracy, difference, disagreement. It’s a simplistic resolution of all of life’s questions, and those who reject the one-for-all cure are enemies of humanity, utopia, and our betters.

Resistance Is NOT Irrelevant

Once you ponder it, the Progs are a Borg-like monoculture, not a viable civilization, or continuation of the best of the West. They are to real civilization what cancer is to human tissues: one kind of cell gone insane, reproducing only itself, despite the fact that a human body is a billions-member kingdom of many many different types of cells working together to give life to the whole. That’s actual diversity, and real rainbow: the many doing their thing and thereby constituting a greater whole.

To resist such radicalism is to choose sanity, goodness, and life. To recognize greater freedoms and duties than those imposed by utopian authoritarianism is not insanity, or evil, or mere contrariness. We can also be loyal citizens without either lockstep, or the mini-dictatorships of extreme individualism.

To have survived and rejected Trudeaupianism is a badge of honour and pride for this baby of Trudeaupia. There is a better way, and a higher Kingdom– and even for those of good will and uncertain faith, we may act as if we believe, and stand for freedom, truth, and goodness, as if God existed, and utopia was not the highest and best possible aspiration for humanity.

To spread the word of a better way(s)? A pleasure.

I aim to misbehave. ~

Not The Doom-Bunker

~ HONESTLY? I’ve no idea where the economy is headed, or world peace, or all that. I’m a Christian, not a fortune-telling robot. The Lord has promised that the spiritual war of human history will continue, until some sort of culmination at some point. Whether this is That Day™, a lot like that day, or just another day in the long roller-coaster of our human days on earth? Dunno. The Schadenfreuders of the Right & Left, or of religious loonies does not impress this observer — especially when some of it is political crisis-mongering, or doom-lust.

Still and all, the economic thing is scaring people smarter and more informed than Teh Binks (yes, it’s theoretically possible). And when ideological n00bs are ruling the world, and making crazy decisions like the USSR Democrats under Glorious Leader going on the socialist spending-spree to end all socialist spending sprees, then we got trouble, right here in River City.

Wall Street Unspun With Peter Schiff

The calibre of potential disaster looks kinda big. The Dow looks like a really bad heart-monitor reading (presently 6,627.18). The effect on smaller & weaker national economies is only beginning to be felt; Western investments and retirement funds and corporate values are still headed south, with unknowable consequences, and no natural or artificial bottom in sight. Hate us or not, Western economies drive the world economy, and so with deflating G-8/ G-20 financials, the rest of the world will be seeing lower trade income, financial growth, and governmental health. Then all that crazy-big and much wasted foreign-aid goes bye-bye, even for the Paleostinians.

That’s why the scary part is money-printing Obama. He chattered the other day about stock-market “gyrations”. Dude, dancers gyrate: this stock market is on an emergency parachute, and not slowing down, despite Porko-StimulaOmni-TARPathon, since that’s crazy pork and local prizes for lefties and radicals, not real tax-or-debt relief.And you were in on it with your ACORN-love and radical friends.

I’m beginning to wonder if the Dow-Jones at 4000 is not only likely (so says usually accurate economic observer & investment boss Peter Schiff), but to be fading in the rear-view mirror if the American economy doesn’t self-correct. Obama is currently heading up the problem, and has no real solution: spendathon socialism does not heal economies, or boost financial recoveries. FDR’s New Deal nearly meant the loss of World War II, because it dragged the economy downwards, into the early 1940’s.

Civilizations and societies rise and fall– why not now? Why not us? Where it is written that the our particular party goes on forever?

It would be stupid, evil, and sad if we were to fumble away the richest, most comfortable, safest society in the history of ever over credit-debt and government-backed mortgage-fraud, but perfectly possible. We could take a permanent downgrade, as various empires have done in the past, on the way to losing coherence as a civilization or society, and breaking down into regions, communities, tribes, and bits and pieces on a smaller economic and political scales.

One of my travel-dreams (no, not any of the Sandals resorts) is to visit Leptis Magna (in Libya), and the ruins of Hippo Regius (in Algeria). One, an impressively well-preserved Roman colony, a former leading city of Roman North Africa. The other, the city of St. Augustine, was also a North African outpost, swept over by the Barbarian tide that began the fall of the Western Empire in the 5th Century AD.

Both are reminders of what was, and what could be. 1600+ years later, the areas are still lived and farmed– but the Roman Empire– like so many others– and like our own, one day– is no more.

Says Jesus about The End:

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” (Matthew 24:35-39)

What He said. ~


Arch Of Septimus Seveus, Leptis Magna

~ I LIKE STEPHEN COLBERT’S STUFF— he’s sometimes really laugh-out-loud good: but he’s still primarily a red Democrat liberal. That is, he too often mocks & attacks people, and not their actual ideas. His worst stuff is during elections. He gets all drool-bucket over his Democrats, and (at least for me) becomes more heavy-handed than funny. His recent bit on disaster-minded Glenn Beck’s “War Games” series simply mocked the style with some cheap laughs, but answered none of the substance of his concerns for America.

