Steynian 337


“Those who study the rise and fall of civilizations learn that no shortcoming has been surely fatal to republics as a dearth of public virtue, the unwillingness of those who govern to place the value of their society above personal interest. Yet today we read outcries from conscientious congressman disenchanted with the proceedings of their legislative body and totally disgusted with the log-jamming effect of their peers’ selfish and artful distancing of themselves from critical spending cutbacks, much needed belt-tightening legislation without which the long-term existence of our republic itself is endangered.”

~ Thoughts of A Philosophical Fighter Pilot by Jim Stockdale ~

~ ITEM: Fighting Our Own Battles.

~ WILL THEY™ MAKE IT ALL BETTER? You know, somebody will save you when the guy with the knife or the school-gunman shows up? Or whatever other crisis comes up? Thing is, in recent events (as Steyn describes), a regrettable percentage of people will run away from helping others whe it’s dangerous; or the police will stay outside, waiting until the shooting stops. How helpful.

Or think of the recent bizarre scene of militant Islamist protesters chasing London police down the road this February.. and the cops are running away. Mhmm. When they’re not harrassing otherwise law-abiding innocent people, or enforcing politically correct dictates, then we see modern cops running form law-breakers, rabble, and those who would intimidate and delegitimize legitimate authority.

Gun courses, self-defence, preparing your home for storm or emergency or fire, reading up on what to do in emergencies, getting a St. John’s Ambulance or similar basic emergency medical course under your belt– not assuming that ‘They” will be there in 5 minutes to make it all better when trouble arises– that’s how you get ready. You prepare your loved ones, too– making sure that your emergency readiness has some redundancy built in.

Are you ready? For whatever, in reasonable degree? Storm, blackout, mugging, defending someone else, whatever extreme disaster or weather your region may see ‘once a century’, or even emergent disaster. Being able to look after yourself implies your duty to look after others, family, friend, neighbour, and stranger. We stand together, or we fall alone.

In terms of society and politics, it’s about doing stuff yourself, starting petitions, digesting timely books and blogs and media, and passing on the info to others, protesting, letters to the ed, and all the rest. Trusting the Nanny-State They™ is an abdication; forgetting that we are ALL peace-officers, responsible citizens, agents of democracy and freedom. If we refuse that responsibility, that debt owed to the past and to the fuuture, then we are failed and ready-for-slavery citizens, whether it’s the All-Powerful State, or All-Powerful Jihad that threatens to crush us.

Sadly, our self-appointed betters & know-it-alls turn out to be cowards, hiding behind their bureaus and lawyers, and leaving the heavy lifting to conservatives, especially the tiny tough wenches like Shaidle & O’Leary, and their taller co-hero Wendy Right Girl. Mind you, if the Binks lived in Torontisan, I’d be there in a shot, but geography and other realities being what they are, so it is.

Which shall we be? Helpers or helpless? Sheep or shepherds & sheepdogs? Man-up. Gut-check time. Lock & load.

Civilization hangs in the balance, awaiting enough answers.~

Tasty, Tasty Fetii!

The Fetus as Organ Factory — The Next Moral Frontier?

~ ITEM: Staring into the Abyss: Why Peter Singer makes the New Atheists nervous.

~ ASIDE FROM A FEW NIHILIST LOONIES, marooned people, and stone-age tribes, cannibalism isn’t a big thing these days. Except in the modern West.

We’re not talking chef-approved cuisine or fancy canapés here, but rather medically consuming the dead, dying, or preborn for various reasons we justify to ourselves. Fancy-resort stem-cell injections from dead preborns; fetal stem-cell research (when adult stem-cells actually provide results), and now (warns Al Mohler), a dehumanized British Prof proposing that “organ tissues from aborted fetuses might represent “at least a temporary solution” to the shortage of available organs for transplant.” Today’s moral horror, tomorrow’s economic activity. It’ what happens when your society spends so much time sliding on various slippery slopes.

Ew! Ick-Word Alert

Why use the shock-word cannibalism? because anthropophagy sounds too Greek, and misses the horror of what people are doing, and proposing now, on planet earth, in ‘civilized’ nations.

Consuming babies for beauty, anti-aging, and alleged genetic benefit– not as tasty toddler-tots with the appropriate dipping sauce, but in a sterile, medicalized mentality which safely distances us from what we’re actually doing. We are becoming our own zombies.

Way back in the day, human sacrifie and cannibalism were more common. However, even the ancient Phoenicians and Carthaginians only rolled their first-borns into the fire: there’s no evidence that they ate the results of said viviBBQs. Recent stone age people conceive of eating the dead as a partaking of their powers and qualities. Modern cannibals want to get pretty, younger looking, or cured of some malady.

