Portable Scumbag

Whatcha gonna do in this era of globalization and portable scumbags, eh?

Via Terry Glavin’s Blog:

ITEM:Why The Left In Canada Gets Afghanistan Wrong“.


So anyway, we got this in the e-mail–


George Galloway, a British politician and broadcaster, is an outspoken critic of Israel and a supporter of Hamas and Hizbollah. He will be a guest speaker at the Metropolitan United Church in Toronto.

His diatribes are inflammatory and, I believe, constitute a danger to Jewish communities in Canada. We have already seen what years of unbridled anti-Israel and anti-semitic rhetoric has resulted in for Jews in Britain. Following is the information regarding this forum:

A public forum featuring GEORGE GALLOWAY:

Resisting war from Gaza to Kandahar
6:15pm: Doors open 7:00pm: Event begins
Metropolitan United Church
56 Queen Street East
Directions: Two blocks east of Yonge and Queen (parking available on site)

Please send letters or emails, expressing your concerns and requesting that the Canadian government not allow this hatemonger to enter the country.  If you don’t know your MP’s email address, you can access it through http://www.canadiancoalition.com.

Following are email addresses for Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Jason Kenney and Peter Kent, respectively: pm@pm.gc.ca, IgnatM@parl.gc.ca kennej@parl.gc.ca, kentp@parl.gc.ca

For those of you who are unfamiliar with George Galloway, following is one of his quotes and a youtube link. If you take the time to watch the video, you will realize that his statements about Israel are completely fallacious.

In August 2006, during a press conference in a Beirut hotel, Galloway said, referring to the Israeli military operations in Lebanon:

“I came here to extend my congratulations to the Lebanese people on a great and historic victory against this aggression. I want to congratulate the Lebanese resistance and their leading edge, Hizbollah, whose martyrs and her s have achieved this great victory. And in particular to their leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, whose name now rings in joy around the world.”

Galloway on The Jooooooooos!

Long and short? Anti-semitic Brit hate git coming to Canada. He’s not only a tool, he’s a generous donor, too.

~ AFP: Galloway gives cars and cash to Hamas in Gaza

~ George Galloway donates money (£25000) to Hamas

Galloway: Hamas Hero

Therefore & So On

So here’s Binky’s question of the day: if that other guy we wrote about recently is in trouble with the UN & on a list for being a possible terror-supporter, why is George Galloway– an open sympathizer, donor, and supporter of Jihad & Terror– not on that same list, and banned from Canada?

Let’s everyone write to Kenney, Harper, and others to get this Brit git twit banned from this country. He’s had his say, and he can have it somewhere else.



One thought on “Portable Scumbag

  1. Maybe his coming to Canada can have a good side to it. In keeping track of those that come to listen to and support him we may find some that were unknown to us until now. Lets let him do his thing (he will not change a sane mind anyway) then make sure he leaves Canada ASAP afterwards.

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