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ITEM-– PAGLIA: Obama’s clumsy, smirky staff is sinking him; Amateur hour in the White House; Barack Obama ‘too tired’ to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown. ~

“There’s nothing special about Britain.
You’re just the same as the
other 190 countries in the world.
You shouldn’t expect special treatment.”

~ Unnamed White House Source ~

~ DEAR USSA— MMmkay, it’s not technically our business, but your President is looking more and more like a doof. The Gift Gaffe signifies total stupid, and a collapse of normal White House protocols, on the say-so of The O, and (word has it) Mrs. O, who doesn’t like the English , or something like that. Whatevers.

Where does the buck stop? Whose watch is it? Who’s on deck? Barack [ forbidden name ] Obama, Esq.

Mrs. Binks and I agreed that this was more than mere faux-pas. US-Gov & White House protocols for greeting & feting world leaders are a couple hundred years old. Ceremony? Protocol? Bare amounts of civilized decency? You have not NOT want to do it right. Heck, even the White House staff know what to do.

The appropriate gift thing? There’s people for that: heck, their people have people. As Right Girl said on Coren, just send over to the Smithsonian for some spare historical junk of relevant history.

Or, maybe you can treat the mother-country like a 3rd world dictatorship on double-secret probation. DVDs? UNPLAYABLE frickin’ DVDs? At least the gift-idiots could have ordered them ahead of time from the UK, where the video format wouldn’t be an issue, and shipped them fast back to DC for boxing and such. Gosh, figured that one out all by my lonesome. Plus, some real gifts: there’s years of past examples, and anybody with even a very little class could offer suggestions. Something that doesn’t shout “We gave no more than a passing moment of thought & a credit-card swipe for this, in a way that’s almost worse than giving a gift-certificate, or nothing at all.”

Contra Obama

Camille Paglia– still apparently willing to blame flunkies, and not the man on whose desk the buck doth stop– writes “Don’t they read the “Iliad” anymore in the Ivy League? Check that out for the all-important ritual of gift giving, which has cemented alliances around the world for 5,000 years.” The drunken frat & sorority kids in the O-House got a d-minus on history, dude. Illiad? Is that in Minnesota?

The Greek Chorus of the media will not (as in the real dramas) speak as narrators, for the characters, or for we the people, but only as a cheerleading squad. Nobody wants to say what the world is rapidly figuring out: n00b on board. Hasn’t even got the class or clue to get it done right in the little details. Big-boy real world politics and stuff? Does the White House have a clue on that? Not just ideas, but actual real-world insight that will mean the USSA isn’t blundering about in a vacuum, whilst her allies and enemies look on in increasing shock (and awe)?

So Awfuls Sweepy!

Too tired? Worst excuse ever. This was a giant diplomatic and personal slight. Wars have started over such little details. Pandering to enemies and slighting friends? Is such stumbling feckwittery the vaunted ‘better than Bush’ Obama foreign policy?

Mrs. Binks suggests that perhaps– in light of the Obama rewarding of recent Paleostinian tantrums with a fresh $US 2Billion– the UK needs to start lobbing missiles into Sderot, and wait for the real goodies to start pouring in.

The Buck Stops…?

Has Obama even appointed a new Chief of Protocol of the United States, to replace GWB’s Nancy Brinker? Is there a new Obama White House Social Secretary? If not (since he’s having trouble even appointing primary cabinet positions), it would explain much. On further research, it appears that (1) the “Acting Chief of Protocol Gladys Boluda” and (2) “Desirée Rogers, a prominent Chicago businesswoman and Harvard MBA, will be named the first African American White House social secretary, sources in the presidential transition office said yesterday.” Buck stops on her desk, too.

Obama: outstripping any possible joke by his actual gauche conduct. ~

Desirée Rogers, MBA, MIA

~ AS A HISTORY-GEEK, ancient things are not far away for me. I think in centuries, listen to authors from a thousand or two thousand years ago as if they are friends or contemporaries, and try to see the flux and flow of the years not as a thing past, but present and influencing us however much we may not understand or see it.

You still have to understand how people have thought, and avoid any easy “Then is Just Like Now”, until you have really listened to the past, and let the people speak on their own terms. The inability of the modern academy to let living or dead people have their own voices and thoughts is what has crippled true understanding: we force the past to echo our alleged insights; what we think trumps what they said and thought– or as one alleged Theology prof said in my hearing “It’s not important what Augustine said, but what we think about what he said.” Really? Of course, by that logic, the prof’s own words are unimportant, too– only what I think about he said. And round we spin in the current academic flush-zone.