New And Improved!

Our cannibalism isn’t born of primitive religion, or a stone-age misunderstanding: those who partake of medical cannibalism do it for selfish or narcissistic reasons; and in the case of having lots of dead babies lying about, to make even more money for Morguentaler or Planned Parenthood. Our evil is more banal, sterilized, and handy-dandy, and made all the more truly horrible and vomit-inducing for that. It’s a kind of horrible carnivorous communion, not for spiritual food and eternal life, but for more and better of this one, on our terms, no matter how dehumanizing the means.

When members of a society engage in evil, we are all implicit; when all-holy choice allows medicalized cannibalism, it’s our society that allows it; when the crazies slide further down the slippery slope, they drag us along with them.

Stinking Nuisances!

This all comes from the deadening of our consciences through widespread abortion, and the conscience-searing sexual-free-for-all consequence-lite lives we’ve been told we can lead, due to pills, vacuums, and medicalized convenience. Those pushing for medicalized suicide have a point: they are just another click along the continuum of Life As Ours To Control: prior societal decay has allowed us to off the preborn; why not the miserable, the elderly, the costly sick, the non-optimal, the retards and cripples and veggies and feebs and whoever else it seems good to us to murder because they are a nuisance.

At various times, we have been, are, or will be nuisances. Do we want dehumanists deciding for us whether we live or die? Because it will start– but not end– with all-hold “choice”. After that– as with abortion, pragmatism, cost-effectiveness, and convenience will kick in. Doubt it? Look to the Dutch hospitals, where people are killed just because, and patience are advised to carry “Please Do Not Euthanize Me Against My Will” cards.

Brave new world? Darker and more evil than the anceint old world. Mmmm.. unborns.. tasty, tasty unborns. ~

~ I AM TOLD on the one hand (by some, at least) that to be a faithful Christian, I must uphold the idiotic modern notion of creation-science. On the other hand, I am told that to be a thinking person, I must agree with an arrogant materialistic Darwinism. This whipped up ‘religion vs. Science™” thing is a debate over historicity, with one side saying ‘Bible’, and the other saying ‘evidentiary science’. I reject both as simplistic, and as having to try to have their cake and eat it too.

Thinking Christians long before the 21st century have understood the different senses of reading Holy Scripture, and what’s written there– and even considered principles of evolution. The Church Fathers understood that much of Scripture is analogical, figurative, and not to be read historically. Says St. Augustine (late AD 300’s),

“It is one thing to form and direct the creature from the most profound and ultimate pole of causation, and He who does this is alone the Creator, God. But it is quite another thing to apply some operation from without in proportion to the power and faculties assigned by Him, so that at this time or that, and in this or that way, the thing created may emerge.” (De Trinitate, 3, 9, 16).

Imagine that. 1500 years before Darwin.

Much later, Copernicus (a Christian priest) and Galileo (a Christian) studied the heavens to know better the works of God. In his ‘Letter to Grand Duchess Christina’, Galileo wrote that the Bible teaches how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go. Galileo was not the champion of scientific materialism, but of faith and understanding in their respective spheres.

The Hebrews weren’t asking our historical or scientific questions in the book of Genesis, but sifting through the piles of other popular creation-stories around them to answer the questions of, well, genesis: beginnings, origins. Who? Where? Why? In what intelligible order? For what purpose?

The answers are the unique revelation, since to the Hebrews was revealed not many Gods, but one; not accidental creation, but purposive, orderly, and understandable; man not as slave or byproduct, but crown of creation; sin and estrangement from God as the core of our spiritual and earthly experience; the powers of nature not as separate deities, but as created servants of God; and (implicitly), the creation of existence out of nthing, not some pre-existing stuff. It’s poetic, imaginative, spiritual, musical, revealed truth: true, without being provable in a lab. Modern science presumes this intelligible and orderly universe that does not change at the caprice of arbitrary divine will(s), or in some other irrational way. Modern science also presumes that minds can know things, that is, that like the deity in whose image we are made, we may know and understand the true nature of things.

Heaven & Earth

When it comes to the particulars of how God relates to his creation, such is the subject of theology, spirituality, and philosophical theology. Preacher and philosopher Austin Farrer (a peer of C.S. Lewis) of Oxford University put it that God makes his creatures make themselves: that is, he gives and generates life presently. Creation is not a past moment or 7 days long ago, but the present activity of God within and according to the natures God has made in each of his creatures. God IS creating, always and everywhere.

