He Died For Free Speech

Omid Mir Sayafi, Dead at 25 in an Iranian Dungeon
Omid-Reza Mir-Sayafi, Dead at 25 in an Iranian Dungeon

Remember that face.

It’s the face of a dead freedom activist, blogger, and journalist. “I have never been a person who would stoop to self-censoring and will never be,” wrote young Iranian blogger Omid-Reza Mir-Sayafi on his blog in 2006.

What kind of poor excuse for a country imprisons freedom-loving young people, crushes their spirit and hope, and leaves them rot in a notorious dungeon because of a comment critical of one of their toothless religious dictators?

They Deserve Better

Iran, that ancient nation and people, is now imprisoned in a grim theocracy run by Islamic loonies, who are bent on sponsoring terrorism, worldwide Islamic supremacy, and (they hope) the nuking and extermination of Jewry.

And n00b POTUS Barack H. Obama wants to make all nicey-nice with these folks, on their terms? Do you suppose The All-Wise Omessiah will even mention the awkward business of Omid-Reza Mir-Sayafi, and many thousands of other Iranians imprisoned or slain freedom activists or religious protesters who just want to speak out and live  as we are free to do here?

Forbidden Mockery Of Nasty Old Guy

Hope & Change

Iran needs change: regime change, and the mullahs bum-rushed back where they belong– in their Mosques.

Don’t count on the West-hating Left to fight for a better Iran, for it’s our radical Left who now see the Islamists as the new hammer hanging over us, where once they loved and pandered to the USSR for the same reason. 26 million people went through the Gulags there over 40 years and more. Or again, don’t count on the Left to seriously spend much time on current gulags like those in Cuba, North Korea,, China, or elsewhere in the rotting outposts of their once beloved communism.. those people are just statistics, necessary sacrifices for the revolution.

Brothers & Sisters, All

However, that’s where I differ both with the idea-loving but people-hating Left, and the sometimes racially intolerant Right: those who seek a better way, who stand for their rights and freedoms against various forms of inhumanity and tyranny– these are our true brothers and sisters in the spirit, no matter their colour, creed, culture, or language. Moreover, where some must stand and risk everything to speak out  in their countries,   our embrace of freedom comes more easily, and costs us less– we must honour their effort and commitment even more.


Don’t let Obama forget this unique and precious name or face. Write to the White House (cc to bloggers & media outlets), and write to your elected Canadian representatives, so we can all give thanks, remember, and fight on in the name of our brother in freedom, Omid-Reza Mir-Sayafi.


~ Partial Blog Archive for Omid-Reza Mir-Sayafi; his blog Rooznegaar.blogfa.com/

~ Google for Evin Prison; and images.

~ Google result for Omid-Reza Mir-Sayafi.

~ Google result for Iran: Prisoners of conscience; and images.

~ Wintery Knight blog post that got this elf thinking and all steamed up.


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