HRH Anna Comnena, (1093-1153)
HRH Anna Comnena, (1093-1153)

The other thing that drives this reader and historian bonkers are experts who treat their subject and the people in history with disrespect or even open contempt. The Princess Anna Comnena, almost-Empress of the Byzantine Empire wrote in her fine book The Alexiad that we must love books in order to read them aright. It’s not a suspension of judgement, but a sympathy that allows us to respect and read what someone said, and to accord some basic dignity to authors or historical figures whose main difference from us is that we’re not dead yet, and subject to academic games.

For instance, E.R.A. Sawler, editor of the Penguin edition of Anna Comnena’s book, keeps chopping out bits of her text and sticking them in pointless footnotes, evidently bored or irritated with her occasional run-on sentences. Get over it, Sawler– it’s a classic, and HRH is allowed a whole lot more slack than you give her. Or again, snarky editorial comments in the introduction that make me wonder if the text before him was considered rather like a butterfly pinned to a board, and not a wonderful glimpse of history, and an open door into important woman’s mind and insight into her very interesting life & times.

I have the same reservation about the ‘neatened up’ new edition of Eusebius’ Church History, edited by Paul L. Maier. In this book, he scraped out all the ‘excess words’ of Eusebius, leaving the text lightened and brightened (in his view), but to this reader, rather spare, and not in the original voice. One wonders if Mr. Maier (also a writer) would allow someone to do the same to any of his own books, according to the concerns of the moment, and not the voice of the author. Architecture and art and literature is full of such briefly relevant ‘improvements’ and accretions which were later reversed and regretted as uglifications obscuring what was meant to be seen in the first place.

We all must learn to tread lightly on the past, remembering we too shall soon be someone else’s past; and be cautious in our ‘improving’ wisdom, which hasn’t yet undergone the winnowing process of wiser and deeper minds deciding what of what we’ve said and done is of enduring value, or a passing fad and foible of a done age. Perhaps– just perhaps– we’re not actually the brightest, best, and goodest people ever, the culmination of all of history.

The best way forward begins with humility, grows in understanding, and ascends on love– all the rest is footnotes, or foolishness.


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A little man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away.”

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~ A LIST OF FAILED & FOILED terrorist attacks against the USA; Founder of prison terrorist group planned major US attacks, sentenced to 16 years additional prison …. (vladtepesblog)

~ MASTERMIND GITMO Detainees Say That 9/11 is a “Badge of Honor” …. (

~ VIA XANTHIPPA— Khamisa Sawadi: yet another victim of Sharia! …. (xanthippaschamberpot)

~ CHEERFUL UK Muslim demonstrators: British government is “terrorist”; Leftist British MP gives thousands of dollars, vehicles to Hamas …. (jihadwatch)

~ BAT YE’OR: Islam can change, despite its great sensitivity to “blasphemy” …. (

CSC Director Douglas Murray appeared on BBC1’s
The Big Questions discussing the question,
Is Islam an intolerant religion?

~ VIDEO: Consequences of sharia law for women & children …. (creepingsharia)

~ MISCHIEF or malice: laser attacks on airplanes …. (xanthippa)

~ VLAD TEPES— Links for March 10. Women and Islam …. (vladtepesblog)

~ MUSLIM COUNTRIES Seek to Ban YouTube …. (creepingsharia)

~ SOCIAL COHESION— The West and the Future of Islam: A debate between Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ed Husain …. (socialcohesion)

~ NEW BOOK— United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror …. (orthodoxytoday)


~ LUTON ISLAMISTS Campaign For Anglican Beards …. (anorak)

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Who knew? Freddie Mac into sharia finance too; IRS allows interest deductions on supposedly interest-free sharia compliant loans …. (creepingsharia)

~ BULGARIA: imposing Wahabbi Islam by force …. (


Video: Hamas terrorists kill innocent Palestinians in Gaza

2 thoughts on “Steynian 334

  1. Hmmm, interesting that I stumbled upon this blog, although I’m an attentive reader of as well as Your words about history and its relevant voices throughout the millennia are just what I’m studying. It’s an MA in Humanities that is based entirely on the “Great Books of the Western World.” Oh, we are also allowed to use the KJV of the Bible as reference, but that’s it. The Great Books collection ends at mid-20th century because the editors all agreed, in the revision of the late 90s, that one needs time and perspective before determining the significance of any author, any writing, any contribution to the Western tradition. The description of these Great Books is they are “conversations” that have lasted for 28 centuries, from Homer until the 20th century, and are inclusive without regard to time or language. And I doubt that any of those Ivy Leaguers have read anything about or by Homer, unless it’s Homer Simpson. One can graduate from Harvard without taking a single course in U.S. History. Appalling, but these are the brilliant ones who are now embarrassing themselves and our country. God help us all.

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