Yes, Colbert is an entertainer, but he also pretends to having something ironic and amusing and important to say about current affairs. Is he just into cheap laughs? Or will he make a real difference? Soft-pedalling Obamaism is no kindness to American freedoms,politics, and economics. ~


~ HUZZAH! Aqsa Memorial to Go Ahead. Good News. ~

~ OH, AND JUST TO COVER all the bases– I, for one, welcome our new intergalactic flying-saucer fish overlords. ~


Mark Steyn

“Anyway, that’s how I feel about the endlessly morphing supergovernment hero battling the planet-swallowing economic crisis. Back in September, we were told to put our faith in Bailoutman. Then in January, Bailoutman went to his tailor, had the long underwear redesigned, and relaunched himself as Mister Stimulus. A few weeks later the Obama crowd noticed that “stimulus,” like “bailout,” had become a cheap punch line, and decided the approved term was “recovery.” So Captain Recovery swung into action.”

~ Mark Steyn ~

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“There really needs to be secret handshake or a secret t-shirt or song, otherwise, like-minded people with little tolerance for liberal fantasy life, totalitarian and oppressive political correctness, and make-work utopian projects have to resort to apprehensively throwing out little trial balloons, desperate seeking other fun, joyful people.”

~ Closet Conservative ~

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Hey Thanks! Someone bought a book!!; Yup! Obama’s going to start wearing the economy; Interesting stats about Catholic votes for Obama; Trouble for the Catholic Church in the U.S.; Krauthammer on the Obama budget …. (

~ WHACK-A-JEW! Statement made by assaulted Jewish student: “As reported earlier a Jewish student was assaulted by security hired by “Students Against Israeli Apartheid.” This is the statement that same student made in a Facebook note”; Jewish student beaten during ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ event. Just FYI in the recently updated Canada 2009 Etiquette book, if you’re Moslem, it’s perfectly acceptable and not hate-speech to say “Shut the F*ck up or he’ll saw his head off.” …. (Various)

~ SCIENCE Cannot Disprove Faith …. (kennethhynek)

~ A PUBLIC FORUM for hatred: How ironic is it that our federal “human rights” body has spent untold money and man hours trying to bait a few White Power guys into revealing their hatefulness on Aryan Web sites, when all the ardent “Nazi-hunters” had to do was click onto the Ceeb’s message board? …. (scaramouche)


~ FOX PUT IN CHARGE of the chicken coop …. (scaramouche)

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~ WHINY-BABY POSEURS Toronto Anarchists take government (i.e. taxpayer) money, open store. I remember once seeing a sign plastered on a pole on the UofT, for the annual “Anarchist’s Picnic”. I doubled over in laughter. For a while. Can you picture it? Genteel tea-party fun, except anarchically. I pictured a mosh-pit chaos in a nice park, with gingham picnic-spreads & lovely wicker baskets, and hand-grenades. Go figure. It would certainly make a good blog-name. What about the store? Greek = an-archos: without law/ hierarchy. Do customers have to pay? Why? To the anarchists have an orderly store, or a pile of stuff in the middle of the room? To they remit taxes and fees to The Man? …. (fivefeetoffury)


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~ 83RD SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE? Mo Dowd– “Team Obama sounds hollow, chanting that “the status quo is not acceptable,” even while conceding that the president is accepting the status quo by signing a budget festooned with pork” …. (scaramouche)

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This is your nest egg on Barack Obama. Any questions?

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~ SCOTT Feschuk Gets Teh Funnnay! The Seven Habits of Highly Not Yet Fired People …. (



~ OFFICIAL BIGOTS: Mr. Mouammar spent the 11 years prior to February, 2005, sitting as a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board, deciding whether refugee claimants from such North African countries as Morocco, Egypt, Algeria and Somalia should be allowed to stay in Canada …. (5fof)

~ TINY ROBERT Spencer: Ginormous Geert Wilders Welcomed in Washington, Shows ‘Fitna’ at the Capitol, terrorizes peasants, villagers …. (JiWa)

~ MUZZLE-‘EMS: UN may make ban on criticizing Islam mandatory, making it a criminal offense in the U.S. …. (

~ NORWEGISTAN: “Parents often beat their daughters into obedience and virtue and the hijab as a rule constitutes part of the control” …. ()

~ JORDAN: Teenager murders 30 year-old sister over alleged affair …. (JiWa)

~ IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Fareed Zakaria’s next cover story for Newsweek: ALIENS KIDNAPPED MY DOG AND I HAVE THE PICTURES TO PROVE IT …. (

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~ READING, WRITING, and hating: Islam Online reports on a disturbing turn of events (disturbing to Wahhabis, anyway)—an interfaith agreement to get rid of offensive passages in text books …. (scaramouche)

~ 15-MONTH OLD girl “converts” to Islam, sharia court grants custody to Muslim parent …. (JiWa)

~ CHRISTIANS open fire on Muslims at prayer!; Islamophobes set off bomb in Pakistan mosque — no, wait …. (JiWa)

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~ YOUR BLACK MUSLIM Bakery leader brags in jail about killing journalist …. (JiWa)

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~ GETTING JIGGY WITH IT, ISLAM-STYLE! Recovering jihadist: “We used to have sex with Syrian prostitutes after signing temporary marriage contracts with them” …. (

~ HI, THIS IS Abdullah from Saudi Arabia and I’m looking for a Israeli bride …. (dustmybroom)

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