Fresh Canucki Jihadery

Fearless Binkery:

More Pointy Logic.. taking on CAIR & Shari’a Supremacism, through the amazing powers of following the logic.



Logic: Prickly, But Pretty Much Irresistable
Logic: Prickly, But Pretty Much Super-Irresistable!

One thought on “Fresh Canucki Jihadery

  1. Dad poisoned the minds of his children with his irresponsible television viewing choices.
    Among other things.
    Dad is liked, so expect the intent was not there. However, I suspect the same cannot be said for his wife.
    Case in point:::Neighbor’s driveway sidewalk chalk art consisted of a girl’s name, a smiley face, other innocent, child-like offerings.
    In our driveway our kids drew body outlines, like those one would find at a murder scene.
    And all his son spoke of was guns, hunting and killing.
    The father’s irresponsibility was manifested in the monsterous things the son said when he was younger. Just ask his former teachers.
    Her family’s extreme evil is manifested in the son who is attracted to wicked imagry at his young age.
    Satanists start by hurting small animals. I wonder if this ultimately is his path?
    A satanist and a sodomist.
    Accept loss.

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