As for the particular mechanisms by which particular creatures change over time, or die, or come to be– that’s pretty mysterious and complicated. God does it. My personal view is that it’s a mix of genes; viral and sub-viral interaction with genetic material, bacteria, radiation and mutation; genetic interaction with foodstuffs and the environment; and a whole pile of possible factors to be named later. That is, bloody complicated, and not as figured out as we think we have it at the moment.

Finally, In Conclusion

The danger of doctrinaire theories like creationism and materialist Darwinism is (1) they are working theories which are held dogmatically, despite a more sophisticated understanding of God and creation on the one hand, and that materialism and Darwinianism are also matters of faith on the other, theories brought to the evidence which are not themselves subject to empirical verification.

A little more actual openness to faith with understanding, and to the complex unfolding of science and understading of God’s universe, would go far to reconcile the alleged breach between science and religion in modernity. I’m pretty much equally irritated by creation-science zealots, and snobby agnostic Darwinoids, since both are missing much of the real universe around us, and the meaning of it, known within us, both made by God above and below and within us, making us make ourselves, and redeeming us above mere understanding into the loftier heights of love and grace and eternal lands, “white shores and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise”, as Gandalf puts it in The Return of The King, where we shall see God face to face, and in one another, forever.

Just saying, is all. ~

~ CARTE BLANCHE: originally a white card signed by the French king allowing travel anywhere; or to act with royal authority; or a blank cheque to write your own terms.

Whatever the particular form, it seems that O-POTUS has one. No matter what he says or does, things which would have precipitated a full Dubya-vortex media-storm before January 2009, now elicit a mere nod, or nothing at all. So we’d expect that his making fun of the Special Olympics on Leno will not result in a political or media storm of any-sort. Carte Blanche. He is above ordinary mortals, and lesser Presidents. He is the One, the Promised bringer of Hope N Change.

Beyond impunity, ain’t it. ~


~ W00T! YAY! Clog-dancing and tootling on crumhorns ensues! Thanks to Ezra Levent for sending along to the Massive Top-Secret Corporate Binks HQ a gift-copy of his brand spankin’ new book Shakedown. Huzzah!~

~ CANUCKI JIHAD commenter S.B. weighs in; Teh Binks responds, without swearing, impugning his paternity, or threatening to behead him!; and “Fresh Canucki Jihadery” ~


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Cyrano de Teleprompter
“Now whisper ‘I love you’ with quiet, reassuring strength, and pinch
her bottom halfway between ‘playful teasing’ and ‘urgent desire’…
Leave it up to her how to take it. It’s all in the nuance of
letting people take it any of a dozen different ways.”

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~ N00B-POTUS Obama’s inexperience deadly in South Asia …. (canadafreepress)

~ CAMPUS Conservative conspire to be.. conservative …. (shotgun)

~ PARENT OF AYERS STUDENT May Be Charged With “Interference With A Public Institution of Higher Education. Irony is so ironic sometimes. The terrorist Ayers, now an “educator” is at the mercy of the Chicago police to defend him from a parent …. (

~ GOV JINDAL On Why He Is Rejecting The Stimulus Dollars And His Address After The President’s Speech To Congress …. (hughhewitt)

~ TOP 10 GAFFES by Barack Obama and Joe Biden …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ WEB NEWS: Obama’s Teleprompter has started a blog …. (miamiherald)




~ LORD HAVE MERCY— Watch out, unbelievers – Syed Soharwardy is on the (pro-God) case …. (am770chqr)

~ BROTHER of girls murdered in honor killing threatens to kill their aunt…. (

Cuddles Obama to the mullahs: We have so much in common, let’s be friends

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS — The iron logic of our current nightmare …. (spectator)

~ SNEAKY JIHADIST? IMAGINE! Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary probed over call to ‘hide terror clues’ …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE ISLAMIC ASSAULT on Free Speech, by Bill Muehlenberg …. (a-m)

~ BAILOUTISTAN– THE STEALTH-JIHAD ANGLE— West: “Since we the people own 80 percent of AIG, we the people now promote Sharia, too” …. (JiWa)

~ DON’T BOTHER ME WITH CONSEQUENCES, YOU DIRTY KUFFARS! “Travails of a Wii fanatic: A former “refugee” from Egypt named Mohamed Zeki Mahjoub, an associate of one Osama bin Laden, had not been enjoying his stay at the Ottawa pokey affectionately known as Guantanamo North. After a great deal of concerted kvetching, including hunger strikes and the like, the terror suspect was allowed to return home (home to his wife and kiddies that is, not home to Egypt, since it was feared he’d face torture there)” …. (scaramouche)

~ OUR NUKEY FUTURE— The Sanctions Chimera, By: Douglas Stone: “Russia, Germany, China, and France are too hungry for Tehran’s petrodollars to contain the mullahs’ nuclear ambitions.” So: we pay for gas & heating oil and related oil-based products, then the Middle east pays for terrorism, and buys nuclear parts and products from Europe & China …. (frontpagemag)

~ VIDEO: Kidnapped Canadian pro-jihad journalist pleads for help …. (dustmybroom)

~ JEW-HATEY FUN! Israel Apartheid Week- the Fascist Alliance Strikes Again; Can Israel Still Be Saved? …. (

~ THE HIJAB: Thoughts of an American Muslim Woman …. (

~ WELL DONE, THEN! US Muslim groups threaten to cut ties with FBI: Because of the FBI’s use of an informant inside a mosque …. (JiWa)

~ CALL THE MOB-SQUAD! New Fitna-like, Anti-Islamization Movie Coming Soon …. (creepingsharia)

~ SHARI’A SEPARATISM— CAIR seeking special rights for Muslim cabbies in Cleveland …. (JiWa)

~ RELIGION OF PEACE™ at it Again– Is there nobody they won’t kill? A young Iranian blogger jailed in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison for insulting supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has died, his lawyer told AFP on Thursday …. (

~ UH-OH.. LOOK WHO’S COMING TO DINNER… Wahhabist Muslims move into Cameroon …. (novascotiascott)

~ AH, SPRING, WHEN YOUNG HEARTS TURN TO.. burning cars in France.. again.. still …. (atlasshrugs2000)


~ VIRGINIASTAN Bullying Mob Packs Govt Meeting in Support of Islamic Supremacist Institution …. (JiWa)

Shahid Malik muslim labour MP exposes agenda

~ WHITHER ISLAMBERG? “The place was scary,” a barfly at Cuzin’s Tavern in Deposit, says. “The last time I went there, I was surrounded by twenty-five Muslims with shotguns and Uzis. I haven’t heard much about it lately.” …. (JiWa)

~ SEX WITH PRE-TEENS! Defenders of Muslim cleric who married 12-year-old say the marriage was “legal under Islam” …. (JiWa)

~ ED DRISCOLL— “In The Trash Can: All Of You Who Support Israel, Look At What’s Waiting” …. (pajamasmedia)


~ HOW THE UK LABOUR PARTY BUYS Muslims votes-and the effect that it is having. Hint: celebrate diversity! …. (CitC)

~ FUN WITH EVIL SYRIA— Iranian Defector Reportedly Tipped Off U.S. on Syria Nuke Plant …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ EGYPTIAN Christians are evil! Anti-Coptic book wins Arabic fiction prize …. (novascotiascott)

~ FAUX ISLAMOPHOBIA: Australian Imam vandalizes own Mosque, then claims it was done by someone else …. (vladtepesblog)

~ GET THAT HATE ON! “To err is Zionist; to be Judenrein is sublime: The Toronto Star’s resident shill for the Islamist agenda is delighted to report that, despite the Harper government’s refusal to fall in line with the Judenreiners’ jihad against the Jews, Canadians are finding ways to get around the official recalcitrance” …. (scaramouche)

~ THE ACTUAL UN resolution on ‘defamation of religion’ …. (vladtepesblog)

~ FUN WITH 2ND CLASS CITIZENS! “Checkpoint chicanery: An alumnus of Queen’s University I know who gives a substantial (well, substantial to him, anyway) donation to his alma mater every year was concerned after reading this in the Canadian Jewish News” …. (scaramouche)

~ CJUNK— In Bernanke We Trust: Update …. (

~ THE MIGHTY CHRIS HITCHENS on the Barbary Pirates, Jefferson and John Adams …. (vladtepesblog)

~ ISLAMO-BULLYING— UK: Head teacher wins £400,000 after false accusations of “racism” and “Islamophobia” …. (JiWa)

~ IS FREEDOM SUBJECTIVE? This post verbatim from Gates of Vienna …. (vladtepesblog)

~ REVEALED! The Muslim Brotherhood “Project” …. (frontpagemag)

Luton and Islamic infiltration of the UK and it’s institutions

~ EEEEVIL JOOOOOOS! Hickory dickory Falk/The capo began to squawk/”The Jews are Nazis/Hamas, the patsies”/Hickory, dickory Falk …. (scaramouche)

~ REMEMBER— “Islam…is a religion of progress, civilization, justice, equality and freedom” Of course! Just like in…uh…Pakistan! Or…Iran! Or…uh …. (JiWa)

~ JUST A HANDY FYI.. Killing of Non-Muslims is Legitimate (British Mullah) …. (

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